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Disney lost millions billions because they cast nigger Ariel    06/07/23  (113)
Gorgeous Indian man records longest officially released song    06/07/23  (7)
Megan Fox and her 3 boys    06/07/23  (38)
is "Candy Ride" a TSINAH alt    06/07/23  (11)
To Be Fair, I need ur take on 20th Century Classical    06/07/23  (61)
Going to read the Narnia books again    06/07/23  (6)
Loaned car to ex-wife. It got "stolen" then found by police next day at Costco..    06/07/23  (94)
Happily married with 180 kids here. My life is hell    06/07/23  (196)
HYPO: Your board your flight and see this. What do you do?    06/07/23  (30)
I love getting fucked by my muscular Arab paralegals (cslg)    06/07/23  (3)
NFL lineman comes out as disco fries tp    06/07/23  (17)
Hey TBF, SOL might be crashing but at least u have ur legal career!    06/07/23  (1)
New California law to make it illegal for stores to stop shoplifters    06/07/23  (16)
California police manhunt for employee who tried to stop shoplifter    06/07/23  (7)
where to live in HOUSTON?    06/07/23  (12)
Quebec City professional women’s brunch convention finally wrapping up    06/07/23  (5)
Tech professionals can live anywhere. They choose Northern California.    06/07/23  (4)
Emilio Estevez gets caught using his lsd alt again LOL    06/07/23  (59)
RIP Iron Sheik- WWF Champion, Star of Stage & Screen, IFNB Legend    06/07/23  (1)
CA passes law preventing store employees from harassing shoplifters (link)    06/07/23  (2)
Tim Scott could break the Democrat Party forever.    06/07/23  (2)
Upgrading armor sets in Zelda requires hours of planning & research    06/07/23  (16)
flat-faced little slit-slut    06/07/23  (1)
Ur wife complaining that chirping alarm at Club Mandingo “ruins the mood”    06/07/23  (3)
Candy Ride tp is a Ben Shapiro conservative republican    06/07/23  (4)
What is the appeal of azn women?    06/07/23  (18)
Corporate associate at Weil is named Larry Byndon (link    06/07/23  (9)
Hot college professor makes her class online only due to turd student flirting    06/07/23  (37)
Absolutely no hard information showing Crimea is cut off from water    06/07/23  (7)
Has anyone here gotten veneers? What has been your experience?    06/07/23  (2)
literal nazi here, have been hiding out in SA for 3 generations. even i think TT    06/07/23  (6)
Elon Musk boosting JQ threading    06/07/23  (1)
How stupid and gay would it be to start boxing at 35?    06/07/23  (11)
Who runs Second City Bureaucrat?    06/07/23  (53)
Tommy rate this gorgeous Visalia spelling bee alpha Sarvadnya kadam    06/07/23  (4)
How much does a new roof cost for a 3,000-SF house?    06/07/23  (5)
does TommyT look like a handsome Italian or Spaniard?    06/07/23  (2)
Bach is why classical musicians are retarded (FizzKidd)    06/07/23  (3)
TUCKER drops new show on Twitter (Ep 1)    06/07/23  (80)
"That's him! The guy who's only seen Barry Lyndon once! Get him out of here!"    06/07/23  (2)
The most prestigious Barry Lyndon discussion board in the world.    06/07/23  (8)
Shy girl who had crush on u in hs stealing ur watch at reunion to put in pussy    06/07/23  (2)
Rate this Hotline Miami-themed Suicide Girls group set (6 chicks)    06/07/23  (2)
How funny/sad would mass shooting at burlesque show be    06/07/23  (2)
The hottest girl in ur HS sliding a red hot length of chain along her bald pussy    06/07/23  (2)
Ur 98 year old Alzheimer’s dad calling ur son Baby Huey and trying to suck his    06/07/23  (2)
Ur 88 yo dementia mom hospitalized for trying to fuck Mr Ceiling Fan    06/07/23  (2)
“But ur on a diet!” u say as ur gf buys candy from subway blacks    06/07/23  (2)
Tucker announces 5 hour retrospective analysis of Invader Zim    06/07/23  (2)
“I have a crush on Rainbow Dash,” your new brother in law confides at the we    06/07/23  (2)
