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Drones Russia is desperately trying to buy off Iran are knockoffs of US drones!    06/02/23  (3)
Dilemma: I am a Ravenclaw, but my sugar babies are almost always Hufflepuffs...    06/02/23  (33)
california is absolutely beautiful    06/02/23  (69)
What Hogwarts House are you in?    06/02/23  (7)
Protocols of Elders of Zion scrolling down screen after you kill Ganon    06/02/23  (2)
0 covid deaths on the North Sentinel Islands    06/02/23  (3)
fedbois    06/02/23  (1)
Decided to follow the carne asada fries diet    06/02/23  (1)
More than 200 dead and 900 injured in train crash in India    06/02/23  (2)
ChatGPT confirms you're all bitch bois    06/02/23  (1)
Just took my ARMY COMBAT FITNESS TEST, taking ?'s    06/02/23  (17)
Just fucked my first tranny (pics / vids)    06/02/23  (2)
How did Jared Fogle become so beloved and popular    06/02/23  (30)
Decided to follow the disco fries diet    06/02/23  (2)
xo women, link your OnlyFans ITT    06/02/23  (3)
Morals and Dogma pg. 321 tp    06/02/23  (1)
Suicide attack on mayor of St. Petersburg    06/02/23  (1)
Sucked off a smelly male slampig last night (GJR)    06/02/23  (1)
Would never hit my kids, but parents these days can't control them kids    06/02/23  (72)
who exactly is Dylan Mulvaney anyways? never heard of this guy until bud shit.    06/02/23  (1)
full on misogyny in pussy    06/02/23  (1)
Russia blew up a dam 5 days ago; microwave satellite shows parched land    06/02/23  (2)
What if a dood is elected POTUS but doesn't take the oath of office?    06/02/23  (2)
Kinda of annoying that you have to texts girls daily now during courtship    06/02/23  (22)
Donating sperm seems so oddly... immoral? Just abandoning your progeny.    06/02/23  (2)
How to deter a homeless guy who sits every day on a bench near where I live    06/02/23  (49)
Are most Thai whores Hufflepuffs?    06/02/23  (12)
hypo: U can fuck a 10 if u make vid "coming out" as Slytherin + send to friends    06/02/23  (3)
Rate this sociopathic shit I pulled    06/02/23  (16)
How do you stop your wife from going nuts on Amazon?    06/02/23  (2)
Boner Police, if you’re reading this 🍆 🤛 💦 🍑    06/02/23  (1)
"Are you listening to me?!" your wife barks, interrupting your suicidal thoughts    06/02/23  (146)
How do women not keep their PMS insanity in check when it's so regular?    06/02/23  (8)
Boom im back    06/02/23  (1)
"Wow, cool! What kind of rape was it?"    06/02/23  (9)
im a degenerate heathen kike where should i go find a wife to impregnate    06/02/23  (1)
soon you'll he dead and none of this shit will matter    06/02/23  (1)
Anyone here have an ozone generator for purifying rooms in ur home?    06/02/23  (9)
should i start doing cocaine irl if it's good quality and tested?    06/02/23  (3)
do you enjoy this GIF?    06/02/23  (2)
RIP Vince Neil    06/02/23  (1)
Ricky rate this moniker    06/02/23  (8)
Ricky explaining his "mindful" ketamine use to Dutch backpacker    06/02/23  (13)
Furio from Sopranos discovered $10M painting misidentified, bought for $68k    06/02/23  (66)
Sp here! Listen if i want to play “hungry butt” w my kid that’s none of ur    06/02/23  (26)
Sick child in Border Patrol custody dies after refused medical care    06/02/23  (6)
"The Snoot" sounds like a character in a Steely Dan song    06/02/23  (9)
Blonde University of Oregon softball player knocked up by a Black (link)    06/02/23  (30)
Another night of online dicksucking-level retardation bitch bois?    06/02/23  (3)
Nirvana songs if Kurt Cobain was a lawyer.    06/02/23  (44)
