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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
X branding already seems to be supplanting “Twitter”    07/22/24  (2)
Ozempic former fatties have radically changed their shopping habits    07/22/24  (88)
Just signed spaceporn up for NAMBLA membership, nice gift basket sent to office    07/22/24  (70)
so has Joe appeared since his supposed resignation? link?    07/22/24  (1)
Blackstone buys Ancestry.com for 4.7 billion    07/22/24  (1)
cock of michael obama is a genius moniker    07/22/24  (2)
Damn Wall Street up bigly on Kamala news    07/22/24  (1)
just got an escrow overage refund check for over $3000K    07/22/24  (1)
My skeletal muscle mass is 48.4% of my body mass. Preftigious?    07/22/24  (6)
Kamala, like Trump, is an anti-fragile candidate    07/22/24  (26)
And the bat's in the ladle and we're not immune, president Hu with a face like a    07/22/24  (126)
What's the food like at Ronald McDonald House?    07/22/24  (3)
It's just soybean oil and fingernail clippings    07/22/24  (1)
Biden is dead. News soon. Dying wish was for country to unify around Kamala    07/22/24  (2)
Is GABA rice flame?    07/22/24  (1)
She is objectively the worst Democrat nominee in our lives    07/22/24  (95)
She's my little bat soup, you don't know what I caught    07/22/24  (6)
Blackbat sitting on a bed of rice. Taste these roasted wings, prepare to die    07/22/24  (78)
Left alone with big fat batty, now I'm feeling kinda crappy, heap big Wuhan    07/22/24  (14)
Holy shit Kyrsten Sinema    07/22/24  (54)
I got called to jury duty next week - WHAT A CIVIC DUTY!    07/22/24  (15)
Calling it now: Trump will crash and burn fast    07/22/24  (15)
xo poster arrested (bodycam edition)    07/22/24  (1)
rewatched Back to the Future trilogy over the weekend    07/22/24  (6)
Ljl @ that depressed neurosurgeon getting millions of views    07/22/24  (1)
I understand and wish to continue.    07/22/24  (43)
We need a President not a PresiDEInt!!!    07/22/24  (2)
Kamala headed to Delaware to finish Joe off    07/22/24  (1)
🚨IMPORTANT🚨 Complete your DEI trainings by 7/31 in order to continue poast    07/22/24  (1)
Dave Portnoy announces cancer diagnosis on X, 8-12 months to live    07/22/24  (2)
Anyone see the horror movie Creep (2014)?    07/22/24  (9)
Biden: “I DONT FEEL NO WAYS TIRED”    07/22/24  (1)
🚨🚨🚨 BIDEN FORGETS HE DROPPED OUT 🚨🚨🚨    07/22/24  (8)
Biden not meeting with Netanyahu?    07/22/24  (4)
are you afraid of technology?    07/22/24  (2)
I don’t think Cheatle is being allowed to resign    07/22/24  (7)
Just heard Kamala speak for 5 seconds. Nearly puked.    07/22/24  (24)
White House flute plays at 3am; JD Vance undulates slowly out of basket    07/22/24  (33)
Is boner police really Jewish?    07/22/24  (3)
"DEI" has become kind of a tired phrase. But this is it's defining moment    07/22/24  (7)
a boob job could save me (GJR)    07/22/24  (29)
RATING POSTERS as things Israel will demand of us if Trump gets elected    07/22/24  (20)
YLS offering 3Ls new course "How to Skinsuit as Working Class White"    07/22/24  (15)
*bboom lower body missing like from aliens* donny: boom..*cries*    07/22/24  (82)
Good morning. Please God eradicate kikes off the face of the earth. Amen.    07/22/24  (12)
UK Labour —> France New Popular Left —> USA Kamala Dems    07/22/24  (1)
Will Vance be the most disastrous VP pick since Sarah Palin?    07/22/24  (25)
Obama, Bill Clinton, Pelosi, and Schumer holding down pillow on Joe's face.    07/22/24  (32)
Tsinah takes a seat at the gay bar, pulls out 3 jimmy John subs from his bag    07/22/24  (10)
My Net Worth by O. You Travel    07/22/24  (1)
2046: Biden jogs out of hospice care, meets up with Hunter for cocaine binge    07/22/24  (3)
