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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
sometimes i wonder if im actually a leftist now that leftists hate jews    12/02/23  (3)
How do you guys handle friends spamming 🇮🇱🇵🇸 stuff in WhatsApp group    12/02/23  (5)
if CFB had playoff in the 2000's USC would have won 7 national championships    12/02/23  (23)
Are the Washington Huskies the only team named after a breed of dog?    12/02/23  (21)
ESPN was totally right about SEC speed and power. Apologize fags    12/02/23  (11)
durian tp crafting cosmic smoothies, sharing a "good evening" toast    12/02/23  (1)
The world in 2060    12/02/23  (2)
durian tp as a celestial fruit messenger, scattering "good evening" seeds    12/02/23  (1)
US government study on why women engage in hetero anal sex    12/02/23  (93)
Sam Hyde and Charls on Games and The TERRIBLE Starfield Ending!    12/02/23  (1)
durian tp orchestrating a meteor shower spelling "good evening" in the sky    12/02/23  (1)
32X irl get together (January 6 2024 Birmingham AL)    12/02/23  (24)
Jews blame random Chinese guy for Israel's unpopularity    12/02/23  (41)
NYU Student Bar Assn: "We stand with Hamas"    12/02/23  (151)
durian tp atop a time-traveling snail, echoing "good evening" through epochs    12/02/23  (1)
Trapped on an island with a white collar criminal in SE Asia    12/02/23  (1)
Unveiling a Fresh Poaster: Debuting a Brand-New Moniker    12/02/23  (12)
180 how Bama & Georgia are 2 of Doodikoff's favorite teams    12/02/23  (3)
*cowgod and dood playing street fighter 2 in bowdon, GA's shuttered blockbuster*    12/02/23  (1)
Wait Bama has a player named DeXoxohth?    12/02/23  (1)
Black guy murders wife, kidnaps and later kills his 10-month old infant    12/02/23  (7)
Leaving my 4 year old and infant home alone to go to the brewery.    12/02/23  (11)
i would never let posters see pics of my body... unless? lol    12/02/23  (2)
America needs to seize United Arab Emirates, Qatar, put under military administr    12/02/23  (3)
THE EYES OF TEXAS ARE UPON YOU    12/02/23  (18)
7/4/1776 - 9/11/2001    12/02/23  (1)
the Shit Eating Conference    12/02/23  (2)
Big10 & Pac-12 Asians are fuming MAF right now    12/02/23  (1)
Do 'viewed' threads show up purple for you bros? Mine is mauve.    12/02/23  (4)
I've got $1,000 on FSU winning the national championship    12/02/23  (24)
This should have been the national championship game and everyone knows it    12/02/23  (2)
If I was a woman, I would be getting pounded out by a muscular BBC every day    12/02/23  (18)
RSF concoting brilliant theory on why Georgia losing means OSU gets in    12/02/23  (2)
QB play is abysmal in the SEC. primitive shit    12/02/23  (3)
I'm officially horny for dick midday saturday    12/02/23  (2)
College football is completely fucking rigged. Fraud.    12/02/23  (2)
{~} Official AutoAdmit Georgia v. Alabama Thread {~}    12/02/23  (33)
Lot of things "wrecked" CFB, but the Portal *wrecked* CFB    12/02/23  (3)
I'm officially "white boy wasted" midday Saturday and it's 180    12/02/23  (2)
I’m officially “radicalized” thank to To be fair tp and it’s 180 as shit    12/02/23  (20)
Alabama & Georgia are both SPS. IF Bama wins, NOPLAYOFF for the SEC    12/02/23  (2)
Sam Hyde's phenotype is the definition of ruinous    12/02/23  (6)
I wish this were me (FizzKidd)    12/02/23  (13)
rate this video of LIMB LENGTHENERS    12/02/23  (2)
These SEC cheerleaders…cot damn    12/02/23  (4)
Rate presumed BBC Cam Newton publicly self flagellating over his tiny penis    12/02/23  (15)
Been thinking about disco fries all day    12/02/23  (18)
lol doodikoff, I see you    12/02/23  (1)
CASINO | GAMING | EXPERT | WITNESS    12/02/23  (5)
