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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
Posit: Turn-based games are higher IQ, and thus the move away from them    02/25/24  (17)
The State of Gaming    02/25/24  (6)
Just spent $7.99 to buy Office Space on Amazon prime    02/25/24  (10)
Saw hot preggo 25 y/o doing the preggo duck walk at brunch    02/25/24  (5)
Is chest pain normal when jogging uphill?    02/25/24  (8)
Shane Gillis on SNL megathread    02/25/24  (33)
Luis can I intern with you?    02/25/24  (3)
OYT should one of us get our First Girlfriend this year?    02/25/24  (8)
Eastbound and Down is legitimately a top 5 TV show of all time    02/25/24  (59)
Phone records show Fani Willis lied during her testimony    02/25/24  (163)
Bloomberg: Jews are turning US Cities into Gigantic Car Washes    02/25/24  (86)
Trumpmos: applicants can commit fraud if they want, its on the bank to catch it    02/25/24  (9)
Alexei Navalny: An Unsavoury, Manufactured Product Of The West (Greenwald)    02/25/24  (14)
How does one get emojis in titles? It always times out on me    02/25/24  (2)
Current polling has Trump winning 2024 election 312-226    02/25/24  (30)
Ever do any public defender work on the side?    02/25/24  (4)
Joran van der Sloot: fucking three women in Peruvian prison. U: Purell at desk    02/25/24  (4)
Nathan Wade blasting Three 6 Mafia “Late Night Tip” driving to Fanis crib at    02/25/24  (11)
Cons youre fucking with Jews at the first point in history they can fight back    02/25/24  (3)
Libs go to Sweden to make a heartwarming film about diversity. Hilarity ensues    02/25/24  (24)
I was a hardcore Zionist on Oct 7, now having severe doubts    02/25/24  (15)
watched Anyone But You. mildly amusing, great tits. but the niggers ruin it    02/25/24  (2)
Navalny may have died from 5x pfizer covid vaccines lol    02/25/24  (6)
Reminder: even 6-3 GOP SCOTUS refused to hear Trump’s retarded election cases    02/25/24  (1)
Why is there so much scholarship on extremely unimportant religious detials    02/25/24  (21)
Drudge Report seems pretty mad about Trump winning nomination    02/25/24  (23)
Reminder: Trump’s NY criminal trial and impending conviction is 4 weeks away    02/25/24  (1)
proposal to honor george floyd that i can support    02/25/24  (3)
holy shit im so fucking high rn, been weeks off weed    02/25/24  (9)
Abortion banned in WI, AZ, and GA after Roe overturned. Trump not winning those    02/25/24  (1)
Let's talk about EPAH ITT    02/25/24  (42)
Korean "man" visits India, Gorgeous prajeet immediately tries to rape him    02/25/24  (21)
Close family friend got PWNed by the Jewish heart attack jab    02/25/24  (2)
xo Thomas Dalton: The primacy of antisemitism    02/25/24  (5)
Why do you guys look down on JDU when it's the Same Thing as this place    02/25/24  (5)
luis asking u to "hold this real quick"    02/25/24  (4)
Whatever happened to Bart O'Kavanaugh tp? He was an alcoholic & his fam didn't    02/25/24  (3)
Confession: I've been sleeping with a married porn star for two months    02/25/24  (110)
a thin strip of white cloth separating you from a hairy fertile asian pussy    02/25/24  (3)
Odd case that Tucker's interview of LibsofTikTok didn't reveal she was nitwit    02/25/24  (1)
I'm totally impotent. Can't even jerk off.    02/25/24  (18)
VRBO commercial: Dumb white people v. Savvy fat black guy    02/25/24  (10)
At what age did you attain a net worth of $1m+?    02/25/24  (32)
Neocons/libs really shot their wad on that Ukraine summer offensive    02/25/24  (1)
Can white people tell the difference between Chinese, Japanese and Korean?    02/25/24  (70)
shit fucking workout today, might be the final straw to start blasting roids    02/25/24  (53)
Has there ever been an election between two guys limited to a four-year term?    02/25/24  (2)
