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They caught Quinxuan Pan!    05/15/21  (61)
Living w alzabo in a Chongqing studio, pimping him out for rent    05/15/21  (1)
What is more credited for tossing a salad: Syrup or Jelly?    05/15/21  (5)
is Le Tigre still posting?    05/15/21  (2)
Hamas gonna bring down a tower    05/15/21  (1)
PROLE TELL: car bumper stickers, even just one    05/15/21  (34)
Student in Connecticut arrested for posting racist Snapchat post    05/15/21  (22)
Luis, you son of a birch! <bulging biceps interlock>    05/15/21  (2)
Luis our contact in Marrakesh has been burned. Get out now!    05/15/21  (5)
Coinbase stock going to zero    05/15/21  (1)
Cardano to the goddamn fucking moon    05/15/21  (1)
Luis the Congo mining site has 3x expected reserves. Drinks on me tonight.    05/15/21  (1)
Israeli Flag Flown on Slovenian Govt Building in Show of Solidarity    05/15/21  (2)
What's the CR was to browse XOXO?    05/15/21  (3)
why poaster has the lowest IQ?    05/15/21  (25)
first i hit the gas then i lean    05/15/21  (5)
Magnolia | Tom Cruise | Frank T.J. Mackie | Respect The Cock Tame The Cunt Scene    05/15/21  (4)
"grandparent, what were you doing when they destroyed the cities?" zhe asked, "    05/15/21  (1)
So Greeks genocided the Celts of Anatolia leaving room for Turks to move in?    05/15/21  (1)
is Freddy Got Fingered on any streaming services right now?    05/15/21  (6)
Ever go to a restaurant where the bartender starts giving you eyes as you order    05/15/21  (1)
2021: Richest man in the World gets divorce PWNED by below avg looking wife    05/15/21  (1)
Tom Cruise's character in Magnolia    05/15/21  (6)
"It’s so exhausting being a woman in tech," Apple employee complains    05/15/21  (1)
VA, MA, CA, NY abolishing merit as a principle of public education. Why?    05/15/21  (17)
ITT think hard and list your top 3 films.    05/15/21  (191)
If you just tell random women that you're married now and give them a ring    05/15/21  (2)
Should I add ESPN+ to my Hulu account?    05/15/21  (7)
is HBO MAX >>> netflix?    05/15/21  (16)
China has a 24h a day unmanned automated porn (video)    05/15/21  (1)
Describe feeling of taking a single oxy pill    05/15/21  (25)
NYT: Green Energy Thriving in Syrian Rebel Enclave    05/15/21  (3)
*Lawyer commuting to work on modified bicycle with 80cc engine kit*    05/15/21  (1)
$1000 SOL    05/15/21  (2)
Ricky, it’s me. kike festival.    05/15/21  (1)
welcome to the kike festival    05/15/21  (19)
More like Mossadbook amirite?    05/15/21  (1)
never thought me and scholarship would both be waking up to roosters    05/15/21  (16)
should i get an apple watch for outdoor running w/o phone yea or nay    05/15/21  (8)
Poll: are there too many black people online?    05/15/21  (17)
Are high energy women a no-go for dating?    05/15/21  (3)
China has a 24h a day unmanned automated port (video)    05/15/21  (11)
It's a terrific day to watch some horse racing folks!    05/15/21  (3)
What mental illness makes someone obsessed with religion and praying?    05/15/21  (9)
Just had a big fat black dude deliver a pizza and he's like "there's ducks runni    05/15/21  (4)
Reading tweets by black people is really depressing    05/15/21  (4)
first one to talk gets to stay on my aircraft    05/15/21  (4)
will we be mystified by 2050s tech or are boomer just retarded?    05/15/21  (16)
100% of bort libs are prole    05/15/21  (42)
Worldwide 🌎 party 🎉 incoming! 🚀    05/15/21  (2)
WeWork CEO apologizes for comments about working from home    05/15/21  (6)