Biglaw Partner in IRELAND makes less than US 1st year associate    12/02/23  (2)
Asimov's THE LAST QUESTION but the ending is "chill" luis stating "im gay"    12/02/23  (10)
James Webb engineer finds screw on storage bay floor.    12/02/23  (21)
The Holdovers is a 178 movie    12/02/23  (1)
I was good abt condoms in college until I learned how much better it is without    12/02/23  (1)
doodikoff cheering for both UGA and Bama tonight, celebrating every play    12/02/23  (37)
Starting my Amazon wishlist, DM me for details (FizzKidd)    12/02/23  (18)
TIFU by forgetting my phone is linked w the home ipad, on which my wife saw weir    12/02/23  (1)
The eyes of Texas are upon you!    12/02/23  (4)
so Liberty is eligible for CFP, went undefeated (13-0) & won conference?    12/02/23  (1)
taking viagra for fun    12/02/23  (1)
wife grabs opportunity to whore out while husband dodges sharks    12/02/23  (3)
Black girl said hope you've never had sex with a man before she sucked me off    12/02/23  (22)
Georgia Bulldykes    12/02/23  (1)
Georgia Bulldogs exposed as fraud 🤮🐶    12/02/23  (1)
Fair number of conservative and moderate black chicks on bumble    12/02/23  (2)
People who will not win MPM this year: Cowgod, Gunneratt, Benzo    12/02/23  (5)
My ideal man is pitch black and sculpted by years of prison iron    12/02/23  (2)
I fantasize about trying my first well-muscled BBC in the prison weight room    12/02/23  (2)
Sam Hyde really mounted his gut on GJRs ass and pumped some of his dna into her?    12/02/23  (4)
All of these women are Cheering on the Vertical (Tall Men)    12/02/23  (5)
does DeSantis have Tardive Dyskinesia? all the weird facial tics, lip movements    12/02/23  (1)
Tucker said in interview that #1 problem in US is 'affluenza'    12/02/23  (3)
inequality is worse for a society than poverty    12/02/23  (4)
luis navidad    12/02/23  (123)
"Poasting has slowed to a trickle on AutoAdmit." Rach must intervene soon    12/02/23  (153)
Little green man slurring "Heh. Heh. can u keep a secret" as he unzips ur fly    12/02/23  (1)
Tucker is still taking ideas and language from AutoAdmit    12/02/23  (38)
Rate this scholar's life    12/02/23  (1)
Girls who weigh more than their LSAT scores    12/02/23  (17)
Nobody knows where plastic comes from but everything is made out of it    12/02/23  (5)
Mary Kay Letourneau was actually kind of hot    12/02/23  (26)
Sam Hyde and Martin Shkreli in GJR finger cuffs    12/02/23  (6)
i've decided that i'd like to spend the rest of my life with scholarship tp    12/02/23  (4)
why does sam hyde always look like someone who smells like gym balls    12/02/23  (2)
🚨 new Karma Sushi review has dropped    12/02/23  (24)
For the price of cable you can just uber to the bar and drink with friends    12/02/23  (1)
doodikoff wtf is up with the resturants in atlanta???    12/02/23  (12)
Women never turn the steering wheel more than 180 degrees in either direction    12/02/23  (2)
alt-history novel with world-spanning Estonian empire    12/02/23  (2)
oregon has two conference losses. why are they considered a “big win” for uw    12/02/23  (4)
FREE PALESTINE thread    12/02/23  (8)
Is it almost the bowls?    12/02/23  (1)
should liberty be the 3rd or fourth seed?    12/02/23  (1)
Bigassed quake swarm off the eastern coast of Mindanao:    12/02/23  (1)
MSNBC fired Mehdi Hassan for being mean 2 Israel? 🤔    12/02/23  (19)
This Extra Exposed Himself in Background of 20+ Famous Films (link)    12/02/23  (3)
OldHLSDude's will: 25% to each retarded child, 50% to RINO candidates    12/02/23  (19)
Hey RSF you Jewish, my man?    12/02/23  (1)
Still amazed at what a good job Biden did cleaning up Trump’s mess    12/02/23  (24)
