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SP here. Just got new client. Can someone give me quick rundown what's a tort?    03/03/24  (12)
Fight for a future where anti-Semitism is a thing of the past    03/03/24  (1)
180 that Cslgs fraud doesn’t work for restaurants like it did with pi scam    03/03/24  (8)
A 70 year old woman walks into a bar on the phone, bartender pours her    03/03/24  (2)
Great Jewish military figures: if they exist they died centuries ago    03/03/24  (1)
Why do women think they can physically threaten men?    03/03/24  (2)
Some people in their 40's look 60, while others look 30. Why?    03/03/24  (7)
Razib Khan and Roko Mijic trying to get Aella gangbang invites (Twitter)    03/03/24  (3)
Post ITT if your wife is PERFECT    03/03/24  (14)
Ernst Jünger: The man with no hands    03/03/24  (4)
🚨🚨🚨Emmanuel Macron's wife was ALSO born a man 🚨🚨🚨    03/03/24  (4)
Modern day Atlantis: Inside the 75-year-old Soviet floating city    03/03/24  (3)
Consuela, Brett Andersen deleted all his schizophrenic sperging out    03/03/24  (3)
Jews; let's tell the world we're going genocide, run out of ammo and beg    03/03/24  (1)
Reluctantly squanched at the age of 9, Spaceporn pumping and thrusting in time    03/03/24  (137)
I get held down, and get squanched again, mommy never hears me shout    03/03/24  (216)
Jews. Russia world never EVER use a nuke. We've given it some thought.    03/03/24  (2)
Sad news: gave Doberman a tren cycle & he bit off my wiener (hegemon)    03/03/24  (1)
If you can't do something perfectly, don't do it at all (xo poa    03/03/24  (9)
Biden leads Trump in RCP average of polls in Pennsylvania (link)    03/03/24  (1)
Sp here. If I poast weird rape shit about my kid, it’s not funny and it means    03/03/24  (270)
Proles loves filling up their truck $10, $20 at a time and getting gas 4x/week    03/03/24  (26)
I'll never be "tried". I'll never be "caught. There will never be "justice"    03/03/24  (1)
my adoptive dad has more pending rape charges than I do (and he’s neutered!)    03/03/24  (15)
Can’t even take my kids on a tour of the Capitol thanks to J6 terrorists    03/03/24  (5)
Got a colonoscopy last week. Dr said there’s an 80% chance I have cancer lol    03/03/24  (51)
Q: Why does foreign aid dropped on Gaza have meals with "Karma Sushi" logo?    03/03/24  (2)
Spaceporn listing "Boy Scout" on his resume    03/03/24  (9)
SP here. I will never be charged w such a crime. I will never "be tried"    03/03/24  (183)
Sp here! Listen if i want to play “hungry butt” w my kid that’s none of ur    03/03/24  (42)
SP here! Some guys chase little boys. Not me. I’m happy with the one at home.    03/03/24  (16)
SP here. Huge relief dumb nig CPS agent believed my kid just had bloody stool    03/03/24  (20)
Libs want you to think a tomato is a fruit, a panda isn’t a bear    03/03/24  (8)
Benzo have you ever suffered a dislocated asshole?    03/03/24  (7)
American roadways are truly terrifying    03/03/24  (25)
SP here. I don't rape children. I rape only one child and it's barely even rape    03/03/24  (16)
Does anyone have a link to the 45 min Hamas attack video?    03/03/24  (3)
SP here! C'mere, my little yellow leprechaun, I hear there's gold in yer asshole    03/03/24  (32)
Reminder. RSF was "IRL friends" with Julia and got caught shit talking her    03/03/24  (5)
Seeing a skinny blonde MILF at a playground in DC is like seeing the Loch Ness M    03/03/24  (3)
Karen investigates potential pedo situation at McDonalds (link)    03/03/24  (1)
NSAM says Russia has been using nukes in Ukraine and only he knows    03/03/24  (1)
Boom spamming the bort of Taylor Swift posts again    03/03/24  (4)
Reminder: Scarlatti was a better composer than Bach    03/03/24  (7)
Unpopular opinion Scarlatti was a better composer than Bach    03/03/24  (25)
Is Scarlatti the Cr composer?    03/03/24  (16)