Doobs was highly 180 and probably the greatest poaster of all time.    07/22/24  (5)
"Dehydrated but stable" Hunter found passed out in FBI drug evidence locker    07/22/24  (7)
"Is Ozempic Anti-Semitic?" ask Jewish Sysco Merchants    07/22/24  (1)
Shabbos Kestenbaum would be a great Wrestler name    07/22/24  (32)
*waves hand* you don't need to see their voter identification    07/22/24  (1)
They'll Just Hide "Kamala" For 4 Months Like They Did With "Biden" 2020    07/22/24  (5)
Shabbos Kestenbaum    07/22/24  (2)
Don Cheadle to Trump: DIAF    07/22/24  (10)
Has anyone on xo actually met a Jewish person IRL?    07/22/24  (1)
What was the point in dynamiting dementia joe for bombay shanequa?    07/22/24  (51)
WFH'ers >>>> small business owners/solos. Its the cold hard truth    07/22/24  (22)
This is how I got hiv (Zurich)    07/22/24  (32)
I think I'm a top tier and under appreciated poaster    07/22/24  (10)
Joe wanted to run,Jill sold him out a la Lady Macbeth for a Presidential Library    07/22/24  (4)
Predict date by when X will be the "everything app"    07/22/24  (4)
MrBeast's tranny sidekick hit with pedo allegations    07/22/24  (5)
I'm only sad Biden won't live to know just how badly he lost in Ukraine    07/22/24  (2)
On the Redneck Rebellion    07/22/24  (8)
The Gentleman's Console    07/22/24  (4)
Married guy doing laundry and folding formerly thin wife’s enormous panties    07/22/24  (3)
ITT drop reviews of Summer 2024 Anime    07/22/24  (1)
Colorado Gov. Jared Polis (D) Outs Self As XO Poaster (link) (not flame    07/22/24  (15)
2025 White House state dinner menu: Big Mac entree w/ side of aloo gobi    07/22/24  (1)
Corrupt Democratic Establishment Dolls Up Their Coup (Brendan O'Neill, Spiked)    07/22/24  (2)
the life story of newsom's father's nazi buddy is pretty crazy    07/22/24  (6)
so happy KamalaSexy was banned for the sake of CSLG who doesn't post anyways    07/22/24  (1)
I’d like to see Kamala win just for the Tommy turdskin posts on election night    07/22/24  (4)
It’s become fashionable for poasters to back Newsom and it needs to stop    07/22/24  (2)
Rising Dem Star Gov Wes Moore unveils exceedingly stupid, race-baiting hot take    07/22/24  (6)
Hey consuela can we get an update about how Twitter is about to shut down?    07/22/24  (11)
Just had gay sex (bottom) in a Jimmy John's men's room, taking ?s    07/22/24  (169)
Home Gym Bros: Dumbbell Set Advice    07/22/24  (24)
hold on bro i'm brownpoasting    07/22/24  (4)
Shouty 78-year-old habitual liar whose life is a record of shame and failure    07/22/24  (5)
Ramos, Puyol & Pique vs Roberto Carlos, Cafu & Lucio    07/22/24  (3)
Gonna cut off a small piece of my penis to prove I hate jews (tbf)    07/22/24  (2)
are there any video game sound tracks you listen to often?    07/22/24  (89)
Warning to cons: Kamala is very popular on TikTok    07/22/24  (1)
so biden dropped out as soon as he found out trump survived?    07/22/24  (5)
OYT: $JMIA loves you, my friend    07/22/24  (70)
we went from Ridin' with Biden to Gettin Ridden by Kamala    07/22/24  (2)
Who would be the DNC nominee if Biden never ran for reelection?    07/22/24  (11)
Josh Shapiro did PT evening program at GULC    07/22/24  (12)
Why doesn’t anyone try to reboot He-Man?    07/22/24  (1)
CNN: See Van Jones' emotional reaction to Biden's withdrawal    07/22/24  (4)
🚨White House Chief of Staff Calls a Lid on Biden Until September🚨    07/22/24  (1)
cowgod, must see video ITT of PS1 MFE    07/22/24  (1)
Synopsis of “Regulate” by Warren G featuring Nate Dogg    07/22/24  (8)
Wait, so Biden lost 1 debate to Trump and then dropped out?    07/22/24  (7)
So a conservative gun nut from a Republican family shot Trump in the face?    07/22/24  (3)
