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Tonight I totally failed at cooking—“Fiesta Steak”    06/25/24  (40)
I am a WASP and I support Vivek over Vance    06/25/24  (17)
Work in Washington and buy in Oregon    06/25/24  (2)
just remember that women DEMAND abortions because they CAN'T STOP FUCKING CHAD    06/25/24  (11)
who would win in retard match to the death: paralegal mohammad or TDNW?    06/25/24  (6)
WaPo: White supremacist bigots disrupt Idaho town's pride event (link)    06/25/24  (1)
Abortion is sick women are sick    06/25/24  (3)
hilarious to think about paralegal mohammed screeching at his kids    06/25/24  (20)
russians were enjoying the beach in Crimea, until… (video)    06/25/24  (13)
Checking in on Kenya    06/25/24  (2)
if u don’t want an asian hiking gf, go for a gas station/truck stop gal (link)    06/25/24  (7)
Russian MIC building all burned up (link)    06/25/24  (4)
90% of twitter is bots    06/25/24  (9)
Nephew got into the Coast Guard academy!    06/25/24  (22)
Its all flame..time a lie..though George Carlin was alive and performing    06/25/24  (1)
Antonio Brown names Michael Obama “Linebacker of the Day”    06/25/24  (16)
93 year old slowly typing "What's his name" with arthritic hands    06/25/24  (126)
bhangra music getting louder as JD Vance's limo approaches VP debate venue    06/25/24  (2)
George Carlin was an unfunny boomer libfaggot    06/25/24  (3)
david french seen meeting with trump’s vp selection comm. chair (link)    06/25/24  (5)
Call me Rachmiel.    06/25/24  (64)
*Trump discretely spitting Usha's cornmeal naan into his napkin*    06/25/24  (1)
ITT a list of Marxist courses at a typical LAC (Occidental College)    06/25/24  (27)
You just can't "win" can you?    06/25/24  (4)
Most of the internet is fake:(    06/25/24  (1)
Boarding flight to XO Beijing in 5 mins…sayonara birdshits!!!    06/25/24  (31)
So dumbass Ukrainians just made all US citizens open to reprisal attack by Putin    06/25/24  (13)
Lazy people truly disgust me    06/25/24  (3)
Public school ranking sites are 100% flame    06/25/24  (68)
At the Vance household, a truly American dish, Roadkill Curry, was born.    06/25/24  (1)
Ukraine says it has enough artillery shells - link    06/25/24  (4)
mcdonalds $5 meal is going to disrupt rising food costs    06/25/24  (10)
OldHLSDude has passed    06/25/24  (5)
"Thank you for calling DirectTV. My name is JD Vance and I will assist you today    06/25/24  (1)
Grandaddy - Hewlett's Daughter.mp3    06/25/24  (1)
WH phone rings at 3am. JD Vance answers in suit & tie (he's on India time)    06/25/24  (7)
Columbia first law school to top $80,000 in annual tuition ($81,888)    06/25/24  (44)
JD Vance and Blake Masters playing Russian roulette in desert in '24 GOP ad    06/25/24  (14)
"Babe, can I borrow your sitar for debate prep?" (JD Vance)    06/25/24  (4)
Me and Ricky (39 and 42) at $uicideboy$ concert with 18-22 year olds    06/25/24  (4)
"my name is Ricky and I'm here to say, I rep SaaS solutions in a major way"    06/25/24  (4)
Where is everyone to meet online? Why have our lives been wasted?    06/25/24  (1)
Why does AutoAdmit stop working every day. It's killing us    06/25/24  (4)
It's all a lie all online..where is everyone?    06/25/24  (1)
Gorgeous Jewish pedophiles and nihilistic freaks 🥰    06/25/24  (1)
PSA: 90 IQ retard trucker-sucker Peterman made $10mil from crypto. U? Poas    06/25/24  (3)
BREAKING ALERT: FLW and his wife have been ARRESTED    06/25/24  (1)
Lob party girl asking for a pinch of powder    06/25/24  (1)
Israeli SCOTUS Unanimously Strikes Down Ultraortho IDF Exemption; Defund Yeshiva    06/25/24  (38)
Fire breaks out at Hebrew University, classes cancelled    06/25/24  (1)
Disco fries being hired as a football lineman many teams could use one    06/25/24  (1)
How are the poor living with fraudflation..no more stimulus cash&no free phones?    06/25/24  (8)