the joy of discovering a new Scarlatti sonata    03/03/24  (3)
Rate the preftige of this black couple    03/03/24  (7)
i still think Scarlatti was a better composer than Bach    03/03/24  (2)
Did Benzo OD and die? The bort is working fine now and pumos are gone    03/03/24  (1)
i have never poasted the n-word on xo    03/03/24  (7)
Jews: it would be 190 if let women become generals and defense ministers and tro    03/03/24  (1)
What's keeping you going?    03/03/24  (20)
Pic of Russia using a tactical nuke on Ukraine    03/03/24  (5)
Abos brought it to plan Israel's attack on Gaza; Hamas destroyed on 2 days    03/03/24  (1)
Quiche is an under rated week end food product    03/03/24  (13)
if you live in the boonies and theres traffic youre not in the boonies    03/03/24  (1)
Hard to believe I used to respect Jewish intelligence    03/03/24  (1)
Russian Flag Flies Over Tonenke And Orlivka. Ukraine Retreating Every Hour    03/03/24  (28)
rate this proposal for foreign troops in Ukraine (link)    03/03/24  (13)
He good at law make me back money for car pero I must eat sushi than he pay    03/03/24  (2)
Sydney Sweeney and emilio estevez tp on SNL    03/03/24  (10)
no more "Mr. Nice Elites🐐" the middle class about to be disciplined    03/03/24  (1)
i like girls    03/03/24  (2)
How bad really is nicotine?    03/03/24  (38)
Hypo: Jew TDNW is right about something to do with war for once    03/03/24  (1)
Hypo: Jews trying to analyze a war, offer insight and advice    03/03/24  (1)
New FX show "Shogun" is 180    03/03/24  (15)
Bill Ackman says he’s suing Business Insider tomorrow    03/03/24  (26)
New South Wales is like 40% Indian now    03/03/24  (1)
I hear Ukraine managed to kill some Russians last week; RSF is it true?    03/03/24  (1)
Biden hosts gay wedding at the White House    03/03/24  (2)
how the fuck do i quit vaping. tried several times but can't do it    03/03/24  (67)
Why is Dune sequel not streaming on MAX (HBO)    03/03/24  (11)
one good thing about my hit and run is i got a full body CT scan    03/03/24  (2)
Just found out from my ShareBlue masters the DNC will finance Nikki 3rd party    03/03/24  (2)
Why is everyones golden named Bailey?    03/03/24  (1)
Hiking in Hong Kong    03/03/24  (2)
Reminder: US side of Mexican border is littered with drug traffickers    03/03/24  (2)
Just told Pajeet the INDIAN Immigration Officer I'm NEVER returning to India    03/03/24  (5)
I'm in Kansas City! What's so great about this place?    03/03/24  (18)
Jews throw anything up and the masses gobble it up    03/03/24  (10)
The Job was never finished on Jew$ and now they're wrecking it all    03/03/24  (2)
A rich prole told me.."I think educated people are dumb" boy was he right    03/03/24  (7)
GOAT TV shows    03/03/24  (2)
RSFs alleged sockpuppet CryptoPiglet does post gook a lot and shits on Luis    03/03/24  (191)
what happened to AssF*ggot?    03/03/24  (2)
Ever fall in love with an app girl?    03/03/24  (33)
Taylor Swift’s cunt must be a blown out roast beef disaster by now    03/03/24  (38)
Alexei Navalny: An Unsavoury, Manufactured Product Of The West (Greenwald)    03/03/24  (99)
TSINAH let's plan to human smuggle me from Windsor to Michigan    03/03/24  (3)
Biden Campaign on bad poll numbers: “Who cares? We’ll rig it on Election Day    03/03/24  (2)
My flight to India is full of NIGGAS, literally Nigga & Turd flight    03/03/24  (23)
how do i convince my psychiatrist to give me Adderall instead of Concerta    03/03/24  (2)
"A 'boilet' is a twink that drinks urine" (Rach on phone with police)    03/03/24  (85)
MKULTRA'd Poaster's Annulment    03/03/24  (1)
my Morgellons is really flaring up this morning    03/03/24  (1)
more chemtrails than usual this morning. call the police? FBI? help    03/03/24  (1)
jafar reappears from the either, fully diapered, dropping nonsense on the bort    03/03/24  (2)
It's all true. Snake Island. The Ghost of KYIV. HIMARS. It all happened.    03/03/24  (1)