"Great, thanks Carol. Okay, any thoughts on niggers before we wrap up the meetin    06/02/23  (14)
HAPPY FRIDAY, NIGGERS!    06/02/23  (578)
all of the good poasters are at temple right now    06/02/23  (1)
Rival filmmakers release documentary "What is a Man?" to counter Matt Walsh (lin    06/02/23  (6)
Getting very worked up about work tp    06/02/23  (1)
Candid article on the Ukrainecuck perspective    06/02/23  (3)
Texas: one rape conviction, no priors, good attorney, sentence?    06/02/23  (1)
rape is 180    06/02/23  (2)
Wife and I were on the brink of divorce 3 years ago now we’re 180    06/02/23  (5)
Is Sam Hyde's fishtank series good    06/02/23  (6)
whoa there, bud. here you go, chief. you got it, boss. alrighty then, champ    06/02/23  (12)
Smoking meth tonight and watching Iron Eagle III FUCK LIBS    06/02/23  (1)
It's sad but some guy 'Paralegal Mohammed' is my last true friend on Earth    06/02/23  (4)
(sept 22): Wisconsin (air raid) @ Purdue (air raid)    06/02/23  (6)
When too many people cash out at once, the banks crash    06/02/23  (5)
btw the internet is fake as well    06/02/23  (1)
Jamie Foxx Paralyzed & Blind Due to COVID-19 Vaccine (link)    06/02/23  (28)
stolen kike thoughts tp    06/02/23  (9)
Me and Erik Prince using severed SwampNigger & FedLawyer heads for target practi    06/02/23  (21)
13 years after the election of Baraka Hussein Obama, the country lies in ruins    06/02/23  (77)
man 'Sicario' is truly dark, just re-watched it    06/02/23  (27)
Russia's spy satellites are cheap trash but it's 180 how fast they built them    06/02/23  (7)
Disturbing trend of BIRDSHIT women marrying TURD men and making YouTube channels    06/02/23  (2)
Teens at Chick-Fil-A now saying "180 fuck libs" instead of "my pleasure"    06/02/23  (76)
Reminder: Senile frail old AF Joe "Corrupt" Biden kicked Trump's ass.    06/02/23  (12)
"Texas School Book Suppository" - shit poster or shittiest poster?    06/02/23  (5)
*geno tp getting buttfucked by gay rapist in Jollibee mascot costume*    06/02/23  (22)
new little mermaid has worst music I've ever heard    06/02/23  (32)
lowkey goth girls from Georgia w/ southern accents    06/02/23  (7)
The Creature From Jekyll Island (by G. Edward Griffin)    06/02/23  (2)
What kind of person goes to “Drag Shows”?    06/02/23  (4)
Holy shit it's 𝐍𝐈𝐆𝐆𝐄𝐑 𝐓𝐈𝐌𝐄    06/02/23  (26)
Do you mi$$ the billable hour work lifestyle?    06/02/23  (6)
Starting to grow tits from my estrogen pills    06/02/23  (4)
What is the credited approach to saving for down payment    06/02/23  (11)
“Good thing I’m an INJURY lawyer” (SP to SP jr, crumpled up in corner of r    06/02/23  (2)
The Moon is not what it seems    06/02/23  (17)
Ketamine is so 180 its basically an anesthetic    06/02/23  (9)
Flat earth fails Occam's razor. There's no way around it. It's not a good model.    06/02/23  (1)
LOOK AT MY ASS! DON'T LOOK AT MY ASS..! ...LOOK AT MY ASS!    06/02/23  (22)
Brazzers presents Southern Gothicc    06/02/23  (1)
Homeless Jews of Haifa an increasing problem says city leader (link)    06/02/23  (1)
Heat +350 to win the championship right now. FUCKING EASY MONEY.    06/02/23  (22)
Hebrew is a constructed language like Klingon, Esperanto, Dothraki etc.    06/02/23  (43)
we should be able to watch a little porn at work    06/02/23  (16)
MLB's Slowest Pitcher Was Unhittable    06/02/23  (6)
The Earth’s size is just right to fit inside Saturn’s hexagon. Coincidence?    06/02/23  (6)
Korean wife smashed by black stud (Xhamster)    06/02/23  (1)
My ex lurks here, and is just finding out I nutted in two of her irl friends rn    06/02/23  (5)
