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So evil kikes tried to kill President Trump?    07/14/24  (1)
Our man survived    07/14/24  (1)
Illegal immigrants saved Trump's life    07/14/24  (1)
Taking ?s on living a gun-free country with one of the lowest gun fatality rates    07/14/24  (72)
Trump is assassinated on the eve of the Iowa caucuses. What happens?    07/14/24  (11)
it's so fucking absurd nyuug claims to live in a first world country. not close.    07/14/24  (69)
Guy in first world country, president hasn't been impeached, sup    07/14/24  (93)
Prices for men's suits make no sense    07/14/24  (1)
Trump already back on the golf course post-assassination attempt LOL    07/14/24  (20)
The only thing that matters in the race going forward:    07/14/24  (1)
"Biden" Calling Him "Donald" In His Speech Was Totally Low Class    07/14/24  (2)
recruiting autistic republican to create false flag incident was a bit much Cons    07/14/24  (1)
England can just never pull it together. Lol.    07/14/24  (14)
I want Giada de Laurentiis to smash my dick w/a rolling pin live on Food Network    07/14/24  (1)
Biden cackling in WH "How's that for a 'zinger', Jack?"    07/14/24  (1)
So is America in a full scale civil war now over immigration+wall?    07/14/24  (190)
Who the hell is this "Jack" guy Biden is always talking to    07/14/24  (7)
Trump's response has been decent but lackluster    07/14/24  (18)
Trump rally victim identified    07/14/24  (21)
Libs emailed journalist last night, said Trump was staging this like Putin    07/14/24  (19)
HuffPo: Sorry Liberals, A Violent Response To Trump Is As Logical As Any (link)    07/14/24  (18)
when does Trump get Secret Service protection?    07/14/24  (25)
Is there a sub forum focused on law school admissions here?    07/14/24  (2)
Describe the last time you manifested Hunter Biden Energy    07/14/24  (5)
Drooling Biden stumbling to podium to "Who Shot Ya?"    07/14/24  (7)
rate this story about Trump from a cart boy today, that is totally not made up    07/14/24  (7)
PA Trump rally video dump thread    07/14/24  (39)
I have a 3.7 GPA and a 169 LSAT. Best law school for me?    07/14/24  (27)
I didn’t know Morgan Freeman was such a raging shitlib    07/14/24  (1)
wow. good thing i'm gay    07/14/24  (2)
"Or perhaps he's wondering why someone would shoot at Trump and miss, ensuring t    07/14/24  (6)
Interested in practicing International Law. Best law schools for that?    07/14/24  (9)
All These NPC "Thanks To The SS" Statements From Pols Of Both Sides Are Shocking    07/14/24  (15)
Thirteen lawsuits and a HOG! Thirteen lawsuits and a HOG!    07/14/24  (3)
Head of Secret Service had long and storied career protecting VIPs    07/14/24  (43)
Accurately describing Trump makes libs complicit in his ear being grazed (gop)    07/14/24  (5)
How many days of diarrhea before medical professionals involved    07/14/24  (11)
Dorky 20 yo shitlib tries to kill Trump, xoers sit on their ass for years    07/14/24  (2)
"To the black community I say this, my opps will not catch me slacking"    07/14/24  (1)
If there's anything I've learned in the past few months it's that I need to golf    07/14/24  (1)
Where can I buy Zyn online?    07/14/24  (3)
Oh those roofs? Idk i think someones over there haha    07/14/24  (2)
(on radio) "To be fair..." *rooftop sniper headshots (((Manchurian Candidate)))*    07/14/24  (5)
Trump FOREVER    07/14/24  (1)
Guess that smug British fag who made Civil War movie was wrong about Trump chara    07/14/24  (1)
OFFICIAL THREAD: Biden Delivers Remarks on Trump Assassination @ 1:30 PM EST    07/14/24  (74)
Hello, new member here! Which law schools should I apply to?    07/14/24  (5)
Tiffany Trump shouting "I need my shoes!" as you boot her out of your apt    07/14/24  (7)