Porky’s List scene where kids spy on the Auschwitz women’s shower    06/07/23  (2)
"Hey Emilio, should I become Cath---" *Golden retriever careens into thread*    06/07/23  (16)
Ghost of J Shad shouting “escalate kino!” as your wife goes to sleep on hone    06/07/23  (4)
“Gotta have your pops,” spaceporn quipped as he unzipped his pants    06/07/23  (2)
Can someone post a pic of what a "hot" Asian woman is supposed to look like?    06/07/23  (10)
Gorgeous RISHI SUNAK may throw out FIRST pitch at Nationals Game    06/07/23  (24)
why was it called "surfing" the web    06/07/23  (13)
The 35 yo attorney who raped 4 woman in Boston story is insane    06/07/23  (120)
Russian news agency TASS catches Ukrainian propagandists lying red-handed again:    06/07/23  (5)
Kenny's business idea for CSLG was to open tire shop and dump nails on roads    06/07/23  (1)
1990 was the peak of western civilization    06/07/23  (23)
life is horrible    06/07/23  (1)
Do Mormon women have the best personal hygiene?    06/07/23  (3)
The lack of representation for right wing populists in American democracy    06/07/23  (88)
"This is your Captain, Trayvon Martin, speaking" *cockpit smoke alarm chirps    06/07/23  (2)
Houston teen drowns dad in 90s dvd collection    06/07/23  (13)
I’m a ‘sugar baby’ — older men pay me to travel the world    06/07/23  (6)
"Becky you have to meet him. His outside is impoverished, but his inner world    06/07/23  (16)
are people actually attending these churches w gay flags everywhere?    06/07/23  (8)
Biz idea: Chemical/drug that recreates feeling of post-masturbation resolve    06/07/23  (1)
Why is interracial pornography so damn hot.    06/07/23  (15)
Candy Ride tp wants to elect a gay black man to own the libs with facts & logic    06/07/23  (6)
Zelensky accuses Russia of putting Nazi patches on all his soldiers uniforms    06/07/23  (3)
fizzkidd i'll be in taiwan in july ... wanna meet up?    06/07/23  (7)
Finally reading Watership Down. What an absolute Triumph holy shit    06/07/23  (17)
Anyone ever pawned the art from their biglaw office?    06/07/23  (3)
XO Ukrainemos SLAMMING MacBook shut, beating AZNgf upon news Ukraine DONE here    06/07/23  (9)
ITT every five-cent word I learn from XO (FizzKidd)    06/07/23  (26)
Why isn't the US Coast Guard a respected branch of the Military    06/07/23  (35)
Currently in NYC area, just went outside    06/07/23  (3)
Trump on his base: "You just tell them, and they believe it. They just do."    06/07/23  (53)
Nurse: "The doctor will be right in." *SMOKE DETECTOR BEEP*    06/07/23  (1)
“J6 was a nonviolent protest” is the dumbest gaslighting attempt of all time    06/07/23  (12)
best mexican food in LA is at those fly by night street joints    06/07/23  (33)
Has there been any SCHOLARSHIP regarding black ppl and smoke detectors?    06/07/23  (7)
Washington Post acknowledging the existence of smoke-detector-Americans    06/07/23  (135)
Rate this judicial nominee getting grilled by Sen Hawley over covid restrictions    06/07/23  (13)
Over 100k US children have had gender transition surgery since 2020 (link)    06/07/23  (20)
Reminder: Space aliens are real and here.    06/07/23  (1)
starting to think maybe tsinah was dinged by the MI bar    06/07/23  (22)
Will deshabbos win the Iowa caucus?    06/07/23  (1)
TSINAH looks like a Garden Gnome with downsyndrome    06/07/23  (12)
Megan Fox is still HOT AF (link)    06/07/23  (2)
About to start TOTK. Is it really that much better than BOTW?    06/07/23  (4)
Did the "white women have sex with dogs" meme start on XO? I see it all the time    06/07/23  (3)
Table full of zoomers next to me. Lots of those Faggy perm haircuts    06/07/23  (3)
End times in NYC and we are still posting about Trump and azn girls    06/07/23  (6)
Not now hun I’m ranting about Jews on the internet    06/07/23  (2)
cool, NYC is like California now    06/07/23  (3)