Cheering on the Vertical    12/02/23  (2)
Remember Lord High's posting career? Whoops it's gone!    12/02/23  (1)
Huwhitesnake    12/02/23  (1)
The 'Most Offensive Video' early-00's Charlie Brown parodies are on Archive.org    12/02/23  (3)
WaPo: “A Trump dictatorship is increasingly inevitable.”    12/02/23  (75)
Bitcoin already back to $40k. Only an absolute idiot didn't buy when it was down    12/02/23  (1)
ATL PI event I went to had Ying Yang Twins, Pastor Troy, and Trillville perform    12/02/23  (4)
the dialectics of P in V sex    12/02/23  (1)
POLL: What will your wife do when she finds your AI generated nudes of IRL girls    12/02/23  (44)
I already 'own nothing.' when do I become 'happy'? how does this work, Jews?    12/02/23  (1)
Bethesda responding to Starfield's Steam reviews is part of a rising trend    12/02/23  (8)
Just got laid off, made me realize I don’t care about anything    12/02/23  (21)
Casino gives woman steak dinner instead of $43 million: mitigation of damages?    12/02/23  (18)
I can't, my important client matters    12/02/23  (1)
CFB Playoff Chair in tears at podium: “It wouldnt be a playoff without Alabama    12/02/23  (2)
"we" tp    12/02/23  (4)
fellow pumos: why not use a moniker?    12/02/23  (13)
I want to suck Leonard Susskind's wrinkled old dick    12/02/23  (1)
🦍 N 🦍 I 🦍 G 🦍 G 🦍 E 🦍 R 🦍    12/02/23  (25)
"The complicated reality of Jews committing genocide on white people and Palesti    12/02/23  (8)
Forbes: Why is Cornel West so Poor?    12/02/23  (35)
"Hey Jews / You Seem Afraid...."    12/02/23  (2)
The media just accepting mass assassination as part of Israeli policy is insane    12/02/23  (3)
A glimpse into the prole American “marriage”    12/02/23  (36)
Kikes now on LinkedIn urging holocaust of Palestinians and banning protests    12/02/23  (8)
I basically lived the XO nightmare    12/02/23  (48)
Inmate who stabbed Chauvin is an FBI Informant that was on government payroll    12/02/23  (13)
Aussie mayor suspended for "citizen's arrest" of ago-nigger child burglar (pics)    12/02/23  (3)
Taylor Lorenz in bikini on a Dubai yacht, smelling faintly of shit    12/02/23  (54)
Why Kill Chauvin? Was he part of the Op from the beginning? Or they don't want    12/02/23  (1)
what are the odds of a crypto ETF actually being approved?    12/02/23  (2)
*peterman doing sultry rendition of "Santa Baby" to 345 lb trucker w/Santa beard    12/02/23  (18)
Seems like olds “want” for you to be older    12/02/23  (15)
Millennial women are absolute trash in bed    12/02/23  (36)
Tucker makes a "Marco Rubio Toyota" joke (link)    12/02/23  (2)
"Damn, what a slut!" said Donald Trump as he left Marco Rubio's FOAMPARTY    12/02/23  (16)
To my children who contine posting and are not trannies, per stirpes    12/02/23  (1)
thinking of shorting NVDA. Cr or retarded?    12/02/23  (16)
Just laid an egg, made me realize I don’t care about omelettes    12/02/23  (1)
Wish there were Ci-Ci's Pizza/pizza buffets around me. They are all gone.    12/02/23  (14)
Craving cigs bros    12/02/23  (13)
Just got laid, made me realize I don’t care about anything    12/02/23  (1)
Market bought $5000 worth of SAMOYEDCOIN $SAMO for the next 28X.    12/02/23  (33)
The Atlantic: “Inflation is Your Fault”    12/02/23  (8)
#1 Michigan, #2 Washington, #3 Bama, #4 Georgia    12/02/23  (31)
Trump Steaks    12/02/23  (2)
I have my work boots on (TSINAH)    12/02/23  (14)
What is Kirby Smart’s record against Nick Saban?    12/02/23  (1)
Not an "effective altruist" guy, but is donating to MITs 25 billion dollar endow    12/02/23  (3)
so gibberish tp gets drunk and molests his kids?    12/02/23  (2)

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