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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
Anyone here like cool doods with big, thick cocks?    06/19/24  (1)
Fox News caught editing another clip to try to make Biden look senile    06/19/24  (25)
Dentist charges for exam even though I only get cleaning    06/19/24  (9)
Jinx wetting his cock to gauge the wind before ramming it up Whok's ass.    06/19/24  (1)
Someone dox the kike faggot who throttles the board so we can crowdfund a hit on    06/19/24  (7)
HARVARD undergrad alums--what was it like socially, academically?    06/19/24  (3)
Why does this site stop working every day. This place is dying    06/19/24  (9)
Based latina republican campaign ad: "Don't be weak and gay." RATE HER    06/19/24  (9)
Revisiting Secret of Evermore    06/19/24  (13)
🚨2024 Vault Rankings Released🚨    06/19/24  (19)
living on russet potatoes, eggs, beans, canned tuna, whole wheat waffles, kale    06/19/24  (4)
blacks can't even enjoy their holiday since whitey cooked the planet meanwhile?    06/19/24  (1)
Seems like every UMC child in public school is in Kumon/Mathnasium    06/19/24  (11)
Mexico's new president-elect makes nigger worship the new state religion (link)    06/19/24  (1)
Do ALL guys have a SPANKING KINK?    06/19/24  (7)
JD Vance is the MAGA version of Jeb! Bush    06/19/24  (2)
hate each car redesign more than the last    06/19/24  (7)
Started A Cigarette Business In Gaza. Kenny In Rafah Selling For $25/pp (CSLG)    06/19/24  (1)
Poasters Ruin STONEHENGE (vid)    06/19/24  (3)
Does EXERCISE actually work for DEPRESSION or is this flame?    06/19/24  (36)
Vonoskar clinking his knife against his glass at your dinner party    06/19/24  (64)
me n Luis n spack shaking our tanned, tight rumps to inspector norse,    06/19/24  (84)
Vonoskar asking black yankee stadium employee where he can find the vomitorium    06/19/24  (43)
a "scrotem" is a sexual modem    06/19/24  (1)
Does POASTING actually work for DEPRESSION or is this flame?    06/19/24  (4)
Ricky, what's your take on the Blue Kush weed strain?    06/19/24  (7)
Fauci: Trump got the idea for THE CURE from Laura Ingrham    06/19/24  (5)
Cigs are $25 each in Gaza holy shit    06/19/24  (7)
Protestors Ruin STONEHENGE (vid)    06/19/24  (19)
Anyone done a WIRE TRANSFER from COINBASE?    06/19/24  (2)
Study: Turdskins' Iron Chains of <><>SKINNYFAT<>
;<> date back 11,000 years
   06/19/24  (17)
FizzKidd lonely scrote suitor power rankings June 2024    06/19/24  (44)
the summer solstice is tomorrow    06/19/24  (2)
Anyone here work at a weed store?    06/19/24  (1)
why does every "chef" have to have fucking sleeve tats    06/19/24  (3)
We still have 11 more days to celebrate 💐🥂 fag poop 💩    06/19/24  (1)
It's still fag pride today ljl    06/19/24  (5)
OUT your self-care routine ITT    06/19/24  (21)
Scanning the crowd at Monster Jam thru binoculars & u see vonoskar staring at u    06/19/24  (18)
Take your life back! Have life u want! Put boomers in diapers in home    06/19/24  (4)
Trump Derangement Syndrome over THE CURE will cause libs to    06/19/24  (5)
Why I Don't Smoke Weed    06/19/24  (3)
Trump not having a good monday. $DJT shares tank another 10%    06/19/24  (26)
OH SHIT yall, the CURE IS REAL!!!!    06/19/24  (103)
US doctors literally telling people not to give the cure    06/19/24  (23)
I Remove My Kippah When I Return Things To Stores    06/19/24  (8)
Trump was right, THE CURE saved thousands of live during Covid    06/19/24  (4)
Remember when Drake thought chloroquine was the cure because Trump said it was    06/19/24  (13)
Russiacucks please react to this tweet    06/19/24  (3)
Louis CK's one of the great "hello fellow goyim" personalities    06/19/24  (9)
Recent push for anti “hate speech” laws is due to unmasking of Jewish influe    06/19/24  (16)
