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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
we 'legally' placed all indians on reservations, we can do same for other groups    11/28/21  (3)
Does anyone actually have a gay grandpa irl?    11/28/21  (4)
Q, my credit karma account just says "LOL" when I log on, normal? (TSINAH)    11/28/21  (1)
"Your witness". *TSINAH removes bib, licks fingers* "Thank you your honor. So Mr    11/28/21  (9)
canada's indigenous health expert fired when DNA test shows 100% white    11/28/21  (30)
Reminder: satanic government has thousands of Darrell Brooks on standby.    11/28/21  (2)
NYT: White parents/schookids in Minneapolis are getting fucked    11/28/21  (151)
When Texas flips, the GOP is megafucked    11/28/21  (1)
what do you want in life    11/28/21  (16)
"I ARPHA NOW?" Watchmen shrieked as I fed a 9th silk shirt to his hungry asshole    11/28/21  (132)
think hard and describe a happy death for yourself    11/28/21  (1)
All of u who fells for TSINAH' BS, make me understand why u fall for CSLGs    11/28/21  (59)
people are fucking garbage and need to suffer indefinitely HTH    11/28/21  (1)
Did COVID destroy any good friendships of yours?    11/28/21  (5)
Anyone here have horrible sleep patterns? How to fix    11/28/21  (9)
Rate this 1950's Mr. Clean MILF ad (vid)    11/28/21  (7)
there's like 9k people (mostly black guys) in this anti-trans twitter space lmao    11/28/21  (2)
I'd pay 1k for prestigefaggot nudes    11/28/21  (18)
Ancient Civilizations figured most things out, Industrialization ruined it    11/28/21  (88)
told priest 'email me, brother' after holy confession    11/28/21  (1)
Andres Iniesta still makes $35 million a year to play soccer    11/28/21  (2)
What is your “everyday carry?”    11/28/21  (12)
Rating poasters as mathematical theorems    11/28/21  (50)
TSINAH to tinder 2.5: "Wanna go to Disney? How good r u at jumping turnstyles?"    11/28/21  (1)
no way TSINAH would ever post here again after his HUMILIATION    11/28/21  (2)
The Good Wife, except it's TSINAH + imaginary GF in bankruptcy court    11/28/21  (1)
HYPO: $5M to be dropped in Sahara with 2 camels and (almost) any gear. Accept?    11/28/21  (67)
PRESTIGEFAGGOT, rate me as a poster right now.    11/28/21  (2)
whok, worst act of depravation and deviancy you've been subjected to by jinx?    11/28/21  (12)
I've always had more close ones dead than alive    11/28/21  (9)
GOP needs to run on segregationism platform    11/28/21  (2)
taking prayer requests next 20 minutes    11/28/21  (13)
Is it really hard for shortmo guys in general? I mean no aspie, funny, w skills    11/28/21  (2)
What is you “everyday curry”?    11/28/21  (1)
on page 181 Gatsby excuses himself by saying 'I have to return some videotapes..    11/28/21  (2)
TSINAH: no judge will ever take away MY kids cause my sperm ain't fertile    11/28/21  (3)
TSINAH - what u gonna do when Capital One seizes your toupee and ice cream?    11/28/21  (2)
Nepalese guys are really GORGEOUS 🥰    11/28/21  (45)
ITT name “canaries in the coal mines” for imminent civil collapse.    11/28/21  (94)
Newest Disney movie is just wetbacks dancing (not flame)    11/28/21  (1)
this figueroa fulton scrap is good too    11/28/21  (1)
HYPO: $5 million to travel from LA to DC but law enforcement can shoot on sight    11/28/21  (121)
Making ice cream and taking q's (TSINAH)    11/28/21  (57)
Reminder: CSLGs son and daughter haven't met either grandfather    11/28/21  (1)
Im terrified of dying (CSLG)    11/28/21  (91)
TSINAH - lifehack, if ur on a budget just cut down from 10K to 2K calories a day    11/28/21  (2)
Beware, I live! Run, coward! Run! Run! Run! I hunger, coward!    11/28/21  (1)