Helter skelter, just 60 years later    07/14/24  (1)
too bad a handcuffed corpse wasn't attacking trump. cops woulda shut it down.    07/14/24  (1)
High school classmate describes shooter - video    07/14/24  (3)
Trump will never die    07/14/24  (2)
How did shooter, from left, hit trump's right ear without hitting his head?    07/14/24  (5)
I can't believe theyre going to kill Donald :(    07/14/24  (1)
Cons seems to having a hard time with shooter being a Republican gun nut    07/14/24  (5)
bigger lisp, kid from Jerry McGuire or evan39?    07/14/24  (4)
Trump will be dead within 4 weeks    07/14/24  (2)
When this old world starts getting me down And people are just too much for me t    07/14/24  (3)
Video of Trump shooter debating politics on campus.    07/14/24  (19)
REMINDER: this is just a mental health crisis not political rhetoric    07/14/24  (3)
There's a group of guys who call themselves "The Rooftop Boys" who run the local    07/14/24  (3)
Cons isn’t this exactly your argument for the 2nd amendment?    07/14/24  (22)
Here’s your SS detail Mr. President. She’s 5’3” with an attitude    07/14/24  (27)
Secret Service head wouldn’t clear sniper to shoot assassin (link)    07/14/24  (47)
WOW look at this photo of Secret Service during the shots (pic)    07/14/24  (17)
England vs Spain    07/14/24  (10)
The guy who killed Franz Ferdinand was only 19    07/14/24  (11)
AZNgirl: "Trump Shooter Handsome"    07/14/24  (3)
“Hey! Last night went kinda badly but wanna give it another shot haha”    07/14/24  (6)
My wife's boyfriend is named Tate Swag    07/14/24  (1)
9/11, COVID, Trump assassination attempt; other moments on this level for us?    07/14/24  (15)
“Civil war NOW!!” “And libs need to cool it with their irresponsible rheto    07/14/24  (12)
Which one of you is this?    07/14/24  (4)
"Rooftop Incident"    07/14/24  (2)
The weirdest movie villain was the guy from The Postman    07/14/24  (11)
Video of Trump shooter interacting peacefully with campus Trumpmos    07/14/24  (1)
the fraud is gonna be even harder to swallow this election    07/14/24  (1)
a 6 person forum if you can keep it    07/14/24  (10)
Why did no one behind Trump take a bullet?    07/14/24  (1)
Consuela, so for the record the pandemic was staged globally but this was real?    07/14/24  (11)
Trump shooter was featured in a Blackrock infomercial (link)    07/14/24  (5)
Wore red MAGA hat golfing this morning    07/14/24  (15)
trump's vp pick: "trump is hitler and a rapist" mtg: "lib rhetoric did this'    07/14/24  (1)
Ruling on $7.2M fees motion dropping July 8 🤞🤞    07/14/24  (85)
wait, so Pennsylvania is actually an incredibly violent state?    07/14/24  (1)
LMAO the cop “retreated down the ladder” after he encountered Crooks    07/14/24  (63)
Jacoby Jones is fucking hilarious.    07/14/24  (6)
Rate this tweet from TT's cousin explaining Trump's Divinity    07/14/24  (4)
Guess shooter's background itt    07/14/24  (17)
"Hi. I'm Whok. I'm a fat asshole." (whok)    07/14/24  (13)
lol MAGAs    07/14/24  (2)
PA Rally Incident has men rethinking refrigerator shaped women    07/14/24  (2)
you showed me your true colors and they dont fit in the masterpiece im painting    07/14/24  (6)
Fox reporter said shooter was talking to law enforcement before getting on roof    07/14/24  (2)
Does anybody else get annoyed with people talking about their sobriety?    07/14/24  (6)
"oh fuck they can fire guns back at us" (redneck rebellion ending)    07/14/24  (1)
What products are you buying from drjonesnaturals.com to support the info war    07/14/24  (3)
None of the videos show a cop climbing ladder to confront shooter    07/14/24  (1)
Asked 6'6" college chick at the gym to beat me up outside    07/14/24  (3)
