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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
((((they))) will lie about you&end your life    04/15/24  (1)
Just racist, ignorxnt, stupid, retarded shit fuck the masses    04/15/24  (1)
Gilmore Girls was the last implicit stand of white identity    04/15/24  (8)
97% sure I could smell the girl's pussy in seat in front of me on flight    04/15/24  (2)
After age 40 the "scruffy" looks declines precipitously    04/15/24  (18)
🚨 4 1/2 days to BITCOIN block halving 🚨    04/15/24  (6)
would love to throw a shit covered brick straight into nyuug and exeunts head    04/15/24  (15)
"If you cannot afford an attorney, a clown-haired pedophile will be provided to    04/15/24  (59)
Lmao Cochran really niggafied OJ’s house?    04/15/24  (21)
Israel will apparently retaliate against Iran - link    04/15/24  (7)
ITT: comprehensive list of anti-globohomo movies    04/15/24  (78)
RSF screaming at this wife for not getting pregnant with his dead seeds    04/15/24  (1)
This is the kind of retarded fat proles retarded amerikkkan masses make famous    04/15/24  (3)
Amerikkkan stuff is tttrash    04/15/24  (7)
All the media /Internet/nfl/sport/celebrity fraud is a phasing scam    04/15/24  (1)
underappreciated aspect of Gilmore Girls - a world free of niggers    04/15/24  (7)
🤔 hey there, whatcha doin? 🧑‍🦼 DURRRR RUINING PRISTINE ROCK FORMATION    04/15/24  (1)
Prole Goy Messrs Fix It: What Is *The* CR Sprinkler Head? RainBird? K-Rain Junk?    04/15/24  (5)
Spinelli, update on all your emails to GoDaddy to get xo shut down?    04/15/24  (54)
Dune films are the only movies worth seeing in the last 5 years    04/15/24  (16)
Anyone been to SW Steakhouse in Vegas?    04/15/24  (5)
Palestine protestors SHUT DOWN O'Hare Airport.    04/15/24  (18)
are floral fishnet tights ok for work? (not rly fishnet)    04/15/24  (28)
Is $50k/yr net enough to maek it in the third world? Can I flee Amerikka yet?    04/15/24  (17)
Fuck the "masses"    04/15/24  (2)
holy shit, $JMIA is exploding    04/15/24  (79)
Famous Bens pizza give em a call lol at this fraud "world"    04/15/24  (5)
Are american men done dating american women? Why?    04/15/24  (4)
Who writes this shit..lol at this exhausting shit to get pussy    04/15/24  (1)
ZZZ just sent me a five-figure payout not flame (TSINAH)    04/15/24  (108)
RSF is pretty much the quintessence of “insufferable spoiled brat” isn’t h    04/15/24  (35)
Golfmos, why don't they start The Masters at 10 am Eastern?    04/15/24  (7)
wait it is illegal for Jewish guy to report another Jewish guy for breaking law?    04/15/24  (4)
Forrest Gump narrating your death: "They say he had been dead for a week but    04/15/24  (5)
Putin trembling in ring as James Vasquez music starts playing    04/15/24  (2)
buying my first tig welder    04/15/24  (23)
"Want another refill of ur Diet Mr Pibb?" "Well, as stated in neofeudalrevi    04/15/24  (2)
EPAH there are tons of chicks in like Kenya on Tinder    04/15/24  (1)
crazy and sad to be living through libs' destruction of America    04/15/24  (6)
mild mannered family guy here, libs' corpses need to be fed to wood chippers    04/15/24  (3)
Libs surveing smoldering, ruined America: "Well, we did it."    04/15/24  (494)
Trump will get two scoops of prison jello, right? He's a US President, after al    04/15/24  (67)
Libs rebranding 'boys' as 'temporarily embarrassed penis havers'    04/15/24  (17)
Average attractiveness of golfers' wives > other sports. Why?    04/15/24  (25)
Living in sewage, smoking dope, fucking dog moms silly    04/15/24  (1)
At Marco Rubio Toyota We Will Never Call For A Cease Fire On Our Amazing Prices    04/15/24  (27)
it's low IQ to think that anything with israel/jews matters much anymore    04/15/24  (11)
(((RSF))) Donations. Biden, Obama, Schumer, Gillebrand.    04/15/24  (1)
It's all about the zhe said zhe said bullshit!    04/15/24  (5)