Wikipedia labelled ADL as an "unrealiable source"    06/19/24  (1)
The $NVIDIA meme is over    06/19/24  (7)
RATE this adorable pittie    06/19/24  (7)
No Vietcong Ever Gave Me Juneteenth Day Off    06/19/24  (4)
If you have produced 4-5 white children then it's acceptable to make 1 Hapa    06/19/24  (15)
"stop eating seed oils" the fat overfed koi whispers to u    06/19/24  (10)
Ex-Patriots coach Bill Belichick, 72, caught on camera sneaking out of 24-year-o    06/19/24  (12)
National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test (Undergraduate) or NEET-UG    06/19/24  (1)
What are you doing today to celebrate slavery?    06/19/24  (1)
Azn girl sighs contentedly, finally secure in her multiracial whiteness    06/19/24  (1)
Why is Trump’s media company stock down 40% in the last 30 days?    06/19/24  (7)
GOAT shitlaw TV show is still Rumpole Of The Bailey (1970s BBC)    06/19/24  (3)
Artsy rock bands that actually sucked    06/19/24  (235)
okay fine I admit it. It's absurd for the USA to send even one penny to Israel.    06/19/24  (4)
RATE this clip of XO Israel turning 2 TLS Hamas sons of pigs into red mist    06/19/24  (5)
don't underestimate the extent to which your parents want to see you unhappy    06/19/24  (10)
Can't believe a $27.36 trillion economy shuts its STOCK MARKET cause of NIGGAS    06/19/24  (25)
my a/c has died, fuck this gay earth    06/19/24  (75)
I know why media created for children is terrible now    06/19/24  (3)
Does anyone actually have the day off today    06/19/24  (23)
cowshit thoughts on this new Game from Nintendo?    06/19/24  (16)
Hey boom look at this    06/19/24  (1)
Ruble cratering after new US sanctions - link    06/19/24  (9)
Metroid Prime 4 announced, Nintendo won the Gen again    06/19/24  (10)
The reason people in America can’t stand Christian’s is because    06/19/24  (10)
Are there any based, Israel aligned substackwallas here?    06/19/24  (1)
good morning    06/19/24  (6)
Trump demands Fox News remove Paul Ryan from its board of directors    06/19/24  (3)
Sorry cons but there’s no way Trump is going to forgive any of this    06/19/24  (2)
Serious Q: What is THE BEST Dave Matthews Band song/performance combo?    06/19/24  (27)
Rue Pinder (Indian dating app)    06/19/24  (2)
mpa is jacob's ladder considered a christmas movie? it had a santa panhandling    06/19/24  (7)
Rate my dog ADOGing the whole neighborhood (Imgur)    06/19/24  (1)
"Too Many Lettuce: Land Reform and Agrarian Policy In South Africa"    06/19/24  (58)
Should I hang out by myself at a hookah lounge this afternoon?    06/19/24  (1)
Real inflation is over 500% do you see this as sustainable?    06/19/24  (10)
Poundtown (English dollar store)    06/19/24  (2)
Mainlining I'm soon going to o schedule a meet up..you will show or not    06/19/24  (5)
Is there any better way to judge a man's character than thickness of his hair?    06/19/24  (9)
Xo has me&all of us fuck up to the point birds singing is depressing    06/19/24  (6)
You're purely insane if you get near a vehicle let alone in one    06/19/24  (1)
Scrotes suing FizzKidd to stop the recount of the Scrote power rankings    06/19/24  (1)
Justice Kagan's "Basic Instinct" moment    06/19/24  (34)
5'10.5" and 232 lb. Snoot here taking questions.    06/19/24  (13)
Black SF firefighter tries to kill azn FF. Azn gets fired, black keeps his job    06/19/24  (30)
Biden though he still had VPOTUS powers after Obama left WH in 2017    06/19/24  (2)
Traffic on Black Wall Street grinds to a halt due to impassable crosswalks    06/19/24  (7)
Fauci, June 2024: yeah, closing schools was a mistake    06/19/24  (45)
BREAKING: J. Thomas to J. Kagan: "That's why you gay"    06/19/24  (102)
Why has Benzo's vaccine case been pending so long    06/19/24  (1)
Cops are absolutely useless dealing with Chicago "teens" (link)    06/19/24  (17)