met a german backpacker chick while hiking yesterday    06/07/23  (2)
why was it called "diapering" the web    06/07/23  (1)
OYT - how smokey is it by your house today? I can literally see and smell smoke    06/07/23  (7)
Diablo IV launches in 6 hours    06/07/23  (81)
NATO Iris-T goes boom    06/07/23  (30)
lol at cons trying to make explicit racism just another political ideology    06/07/23  (6)
If we had stayed locked down and wore masks, COVID would be gone by now    06/07/23  (1)
Developing Theory: India's Dirtiness and Chaos relates to Indian women    06/07/23  (9)
Lib "scientists" literally thought singing in Church caused COVID epidemic    06/07/23  (6)
Any bort EYETAIS have tips for Genoa or Cinque Terre?    06/07/23  (12)
Asian girl sleeps through date with White dork, posts angry texts on Twitter    06/07/23  (117)
Good thing Russia saved the Kherson zoo animals before Ukraine flooded the city    06/07/23  (2)
Libs prevented everyone from visiting their dying relatives in nursing homes    06/07/23  (1)
What is the point of racial markers if you can just identify as whatever?    06/07/23  (11)
Happy (belated) Birthday, EPAH!!    06/07/23  (7)
What exactly is pence doing? Does he actually think he can win?    06/07/23  (4)
“FUCK YOU!!!!!” - RIP Iron Sheik (1942 – 2023)    06/07/23  (5)
Bud Light sales down 60% for Memorial Day Weekend    06/07/23  (83)
lol ZZZ filed a Motion to Disqualify the judge in the EJ case    06/07/23  (2)
Sold my old car for lowball offer. Buyer now wants me to fill out POA docs    06/07/23  (1)
Medvedev says next Russian offensive will begin after Ukraine's is over    06/07/23  (1)
"Kill niggers. Roundhouse niggers" *EPAH gasps* "Castrate niggers" *EPAH cheers*    06/07/23  (7)
Watched a few old movies with my kids and they love Hook (1991)    06/07/23  (7)
Things TSINAH and TBF won’t discuss: MI BAR, SOLANA…    06/07/23  (1)
100% of EPAH's kids are genetic dead ends    06/07/23  (15)
Quanishia ''Peach'' Berry and her wife, Lexus,    06/07/23  (2)
Shit threads with low poast counts that get bumped for days    06/07/23  (305)
It's fucking orange outside now in MFH    06/07/23  (1)
Woman in TX streams herself shooting at random houses    06/07/23  (26)
Life After College: 28 Year Old Man with a Normal Job (video)    06/07/23  (97)
At the end of the day ChatGPT is just better, more focused Wikipedia    06/07/23  (2)
PGA bends the knees, agrees to merger with LIV (!!!)    06/07/23  (95)
PREDICTION: DeSantis either cancels his June 19th CA trip OR is arrested when he    06/07/23  (23)
Disappointed in Zion's hos    06/07/23  (1)
One of NBA Zion's hos is going nuts on Twitter because he has a baby momma    06/07/23  (2)
Which is better, viagra or cialis?    06/07/23  (16)
Lol, Biden appoints first EVER non-white judge to W.D. La (link)    06/07/23  (1)
He's In! North Dakota Republican Governor Doug Burgum running for POTUS!    06/07/23  (3)
Libs want you to believe a dam built in six years will take ten years to fix    06/07/23  (2)
I have until August to read the Brothers Karamazov.    06/07/23  (3)
Wait..Kevin Samuels died sleeping with a fat Latina woman    06/07/23  (2)
Revised LSAT just asks your opinions about gay rights    06/07/23  (22)
Russia sends 1/3 of a battalion into a minefield without artillery or air suppor    06/07/23  (9)
Really good 4chan UFO disclosure larp the other day    06/07/23  (48)
xo DailyMail: psychotic guy off his meds predicted Ukraine's defeat 10 months ag    06/07/23  (3)
"That's not what a gag-a-day comic is, George20"    06/07/23  (1)
Best analysis I've seen so far explaining why Russia will win the war    06/07/23  (2)
My Altoids Urban EDC Tin (video)    06/07/23  (6)
System of a Down - Violent Pornography was prescient in 2005    06/07/23  (6)
Cancelling internet service is incredbly retarded and frustrating    06/07/23  (1)

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