Asian pussy is an addictive substance    04/15/24  (15)
Most overrated Scorsese movie? Departed /thread    04/15/24  (24)
Rubio in Speedo on Tel Aviv beach serving drinks to network TV executives    04/15/24  (140)
Proud dad. Bitcoin. Breakdancing. Multiple advertising companies. Divorce.    04/15/24  (1)
7-year-old girl DOMED in Chicago mass-shooting - great job, libs!    04/15/24  (24)
Rubio: "Mr. Sheldonnn..They say no one making payments on mi Ethcalade no more    04/15/24  (67)
they're trying to take away your obamacare!! (gop in 10 yrs)    04/15/24  (16)
NPR journo: we're biased but it's Trump's fault!    04/15/24  (76)
"Are you listening to me?!" your wife barks, interrupting your suicidal thoughts    04/15/24  (166)
Trumpmos you cant fraudulently funnel campaign $ to hooker then falsify records    04/15/24  (40)
Trump on trial tomorrow in NYC for 34 felonies. “Oh you’ve got him now libs!    04/15/24  (9)
FYI if Trump wins your 401k will tank    04/15/24  (15)
TV commercial I saw yesterday made me irate    04/15/24  (3)
REALLY WANNA NUT inside this 18 y/o bpd polyamorous reddit chick w/ face tattoo    04/15/24  (7)
I can’t make sense of western society    04/15/24  (6)
reminder: the sun is down and nig home invasion/rape crews are prowling ur hood    04/15/24  (17)
Is RSF low T? that might explain his breast growth    04/15/24  (6)
ITT: List athletes whose careers were ruined by women.    04/15/24  (45)
FBI Clears 22 Pajeet Crew Members in Baltimore Bridge Collapse    04/15/24  (6)
Going to XO OHIO tomorrow, Soo CR (RSF)    04/15/24  (71)
Watch me play live-streamed poker in 20 min    04/15/24  (7)
Becky, his Asian internet friend HATES barbecue! Rage posts about ribs!    04/15/24  (21)
rate this girl who has tried to killself 24 times    04/15/24  (2)
New translation of Beowulf includes gay and transgender characters (link)    04/15/24  (5)
ITT: List men whose lives were ruined by women.    04/15/24  (26)
RTO email arrives to TMFs inbox, his hand trembling as he moves mouse to open it    04/15/24  (1)
These sickos call themselves Wolfpack- meet their leader, Bozo the Squancher    04/15/24  (1)
Libs: "nobody needs a gun!" *Two nigs invade your house and rape your wife*    04/15/24  (108)
"is the middle class demoralized yet?" "no sir they.. theyre singing Creed songs    04/15/24  (71)
"Mulder, Great Wolf Lodge doesn't employ clowns." "Then explain this, Scully    04/15/24  (10)
"Escape from the playroom" game banned on Roblox    04/15/24  (5)
This one's a real sicko. They call him the Wolf of Lodge Street.    04/15/24  (8)
Funniest SNL skit I've seen in a while - link    04/15/24  (19)
Non-stop Doodikoff dating experience past few months    04/15/24  (61)
study: vast majority of French youth willing to fight against Hapsburg in Serbia    04/15/24  (2)
Has no one thought of toilet seats that heat up yet    04/15/24  (25)
Rate this pic of those conjoined twins sucking a dick l    04/15/24  (11)
Hold on, Mom. I think there might actually be a Jewish pedophile    04/15/24  (3)
The global world order is centralized at levels above the nation-state    04/15/24  (3)
Evan39, proles always act as if they have something important to do    04/15/24  (1)
1% of French youth willing to fight against Russia in Ukraine    04/15/24  (6)
Absolutely insane how absolutely insane everybody is    04/15/24  (2)
There are 3,676 law review articles on "black lives matter"    04/15/24  (3)
33-yo white dude dismembers cute 19-yo WOC after a date:    04/15/24  (34)
VOTE NOW: This ends with American soldiers fighting a ground war in Iran (Y/N)    04/15/24  (50)
"I used to party too" *shudders and cries flashing back to Great Wolf Lodge    04/15/24  (2)
Singing "Great Wolf Lodge" to the tune of "Dead Man's Curve"    04/15/24  (2)
Trump not having a good monday. $DJT shares tank another 10%    04/15/24  (2)
Boom did you file your "taxes"    04/15/24  (2)
