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ITT: List of things ruined by women.    04/15/24  (60)
"Hi, I'm Diaper!" *screams at bathroom mirror*    04/15/24  (6)
Caring about what anyone thinks about you in america is a major fail    04/15/24  (1)
Roald Dahl's unpublished last book "James and the Giant JQ"    04/15/24  (8)
XO seems picky about pussy:poast ITT a pic of the type of woman/women you like?    04/15/24  (3)
Caring about anything except money and bailing in america is not smart    04/15/24  (1)
Lol@ "Kelce"    04/15/24  (9)
I want you to have whatever you want friends    04/15/24  (1)
I like to imagine 4-6 burly dudes yanking my pants off as i scream & try to esca    04/15/24  (17)
In a life or death situation, would you eat another human to survive?    04/15/24  (3)
FYI- Starship Troopers was a thinly veiled analogy for our coming War with China    04/15/24  (151)
Is Boban’s head deformed? He’s appropriating cauliflower ears    04/15/24  (1)
Rey Mysterio has a Net Worth of 10 million pesos    04/15/24  (3)
Our 26 favorite Cracked.com articles [Buzzfeed.com]    04/15/24  (20)
I just realized my employment contract states I must give 3 month notice    04/15/24  (15)
Never forget that armed youths are driving by & casing your property    04/15/24  (3)
Heading to Sydney...should I wife a hot tanned blonde?    04/15/24  (5)
TSINAH: Actually building things people use; YOU: chasing commas for kikes    04/15/24  (11)
Wagecuck, Maskcuck, Sellcuck, Trumpcuck, Jewcuck... we got all kinds of cucks    04/15/24  (5)
REMINDER: any criticism of Israel's genocidal ways = antisemitism    04/15/24  (4)
"Putin & Bibbi Renew Alliance in Shared Hope of Trump's Return" (CBS)    04/15/24  (2)
Your wife's pussy is tidally locked to Saturn's hexagon    04/15/24  (9)
I LONG FOR ISRAEL *exits protoss gateway*    04/15/24  (1)
it was like nature telling us not to breed tp    04/15/24  (1)
AIPAC funds many of the most corrupt degens in congress (link)    04/15/24  (2)
Stonetoss rips MTG and AIPAC thralls    04/15/24  (1)
All of us will end the same way we started...Jewish    04/15/24  (2)
Me and TSINAH stomping Jew noses in black SS boots polished with muscle stud cum    04/15/24  (7)
ARISE Wagecucks! Time to login to strive for your rat faced masters!    04/15/24  (80)
MTG: It's antisemitic to not give free money to Israel!!!!!!    04/15/24  (3)
GOP: We need to stop endless wars. Also: Time to nuke Iran bc Israel rules!    04/15/24  (6)
How many of you knew Israel bombed the Iranian embassy in Damascus    04/15/24  (11)
HELP! My smart fridge keeps calling me 'nigger'!    04/15/24  (10)
The Synagogue of Satan is out of control    04/15/24  (4)
"Am I the crazy one?" *logs into xoxo... sighs* "No, they're the crazy ones!"    04/15/24  (23)
Halford smirking at activists' "BoiKnapped" posters outside elementary school    04/15/24  (13)
Another woman caught fucking her dog    04/15/24  (79)
Should I move from NYC to Tampa / St. Pete’s?    04/15/24  (11)
You've got a cheap toupee? Sick. Get in the car. We're going to Kinkos    04/15/24  (52)
He is the Lord, and Father of the Mountain. He wakes, and the land wakes w/ him.    04/15/24  (2)
Some are gay, some may Lose, some poasters sing the blues    04/15/24  (3)
"April Showers Bring May Flowers" said Kasich, attaching garden hose to acid vat    04/15/24  (15)
"no it's just a research boner" (halford looking at super deranged gay porn)    04/15/24  (166)
"Not now babe, Donald Duck is comparing SE Asian pussy to cheesecakes.."    04/15/24  (6)
TSINAH pitching RSF on "Tactical Seatbelt Extender" for veteran frequent flyer    04/15/24  (1)
