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Terry from Reno 911 roller skating up to your 4 am thread    12/07/23  (5)
have you guys seen IM THINKING OF ENDING THINGS?    12/07/23  (22)
I dress and act like Terry from Reno 911    12/07/23  (10)
What will GOP run on in 2024?    12/07/23  (4)
AI analyzes Psycho Karen    12/07/23  (1)
Chuck Schumer: Massie, take this tweet down    12/07/23  (1)
To see what Americas colleges will look like in 2024, look at South Africa today    12/07/23  (6)
Chat GPT PWNS nyuug in lengthy screed, not flame    12/07/23  (105)
Jews and boomer$ double teaming all ur orfices for scraps    12/07/23  (1)
RATE this high-IQ muslim burning an Israeli flag    12/07/23  (1)
Keeping sucking Jew cawk for scraps u stupid hating retarded fag$    12/07/23  (1)
ITT: We predict what ARE COUNTRY will be like in 2024    12/07/23  (11)
Just a bunch of pussy ass little pussy conforming weak ass bitches    12/07/23  (3)
Christmas is a fucking pagan holiday u fucking sucker tards    12/07/23  (1)
In 2024 your daughter will beg to see the MtF Disney Princess    12/07/23  (7)
I would love to see a debate between XO VIVEK and XO KAREN    12/07/23  (1)
Another fucking fraud day gone fuck 2023 fuck Jews fuck Xmas H and december    12/07/23  (1)
Thoughtful Moderate Here: Fuck Israel    12/07/23  (3)
"There's fucking 3 mystery meats on this stage with me" (XO Vivek)    12/07/23  (1)
“Chat, is she mystery meat?” (Vivek)    12/07/23  (2)
Why have you given up "i've given up" tp    12/07/23  (2)
Video of Palestinians drowning in tunnels flooded by Israel    12/07/23  (9)
XO VIVEK: Free Speech is Important, except if its Pro-Palestine student groups    12/07/23  (1)
Ron DeSantis is very normal and likable and for certain not a robot    12/07/23  (1)
Yankees acquire Ohtani and Trout in blockbuster trade    12/07/23  (2)
Rate Vivek’s debate notes    12/07/23  (9)
WAIT, RFK Jr. is married to Larry David's wife on Curb Your Enthusiasm?    12/07/23  (3)
What's wrong, Nikki? You embarrassed. Your real name is Priya and u live at home    12/07/23  (1)
Vivek Ramaswamy and TT's schtick are converging into one entity    12/07/23  (7)
Let's discuss shitcoins to invest in for upcoming cycle    12/07/23  (12)
Vivek is a real one for not white washing his name like Nikki    12/07/23  (17)
Vivek is killing neoconservatism once and for all    12/07/23  (13)
It is the earth itself that is Hell, the prison constructed for us    12/07/23  (3)
The guy who played Jamie Lannister is too good looking bros wtf    12/07/23  (14)
"The Smiths": Is there a faggier band in history?    12/07/23  (64)
"Why won't Nikki use real name? where's she from? Is she Mystery Meat?" (Vivek)    12/07/23  (1)
My pet dog died today. Had him cremated. Was there watching.    12/07/23  (242)
Finland takes #1 place in Europe on latest PISA. #5 overall.    12/07/23  (16)
REAL TALK: Vivek is scamming Trumpmos like an Indian Call Center IRS agent    12/07/23  (2)
holy shit!! TT outted in this reddit post (not flame)    12/07/23  (2)
Bryan Ferry released his music video for 'Windswept' shortly after turning 40    12/07/23  (11)
Reminder: Jews are the smartest race.    12/07/23  (12)
Look at how backwards and dumb Koreans are    12/07/23  (5)
chill, peace-loving palestinians thread    12/07/23  (7)
biz idea: clothes, but made out of living snakes    12/07/23  (6)
Sulla was one of the most 180 leaders in Western history    12/07/23  (6)
daily reminder that Ireland crushes Israel on its PISA scores    12/07/23  (7)
What midlife crisis car should I buy?    12/07/23  (24)
You're really fucking stupid staying in "America" you'll never "maek it"    12/07/23  (1)