How to pick up all the hot chicks at Target 🎯? What's your Target game?    06/25/24  (5)
   06/25/24  (1)
Autoadmit, a once functioning web discussion board for disaffected lawyers has b    06/25/24  (2)
People complaining about McDonalds prices don’t get it    06/25/24  (22)
Just a reminder to you cuck CITYBOIS that CINCINNATI will be VEEP then POTUS    06/25/24  (1)
China got permanently assfucked by a single dynasty that ruled for only 15 years    06/25/24  (1)
Come Barbaro, come come Barbaro, you're my hell horse, sugar, baby    06/25/24  (1)
lol@ TT: Ancient greeks became illiterate for 400 yrs but preserved the Odyssey    06/25/24  (1)
Eating lunch at motherfucking PICCADILLY cafeteria right now fuck libs    06/25/24  (6)
Masturbating homeless guy on the sidewalk asked me for money with dick in hand    06/25/24  (16)
Dave Thomas, founder of Wendy's, had an 11 inch penis    06/25/24  (13)
JD Vance official bio mentions memaw but not wife and kids    06/25/24  (3)
Lighting yourself on fire to death to OWN the kikes    06/25/24  (1)
Gamer flies from NJ to FL to attack dude he met online    06/25/24  (19)
For first 500 years we had writing, we didn't even record the names of kings    06/25/24  (11)
hypo: objective 10 gf but u have to be her human toilet    06/25/24  (2)
Who the fuck puts cheese on steak    06/25/24  (40)
Leb friend asking philosophy classmate if he's ever read kafta    06/25/24  (2)
Results of yet another failed assault by the moskals    06/25/24  (2)
It’s insane how much the Aaron Bushnell suicide has helped Palestine    06/25/24  (11)
"Who's the Street Shitter Now, Birdshits?" *Vivek walking away with SS Detail    06/25/24  (1)
why did donny stop posting?    06/25/24  (1)
This is why Rudolph is completely fucked if he waits for Stutches to reload    06/25/24  (1)
We are going to bully mig again Until he cries and leaves again like a bitch    06/25/24  (7)
Cope and seethe, Birdshits! Vivek!    06/25/24  (2)
epah, seems like sharks are a real concern in hawaii    06/25/24  (4)
60 second voice mail w/question for you but caller never explains the question    06/25/24  (2)
theory: TT is RSF drunk, smeared dark brown in curryface    06/25/24  (3)
Best part of working from home is taking long luxurious shits on own toilet    06/25/24  (1)
why don't pro sports teams have a Foot Fetish Night & Yellow Fever Night?    06/25/24  (1)
Someone dox the kike faggot who throttles the board so we can crowdfund a hit on    06/25/24  (15)
remember when people were bragging about teaching their kids 'mandarin'    06/25/24  (16)
PREDICT the result of the BOWMAN LATIMER race    06/25/24  (12)
Fat girl farting so loud Alexa asks what just exploded and if u need cops    06/25/24  (14)
MAKE XO WORK AGAIN    06/25/24  (1)
Why do Brits regret Brexit?    06/25/24  (2)
EU just appointed a TURD as their new POTUS (not flame)    06/25/24  (1)
Top is in for all markets in 2024, get ready to get fucked hard    06/25/24  (7)
Does anyone have a list of TOMMY TURDSKIN MONIKERS?    06/25/24  (393)
BREAKING: Vivek to be announced as VP    06/25/24  (20)
"Vivek" to the tune of "Beat It"    06/25/24  (9)
TT Investing: put my 52k of CRYPTO into MICRON semiconducter stock    06/25/24  (4)
Indian lawyer files an “objection” accusing judge of racism every time she l    06/25/24  (193)
Vivek=mud lying scam artist, Vance=never trump liar married to mud    06/25/24  (3)
So they just let Assange free for no reason? Something's up    06/25/24  (3)
Suburban women destroyed Trump in 2020; insane that he wouldn't have woman VEEP    06/25/24  (8)
The Pro-Israel Donor With a $100 Million Plan to Re-Elect Joe Biden    06/25/24  (1)
How people feel about Jews is the big elephant in the room in 2024    06/25/24  (26)
It's a scam to fly domestic on any other airline besides spirit or other trash    06/25/24  (1)
