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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
Those 3 Female "Bodyguards" showcase all that is WRONG with USA 2024    07/14/24  (7)
I’m back! Trump shooter was a tranny (Telegram link) (DrakeMallard)    07/14/24  (9)
FBI: “Assassin was a pumo on a racist sexist message board run out of PA.”    07/14/24  (2)
Lawyer disbarred for exposing GC.    07/14/24  (2)
Rate this media coverage of assassination attempt    07/14/24  (4)
Balding lawyer dressed as Darth Vader for Halloween to hide CPAP    07/14/24  (3)
Holy shit: Lawyer disbarred for using Seeking Arrangement!    07/14/24  (4)
Trump needs to wear a bandage at the next debate imo    07/14/24  (11)
Do chicks ever as you to roleplay as a lawyer during sex?    07/14/24  (15)
Drooling Biden stumbling to podium to "Who Shot Ya?"    07/14/24  (5)
they can set up Whitmer kidnapping, they can set up TRUMP shooting by patsy    07/14/24  (1)
CPAP manufacturers hit with class action for failure to cure lawyer depression    07/14/24  (2)
Wtf does "sneaky link" mean    07/14/24  (6)
after this, the RNC convention is going to be epic must-watch    07/14/24  (1)
Consuela, so for the record the pandemic was staged globally but this was real?    07/14/24  (1)
Thinking more this was a setup to get Biden killed and blame on Trumpmo    07/14/24  (2)
Hypo: Donald Trump is Assassinated    07/14/24  (25)
HuffPo: Sorry Liberals, A Violent Response To Trump Is As Logical As Any (link)    07/14/24  (17)
be sure to catch this video before it is memory holed within 48 hours    07/14/24  (4)
Trump has no reason to pick a moderate VP now. He should pick Tucker    07/14/24  (28)
female SS agents should do a silly instagram video like Gen-Z office girls    07/14/24  (5)
shooter was registered R and was a fun of gun channel on YouTube    07/14/24  (2)
Taking ?s on living a gun-free country with one of the lowest gun fatality rates    07/14/24  (70)
So is America in a full scale civil war now over immigration+wall?    07/14/24  (189)
Trump is assassinated on the eve of the Iowa caucuses. What happens?    07/14/24  (9)
Nothing ever happens    07/14/24  (2)
it's so fucking absurd nyuug claims to live in a first world country. not close.    07/14/24  (67)
REMINDER: this is the gook (pic inside)    07/14/24  (50)
Living pic of shooter - link    07/14/24  (28)
when does Trump get Secret Service protection?    07/14/24  (24)
Guy in first world country, president hasn't been impeached, sup    07/14/24  (91)
Shooter donated to ActBlue    07/14/24  (3)
Just spent $3800 on Japan flights    07/14/24  (4)
ITT: nyuug’s entirety of crypto holdings    07/14/24  (45)
U & Dunedain cowboy hitting the mall c. 2005    07/14/24  (1)
How Libs Got Their Blowback (1998)    07/14/24  (1)
Reports say Trump's coat pocket Zyn can deflected second bullet (link)    07/14/24  (1)
Sorry Drumpf, you interfere with womens BODILY rights you get your body violated    07/14/24  (4)
Dan Bongino is going to have a coronary over this one    07/14/24  (1)
Trump derails debate by pulling out enormous USA flag bubble gum flavored vape    07/14/24  (1)
Describe the last time you manifested Hunter Biden Energy    07/14/24  (4)
Need head from a woman trying to kill me in elaborate and convoluted schemes    07/14/24  (1)
Sentiment on Gen-Z TikTok seems to be that “assassination” vid is a scam    07/14/24  (2)
Jeremy Fragrance must be taxed at 98% rate    07/14/24  (1)
Taking Qs on living in a partitioned American satellite puppet state    07/14/24  (2)
year 2050 first consumer cyborg unit available "RAND-PAUL"    07/14/24  (3)
TRUMP SHOT    07/14/24  (304)
I sincerely believe that FF9 Melodies of Life is the greatest song ever made    07/14/24  (21)