Feel Like This 'Queen Kamala Complicit In "Biden" Cover Up' Storyline Is Weak    07/22/24  (4)
Was queen Kamala ever a line prosecutor trying cases? Just bossy WOC supervisor?    07/22/24  (5)
Permanent Lid: The subtle art of not giving a f#ck    07/22/24  (1)
RATE "Wing Of Zion," Israel's New AF1 Plane (PIC)    07/22/24  (4)
Special guest Netanyahu to join Kamala's first Jewish Huddle    07/22/24  (1)
Kamala will threaten to use 25th Amendment unless Biden willingly steps down    07/22/24  (13)
rate Tampa as a place to live    07/22/24  (8)
where the fuck is Joe Biden? I'm starting to wonder...    07/22/24  (2)
Biden Joins "Quiet Quitters", Already Begins Drawing Second Salary at New Job    07/22/24  (2)
American President casually calling a lid on appearing in public ever again    07/22/24  (2)
Harris refuses to preside over Senate for Netanyahu speech - link    07/22/24  (4)
Ian Miles Ching Chong is fuming mad Trump can't run against Joe    07/22/24  (6)
Can POTUS directly hire personal bodyguards or they're forced to use SS?    07/22/24  (1)
Secret Service was NOT present during security briefing for rally    07/22/24  (4)
Not flame, it appears libs are genuinely excited about Kamala lol    07/22/24  (10)
Here's the blackpill about Kamala Harris.    07/22/24  (144)
do hot naked guys arouse you?    07/22/24  (11)
New angle of the Shooter    07/22/24  (5)
You were your wife’s last option    07/22/24  (6)
I have early onset alcohol induced dementia in my 40s    07/22/24  (1)
So "Kamala" Was An Actual Line Prosecutor For 2 Yrs?    07/22/24  (1)
"It's Kamala! It's Kamala, everybody!!!"    07/22/24  (1)
Describe life in TAMPA, FL    07/22/24  (72)
I'm in Miami Beach all week if anyone wants to meet up and have sex with me    07/22/24  (14)
what it's like being around Stalin tp    07/22/24  (3)
Watch out for Stalin tp. He’s very mentally ill and can’t be trusted    07/22/24  (4)
Are the democrats really this inept?    07/22/24  (3)
BREAKING: Kamala will "Rip [Trump] Apart" in 2024 Election (LINK)    07/22/24  (19)
RNC should do another convention in september, fuck it    07/22/24  (10)
Nate Dogg (born Natan Dogevitch in Minsk, USSR, 1970) was    07/22/24  (1)
Dems in array. Not a single primary challenger to Harris comes forward    07/22/24  (1)
Biden’s doctor: “He’s almost completely recovered from Covid”    07/22/24  (1)
Hegemon, my gut thinks Belal is gonna wrestlefuck Leon to a gay win    07/22/24  (3)
July Surprise: Biden may already be deceased    07/22/24  (6)
Is SIMPLISAFE Useful?    07/22/24  (12)
Biden wheeled out in Hannibal Lecter mask at DNC to endorse Kamala    07/22/24  (1)
Compare jobs USA vs overseas    07/22/24  (13)
No babe, I use this account to smash kikes, the other one is my nigger account    07/22/24  (4)
MASE is like your fat younger brother that gets in w wrong crowd then turns it a    07/22/24  (12)
Everyone is sleeping on Kamala. She will absolutely clean up with educated white    07/22/24  (2)
Richard Marx's Right Here Waiting is one of the cuckiest songs of all time    07/22/24  (4)
SEETHE Trumpmos, you made this election about age. Reap, Sow.    07/22/24  (25)
Trump to attack Harris for being *too tough* on crime    07/22/24  (7)
that video where GJR sprays diarrhea everywhere is still disgusting    07/22/24  (4)
Dems best strategy: Kamala gives rehearsed DNC speech, then hides in basement    07/22/24  (14)
Fauci says Harris has “superbrain,” can bench 600 lbs. (link)    07/22/24  (2)
After the debate, Biden became stuck in what political scientists call the danci    07/22/24  (3)
Trump RBG Tiny Dancer sequence was emmy worthy for sim writers    07/22/24  (35)

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