single shooter theory    07/14/24  (1)
Biden to deliver OVAL OFFICE ADDRESS tonight.    07/14/24  (4)
Biden could score a major win tonight by condemning lib rhetoric against Trump    07/14/24  (12)
Anyone else very much attracted to women?    07/14/24  (2)
Look. You come for the king, you come right. Proper. Or it don't matter.    07/14/24  (5)
Trumpmos is this fair game?    07/14/24  (3)
Does Trump’s NYC conviction get dismissed now that he was shot, or…?    07/14/24  (3)
Trumpmos suddenly annoyed by political rhetoric being too extreme?    07/14/24  (3)
What happened to Trumps shoes anyway    07/14/24  (10)
If Trump had died, he would have become a God    07/14/24  (4)
i thought the news was "fake news" consuela? is it "real news" now?    07/14/24  (3)
Thanks for your email. I am out of office studying the trump resurrection. If yo    07/14/24  (1)
I'm not seeing women with breast implants anymoar    07/14/24  (3)
Why wouldn’t Trump campaign just pay for extra security?    07/14/24  (2)
Alex Jones weights in from the forest    07/14/24  (20)
Want to get into fantasy novels, no experience besides LOTR    07/14/24  (41)
Trump only survived harm because emilion prays for him every nite    07/14/24  (7)
As of 7/14/2024, the End of History is over. Post-war consensus is over.    07/14/24  (3)
Has Consuela ever been employed in his entire life    07/14/24  (8)
FORCED HANDJOBS    07/14/24  (11)
Shooting so loud Biden wakes up from his sundowning nap 300 miles away    07/14/24  (4)
Kamala drops her panties after seeing White Man with Long Gun (vid)    07/14/24  (2)
SS Rules of Engagement are to not fire until client is fired upon    07/14/24  (24)
TSINAH's Tactical Bullet-Proof Brassier Saved Trump (link)    07/14/24  (1)
Trump descended into hell to save us, sinners    07/14/24  (1)
NIGGAS already maeking FUN of Trump Assasination    07/14/24  (1)
Trump was actually shot in the chest but bullets bounced off him    07/14/24  (4)
new meta-analysis of group differences in measured IQs in Britain    07/14/24  (4)
Secret Service tossing Pres Harris in limo after seeing red dot on her brow    07/14/24  (12)
libs cognitive dissonance is really torturing them rn    07/14/24  (3)
Will Republicans still be wearing their AR-15 lapel pins to the RNC convention?    07/14/24  (4)
Putin & Xi high-fiving as Trump's Victory looks inevitable    07/14/24  (1)
Trump shooting is #2 event of my life after 9/11    07/14/24  (5)
help me donald johnald trump. you're my only hope    07/14/24  (3)
Shannon Doherty and Richard Simmons refuse to ride elevator to hell with DJT    07/14/24  (2)
He really was in Blackrock ad lol    07/14/24  (1)
COPS actually climbed to ROOF and confronted Shooter but got SCARED    07/14/24  (2)
Another photo of the fat secret service woman in action - link    07/14/24  (14)
Why are SS and local police not in communication during big events?    07/14/24  (3)
***RFK Jr Issues Official Statement on Trump Rally Incident***    07/14/24  (4)
Shooter was in a BlackRock commercial    07/14/24  (2)
*Erik Prince and the Patriot Guard goose stepping to the Comperatore Lied*    07/14/24  (2)
Trump to America: "Get down!" *fires shotgun at Global Capitalism in hallway*    07/14/24  (242)
xo topic of the week: Trump shot or DBG buying home gym equipment    07/14/24  (2)
Did shooter think he assassinated Trump before he got killed?    07/14/24  (3)
LOL Israel couldnt even wait 24 hrs after the fake shooting to bomb Damascus lol    07/14/24  (4)
Cover of Sunday morning Denver Post    07/14/24  (39)
CONFESSION: It kills me that Ricky is Jewish.    07/14/24  (12)
London Has Fallen remake Ricky Has Fallen (2024)    07/14/24  (2)

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