Rewatching Forest Gump. Main thing sticks out is complete end of assassinations    02/25/24  (3)
Okay, I lol’d    02/25/24  (4)
Oscar wilde’s the importance of being Luis    02/25/24  (1)
Declining T levels as you get older is really 180    02/25/24  (5)
just sold Andre Ware rookie card to pay for kid's college education    02/25/24  (6)
Great college QBs who didn’t do much in the NFL    02/25/24  (32)
I call OYT, “Baldur”    02/25/24  (3)
Ron Powlus tp    02/25/24  (1)
Google AI: Amartya Sen is JEWISH    02/25/24  (16)
Is Heart Rate Variability (HRV) a legit stat, with low numbers indicating issues    02/25/24  (4)
whose pumo is ".,.,.;.,...,.,:.,:,..,..,:
   02/25/24  (3)
The Desi Roald Dahl circa Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar (tp)    02/25/24  (6)
Rate this GORGEOUS Indian guy - White girl couple    02/25/24  (9)
NYC bros where is Tcr to buy a vacation house    02/25/24  (41)
Trump lawyer grills Nathan Wade on his use of DBG billing method (video)    02/25/24  (2)
Confession: I've been sleeping with FizzKidd for two months    02/25/24  (5)
gently rubbing MPAs bald spot as u sing him the horst wessel lied as a lullaby    02/25/24  (4)
Caucasia Chronicles: The Legend of Bobby Birdshit (JRPG)    02/25/24  (11)
Yer a birdshit, Harry    02/25/24  (19)
Filing taxes in NYC so that illegal immigrants can take more of my money    02/25/24  (5)
Libs creating a Horst Wessel death cult around the Capitol Police officer who di    02/25/24  (2)
"The loaves of bread in this area come from only one place" winked the realtor    02/25/24  (23)
Evan39 playing the Horst Wessel Lied over Safeway Intercom    02/25/24  (6)
rate these 40-something year old women (pic)    02/25/24  (1)
bartender serving new cocktail: Gazan Children's Hospital Bomb    02/25/24  (1)
Dem poison pill: launch direct US intervention in Ukraine after losing in Novemb    02/25/24  (2)
100,000 Israeli IBS sufferers    02/25/24  (1)
your bored realtor playing Koniggrazter Marsch on kazoo while ur on the phone    02/25/24  (3)
My wife is extremely youthful looking, albeit obese    02/25/24  (2)
killing joke - eighties.mp3    02/25/24  (13)
Idris Elba: "Ajection ya honuh. He say. Dat's jus what he say"    02/25/24  (150)
Joran Van Der Sloot: fucking 3 women while in prison. U? Purell at desk    02/25/24  (9)
My Realtor Said “This Area Has More Pride Of Ownership.” What’s His Monike    02/25/24  (2)
losing about 1lb/week on compounded form of mounjaro now, taking questions    02/25/24  (8)
Are average LSAT scores really this low?    02/25/24  (20)
NCAA: We can’t oversee this NIL shit anymore. Just pay CFB players what u want    02/25/24  (41)
Why are Trumpmos mad Nikki won’t drop out?    02/25/24  (1)
Had a really chill vacation in Hawaii. Mainly ranted about cumskins online    02/25/24  (93)
A universe inhabited only by self-hating half Asian half Jewish women    02/25/24  (1)
Imagine Dragoncock: Ahhh, break me off, I break me off a weiner. A weiner.    02/25/24  (6)
Tommy T traveling to a new country so he can spam XO from a different hotel    02/25/24  (10)
Birdshit sets himself on FIRE outside Israeli Embassy in DC, now ID's as TURD    02/25/24  (1)
Auschwitz had multiple self-service car washes    02/25/24  (7)
Zelensky admits 31,000 HAHOL trash soldiers DET (so real number prob 200k+)    02/25/24  (1)
Someone was Power Shitting in gym locker room today    02/25/24  (9)
Bumble match asking you "why do you say 'haha' before every message?"    02/25/24  (14)
Tell me a story of great distances and starlight    02/25/24  (1)
Azn 4 inviting you to taste her special shrew pelvis stew    02/25/24  (2)
Rate these Disney princesses (pic)    02/25/24  (4)
you left your Thompson Twins CD in my Kia on your Lyft ride last night, text me    02/25/24  (1)
and you want her, and she wants you, no one (no one) ever is to blame    02/25/24  (13)
how can i check if someone in Cook County, IL has been charged with a felony?    02/25/24  (6)