Hypo: you are best in the world at one Olympic sport but can't compete in it    11/28/21  (38)
wtf is the metaverse?    11/28/21  (14)
In Great Gatsby, Gatsby had a primitive smartphone and was a poaster.    11/28/21  (2)
I've always hated Nebraska    11/28/21  (18)
"Oh Malk! You so Meta! You Augustus of a virtual space"    11/28/21  (2)
YOUR MARYLAND TURTLE are going BOWLING..libs maf    11/28/21  (1)
80% of commercials are black people and your family/friends think that is fine    11/28/21  (1)
Iowa wins the west headed to big 10 championship    11/28/21  (1)
people overlook that Gatsby had a TV and VCR in The Great Gatsby    11/28/21  (2)
Irish girls worth it? How are they in bed?    11/28/21  (13)
When did you switch to hating shitlibs and what was the final straw?    11/28/21  (135)
TV sets in the late-1930's cost like $10K inflation-adjusted    11/28/21  (21)
Soros literally responsible for mowing down white xtian kids in Christmas parade    11/28/21  (19)
Fuck lush    11/28/21  (1)
Official George Kambosos vs TeoHomo Lopez thread    11/28/21  (104)
Hey Faggots, My name is John, and I hate every single one of you. All of you are    11/28/21  (3)
TSINAH srsly, there are sites where u can put whip cream on ur mantits for $$$    11/28/21  (1)
Hypo: you are 19/20 for every shot from half court or farther back    11/28/21  (58)
We should let all the proper White European anti-lockdown protestors move to US    11/28/21  (14)
Hypo: $2M to be dropped randomly in the Everglades    11/28/21  (9)
What do these cheerleaders do ? RSF you fucked any?    11/28/21  (10)
"Becky, he makes me feel so safe. If we're in mall with 2 big cats he has a plan    11/28/21  (7)
Where to go and stay when you leave America for good to live out life?    11/28/21  (4)
where are cr places in the us now    11/28/21  (1)
Fat fucking reatarded amerikkkans shove turkey 🦃 bone 🦴 down ur throat    11/28/21  (6)
This 16 year old tiktok chick has triple D tits (link)    11/28/21  (47)
Are there any transcendental poasters on this chat bort?    11/28/21  (5)
Jared Kushner's brother is married to Karlie Kloss    11/28/21  (8)
Best cigarettes? (CSLG)    11/28/21  (34)
Hypo: 48 hours in a 2x2x5 foot standing cell or married to cslg wife??    11/28/21  (2)
Cr to walk Camino de Santiago w/ my son when he turns 16?    11/28/21  (8)
My Blue Heaven as a sequel to Goodfellas is loziest 90s movie theme    11/28/21  (3)
I'm a fatboi now (TSINAH)    11/28/21  (1)
I'm a femboi now (CSLG)    11/28/21  (3)
whok, I heard from jinx that you're fair game for all kinds of deviant shit    11/28/21  (8)
Hypo: 1M to be locked in abandoned mall w two hungry big cats    11/28/21  (153)
these evil people want to sever any link people have w the past    11/28/21  (3)
How do you feel about people who can talk for hours about irrelevant shit    11/28/21  (20)
paris hilton raging on "troubled teen industry," afraid to NAME THE PSYCHIATRIST    11/28/21  (1)
who is teen girl fedpoasting here again?    11/28/21  (2)
MPA thoughts on this movie?    11/28/21  (5)
Something about Goodfelt that doesn't make sense    11/28/21  (1)
Wife got rejected from UT and then I got her in with in state tuition (CSLG)    11/28/21  (28)
"Disorderly Conduct" is such bullshit and should no longer be on the books    11/28/21  (1)
Favorite Jean-Luc Godard film    11/28/21  (9)
White handsome shoots dead chink wife 2 days after she signs life insurance poli    11/28/21  (3)
Rating posters as asmr videos of Asian girls eating mochi (Emilio)    11/27/21  (15)
Libs are now pushing “Black men love Trans white women”    11/27/21  (10)
Have they come after "Grey Owl" yet?    11/27/21  (1)