Billionaire: Israel bombing little kids in Gaza demonstrates rampant antisemitis    12/07/23  (2)
everywhere i go, people look insanely miserable    12/07/23  (26)
Prime Fedor vs prime Bones.    12/07/23  (3)
nyuug the US Army had to teach Koreans not to grow their veggies in human poop    12/07/23  (14)
There's like 18 black female commentators on CNN right now    12/07/23  (1)
Chandler, taking Qs on making 2 million + this year    12/07/23  (74)
🦍 N 🦍 I 🦍 G 🦍 G 🦍 E 🦍 R 🦍    12/07/23  (26)
What’s the XO consensus on whether Michael Jackson was really a pedo?    12/07/23  (6)
This is the most autistic asian I've ever seen at a casino (link)    12/07/23  (1)
XO Vivek: “Christie needs to walk off this stage, eat a big meal, and fuck off    12/07/23  (28)
Sucker punch attack in Calabasas!    12/07/23  (2)
strategy i talked about in that other thread had a 1 hour return of >100% (benzo    12/07/23  (183)
Reddit teachers discuss getting blackpilled by "teens"    12/07/23  (15)
RATE this house    12/07/23  (30)
4 XO poasters will now reenact the GOP debate, we still need 1 white guy    12/06/23  (2)
you wake up to doobs riding you in the amazon position, ginger pigtails flailing    12/06/23  (3)
This guy is the biggest IRL faggot I know about personally IRL    12/06/23  (2)
Do YouTube channels with 100k+ subscribers basically make a living off it?    12/06/23  (2)
Reminder: Jews prefer Muslims to Evangelical Christians    12/06/23  (22)
Billers of the Flower Moon    12/06/23  (6)
We need to start rounding up libs and kicking them into vats of boiling water    12/06/23  (4)
Grad student dickhead move: refer to famous scholar by their first name    12/06/23  (5)
Only Vivek Ramaswamy and Kash Patel can restore the soul of America    12/06/23  (1)
how much evidence do we need for the avg person to realise multiculturalism suck    12/06/23  (1)
farting so loud Biden declares a climate crisis    12/06/23  (1)
GeForce GTX 1070 ti for $450. Good deal?    12/06/23  (7)
rate this chill Bohemian Grove group    12/06/23  (1)
Now a Subway lunch, another $15, thanks libs    12/06/23  (28)
Vivek should be Press Sec nothing more    12/06/23  (1)
Time Article Explaining Taylor Swift POTY Decision    12/06/23  (3)
57% of registered voters support same sex marriage; 36 oppose    12/06/23  (9)
"Elephant in the Room: The Chris Christie Biopic."    12/06/23  (35)
play Copperhead Road on the jukebox    12/06/23  (6)
teenager claims Chris Christie stole his DQ blizzard    12/06/23  (43)
When XO Vivek accidentally referred to Nikki as "Psycho Karen" it was a big tell    12/06/23  (7)
farting so loud Ivy League presidents issue an apology    12/06/23  (4)
Farting so loud Chris Christie says "there it is"    12/06/23  (123)
Creating Innovators: Why America's Education System Is Obsolete    12/06/23  (10)
kept farting when my bf was assfucking me tonight    12/06/23  (7)
Pages and pages of "farting so loud" threads, stretching back years    12/06/23  (1)
Do I just go in or what    12/06/23  (6)
Cowgod. Karlstack. Cowshit. Cowstack. Karlshit. Think about it.    12/06/23  (13)
zurich is stained reef tank update    12/06/23  (45)
I'm ultra-pro-Zionist but think "anti-Zionism = anti-Semitism" is a lie    12/06/23  (20)
rsf's venezuelan doppelganger dies after getting wedged in the darien gap (link)    12/06/23  (1)
Piyush Jindal throwing barfi against the wall watching XO Vivek pwn    12/06/23  (1)
Going to kill my wife if she buys more Vick's vape-o-rub.    12/06/23  (2)
shut the fuck up about the GOP bitch boi debate bitch bois    12/06/23  (2)
credited pre-built gaming computer?    12/06/23  (86)
If you’re not drinking 2-3 gallons of bone broth daily you’re ngmi    12/06/23  (4)
Where to get a Christmas tree under $1k in NYC    12/06/23  (13)
