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remember when hillary took 30mins during the debate to shit    06/05/23  (4)
Lawyer gets away with RAPES, fucked over when relative submits DNA to 23&Me    06/05/23  (14)
Zoom meetings fucking never ever EVER start correctly and on time    06/05/23  (2)
Allen Kassenoff was in the movie Old School (link)    06/05/23  (15)
Mike Ditka doing anti-cunnilingus throat cancer PSAs    06/05/23  (4)
6 ft bodybuilders are now lengthening their legs    06/05/23  (19)
Tiktok trend where teens simulate cum facials with liquid soap (link)    06/05/23  (2)
His countrymen spitroasting dog, WMTP eyeing jealously & crying, "WHEN MY TURN"    06/05/23  (11)
BlackRock, Vanguard, and State Street manage about $20 trillion in assets    06/05/23  (2)
Rate this abusive husband and father (link)    06/05/23  (257)
Chicago teens now using machine guns    06/05/23  (9)
What causes the prole phenotype?    06/05/23  (1)
life is horrible    06/05/23  (3)
MY masters. MY latte. MY husband. MY career. MY brunch. MY rapist.    06/05/23  (131)
Have a net worth of almost $700,000 but no liquidity    06/05/23  (6)
women at brunch discussing the most delicious height    06/05/23  (3)
Whatever you do, kid, stay away from the Cayman Jack    06/05/23  (1)
Thinking of leaving Biglaw, any suggestions?    06/05/23  (2)
"The Boys" is a terrible fucking tv show    06/05/23  (1)
*an egg is cracked on heated rock* "This... is your society on Jews."    06/05/23  (2)
what's worse: butt cancer (like farrah fawcett, the buttslut) or throat cancer    06/05/23  (1)
Ukrainians say they are gaining territory - link    06/05/23  (15)
mt. everest is 180, it's like that one demonic turd god from indiana jones    06/05/23  (1)
14 deaths on Mt Everest in May alone (link)    06/05/23  (48)
is any Heinlein worth reading?    06/05/23  (3)
only Losers have opinions ime    06/05/23  (1)
Where can I buy 50 arable acres for less than $150,000?    06/05/23  (39)
your dad dressed up like Eddie Izzard waving Israeli flag at x-mas    06/05/23  (5)
men: find a solution and act on it women: scream for chad cream    06/05/23  (1)
Radiohead's "King of Limbs" was actually about limb-lengthening surgery    06/05/23  (1)
We spend $20k per month at the grocery store.    06/05/23  (56)
they found a us navy boot at nord stream 2 pipeline    06/05/23  (3)
Summon: Ragnus    06/05/23  (1)
Lib gets redpilled when Squeegee boys drain her Cash App    06/05/23  (15)
I bet not a single shitlib can guess why this Arab dood can do this    06/05/23  (13)
Can a Tall Man with no access to Fine Wine make it?    06/05/23  (2)
Rate the Savagery-Level of my Monday-Wednesday work trip for some depos    06/05/23  (42)
Are cons actually winning the culture war on trans stuff?    06/05/23  (32)
Shrew GF: "you're ok but Chad was bigger" 2nd cuz: "NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER    06/05/23  (126)
Shrew gf: Teens need opportunities! 2nd cuz: Lock 'em up & throw away the keys!    06/05/23  (2)
2nd cousin: "Force me!"; Shrew GF: forcememe    06/05/23  (37)
Shrew gf: “Take me to Fiji.” 2nd cuz: “Floor it! A nigger with a squeegee!    06/05/23  (4)
any society not devoting 100% resources to uplifting black people is doomed    06/05/23  (2)
Reagan is a top POTUS, but setting loose the crazies is inexcusable    06/05/23  (6)
I think I'm finally ready to shout my height    06/05/23  (3)
2010s Cupcake trend died ignominiously    06/05/23  (9)
'Where's Waldo?' books were biggest thing going on in 1990    06/05/23  (5)
Two Ukrainians bum rush Russian trenches to DEFECT while taking fire    06/05/23  (1)
going for a jog every 4 hours tp    06/05/23  (1)
2nd cousin: "hehe doubles, are u down?" shrew gf: "DOUBLE DOWN!"    06/05/23  (10)
British man charged for wearing offensive t-shirt to soccer game (link)    06/05/23  (25)
