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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
What sounds good for breakfast?    07/23/21  (9)
You will be banned from all mlb stadiums, You will accept name changes, You will    07/23/21  (1)
alright something has to be done about libs    07/23/21  (2)
Rate my IQ: I’m stunned theyre going for Covid 2.0    07/23/21  (31)
Flu Has Disappeared for More Than a Year    07/23/21  (12)
Bort libs, what do you do to help the middle class?    07/23/21  (19)
Monsignor who wanted to ban Biden from communion outed as gay faggot    07/23/21  (3)
How upset are libs right now that I’m at Cracker Barrel?    07/23/21  (9)
Why is Obeezy spamming again    07/23/21  (13)
Jacob's Ladder - The Rise and Fall of Empires    07/23/21  (1)
Should I start drinking at 12 PM at Tight Ends Plano?    07/23/21  (1)
Have any foaming at the mouth libs explained why they get MAF over vax?    07/23/21  (17)
CLEVELAND GUARDIANS. Thanks libs    07/23/21  (37)
Black guy buys abandoned house, fixes it up nicely. Everyone on twitter complain    07/23/21  (70)
turn on nbc now savannah guthrie showing sideboob    07/23/21  (1)
RSF taking seaside/poolside Qs from NOT St. Tropez    07/23/21  (85)
why does cleveland refuse to honor its south asian community?    07/23/21  (1)
RSF is fucked!!! Italy now also demanding vaccine passports for dining, leisure    07/23/21  (45)
Law '24 class FUCKED FOR LIFE due to overenrollment    07/23/21  (10)
Outdoor showers are God’s gift to man    07/23/21  (3)
LMAO: Tether commercial paper was used to speculate on Chinese real estate marke    07/23/21  (60)
I'm so sick. Why didn't I listen!?!!    07/23/21  (1)
wtf Naomi osaka lights the olympic cauldron in dreadlocks    07/23/21  (2)
The Olympics Rely On, but Don’t Support, Black Girl Magic (NYT)    07/23/21  (16)
Cleveland Chose Guardians so they could keep “dians” portion of logos    07/23/21  (3)
Will antivaxxers get pipe raped by the Indian Delta Variant?    07/23/21  (11)
there's nothing wrong w the Cleveland Indians it was just "George Floyd" hysteri    07/23/21  (7)
Whiteboy Summer has been underwhelming.    07/23/21  (3)
When you were young did you love John Stossel?    07/23/21  (2)
As a goy me and my family are heavy contributors to the Yahrzeit Fund    07/23/21  (4)
Can we do a podcast on the eucharist    07/23/21  (8)
All this hysteria for a virus with a 99.8% survival rate, 99.9% younger than 60?    07/23/21  (54)
It’s a bloodbath for RSF today. Time to log off big fella    07/23/21  (1)
Sadaharu Oh looking rough    07/23/21  (1)
The Cleveland DLA Piper Enjoyers    07/23/21  (1)
64 percent say racism against Blacks is widespread in US: Gallup    07/23/21  (10)
Pretty insane RSF got caught with a quotemo and he gets a free pass. Insane!    07/23/21  (10)
How many of you have a fashy Hitler Youth haircut?    07/23/21  (16)
Flu cases dropped in past year from 38 million to 1,800    07/23/21  (29)
has anyone ever actually eaten the pussy of a woman over 30    07/23/21  (11)
The Cleveland Sneedposters    07/23/21  (1)
93yo Japanese Admiral Shinosuke (WW2 kamikaze pilot) to light torch    07/23/21  (1)
Roald Dahl wikipedia section on "Antisemitism" is hilarious + highly insightful    07/23/21  (26)
Is everyone waiting for tether to implode before buying BTC?    07/23/21  (1)
Jen Paki wearing nothing underneath her burqa    07/23/21  (1)
RSF is vaccinated, is Jewish and from New Jersey    07/23/21  (3)
weird how they added a moment of silence for "Munich" all the sudden this year    07/23/21  (1)
"Delta Variant" released just in time to justify Mail-in-Ballots for 2022    07/23/21  (6)
Study: overweight women who are fat shamed face greater health risks (not flame)    07/23/21  (32)