Do young bucks apply to SENIOR judges?    07/14/24  (4)
My life peaked discussing Tomorrowland with NeumannMorgenste tp circa 2015    07/14/24  (14)
and the last time you shouted out "G UNIT" please?    07/14/24  (2)
Dick Handbanana defends Zillenial longhouse vid, still gets <><>nogyatt<>&
   07/14/24  (2)
Trump shooter was a registered republican    07/14/24  (2)
I thought the USA Today story was an onionesque parody by the Babylon Bee    07/14/24  (1)
Well if Ben Shapiro says so    07/14/24  (6)
Passengers grab overheard bags on burning plane.    07/14/24  (9)
drinking in hotel room eating pizza listening to old G Unit radio mixtapes    07/14/24  (8)
rachmiel told me I'm "FUNGIBLE poasting unit" - How fucked am I?    07/14/24  (4)
inept ss failing to protect inept potus from inept assassin    07/14/24  (4)
“Cornpop? It’s Joe. I’m afraid its time for me to call in that favor.”    07/14/24  (22)
We will not let the crooks win!    07/14/24  (1)
Hegemon do you remember lib media panic over "Cop Killer" rounds    07/14/24  (10)
anyone else relieved that Young Buck is back in G Unit?    07/14/24  (2)
What are deranged TDS Reddit libs saying tonight?    07/14/24  (10)
Trump walking out with 50 and G Unit all in Kevlar at next Smackdown    07/14/24  (4)
The Young Buck and other short stories    07/14/24  (3)
On the Trump assassination attempt    07/14/24  (12)
Libs having a rough few weeks lol    07/14/24  (4)
YOURE OLD: 50 Cent's Get Rich Or Die Trying came out 14 years ago    07/14/24  (9)
TBF, your favorite Jew Ricky completely fell off the wagon today    07/14/24  (3)
Was "Many Men" the best 50 Cent song of all time?    07/14/24  (6)
lol he didn’t even get shot    07/14/24  (25)
cowgod, did you ever play the 50 cent video game 50 Cent Bulletproof for the ps2    07/14/24  (5)
Biden: "When you get knocked down, you GET BACK UP!" Trump: OK    07/14/24  (2)
footage of TRUMP shooter getting his HS diploma in 2022    07/14/24  (3)
Dyslexic news anchor refers to Curtis Yarvin as Curtis Jackson (link)    07/14/24  (11)
Shooting so loud Biden wakes up from his sundowning nap 300 miles away    07/14/24  (2)
If THEY want him dead he's in borrowed time no matter what.    07/14/24  (9)
Ruling on $7.2M fees motion dropping July 8 🤞🤞    07/14/24  (78)
A la Lanterne    07/14/24  (2)
Trump injured after FATPUFF vape's lithium battery explodes on stage (link)    07/14/24  (5)
Trump injures himself after he clumsily dodges loud noises at rally (CNN)    07/14/24  (12)
"the best way to avenge Trump is to vote Biden" (Curtis Yarvin)    07/14/24  (15)
"What can hear, unburdened by what has heard" Kamala gives stirring speech at WH    07/14/24  (2)
Chipper Jones at 40: .316/.388/.513 You: post on xoxo    07/14/24  (3)
The bullet was poisoned    07/14/24  (1)
The woman behind Trump nonchalantly recording on her iPhone    07/14/24  (13)
My working theory of the Trump assassination    07/14/24  (17)
Who shot ya? Separate the meek from the antifa creep, hard to creep them PA stre    07/14/24  (1)
close-up pic of TRUMP's bloodied ear (pic)    07/14/24  (4)
chipper jones and me tell each other fairy tales    07/14/24  (2)
FOX has been playing the fist pump vid for hours now    07/14/24  (5)
Underrated 50 Cent song: "Many Men"    07/14/24  (32)
Elder Scrolls lorists have my friendship    07/14/24  (31)
On The Manner Of The Trump Assassination Attempt (Consueneca)    07/14/24  (2)
Hate to say but Speaker of the House route completely legitimate for Trump now    07/14/24  (1)
Joseph Belmont lashing chain whip at Delaware ne'erdowells    07/14/24  (1)
Alex Jones weights in from the forest    07/14/24  (14)