hot chocolate is 180    05/15/21  (3)
War Machine, what do you and BS think about the Stuyvesant test?    05/15/21  (1)
Do they still have "Freaknik" in Atlanta for spring break?    05/15/21  (1)
How do I obtain WFH sinecures? Learning to code? Burned out    05/15/21  (5)
Fucked on grindr for 17 years, tired of the cock    05/15/21  (1)
Is it OK to dislike both Israel and Palestine? Do I really have to pick sides?    05/15/21  (14)
Poasted on xo for 17 years, tired of the grind    05/15/21  (17)
lol @ this lib cartoon about not unmasking after vaccine (pic    05/15/21  (7)
Rate this Calvin and Hobbes strip    05/15/21  (1)
come ITT if you're interested in buying real estate    05/15/21  (4)
Libs are so conflicted and mad about Biden's new mask rule    05/15/21  (43)
Hey libs, that's inappropriate to do around children    05/15/21  (5)
Lol wait so Trump is a hair away from overturning AZ? Media silent?    05/15/21  (6)
Been interviewing a lot of people on Zoom.    05/15/21  (3)
Any other vaccinated guys feel like a total badass now?    05/15/21  (3)
Had 180 dinner at Providence - 2 Michelin Stars... photos inside (CSLG)    05/15/21  (103)
Plucky Leicester about to win the FA cup    05/15/21  (2)
List your beliefs    05/15/21  (5)
Wow I can't believe how racist this political cartoon is    05/15/21  (4)
Marvel studios phase 4 trailer    05/15/21  (25)
Tranny DJs towering over cute blondes wearing backpacks on the dancefloor    05/15/21  (1)
You've been hit by... you've been struck by... a zoom interview    05/15/21  (1)
Graham Allen running for SC-7.... fuck yes    05/15/21  (2)
Imagine if a credit card transaction took 10000x the energy it does to process    05/15/21  (17)
Upset Jew have you ever participated in a deep state homosexual gangbang?    05/15/21  (2)
cannot understand the simultaneous, insidious narrative of women as sluts + chil    05/15/21  (103)
Is it normal to go like 0 for 7 on recent job interviews    05/15/21  (60)
humans: formed by god from clay; indians: cowshit    05/15/21  (6)
Laying outside in sun fully nude is 180 feeling    05/15/21  (1)
cowshit and henry aaron, let's bash these TTTs    05/15/21  (11)
why did cowshit make hundreds of FF7 threads    05/15/21  (20)
Did I tell you guys about my Failed Phone Interview? (cowshit)    05/15/21  (7)
Rowan, starved for niggers, sticks her head in a bucket of cowshit as a substitu    05/15/21  (4)
Rate all this hoopla for a girls college selection    05/15/21  (1)
Why doesn’t some pro fighter do a “do what I do to make weight” program    05/15/21  (1)
Thailand to open up to fully vaccinated guests, without quarantine 1/1/2022    05/15/21  (1)
101 Vaccinations    05/15/21  (1)
Weird right wing MAGA shits realize Kikes ruined shit but then support Israel    05/15/21  (11)
Is Marjorie Taylor Greene legit crazy?    05/15/21  (62)
Eth $4k waiting room    05/15/21  (28)
1 million net worth, chill 225k wfh job, paid off house, bored as fuck    05/15/21  (24)
Israeli Military Accused of Using Media to Trick Hamas    05/15/21  (18)
Libs want to segregate the internet    05/15/21  (14)
I got blasted last night    05/15/21  (4)
Eat a ton of salt. Blood pressure is 100/65.    05/15/21  (1)
Tried rewatching Happy Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, it sucked    05/15/21  (3)
current FCS season has spanned 9 months & 2 presidential administrations    05/15/21  (2)
Tommy Turdskin, DESCRIBE the thickest nigger cock you've taken.    05/15/21  (7)
Can anyone speak to local real estate trends in South Africa?    05/15/21  (15)