Olympics Opening Ceremony official thread    07/23/21  (16)
libs are literally ruining everything    07/23/21  (6)
Saw an ostensibly white hetero male wearing anklet while nude in locker room    07/23/21  (2)
The Olympics are a huge international graft    07/23/21  (4)
Your toddler, shouting to her preschool class, a word that rhymes with "Kite"    07/23/21  (6)
Describe the dude who sees this shirt and thinks "I want that" (link)    07/23/21  (2)
is 40yo cat osterman kneeling for olympics softball "US" team    07/23/21  (6)
David Spade to play Jen Paki on SNL this week    07/23/21  (2)
France’s Ideals Are a Harder Sell Among Diverse Youth (NY Times):    07/23/21  (8)
OYT, you need to accept that you may not find anyone and that that is okay    07/23/21  (3)
why do libs care so much if someone else is vaccinated    07/23/21  (3)
Carmos: wtf is a "trusted mechanic"    07/23/21  (19)
Jen Psaki at dinner: do you think $400k is a lot of money?    07/23/21  (22)
Board fats, have you tried eating less?    07/23/21  (7)
How many Disciples is too many?    07/23/21  (5)
Is the Delta variant actually dangerous for young healthy people?    07/23/21  (25)
Alabama conservahero governor confirms vaccines causing deaths - link    07/23/21  (3)
XO July 2021 Recap: vaccine/outting drama/mod drama/ohtani/psaki    07/23/21  (1)
Wtf rach take away my mod powers if u want but not for modding obeezy    07/23/21  (106)
I find Canada fascinating for some reason    07/23/21  (90)
God libs are so fucking gay and stupid    07/23/21  (4)
Russia releases footage of new UGV mowing down an entire horde of Turks    07/23/21  (3)
why is noone keeping up their schticks? Get back to it you lazy fucks    07/23/21  (1)
Board Sci-Fi fans. More excited for DUNE or FOUNDATION    07/23/21  (17)
Conservatives' u derstanding of climate chsnge is completely divorced from scien    07/23/21  (3)
Study ranking divorce rates by all racial pairings show AGWWG Most Stable    07/23/21  (6)
Compendium of OYT Gamefaqs posts (cowshit)    07/23/21  (4)
Rate my new Bali villa    07/23/21  (31)
a man who fucks a whore even once is eternally ruined imo    07/23/21  (7)
Jen Psaki googling whether WH experience will count for MPA course credit    07/23/21  (5)
Jen Psaki banging your son's bully    07/23/21  (1)
so most priests are on Grindr now?    07/23/21  (2)
Something off about Team USA Gymnasts new outfits    07/23/21  (19)
“Grandpa, I know what Marvel Guardians are, but what was an Indian?”    07/23/21  (1)
doobs, GAKKED on JIMJIM, enjoying his nude walk of atonement    07/23/21  (11)
Taking truck to cleverer with big screen playing Major League and Major League 2    07/23/21  (1)
Any update on MVIS?    07/23/21  (18)
Proles think “first month, last month” is a huge amount (evan39)    07/23/21  (14)
what do you think those creepy YouTube Spiderman / Elsa videos are about?    07/23/21  (6)
if autoadmit dot com was a person it would fart cum    07/23/21  (1)
Remember to listen to the beady eyed, hook nosed experts who want to kill you.    07/23/21  (2)
"Cleveland Indians" now the "Guardians"    07/23/21  (1)
if OU& UTexas to SEC, then Bama & Auburn to East Division (Mizzou kicked out)    07/23/21  (1)
Jen Psaki banning yr son from birthday party after u mock William & Mary    07/23/21  (5)
"They'll run out of silver in 2 weeks," the redditard explained for the 17th wee    07/23/21  (10)
Living in a supermajority white area is lifechanging    07/23/21  (65)
FCS players finished last season 2 months ago. now back to work    07/23/21  (3)
REMINDER: ;;::;;:::;;;;;;::::;;:::;:::;;; is Obeezy    07/23/21  (29)
BAM! Vietnam from 290 cases per day to 5,200 in a month.    07/23/21  (2)
Pryor Cashman announces merger, will become Pryor To Entering The NFL, Davenport    07/23/21  (11)