One hour since the attempted Trump assassination: No statement from Biden    07/14/24  (10)
4chan saying a different guy is the shooter    07/14/24  (18)
Rally jape ends in gunfire, 2 dead, after lunchtime rowdy gets carried away (BBC    07/14/24  (3)
BB gun used to playfully jest with candidate Trump may have used "Cop Killer" BB    07/14/24  (3)
Silly firework prank ends in tragedy after fascist thugs gun down scholar(CNN)    07/14/24  (4)
SHOOTER’S HOME IS ON FIRE    07/14/24  (6)
Help wanted -- Grassy Knoll Marksmanship Club (Langley, VA)    07/14/24  (13)
I'm looking for a guy in poasting, hot takes, 5'10", I love men    07/14/24  (4)
"Hi. I'm Whok. I'm a fat asshole." (whok)    07/14/24  (10)
whok: u in Perth?    07/14/24  (2)
bb gun, i mean squib, i mean firework, i mean podium scratch, i mean false flag    07/14/24  (12)
an inch or two away and all of history would have changed    07/14/24  (5)
Libs end up making all these demons for themselves    07/14/24  (1)
Reminder: Pinochet did nothing wrong    07/14/24  (3)
Jodie Foster is not impressed    07/14/24  (1)
Truly catastrophic day for libs.    07/14/24  (13)
cnn and msnbc airing 4-hour richard simmons retrospectives tonight (link)    07/14/24  (6)
Trump walking out to Many Men -- 50 Cent    07/14/24  (8)
incredible rant by 50 cent on nyc roof before making it (vid)    07/14/24  (11)
Looks like a .223    07/14/24  (4)
Trump should pick Thomas Massie as VP    07/14/24  (2)
4chan is saying that YOU'RE the shooter. Please turn yourself into the FBI.    07/14/24  (3)
Teleprompter just exploded at the mall, 3 dead, dozens injured    07/14/24  (2)
Chance the trump rally noise was redneck fireworks?    07/14/24  (25)
Every lib will need to be imprisoned or killed    07/14/24  (3)
People like EPAH, Rudolph, Benzo, and other board libs will need to go to prison    07/14/24  (2)
Looking for a man in hitjobs, 5'10, ear gauges    07/14/24  (2)
I'll gladly dig the first mass grave for libs    07/14/24  (8)
I feel like 50 cent is a Trumpmo    07/14/24  (3)
The bullet, which is now grounded, did a shameful job at the rally. Sad!    07/14/24  (3)
Being in NYC during 50 Cents run up in early 2000s was a peak experience    07/14/24  (5)
LJL @ CNN giving the faggot that rushed TRUMP's stage a sitdown interview    07/14/24  (60)
Many libs / Many, many, many, many libs / Wish death on Trump / Lord I don't cry    07/14/24  (10)
Tucker: The DNC wants to assassinate Trump    07/14/24  (15)
Trump looked confused, needed help and instructions to get off stage    07/14/24  (9)
What does the USA even COMPETE with CHINA in?    07/14/24  (8)
Was this warming shot to Trump without actually trying to kill him?    07/14/24  (8)
If G-d Saved Trump... Why'd He Let Trump Lose In 2020? Why'd He Let 10/7 Happen?    07/14/24  (4)
(Mortal Kombat announcer): DONALD TRUMP WINS    07/14/24  (2)
TRUMP BONKED    07/14/24  (2)
Secret Service withdraws Trump protection completely, citing danger to personnel    07/14/24  (1)
Will deep state try to assassinate trump if he wins?    07/14/24  (8)
Trump: It would be perfectly legal for Biden to assassinate me    07/14/24  (35)
who's watching Cortez vs. Namajunas?    07/14/24  (2)
If these indictments don’t work they’re just going to assassinate Trump    07/14/24  (4)
Youthful prankster tragically murdered after boyish jest goes wrong at Trump ral    07/14/24  (2)
Biden: “It’s time to put Trump in a bullseye.”    07/14/24  (12)
anyone hear from benzo today?    07/14/24  (3)
libs thinking Trump is done are forgetting the Cosmos has repeatedly helped him    07/14/24  (5)
Literally everyone normal is voting for Trump. Sorry libs.    07/14/24  (3)

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