You need 10 oz of gold and 500 oz of silver at a minimum    05/15/21  (9)
TT DESTROYED in one tweet    05/15/21  (3)
why don't libs ever let things go?    05/15/21  (1)
yo CSLG any good ways to print money WITHOUT a law degree?    05/15/21  (2)
Its starting to look like the vaccines are super effective and an amazing breakt    05/15/21  (1)
why is quora so uniquely bad    05/15/21  (5)
Who buys a Kia?    05/15/21  (5)
Why didn't exeunt or someone on here tell us to buy $MATIC? It went up like 200x    05/15/21  (1)
me quivering, as you plow into my ass    05/15/21  (1)
calvin and hobbes really is astoundingly better than every other comic strip    05/15/21  (3)
Theres still a tribe of nurse cheerers banging pots everyday in Hell's Kitchen    05/15/21  (1)
The good thing about being a foot fetishist is that feet pics are cheap    05/15/21  (1)
Sinecure Rejection 5/14 megathread    05/15/21  (12)
Imagine if FLW paid up after losing a bet    05/15/21  (2)
*earnestly lisps something about The Preakness*    05/15/21  (4)
luis taking a snapchat of him soaking beans overnight    05/15/21  (16)
A certain chill kind of state-enforced nigger worship.    05/15/21  (4)
Haha, the Duke of Norfolk is also an Earl, so he’s doubly important FAG!!    05/15/21  (7)
$2.5M net worth, tired of the grind    05/15/21  (26)
Honestly at this point I hope the Muzzies push every Israeli into the sea    05/15/21  (6)
Might step out to buy some chorizo    05/15/21  (1)
Anyone ever hired a personal trainer?    05/15/21  (12)
Inherent Vice is underrated.    05/15/21  (2)
Tony Soprano explaining Meghan Markle to Queen Elizabeth: "A charcoal briquette?    05/15/21  (24)
Psaki fantasizes about being CJ Cregg from The West Wing    05/15/21  (1)
40-50% of CDC, FDA not getting shot    05/15/21  (4)
It's obvious now that Biden's administration is even more inept than Trump's    05/15/21  (2)
Cooking Made Easy: Microwaved Tupperware (Forward by George Soros)    05/15/21  (1)
Blacks don’t get enough credit for dominating ALL sports, not just fast-twitch    05/15/21  (76)
normie libs have absolutely no clue what's going on    05/15/21  (2)
U bought the top and sold the bottom ha. U bitchin' about it ha. U not gonna mak    05/15/21  (6)
I was stimming for 18 months…. -Matt Skeeta Alkaline Stimmers    05/15/21  (1)
Recs on which Nautilus I should get?    05/15/21  (2)
what time is everyone getting to Frisco TX on sunday    05/15/21  (7)
13 months after losing right eye in suicide attempt, player hits homerun    05/15/21  (1)
“As the Talmud says ...” “I don’t give a shit what he says.”    05/15/21  (2)
Which political party is more pro-Israel at this point?    05/15/21  (1)
-$60k NW, tired of the grind    05/15/21  (2)
Another gasoline-hoarding Trumpmo sets self on fire    05/15/21  (19)
University of California Set to Drop SAT, ACT Through 2025    05/15/21  (19)
..:.,:.::,. aka Henry Aaron seems MAF today
   05/15/21  (8)
I want to pay my house off and work at ace hardware    05/15/21  (6)
RATE Rachel Maddow's response to new CDC no-mask guidelines (link)    05/15/21  (44)
Jim Cramer says he'll wear polka dot dress if DOT hits $50    05/15/21  (1)
Watched the NYC MAYORAL debate - we MAY, *MAY* get someone sane...    05/15/21  (44)
Re CDC mask update - prepare for a stream of Trumpmo Karen vids freaking out    05/15/21  (10)
LJL Al Jazeera right now is 24-7 'Kikes bombed us!'    05/15/21  (1)
Just be a man and get the damn vaccine    05/15/21  (7)
why do non olds "need" the vaccine "so we can go back to normal"    05/15/21  (8)

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