"At least I'm not a racist!" -lib's last words after squeegee kid shoots her    06/05/23  (1)
BBC article basically admitting Jacinda is a disaster    06/05/23  (4)
I’m so fucked    06/05/23  (7)
I'm a firestarter. Twisted firestart.    06/05/23  (1)
r.e.m. (ft. xoxo) - shitty faggy people.mp3    06/05/23  (8)
Wagner took a Russian Lt Colonel as a POW (link)    06/05/23  (3)
Mearsheimer explains why Russia will win the Ukraine War - kikes, your response?    06/05/23  (23)
Max IQ to gush about “indie games?”    06/05/23  (20)
None of the historical "people" you read about were real    06/05/23  (1)
*rickshaw screeches to halt, driver pants* 'hord up, did u say Ilish ale white?'    06/05/23  (4)
Ukrainian armored vehicles got popped like zits all across the front today    06/05/23  (11)
India introduces high tech GARBAGE trucks developed by IIT scientists    06/05/23  (2)
dressed as 'Uncle Sam' stilt-walker, paraded through asian living room    06/05/23  (2)
Advice to short men: start CHEERING on the TALL MEN as they walk by    06/05/23  (2)
'Aye, yogurt, is it? Hmm. Lookin' after yourself, love?' *thick Scottish accent*    06/05/23  (1)
Do 5’9 guys with decent wives think they DESERVE her?    06/05/23  (8)
Indian Man plants Golden Lizard ontop of Everest Peak: "The Needful Has Been Don    06/05/23  (1)
does johnsmeyer refuse to take cases when opposing counsel is tall?    06/05/23  (1)
if you're not giving every female in household maintenance spankings, you failed    06/05/23  (6)
"Russians are an asiatic mongrel race" said the Ukrainian jew with Chinese wife    06/05/23  (6)
Many scientists still lurking in sewer “testing wastewater for Covid”    06/05/23  (3)
Walt Disney testifying about pernicious jewish subversion    06/05/23  (4)
Is new zelda game worth it? Or should I get Diablo 4?    06/05/23  (3)
After 3 kids they essentially take care of themselves, might as well have more    06/05/23  (30)
lol you just happened to live right as the internet came into being    06/05/23  (6)
What's a chill WFH self employed gig now? Selling shit online? Something w/ AI?    06/05/23  (1)
guy in Alien queen costume from movie 'Alien' visits child cancer patients (HLN    06/05/23  (6)
"We hope this can be an interactive session," the moderator said    06/05/23  (1)
good morning (I'm not cucumbers)    06/05/23  (5)
Latest Trend: HS girls asking each other's fathers to prom (nyt)    06/05/23  (60)
Ukrainian offensive ends in 25,000 Ukrainian casualties    06/05/23  (1)
blacks conducting congressional hearings licking their lips    06/05/23  (2)
remember when Hillary Clinton campaigned with dad of muslim nightclub shooter?    06/05/23  (5)
remember media anguish over Trump's dark 'joy ride' around hospital?    06/05/23  (7)
'I Died for Israel' to the tune of 'Our Love's in Jeopardy' by Greg Kihn Band    06/05/23  (2)
I'm a bull and I fell in love with my hotwife's hubby    06/05/23  (6)
India train crash caused by HUMAN SHIT ON THE TRACKS    06/05/23  (21)
good morning    06/05/23  (5)
*turns on NASA TV* *Space Jam playing*    06/05/23  (3)
evan39 almost got robbed and shot and killed by a nigger tonight(Boom)    06/05/23  (179)
i$ thi$ $ick $ad fraud $oiety prole?    06/05/23  (10)
rate the rope line to get into a packed Margaritaville on Mount Everest    06/05/23  (5)
Max IQ to gush about 'Indiana Jones'?    06/05/23  (1)
Being around INDIANS all day is veddy cruel and unusual punishment    06/05/23  (10)
Foster The People | Tegan and Sara | Phoenix    06/05/23  (1)
Redditors in Baltimore and other shitholes live in fear of "squeegee boys"    06/05/23  (48)
The only role a short “male” should have is cheering on TALL MEN    06/05/23  (1)
You can ALWAYS overcome flaws if you’re TALL    06/05/23  (1)