blowin on that endo. gamecube nintendo.    06/19/24  (3)
zurich sends out firmwide email: "RFI for anyone experienced with T girls    06/19/24  (11)
lol don't be afraid to send pix of ur forbidden body, beautiful lady!    06/19/24  (10)
Anyone else getting assfucked by black tranny today in honor of Juneteenth/Pride    06/19/24  (2)
How do so many people raise multiple children? Its expensive AF    06/19/24  (79)
What are you thankful for on this Juneteenf?    06/19/24  (1)
I actually not flame think Hillary would do better than Biden in 2024    06/19/24  (29)
Anyone else getting fried chicken today to celebrate the holiday    06/19/24  (5)
This Prideteenth, remember that Black Trans Lives Matter    06/19/24  (1)
Rate this Juneteenth menu from Ikea    06/19/24  (51)
I like the atmosphere of 7-Eleven at late forbidden hours    06/19/24  (8)
Did 3 miles and 10 flights of stairs in the airport terminal waiting on flight    06/19/24  (12)
Rate this hybrid of Consuela/TDNW passionately calling Palestinians barbarians    06/19/24  (2)
LeVar Burton: This Juneteenth, remember to change the batteries in your smoke de    06/19/24  (1)
Shkreli outed at creator of the $DJT token    06/19/24  (4)
Saw War Horse this week, literally dropped to knees in tears    06/19/24  (183)
going to bed while it’s still light out, don’t give a fuck    06/19/24  (3)
Lots of cons moving from California to red states, Russia    06/19/24  (3)
This nutso? Everyone is "Celebrating" (haha) fraud maed up holiday    06/19/24  (1)
Breakdancing is an Olympic sport this year    06/19/24  (3)
Shitlibs ramping up climate change hysteria for summer    06/19/24  (11)
Black Wall Street introduces World's first Watermelon & Fried Chicken ETF    06/19/24  (5)
XO IRAN has 5 Presidential Debates, 3 more than TTT USA 🤡    06/19/24  (1)
Me, TSINAH, and Hank Scorpio stoned out of our minds at a DMB concert in 2025    06/19/24  (4)
Me & Emilio w/ lawn chairs & cooler of beer at "urban" Publix    06/19/24  (2)
Ukraine did nothing with all those Leopard and Abrams tanks. Total failure    06/19/24  (4)
YOUR FUTURE WIFE    06/19/24  (4)
Filipino Navy Seals use Bulletproof Vest made out of recycled Jolibee Cups (pic)    06/19/24  (1)
Literally no one is off today in my industry    06/19/24  (2)
This has it all: cops & suspect both get humbled; autistic EMT saves the day    06/19/24  (5)
thinking about how mario said asians were "casting magic spells and shit"    06/19/24  (1)
Any BIGLAW Firms NOT have Juneteenth off?    06/19/24  (5)
David icke Saturn cube North Pole hexagon globohomo kike huddle agenda    06/19/24  (2)
The tranny spokesman for Ukraine is back (video)    06/19/24  (1)
Russian ruble continues its collapse, surprising with oil prices so high - link    06/19/24  (5)
Breaking: UK Shitlibs just attacked Stonehenge    06/19/24  (3)
In honor of Juneteenth, let us rewatch Dave Chappelle's "Reparations 2003" skit    06/19/24  (1)
Time shift: Barry Bonds spoke at Mays' funeral in '00s, now dies again    06/19/24  (3)
is this description of jews correct? (foreigners around the world)    06/19/24  (2)
Another successful Hajj! 550 dead.    06/19/24  (5)
The Big Shorty    06/19/24  (1)
The intersectionality between gay pride month and Juneteenth    06/19/24  (4)
juneteenth has been the quickest & most thorough forcememe i’ve ever seen    06/19/24  (24)
SLS prof: squat guatemalans made my cancer surgery possible    06/19/24  (2)
Crime steadily increase,..no one wants to be accountable    06/19/24  (1)
Wolf of Black Wall Street: Show me a payday loan for $7200 I work for you    06/19/24  (22)
Fizzkidd have you ever had a tentacle up your hoo-hah?    06/19/24  (5)
Gaddafi was a kind, benevolent leader so jews had him killed    06/19/24  (1)

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