only 16% of US latinos support Israel's genocide (link)    04/15/24  (10)
DrakeMallard retired because he's now ChubbyChasing Sarah Huckabee Sanders    04/15/24  (3)
Smokin' a fat spliff in a brand new Benz No ID on the track let the story begin    04/15/24  (1)
Free Mason, Free Lancer, Free Agent    04/15/24  (1)
US gun homicide rate: 33 times higher than Australia's    04/15/24  (29)
Gorgeous Chinagirl Yixuan Cheng MURDERED by Handsome in Sydney Knife Attack    04/15/24  (1)
If there is a Taiwan crisis, what will Iran do?    04/15/24  (18)
Where can I find big-assed 19 y/o filipina skanks    04/15/24  (14)
Israeli's depravity and lack of moral compass is a biological advantage    04/15/24  (16)
it's so easy texting chicks in politics. All you have to do is    04/15/24  (1)
Stock Futures up on hoap of Judaic Nuclear Armageddon improving Earnings    04/15/24  (1)
some are more gay, some are more retarded, but all are gay and retarded    04/15/24  (2)
Autism whispers    04/15/24  (2)
Switzerland: open carry, 0% homicide rate    04/15/24  (66)
How old were you when you realized your dad was a loser?    04/15/24  (9)
can we enter a COMPACT to entirely IGNORE nyuug?    04/15/24  (334)
fuckign stupid bitch wants to come over and use the hot tub    04/15/24  (1)
"Unlike Ukraine, Russia is not suffering from recruitment or arms shortages."    04/15/24  (30)
We should bomb the Chinese embassy in Belgrade again    04/15/24  (7)
Immigrants should "speak American" (Sarah Palin)    04/15/24  (20)
NBA Younggoy    04/15/24  (1)
🌈 Cartoon Network now pushes pronoun and gender issues 🌈    04/15/24  (111)
the horror is that high IQ whites really do make the best cultures    04/15/24  (151)
when retaliate?    04/15/24  (2)
Why won't these tech companies turn a goddamn profit why doncha?    04/15/24  (1)
Are you out there?    04/15/24  (1)
Vince Guaraldi - Charlie Brown Christmas: O Tannenbaum    04/15/24  (1)
Never underestimate the power of your gut feeling. It’s that inner voice that    04/15/24  (8)
The masses are the problem and very annoying    04/15/24  (2)
Hollywood is going to forcememe nigger samurai soon    04/15/24  (1)
Guy shoots point blank at a driver. Misses. Hilarity ensues    04/15/24  (29)
Made huge pot of chili today. My chili is great.    04/15/24  (38)
the Ed Harris era is nearly over    04/15/24  (1)
Every cop on this piece of fucking shit joke country should turn gun on themselv    04/15/24  (1)
instakill    04/15/24  (1)
Ricky I got the van all packed up    04/15/24  (59)
China: the US needs to restrain piece of shit Israel    04/15/24  (1)
the Kamala Harris Era is nearly over    04/15/24  (4)
   04/15/24  (1)
Why does the Israeli war cabinet look like a cast of Disney Villains?    04/15/24  (6)
call now. boner police's 60 pumos are standing by to angrily call you a faggot.    04/15/24  (7)
Ecclesiasticus 26:25 “A shameless woman shall be counted as a dog    04/15/24  (1)
🚨🚨🚨🚨 Israel started WW3 because it wanted beachfront timeshares 🚨    04/15/24  (2)
Plagiarism plagues Gaza and most of the victims are Israelis (Karlstack)    04/15/24  (4)
Even though Israel started this conflict they will spin this as jewish persecuti    04/15/24  (2)
I’m really tired of everything to do with Israel    04/15/24  (10)
The biggest threat to humanity is not AI, it's Israel    04/15/24  (6)
Is there a bottom to Israel's depravity?    04/15/24  (6)
🥳 Trump criminal trial officially starts today 🥳    04/15/24  (1)
uh the miles on her motherfucking pussy    04/15/24  (1)
US govt is owned by Israel but Israel is NOTHING without US    04/15/24  (9)