*rsf getting duck sauce on his princeoton alum shirt during xmas at mr changs*    06/05/23  (2)
Being tall is a gift, no one cares how “handsome” you are.    06/05/23  (1)
"lmao duck sauce hbs fan fic!" (rsf wearing a princeton alum sweatshirt)    06/05/23  (7)
1990: No state with obesity rate >15%. 2010: No state with obesity rate <20%    06/05/23  (76)
How old is everyone on here?    06/05/23  (56)
No one ever cares if you’re handsome. You must be tall.    06/05/23  (1)
Short married men: your time Is limited until your wife finds a TALL MAN    06/05/23  (1)
Russians admit Ukrainian success in Vuhledar area - link    06/05/23  (3)
I definitely have threads on here that are not findable via search    06/05/23  (1)
Is benzo Balder than RSF    06/05/23  (2)
Alec Bladwin improvised his whole scene in Glengarry Glen Ross in one take    06/05/23  (2)
Are there any common products for which you have a greater-than-lifetime supply?    06/05/23  (6)
tegan and sara were good on conan o'brien last nite    06/05/23  (14)
wonder why 11 out of 11 trump judges found that trump's election claims were bs    06/05/23  (12)
I'm a much better speaker than DeSantis    06/05/23  (3)
I thought SCOTUS was going to end AA any time here?    06/05/23  (4)
Russia will win Ukraine War because it has more artillery shells    06/05/23  (2)
Starting an aggressive Ozempic course this week. Wish me luck    06/05/23  (1)
Big law partner abuses wife and kids until wife commits suicide    06/05/23  (24)
Wife wants to take solo trip through Scandinavia. Insists I stay home.    06/05/23  (1)
you think this is abuse? you think this is ABUSE, you cocksucker??    06/05/23  (5)
Metal Up Your Ass does a MMF weekend in Milwaukee.    06/05/23  (23)
WHO is ready for another Soo CR WEEK! (RSF)    06/05/23  (5)
Thought Julia's onlyfans would be easily a 1000+ post thread.    06/05/23  (18)
Did you guys hear about the Quinn Emanuel lawyer who got arrested last night?    06/05/23  (15)
the more I know, the less I understand    06/05/23  (2)
zoomers are getting dumber because of video replacing text    06/05/23  (9)
is anyone surprised that TMF and Mandy have a completely toxic relationship?    06/05/23  (11)
frequent hangnails? you're dying.    06/05/23  (6)
Peter Gabriel's solo music seems darker if you assume Phil Collins raped him    06/05/23  (60)
,    06/05/23  (1)
Female delusion calculator    06/05/23  (3)
Gained like 15 lbs since having a kid, no time for anything and stress eat. Shou    06/05/23  (32)
Squeegee Bois & Co. tp    06/05/23  (1)
committing suicide to death tp    06/05/23  (1)
U at kangaroo court trial for the doubleplus nogood crimes of "Art Light":    06/05/23  (1)
Trump needs to return to twitter    06/05/23  (4)
"I just want you to be happy," your 2nd cousin said while bouncing up and down o    06/05/23  (60)
1999 HS gf with snow in her hair, flushed cheeks    06/05/23  (4)
Aushwitz had billable hour system, could get promoted to Partner Prisoner    06/05/23  (1)
Jews are just going to double down on tranny shit b/c of Bud Light et al.    06/05/23  (9)
Sea Monkeys were invented by a jewish neonazi:    06/05/23  (1)
BREAKING: Bud Light announces spaceporn “influencer can”    06/05/23  (8)
1998 watching Are You Afraid of the Dark with your middle school gf    06/05/23  (3)
I, Claudius is kinda insane interpretation of events    06/05/23  (21)
Got a new high-end t-shirt. Rate the fit (pic)    06/05/23  (23)
this guy's youtube is insane trove of high-res 70s-90s retro/retro retail video    06/05/23  (3)
seriously hats off to my guardian angel    06/05/23  (1)
The Emperor's New Bussy    06/05/23  (2)
INDIANS: Champs in Cricket. Champs in Spelling Bees. Champs in Tech CEOs.    06/05/23  (4)
Buying a car in 1986 (video)    06/05/23  (5)

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