fucking HILARIOUS Cost Of Living Comparison Chart - LOL USA    12/06/23  (75)
Rate this soccer bro's phenotype and name.    12/06/23  (1)
new dna research shows black people to be smartest race (link)    12/06/23  (7)
The vividness of dreams seems under appreciated    12/06/23  (34)
Chris Christie and Nikki Haley having sex tp    12/06/23  (1)
there's just something in this whole existence that makes me uncomfortable 24/7    12/06/23  (1)
Not sure how I made it this long as a litigator without fucking killing myself    12/06/23  (1)
you're only person here. god & jesus just make fun of u all the time to pass tim    12/06/23  (1)
the smell of pot everywhere at all times    12/06/23  (7)
the horror is that high IQ whites really do make the best cultures    12/06/23  (115)
when does a man get too old to snap a woman's bra?    12/06/23  (3)
Is it true that an xo poaster owns a supercar?    12/06/23  (24)
"I Did The Needful & Nikki Haley is a Benchod Whore" - An Autobiography by Vivek    12/06/23  (2)
Blink 182 Dammit does perfect justice to the Gryffindor aesthetic    12/06/23  (1)
assfaggot on guided tour of Large Hadron Collider: "toss a nigger in there"    12/06/23  (29)
Encountering Smelly Pussy is LIFE altering    12/06/23  (14)
so nyuug when are you gonna serve your time in the korean military?    12/06/23  (13)
Juan Soto a Yankee    12/06/23  (2)
Media/dems producing phony pro-trump polls to sucker GOP to nominate him    12/06/23  (7)
Time POTY Should Have Been "The Hamas Terrorist" If Time Had Balls    12/06/23  (1)
Vivek EVISCERATED the GOPe tonight    12/06/23  (3)
I'm really going to enjoy masturbating tonight    12/06/23  (1)
Vivek moans as he cums in Nikki's ass: "ooh, ees dis prole tell?"    12/06/23  (1)
I still am skeptical that “smelly pussy” is real    12/06/23  (1)
Trump has already won    12/06/23  (1)
Real talk: Jews just want to win more than u    12/06/23  (9)
I've been trying to impress that more is less and I'm repressed tp    12/06/23  (1)
Francis Fukuyama and the iron chains of NOTENURE    12/06/23  (1)
Thought experiment for you benzo    12/06/23  (1)
HRT is alpha as fuck    12/06/23  (4)
Nikki Haley moaning "Ohhh Vivek" in Green Room bathroom with Hitachi wand    12/06/23  (1)
reminder: ur only circumcised b/c jews fooled ur dumb parents w fake arguments    12/06/23  (41)
Consuela has been blown the fuck out so hard by to be fair he’ll never recover    12/06/23  (15)
I fucked a random geek at a Magic/YuGiOh convention as a teenager.    12/06/23  (42)
i am a genius and came up with a 0 risk options trade (benzo)    12/06/23  (21)
pro AirPods worth it if you never plane to use the noise canceling feature?    12/06/23  (7)
All asians lived with pigs that ate their shit all year, then they ate the pig    12/06/23  (1)
have you ever been with a lactating woman before? 180 or gross?    12/06/23  (1)
julia what's the most # of cumloads u've held in ur mouth at one time    12/06/23  (1)
Trump and Hegemon have diametrically opposite views on exercise    12/06/23  (72)
rural living = replacing your free time with endless chores, stop glamorizing it    12/06/23  (41)
its obvious what cslg is doing    12/06/23  (11)
would you ever get on a helicopter or osprey? seems pretty dangerous    12/06/23  (1)
Biden says he will make "significant concessions" on border policy to win Ukrain    12/06/23  (49)
Collapsing T levels as you age is sooooo 18000000, you T-obsessed freaks    12/06/23  (17)
Wilbur= 5’6, 120 lbs, over-exerciser/long-distance runner, has IBS, Q-believer    12/06/23  (27)
Why'd the Mongols not just take Japan from the north?    12/06/23  (25)

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