"I don't understand this thing so it must be fraud" - every MAF nocoiner    07/23/21  (1)
"man that sucked but perhaps this sporttt will.." 'BRAVE WOMEN KNEEL FOR HOLOCAU    07/23/21  (2)
Ive been taking some really epic poops lately    07/23/21  (1)
"I'm tired of talking about my huge cock"    07/23/21  (2)
Theory: Symptom of COVID is susceptibility to mass psychosis    07/23/21  (4)
Tebow guest starring in The Boys S3 as new hero The Messiah lol too perfect (lin    07/23/21  (2)
could Ohtani be a QB    07/23/21  (6)
*sips coffee* "Ah" *smiles and settles in for another mentally ill Friday*    07/23/21  (182)
Surreal to be in shadow of another wave of mass hysteria, unable to do anything    07/23/21  (5)
Made out with a guy and fucked him last night. Nutted. Feel like shit today    07/23/21  (6)
I have no idea what my political beliefs are per se    07/23/21  (4)
did the "retard" workout tonight. Not flame best workout I've had in years    07/23/21  (32)
Which group is more evil: The British or the Jews?    07/23/21  (87)
lib friend saw Tebow catch a pass on tv, handcrushed his thin stem nosing glass    07/23/21  (1)
Summon: A mod with mod powers    07/23/21  (29)
Real Talk: Everyone wants to blame Jews and nigs, but I blame women    07/23/21  (2)
Gorgeous Mod    07/23/21  (1)
how much is in your checking account right now?    07/23/21  (84)
Wtf rach, you can ball my wife if she wants, lounge around on her sofa, but don'    07/23/21  (2)
Mark McGwire and John Cena in fight 2 death to star in Metallica biopic    07/23/21  (3)
$EC wanting UTexas instead of reigning NCAA basketball Champ    07/23/21  (2)
"sir they're making popular buddy movies across racial lines" 'release the 1619    07/23/21  (13)
"the middle class is in high spirits for CFB season, sir." "release the delta v    07/23/21  (3)
basically a mad max hellscape outside now    07/23/21  (1)
Jen Psaki turning off her grandma’s ventilator for the press room anecdote    07/23/21  (6)
Cons furious at Biden’s law enforcement agencies for fighting crime (link)    07/23/21  (9)
Is keeping coins in Sollet safer than FTX?    07/23/21  (6)
Gallup: US Race Relations At All Time Low    07/23/21  (72)
I grow pubes on my head ( vnesheconombank tp )    07/23/21  (5)
How can I turn $10k to $100k    07/23/21  (30)
man libs are dumb as shit    07/23/21  (3)
#IndianBoySummer    07/23/21  (20)
no one I know IRL is freaking out about Covid like XO or the "media"    07/23/21  (6)
TT did you get vaccinated?    07/23/21  (14)
DC diners rush for cover as shots ring out on 14th street (video)    07/23/21  (42)
“Olympic AND PARALYMPIC Games,” the shrew corrected you    07/23/21  (1)
Xo was wrong about the vaccines and Delta is fucking red states    07/23/21  (2)
"How was that escort?" "Well let's just say she brought Uncle ROB with her"    07/23/21  (1)
USD is the ultimate shitcoin    07/23/21  (11)
Florida has more covid hospitalizations than entire west coast + northeast combi    07/23/21  (15)
guess they'll succeed in ruining the Olympics    07/23/21  (1)
SUMMON: Trump Team Six    07/23/21  (8)
looking back, it's pretty insane Kavanaugh kept a personal calendar since HS    07/23/21  (21)
Credible rumor that an Amy Coney Barrett sex tape is about to drop    07/23/21  (143)
Tokyo 2020 olympics opening ceremony director, dismissed over holocaust jokes    07/23/21  (77)
Why doesn’t Dwayne The Rock do MMA and prove he’s not all meat with no sizzl    07/23/21  (2)
"i deserve this" thought trump as he spent his dad's money playing buisnessman    07/23/21  (18)
so much trash media being pumped out and DUNE is practically cancelled    07/23/21  (50)
HAPPY FRIDAY, NIGGERS!    07/23/21  (387)
“I’m tired of talking about being black”    07/23/21  (6)

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