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woah https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=
   01/25/22  (1)
Chick accidentally drops kettlebell on her baby during Instagram live workout (l    01/25/22  (15)
Why is Russia so wary of the west anyway?    01/25/22  (1)
me & luis are going to gentrify stockton    01/25/22  (3)
Someone filmed that "knees over toes" guy limping around with a cane (link)    01/25/22  (2)
What is your take on the Lib claim that "Billionaires shouldnt exist"    01/25/22  (169)
Anyone recall spaceporn thread w/ his hairline described as chefs hat/pie crust    01/25/22  (5)
Billionaire thread proves most of xo is retarded tiny dicked wagecuck losers    01/25/22  (4)
And if Mike Pence has courage, I think we'll see Aaron Rodgers in the Super Bowl    01/25/22  (1)
Been waiting to take a dump for like three hours... hate being constipated    01/25/22  (5)
Olivia Rodrigo should be creampied 3-5 times per day until pregnant    01/25/22  (24)
31 y/o Anti-Vax Retard gives up HEART TRANSPLANT b/c won't get VAX    01/25/22  (73)
got a swirlie whirlie in the bathroom today for using an oxford comma.    01/25/22  (1)
Dupa Lipo    01/25/22  (4)
20 squatters just randomly moving into your property (link)    01/25/22  (1)
ITT: Running list of best randomly generated monikers    01/25/22  (14)
The face he makes when he wants food, or cuddles, or sex.    01/25/22  (3)
luis, im learning portuguese again - its happening    01/25/22  (10)
Fact check: Claim that Americans need 'papers to eat in a restaurant' is missing    01/25/22  (2)
*snuggles ya*    01/25/22  (1)
Oops F-35 lands wrong on aircraft carrier, falls off into South China Sea    01/25/22  (62)
Fake death to escape creditors ??    01/25/22  (2)
Had to rush out of the dog park today (TMF)    01/25/22  (45)
We haven't won a war since we changed the name of the Department of War    01/25/22  (43)
"Hold on babe, I think yordle is about to drop an effortpoast"    01/25/22  (5)
More prestigious: Blank bump of BBWAA blank ballot    01/25/22  (1)
Why is MSM trying to forcememe Dua Lipa as 'beautiful' (pic    01/25/22  (50)
Kyrsten Sinema photoshoot    01/25/22  (11)
Hundreds of fighter pilots refuse to get vaccine    01/25/22  (14)
what is the craziest thing you've done?    01/25/22  (7)
Proles are obsessed with "cigarettes"    01/25/22  (30)
I love white women and they love me    01/25/22  (2)
Will it fit in my ass? Will't fit'n m'ass? Will'n m'ass? WLMAS!    01/25/22  (170)
Pozzed a dumbass! Pozzadumbass! Postadumbass! Poastradamus!    01/25/22  (66)
2022 Tennis HOF results are in    01/25/22  (1)
did you know kagan once went hunting with scalia    01/25/22  (9)
In retrospect, was Patton right about attacking the Soviet Union post-WWII?    01/25/22  (5)
2024 Presidential debate: Hillary Clinton vs. Kid Rock    01/25/22  (1)
what is the most forsaken global outpost staffed all year long despite weather    01/25/22  (3)
Tried watching "TV" recently, commercial breaks were like 9 minutes long wtf    01/25/22  (26)
Neil Young demands Spotify to remove his music bc Joe Rogan's anti vax stance (l    01/25/22  (40)
Xo Ted’s manifesto is critically deficient as he had no understanding of Jews    01/25/22  (1)
My 20 year posting anniversary is coming up soon    01/25/22  (18)
Will the Canadian Truckers succeed in getting Trudeau to end mandates?    01/25/22  (7)
Protip: if you're in cash waiting for bargains, hold tight til summer    01/25/22  (4)
is covid the biggest scandal of our lifetime?    01/25/22  (4)
My sources have confirmed that Ukraine invasion is happening    01/25/22  (103)
is the "duty station" just the city where a circuit judge lives?    01/25/22  (1)
you are literally a foaming at the mouth retard if you think humans went to moon    01/25/22  (85)