so let me get this straight: $200k+/yr, no style, no humor, no rizz & suicidal?    06/25/24  (87)
PSA: Loading XO gives the mentally ill direct access to your consciousness    06/25/24  (12)
What the literal point of "Dollar Tree" at this point=fraud    06/25/24  (17)
It's Vivek!! It's Vivek!!!! Vivek has Got It!!!!!    06/25/24  (7)
from a masterman training academy to a loser support group: the xo story    06/25/24  (1)
Canadian are laughing at America tuition&lack of universal healthcare etc    06/25/24  (3)
I'm proving them all wrong! All the fraud haters telling me I can't do    06/25/24  (2)
*puts entire generations in front of a screen* "I heard these generate money."    06/25/24  (6)
Aldi the king shit currently of something better?    06/25/24  (6)
So is that lazy-eyed AIPAC crony gonna take out Jamaal Bowman tomorrow?    06/25/24  (5)
It's truly beyond sickening what's been done to us:(    06/25/24  (2)
TRUMP to pick Fetterman as VP. Fetterman switches to independent    06/25/24  (2)
brb making some aids orphans sing for their supper so i can get into yale    06/25/24  (7)
Haiti - only non-Muslim failed state? Sand niggers still dominate the ranking    06/25/24  (2)
So “the right” is just the same 15-20 burnout jew losers hawking eachothers    06/25/24  (6)
The Shameful Attack on the Honorable Judge Cannon (wsj)    06/25/24  (1)
The RCP Polling average nailed Pennsylvania in 2020 (Biden +1.2%)    06/25/24  (3)
Lol every time I remember there was a mod on xo who was banning spoilers    06/25/24  (18)
just bought a golf bag for the range    06/25/24  (13)
Who was the bigger bitch and gave up faster - France in WW2 or Afghanis after US    06/25/24  (1)
Romney cracks a second diet sprite    06/25/24  (167)
Where are you on the Fatness spectrum?    06/25/24  (5)
Olympic Athletes will have to sleep on cardboard beds (link)    06/25/24  (3)
Tonight I totally failed at cooking—“Cum Fiesta Steak” (bloodacre)    06/25/24  (1)
Golf bros, any of you fuck with a motorized cart/trolley with navigation?    06/25/24  (13)
UMich adcomm rated being black almost 2x as valuable as perfect SAT score    06/25/24  (1)
Rate The Jap Emperor In Morning Dress At Buckingham Palace State Visit (PICS)    06/25/24  (11)
Forthcoming Biden audiotape so damaging he will be forced to drop out of 2024    06/25/24  (54)
I refuse to tip anymore    06/25/24  (4)
TDNW wiping drool off chin, "Me ready to poast now!"    06/25/24  (19)
why did fat fuck disco fries lie about having cancer?    06/25/24  (39)
this frumpy 87 iq dog woman outraged other women are better at fucking marrieds    06/25/24  (3)
dbg posting soft core child porn on xo, while his dullard children stare @ ipads    06/25/24  (2)
What country in Africa are all these bicycle delivery guys coming from? And Why?    06/25/24  (1)
Rate this Party of France campaign poster    06/25/24  (4)
Netanyajew is at risk of losing power after Israel court says ultra orthos    06/25/24  (3)
You Gotta Binge On XO Between Server Slowdowns    06/25/24  (4)
R. Kelly - Fiesta plays as disco fries covers burned steak in unripened avocado    06/25/24  (2)
Appropriate to ask grandparents to watch 2 kids on a weekday?    06/25/24  (43)
Why is grocery shopping so difficult for disco fries?    06/25/24  (2)
LOL so the jews redistricted Jamaal from 50% Bronx to 6% Bronx?    06/25/24  (1)
reminder: disco fries’ “children” are his pets    06/25/24  (5)
"Ok, you be Kamala, and I'll be me" (JD Vance debate prepping with his wife)    06/25/24  (5)
EDM festival rebranding as AAPI conference    06/25/24  (2)
kamala: sucked & fucked men for power. vance: sucked & fucked men for FUN    06/25/24  (2)
“Do your own research” = pull up shit you agree with on YouTube    06/25/24  (3)
LGBT troops on Ukraine's front line fight homophobia at home    06/25/24  (1)

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