Secret tunnel found connecting Emroch & Kilduff w Tiny Tots Daycare    03/03/24  (15)
Jewish handlers are running Amerikkka and the world    03/03/24  (7)
vonoskar and i once met in rural Kentucky. can't say why. but it was important.    03/03/24  (1)
oooh yeah oozing vile-smelling yeasty gash soooo hot    03/03/24  (22)
Haven't been keeping up on the "Ukraine war" for over a year. Did Ukraine win?    03/03/24  (1)
Did Israel ever release evidence of the beheaded babies?    03/03/24  (2)
the benzo vs. RSF feud is just sad as fuck    03/03/24  (1)
Israel last week: we're genocidal. Watch us commit genocide! Today; call aberlam    03/03/24  (2)
RATE this goyslopette    03/03/24  (9)
How much of a fruitcake do you have to be to support “Ukraine” in 2024?    03/03/24  (5)
Somebody's gotta feel this (someone's got to feel this)    03/03/24  (1)
ITT: Give your best piece of lyfe advice    03/03/24  (4)
Really want to pound FizzKidd’s fat juicy azn vulva    03/03/24  (10)
Ted cruz tp, spritezero tp, peterman all gone    03/03/24  (1)
XO IS DEAD    03/03/24  (9)
“ Ancient Rome “ ( America Today ) discovered that the Road to Riches and We    03/03/24  (2)
Wife taking a coding class. Is there a link between language learning and    03/03/24  (5)
URGENT: cucumbers tp seeking car crash shitlaw king in Chicago    03/03/24  (64)
Old Iron Pants seems like an angry catty gay    03/03/24  (4)
I once dated this girl who I really liked, but she was dating other guys    03/03/24  (15)
Got a judgment for $11.3M today. How 2 celebrate?    03/03/24  (50)
#Don'tbeTaylorSwift    03/03/24  (1)
You will soon be "divorced" and looking so the age when u met 1st "wife"=flame    03/03/24  (12)
Dazed & Confused is set closer to Third Reich than to 2024    03/03/24  (2)
Life begins at conception&that's a biological fact! Sorry lib murderers    03/03/24  (10)
What percent of the population is objectively SUBHUMAN?    03/03/24  (16)
Lol at all of this retarded flame that's all this world 🌎 is    03/03/24  (2)
Russians walk right into a Bradley ambush (video)    03/03/24  (4)
Paralegal Mohamed has admitted to being a terrible husband and father    03/03/24  (45)
evil YouTubers developmentally crippling kids with ChatGPT slop for CASH    03/03/24  (1)
CDC: Yeah, COVID is really just the flu, no need for special precautions lmao    03/03/24  (1)
Everywhere Swift and Kelce go people are harmed&it's sad and evil πŸ™ˆπŸ€₯    03/03/24  (2)
Get to work and slave some more to pay for more useless Jew bullshit    03/03/24  (2)
Boom let us know if ur "going Hinckley" over Swift/Kelce so we can alert RBI    03/03/24  (5)
Theory: "archiver" is actually rach    03/03/24  (1)
Gamergate 2 currently underway as gamers boycott “Sweet Baby Inc.”    03/03/24  (9)
Mt Rushmore of standups. Richard Lewis, Frank Caliendo, Bret Kreischer, Dane Coo    03/03/24  (12)
so libs are calling it the “Flour Massacre?”    03/03/24  (21)
All lies&fraud you can create her own fake fake he billions like Swift    03/03/24  (1)
How old was your wife when you met her?    03/03/24  (77)
https://www.necn.com/?p=3096757    03/03/24  (1)
Theres unlimited opportunity but for what? And it's too late hmm    03/03/24  (1)
Kherson bridge still working    03/03/24  (3)
Remember that dam burst in Ukraine and TDNW said Russia would lose and die?    03/03/24  (4)
Tried booking a hotel in Cleveland for the eclipse (TSINAH)    03/03/24  (40)
Another bad day for TDNW, hey man why doesn't your friend RSF ever vouch for you    03/03/24  (26)
πŸ“‰ Boy Scouts membership down 61.3% in two years. πŸ“‰    03/03/24  (164)
Putin withdraws from Ukraine after losing Kherson. "We can't win"    03/03/24  (1)
boor we should go on trip to India with our whore ex gfs    03/03/24  (1)
Ukraine his the Kherson bridge again lol (video)    03/03/24  (5)

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