Is Russia a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd world country? and why?    01/25/22  (2)
black coffee | intermittent fasting | pure psyllium husk powder    01/25/22  (7)
Have been watching college cheerleading videos lately (not gay)    01/25/22  (11)
Female Attractiveness by Country Tiers    01/25/22  (20)
This is kind of a cute video    01/25/22  (1)
prole tell: thinking SCOTUS rulings on AA mean shit    01/25/22  (2)
Affirmative Action has been bad for America - it stuck us with Clarence Thomas    01/25/22  (9)
you will never engage in hand to hand life or death combat    01/25/22  (1)
Oh Malk! Why a Facebook say Brack mens rook rike “PLIMATES”?    01/25/22  (18)
OH Malk! Kyre Littenhouse so handsome! Why so many kirrel handsome?    01/25/22  (3)
OH MALK! You take me nice dinna tonigh? Luth's Chlis?    01/25/22  (13)
Really prole to worry about having a vax card to get into a restaurant    01/25/22  (2)
anyone successfully automated their job?    01/25/22  (2)
RATE the craziness of this chick after one date (texts)    01/25/22  (27)
Prime directive exterminate the whole fuckin place    01/25/22  (2)
Every person/organization that recommends you get “vaccinated” should be sue    01/25/22  (1)
If Russia shuts off the gas, but American LNG steps up, Russia is fucked.    01/25/22  (10)
"Halford needed 6 orgasms a day," doobs told stunned investigators.    01/25/22  (37)
"The Bee Movie" is 2 hours of Jerry Seinfeld screaming "I'm a jewish bee""    01/25/22  (9)
Invest in your family if you want to be happy (CSLG)    01/25/22  (78)
This poast is a NFT. Bidding begins at 5 (five) Bitcoin.    01/25/22  (2)
What's the goat Lady Gaga song?    01/25/22  (7)
'My strict Asian parents made me awkward and lonely' Published6 July 2019 Share    01/25/22  (1)
how often does ZoZo make you lol IRL    01/25/22  (2)
lying To 17,500 Feet on my Paramotor!    01/25/22  (8)
POTUS of Harvard defends affirmative-action in MID-LENGTH SCREED:    01/25/22  (1)
The Autoadmit Penis Lovers Association    01/25/22  (1)
don’t fart out his cum bro    01/25/22  (17)
Oh Malk! Bezos rocket rook rike big white cawk. Arive Girl say I can take ride!    01/25/22  (2)
why haven't we broken up the investment banks?    01/25/22  (16)
Looks Maximus describes his Evolution to Alpha: "I rawdogged 25 whores 93 times"    01/25/22  (44)
Glenn Greenwald has built a 180 life for himself    01/25/22  (6)
They were wrong about cigarettes    01/25/22  (2)
i’m a queer feminist of color    01/25/22  (2)
Fortuitous 777 Engine- Please descend from the sky and end it all    01/25/22  (2)
lsd: is the Russia/Ukraine situation proof that Q will arrest Biden soon?    01/25/22  (9)
Footage showing Tonga ‘volcano’ was caused by a weapon system (video)    01/25/22  (34)
Malone finds alternative to scientific contributions to quench thirst for fame    01/25/22  (3)
"2 Men Enter, 1 Man is Relieved" chant RigPigs entering Peterman's toilet stall    01/25/22  (11)
"My! Sorry for the cum fart! As I was..." *barfs cum* (Peterman @ MBA interview)    01/25/22  (190)
"I'd set her on fire before she lays eggs," BOM blurts out randomly on a bus    01/25/22  (111)
why isn't the gov't doing anything about China    01/25/22  (1)
Rate this girl as a farter (pic)    01/25/22  (38)
Truck carrying 100 lab monkeys crashed near Scranton; odd actions by CDC    01/25/22  (9)
Meth-fueled Hallucinations led to GingerBoi Shooting (NPR- link)    01/25/22  (5)
One-year breakup rate by how couples met    01/25/22  (4)
*44 y/o lawyer watches disgusted moonfaced Azn escort add extra lube, grimacing*    01/25/22  (8)
do you eat breakfast    01/25/22  (30)
Female fighter pilot bombs runway instead of lowering landing gear (video)    01/25/22  (50)
OH Malk! Jeff Bezo 170 birrion? Eron Musk go moon? U make new emoji?    01/25/22  (9)