Because of my phenotype, I m a creep just for being somewhere    06/02/23  (5)
Do you think we’ll have to start paying student loans in a few months    06/02/23  (2)
fuck. just tested positive for monkey pox    06/02/23  (3)
On the tyrrany of Blackrock's shareholder propsals    06/02/23  (45)
Spaceporn - your stalker is allan kassenoff of greenberg traurig    06/02/23  (2)
did u know the lead singer of korn hates libs?    06/02/23  (1)
The founder of Zionism, Theodor Herzl, was a vehement antisemite    06/02/23  (4)
Can you get a prion disease from bad cum?    06/02/23  (6)
RIP Mike Love.    06/02/23  (1)
I think I need to quit weed entirely    06/02/23  (66)
how much better would law be if you billed by the half hour?    06/02/23  (1)
what Karl (Succession) did with cable in the 90s is remarkable    06/02/23  (2)
My Country, 'Tis of Thee plays as libs lowered into lava    06/02/23  (5)
put $100 on some guy named Justin Suh to win Memorial at 250-1    06/02/23  (1)
Current PGA Leaderboard: Im, Wu, Huh & Kim    06/02/23  (12)
I've already fucked one of my 10-99 hires in the first week, how fukt?    06/02/23  (1)
Diablo IV launches in 6 hours    06/02/23  (72)
pale goth girls with perfect round asses and tiny tits    06/02/23  (7)
Guy who gets all his political opinions and thoughts from consuela tp tp    06/02/23  (9)
That fat dude who jumped off the ship would have smelled like marinated pork    06/02/23  (6)
sup fri€nds, w€ cool? €urop€an v€rsion of mainlaining h€r€    06/02/23  (6)
#passport bros flock to foreign countries to date much to disgust of US women    06/02/23  (1)
some great acting in this cop video    06/02/23  (3)
Women should not cut their hair    06/02/23  (1)
Wonder why the "Waingro" actor never got big roles after "Heat"    06/02/23  (13)
Cartel boss to Benicio Del Toro at end of Sicario "Ah yes, the balding lawyer    06/02/23  (3)
If you're bored - it means life's about to rape your fucking ass very soon    06/02/23  (1)
Xanax vs. Ambien - better recreational drug?    06/02/23  (1)
Why isn’t Elon abiding by the six-month pause on AI research?    06/02/23  (2)
If you're at a job where the term "work product" is ever used, YNGMI    06/02/23  (1)
long-read on Lee Kuan Yew and Singapore    06/02/23  (21)
Bizarre nyt extolling 300lbs founder of "slow af" club who "ran" 8hr marathon    06/02/23  (1)
Hitting the clubs hard this summer with a solid new crew. Taking ?s ITT    06/02/23  (176)
Kikes wow    06/02/23  (1)
How to say "I dont speak Hindi"    06/02/23  (1)
Goodnight XO *takes 12 Ambien* *puts on bra* *logs in as doobs*    06/02/23  (43)
Goodnight XO!! *takes ambien* *drives Uhaul through Chik Fil A* *makes sandwich*    06/02/23  (50)
My stalker says no one likes me! Is this true?(Bboooooooooom)    06/02/23  (17)
Total Console Death (TCD)    06/02/23  (4)
Rate this clip of David Bowie dancing with a cane    06/02/23  (34)
My dream bf - 6ft - $300-500K total comp - very ambitious & driven - 27-33yo - b    06/02/23  (39)
Bowie coked out of his mind singing Golden Years on Soul Train    06/02/23  (2)
Hey there Delilah, how do you like your new boipussy, I’m a thousand miles    06/02/23  (1)
Stocks ripping. 180.    06/02/23  (28)
"Awkwafina" narrating your sex session w azn 5.5 in raspy "freestyle rap"    06/02/23  (14)
Hey There Delilah What's It Like in NYC, I have a thousand diff genders but toni    06/02/23  (1)
ITT list bands youve never listened to based solely on their name.    06/02/23  (145)
We have to choo$e better at the voting booth.    06/02/23  (1)
How the fuck is the scam stock market mooning    06/02/23  (38)

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