heart - all i wanna do is fight wars for jews.mp3    02/25/24  (2)
Rocky and Bullwinkle captured fighting for Ukraine - link    02/25/24  (1)
Should I pay mortgage off?    02/25/24  (42)
heard an old Howard Jones song on the radio are we just hopelessly fucked    02/25/24  (4)
i have multiple PI shitlawyers willing to take my case. can i use this to    02/25/24  (3)
how did we go from Howard Jones to today's so-called "music"    02/25/24  (3)
my best HS friend died of a marijuana overdose    02/25/24  (37)
howard jones - no one is to blame.mp3    02/25/24  (5)
Howard Jones - No One Is To Blame.mp3    02/25/24  (1)
My wife: please come home and cum on my face    02/25/24  (21)
xo appreciation thread for DrakeMallard    02/25/24  (14)
seems like stock market is due for a correction soon    02/25/24  (52)
Summon: 202-225-3965    02/25/24  (3)
We had it so good in 2016. What a summer. RIP Harambe    02/25/24  (7)
Forgot I decided to give up internet forums for 2nd Sunday of Lent (FizzKidd)    02/25/24  (12)
URGENT: cucumbers tp seeking car crash shitlaw king in Chicago    02/25/24  (54)
men staring at screens sending messages to each other    02/25/24  (27)
cant decide between screenman & geno as my favorite poaster atm    02/25/24  (4)
There are no good “memes” anymore. Memes are in steep decline since 2021.    02/25/24  (1)
"the glowing screen is making them suici..." GC: "give them 2 screens    02/25/24  (133)
Haley has blown $76M to get bodies in three primaries    02/25/24  (4)
Life is a screen, I wanna stare at it all night long    02/25/24  (12)
I wish you would step back from that screen, my friend    02/25/24  (28)
Hair transplants infected, fall out. What do? (boor)    02/25/24  (10)
DrakeMallard: I'll be happy to invest in Bitcoin AFTER it goes up 100x    02/25/24  (76)
the "hoods" in some US cities like Baltimore, Philly, Chicago are just insane    02/25/24  (8)
How find Asian hiking girlfriend Tashkent, Uzbekistan    02/25/24  (5)
RSF can't have kids now because he needs to see the TTTOSU spring game    02/25/24  (1)
Bros do you do anything with animal fat?    02/25/24  (2)
Gisele was cheating on Brady with her trainer WHILE MARRIED    02/25/24  (48)
“Siri, read every FizzKid post in Bowen Yang voice”    02/25/24  (2)
Jewrod Kushner made Trump pardon Israeli drug smuggler at behest of ((lenders))    02/25/24  (2)
Drinking from straws is not masculine.    02/25/24  (5)
NYT- Bulking to Fight Injustice: Why these Millennial Woman Eat 15k Cal a Day    02/25/24  (9)
“Only 3 per plate? We’d better order a few more!” roared the TAPAS POWERGO    02/25/24  (30)
"no I said Goth IRA"    02/25/24  (7)
EPAH goes to Whole Foods- is Shocked by Result (CNBC- link)    02/25/24  (2)
Trump wins South Carolina    02/25/24  (49)
drunk Karlstack here, in a slum in El Salvador, taking Q's    02/25/24  (36)
<10min into Alexander series on Netflix - men kissing each other nearly fucking    02/25/24  (5)
Post-pubescent morbidly obese 13 yo girls wearing skimpy bikini at water park    02/25/24  (7)
Sanford & Son theme plays as EPAH and 'family' pull up to Whole Foods    02/25/24  (4)
Tired of ARE Reptile consigning entire nationalities to death    02/25/24  (4)
asian sister is dating a tall lanky hairy white man    02/25/24  (83)
"Little treat for Peterboi" grinned the RigPig, as he chugged pineapple juice    02/25/24  (27)
$1400 Bergdorf Carhartt jacket    02/25/24  (6)
what would NHL scores be if you switched out goalies for average joes?    02/25/24  (5)
What NW to own hamptons house    02/25/24  (18)
Libs of TikTok creator sounds retarded, 105 IQ    02/25/24  (56)
white working-class is infinitely more valuable than an H1B asian middle-class    02/25/24  (157)
Not flame: my local Burger King switched from CNN to Fox    02/25/24  (80)

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