Oh Malk! Why you no crose toiret seat? I farr in!    01/25/22  (13)
Female pilot lands on wrong aircraft carrier, China seizes plane    01/25/22  (4)
blind gf rubbing, "So all boys your age, their head is always this smooth?"    01/25/22  (14)
Jordan Peterson on the Daughter Question    01/25/22  (26)
It feels like the tide is turning against Wokeism    01/25/22  (3)
evan39 Jews are constantly going to the doctor    01/25/22  (2)
Periodically shit bright red blood. Chances I'm cancerpwned?    01/25/22  (35)
Goddamn it all defense counsel are saying they cant open MP4 we sent    01/25/22  (1)
"Tennessee Whiskey" plays as I begin to kiss my dog beside a crackling fire.    01/25/22  (15)
Take home for first year associates in New York    01/25/22  (12)
North Korea: We will resume long range missile tests    01/25/22  (10)
Best part of getting older is not taking shit from people.    01/25/22  (2)
ITT: I post old travel photos (CSLG)    01/25/22  (92)
*rants along with XO* *XO gets to "NO GENERATIONAL WEALTH!" *skulks away*    01/25/22  (2)
Just watched Courage the Cowardly Dog/Scooby-Doo Movie... 180 (CSLG)    01/25/22  (3)
You're an AOC-loving lib if ur not studying Irish, Manx, Welsh, Scottish Gaelic    01/25/22  (5)
how do you find the time for xo? don’t you have better things to do?    01/25/22  (7)
It's time for people to wake up    01/25/22  (2)
Why isn't Dallas-Fort Worth more expensive?    01/25/22  (18)
this vid a pretty concise representation of xo over the past week or so    01/25/22  (1)
As West Warns of Russian Attack, Ukraine Sends Different Message (NYT)    01/25/22  (8)
"OH Malk!" sure haven't said that in a rong time, u need googre map to my pussy?    01/25/22  (2)
Are the Japanese superior to all other Asiatic races?    01/25/22  (2)
So the Earth's magnetic poles could start shifting at any moment and we'd all di    01/25/22  (8)
Rate Google's new language police for coding terms    01/25/22  (1)
succession is just unlikable sociopaths telling each other to fuck off for an hr    01/25/22  (3)
KYLE RITTENHOUSE has his first folk ballad    01/25/22  (9)
Baldmo Bumble 4 murders Bumble 9 WOC to death (DailyMail)    01/25/22  (8)
Map of location of counties where white share of population increased    01/25/22  (4)
Is anything left of the osha regs, is it just jab or test that is gone or what?    01/25/22  (1)
:D's mom "So how was your "date", tiger?"    01/25/22  (76)
Is $35/hour good pay?    01/25/22  (8)
MODAFINIL IS 180 AS FUCK    01/25/22  (25)
Oh Malk! Why you no have Apper iPad? Why you not have googer monopory??    01/25/22  (7)
"Cabinet of Dr. Caligari" but it's you giving oral to a balding V50 of counsel    01/25/22  (5)
Rate this RV that has its own garage (video    01/25/22  (5)
Been really into Asian whores lately    01/25/22  (17)
Poll: people trust their employers over Fauci re: covid (link)    01/25/22  (3)
If nothing else in life at least I can legitimately say that I am a poaster    01/25/22  (2)
So Jordan Peterson is just a midwit now?    01/25/22  (7)
OH Malk? Whele u thinka you find my crit? In ocurus? jesus chlist    01/25/22  (1)
How do I find and join a satanic cult?    01/25/22  (12)
OH Malk! You take me to bedloom, u rike a ma pussy fraps? Facebook stock go up?    01/25/22  (7)
OH Malk! U can't buird locket, so u buird own univelse!? Jew so shlewd!    01/25/22  (2)
just copped ABA2K16 for PS4: Cravath's ratings are insane. makes them too good    01/25/22  (269)
Is Upset Jew a good poa?    01/25/22  (3)
Joe Rogan is like a credulous 5 year old, mind blown by anything he’s told    01/25/22  (2)
blind gf asking to "feel" your "SOL coins you keep talking about"    01/25/22  (1)
you’ve been live-poasting your mental breakdown on xo for the last 10 years    01/25/22  (13)

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