where is Dagoth Ur    04/15/24  (2)
Israel did a good job of turning attention away from genociding Food bank ppl    04/15/24  (1)
Good news! Speaker Johnson announces FREE MONEY FOR ISRAEL!!!    04/15/24  (1)
NYT: Trump considering MARCO RUBIO for Vice POTUS    04/15/24  (4)
i want everyone here to shine    04/15/24  (1)
Ramaswamy for Veep unless Trump's an idiot...so Noem it is    04/15/24  (1)
i'm doing just fine btw    04/15/24  (3)
new Disney poaster, first day    04/15/24  (4)
New establishment angle. Rubio as Trump's VP    04/15/24  (7)
Guy eats all of a roommate's beans. Roommate exacts revenge on Baldur    04/15/24  (9)
Where is FLW    04/15/24  (1)
you guys ready for Project BlueBeam? (vid)    04/15/24  (1)
hey busted retard here    04/15/24  (1)
Beavis and Butthead SNL skit, discuss    04/15/24  (5)
Here's what happens when your attorney forgets he's not your prosecutor    04/15/24  (1)
France hosting international conference on Sudan, RSF    04/15/24  (1)
They keep burgling my sperm for God knows what!    04/15/24  (1)
bort is markedly better without that annoying twat JCM    04/14/24  (103)
Why does America have the homicide rate of third-world country?    04/14/24  (24)
fucked 3 chicks at the GSR in Reno    04/14/24  (29)
Pajeet or pradeep?    04/14/24  (22)
30,000 a year die in gun violence in US / why do we care abt 12?    04/14/24  (12)
love that NO ONE is gonna care for these aging dying lonely shrews LOOOOLLL    04/14/24  (1)
Solution to gun violence in schools    04/14/24  (14)
FT: One wrong move.....    04/14/24  (1)
drunk turdskin: "HOW CAN SHE SLAP!"    04/14/24  (15)
The conservative solution to gun violence is beyond retarded.    04/14/24  (50)
Uniform Communism worldwide would be wonderful    04/14/24  (43)
Weren't we supposed to have total chaos communism by now? Where are we on this    04/14/24  (1)
Chinese scholar: Russia will 100% win in Ukraine    04/14/24  (7)
started emotionally dumping on women its 180    04/14/24  (1)
rate this 4 hour video on collision detection bugs in super mario 64    04/14/24  (2)
I like to suck peters    04/14/24  (6)
what would you tell yourself at 35?    04/14/24  (8)
Some blown up sand porn for NSAM - link    04/14/24  (2)
the fish in the water closest to us are poisoned    04/14/24  (1)
Redditor receives letter from TTT, advising him to retake LSAT and get a 160    04/14/24  (13)
other female mammals don’t have nasty blown out roast beef pussies - only wome    04/14/24  (17)
she stops right next to you & smiles at Costco - WWYD? (pic)    04/14/24  (39)
can't stop LOL'ing at the insane quotemo tonite    04/14/24  (2)
Board antisemites (TSINAH, TBF, hegemon, etc) never attack RSF. is it $$$$?    04/14/24  (33)
F-35s will wreck shit    04/14/24  (27)
Being a laid off lawyer seems much better than a laid off business person    04/14/24  (2)
Surprisingly, most BIGLAW partners only make like 600-700k    04/14/24  (23)
Ramadans over lil bro    04/14/24  (1)
Do you go with Asian pussy if you're perceived light skinned IYHO?    04/14/24  (1)
Ricky is such a stud he can just LOOK at a chick & her panties fly off    04/14/24  (3)
apparently women outnumber men 20-40:1 in Thailand    04/14/24  (1)
im a jewish god on a faggot fucking planet    04/14/24  (1)
that's it i've had it w/ the politics-threading get rdy for another diaper storm    04/14/24  (9)
Iran strike a bust so market will be up tomorrow    04/14/24  (2)
im prepared to kill over my entire shit rn    04/14/24  (2)
What was the deal with Matt Gaetz and that Cuban teenager that he "adopted"?    04/14/24  (10)

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