2nd cousin: Proud to get her first job; Shrew GF: Proud to get her third jab    11/27/21  (2)
When I was a kid, it was a great mystery how the dinosaurs died    11/27/21  (4)
400k/yr tax free but haunted by demon that looks like cslg wife every single nig    11/27/21  (1)
Im terrified of dieting (TSINAH)    11/27/21  (2)
George FEROCIOUS Kambosos Jr    11/27/21  (1)
Rating Posters as Things wrong with TSINAH's life    11/27/21  (23)
what are some good videos to show 'normies' about NOT getting the booster shot?    11/27/21  (10)
Any xo fitness studs follow this Knees Over Toes guy?    11/27/21  (11)
How many of the Fox News personalities do you think are actually vaxxed?    11/27/21  (10)
where's the bottom?    11/27/21  (5)
Whats with shitlib hatred of breastfeeding now?    11/27/21  (21)
2030 - 2050 will be insane.    11/27/21  (15)
CSLGs dad is a prominent cardiologist. Not flame.    11/27/21  (33)
How do you think private conversations between Jared & Charles Kushner went?    11/27/21  (1)
Tranny school board member asking “Are jou ready to be fucked, mang?”    11/27/21  (6)
Lefty student orgs at ASU stir protest to get Kyle Rittenhero kicked out    11/27/21  (2)
STEAK is so good for you, lol at no red meatmos    11/27/21  (26)
WSJ to San Francisco: “You Faggots Voted For This”    11/27/21  (23)
The Japanese have crazy taste in women's teeth - link    11/27/21  (9)
Arbery killing was obvious self-defense. Here's why:    11/27/21  (133)
Zurich here, rating poasters as "just tested positive for HIV" stories    11/27/21  (34)
“Bro u think Clemson wil-‘ “JFC CIVILIZATION IS COLLAPSING IDAF    11/27/21  (2)
CHOKELAHOMOS    11/27/21  (2)
VERDICT NOT FLAME    11/27/21  (96)
Tonight we are all OKLAHOMA STATE COWBOYS    11/27/21  (5)
rate this westchester house (zillow)    11/27/21  (18)
who are your cfb playoff teams?    11/27/21  (20)
wealthy private schools are more lib than public schools    11/27/21  (3)
“Wait. It’s Federal Bureau of Israel?” “Always has been.”    11/27/21  (4)
Scientists: Chance COVID-19 South Africa variant may hybridize with Ebola    11/27/21  (6)
where should i live    11/27/21  (5)
The walls in typical public high schools are now plastered w shitlib propaganda    11/27/21  (54)
Ever have a GF that thought it was cute & funny when she farted? How I do I tell    11/27/21  (1)
my family is completely redpilled and it's 180    11/27/21  (53)
Do you agree with Pitchspork's top 100 xo/pr threads '96-'11?    11/27/21  (2)
Are we rooting for Michigan today?    11/27/21  (6)
will Google ever recover from firing pensive?    11/27/21  (11)
there's a lot of women in this world who need to get horrifically raped    11/27/21  (4)
Really want to smoke cigarettes right now but quit Friday.    11/27/21  (6)
Florida invests so little in early childhood education and it shows... in TSINAH    11/27/21  (2)
David Frum is a worthless kike    11/27/21  (1)
XO BYU gaping TLS U$C    11/27/21  (1)
Rating poasters as divisive Thanksgiving dinner conversations    11/27/21  (392)
White college girls reacting to Taylor Swift's "All Too Well" 10 minute version    11/27/21  (2)
Arbery hicks got totally railroaded it’s sick    11/27/21  (16)
Omicron sounds like a Transformers villain    11/27/21  (1)
NSAM/twins what nitrous oxide supplement do you recommend?    11/27/21  (6)
I am terrified of Facebook    11/27/21  (9)
"Hey let's call our rivalry 'Bedlam.'" *127 random turnovers & penalties happen*    11/27/21  (2)
can't wait for NFTs to go to 0    11/27/21  (12)
Give me some good '70s movies to watch.    11/27/21  (69)
Reminder: Noah’s Flood actually happened    11/27/21  (8)

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