Dismissively telling someone 'sure thing, kiddo' sends many into a flaming rage    04/15/24  (7)
Dreamt I was in a Fallout Vault with a dozen 90’s goth Latinas    04/15/24  (9)
XOXO: Your primary supplier of fat, retarded, homosexual, know-it-alls    04/15/24  (1)
me and luis tp drinking Snapple™ while flirting w/ each other at a hipster par    04/15/24  (2)
The Real Reason Haredim Don't Want Their Children to Enlist in the Israeli Army    04/15/24  (8)
Reminder: Indian food sucks    04/15/24  (8)
Trump sounding more and more senile by the day    04/15/24  (1)
Reminder: Biden will never be recognized as the legitimately elected POTUS    04/15/24  (56)
Hundreds of FBI agents are trying to foment rebellion in event of Trump loss    04/15/24  (1)
Mr. Jinx in frilly antebellum southern belle regalia demanding a refund from YOU    04/15/24  (4)
Which cities have the best INDOOR activities    04/15/24  (16)
DJT shares MOONING over genius leadership moves (CNBC)    04/15/24  (2)
Nikki Haley goes off script on Israel, holy shit    04/15/24  (5)
Going to performative fraudstaurant “Alinea” today (RSF)    04/15/24  (9)
lmao at 30 illegals invading the US coast on high speed boats/coordinated pickup    04/15/24  (3)
Tesla: laying off 10% of company and pausing all cybertruck deliveries    04/15/24  (9)
is it too late to suddenly become full Rastafarian at 40?    04/15/24  (1)
mildly interesting article about OJ's assets and the $33m civil verdict    04/15/24  (12)
Most overrated NES games    04/15/24  (80)
April is now Morgellon's Awareness Month.    04/15/24  (1)
Fuck that UFC 300 card was so fucking 180    04/15/24  (7)
"Israel is committing genocide" MASE never said    04/15/24  (8)
What happened to Cardi B force meme?    04/15/24  (11)
Sydney stabber identified as Abdul Mohammad Khouchi    04/15/24  (2)
Barron dressed undercover to attend Masters. Shakes hands with Tiger    04/15/24  (5)
Steak is not good and "steakhouses" are flame    04/15/24  (48)
good morning    04/15/24  (1)
DBG's wife accidently screaming "Oh Akshay!!!" during sex    04/15/24  (1)
Your wife in a picture with Doobs, recalling working together on a Dubai yacht    04/15/24  (7)
Luis telling Persian Supersonic Missile operator: "Whoaaa dude, just chill"    04/15/24  (1)
Wife made me take her and the kids to a festival in our town’s center (pics)    04/15/24  (30)
BOOM: literally you are a RETARDED Turd Faggot    04/15/24  (3)
can i blow ur dick until u cum bro    04/15/24  (3)
7000 56 year old fat female notaries stamping in unison at 2028 Newark Olympics    04/15/24  (2)
Yesterday was FIRST day in 43 years a WHITE woman wasnt caught furking a DOG    04/15/24  (3)
Another STABBING in Sydney, Kangaroo Rapists ur response plz?    04/15/24  (1)
Describe the fattest upright/ambulatory person you've ever seen IRL    04/15/24  (1)
Birdshit Gangman Stunna details her experience dating NYUUG!    04/15/24  (16)
Best place to get full ancestry/DNA/genetic report etc..?    04/15/24  (10)
*rubio rolling on MDMA, sucking lollipop during foreign relations meeting*    04/15/24  (93)
BCG junior salaries - UK: $81,000 | US: $147,000    04/15/24  (22)
ITT: List of things ruined by women.    04/15/24  (60)
"Hi, I'm Diaper!" *screams at bathroom mirror*    04/15/24  (6)
Caring about what anyone thinks about you in america is a major fail    04/15/24  (1)
Roald Dahl's unpublished last book "James and the Giant JQ"    04/15/24  (8)
XO seems picky about pussy:poast ITT a pic of the type of woman/women you like?    04/15/24  (3)
Caring about anything except money and bailing in america is not smart    04/15/24  (1)
Lol@ "Kelce"    04/15/24  (9)
I want you to have whatever you want friends    04/15/24  (1)
I like to imagine 4-6 burly dudes yanking my pants off as i scream & try to esca    04/15/24  (17)
In a life or death situation, would you eat another human to survive?    04/15/24  (3)

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