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Letitia James says she's prepared to seize Trump's buildings    02/21/24  (61)
CPS takes kid away from parents for not affirming tranny identity    02/21/24  (12)
Sam Hyde and avgn are both Bald    02/21/24  (1)
A Bleak Future for Renters    02/21/24  (5)
Having possessions - prole?    02/21/24  (2)
Phone case - prole?    02/21/24  (14)
Brand new series S is overheating constantly    02/21/24  (3)
Eric Adams searches his kid's room for drugs and guns.    02/21/24  (38)
If the US became isolationist and didn't gaf about Ukraine/Israel, downsides?    02/21/24  (4)
An EVM or Eritrean virtual machine    02/21/24  (1)
Investing real estate versus SPY    02/21/24  (16)
Alan Keyes was a way more articulate black candidate than Obama    02/21/24  (12)
Retarded incompetent Russians still haven’t gotten a single HIMARS launcher    02/21/24  (2)
I love it when clients email me red lined comments then call immediately after    02/21/24  (4)
Taking questions from Randolph, New Jersey (dat snoot)    02/21/24  (21)
ITT: We track the progress of the 17 audio recordings    02/21/24  (50)
Got banned from the crypto slack    02/21/24  (2)
hey mods, delete karlstack's posts on xo the way he deletes ours on EJMR    02/21/24  (5)
you're old: stallone is 77 years old    02/21/24  (3)
noNividia+bitcoinmos fucked    02/21/24  (1)
is it better to buy a condo, or rent?    02/21/24  (17)
bowlcut appreciation thread    02/21/24  (5)
nohousemos fucked    02/21/24  (32)
Matthias of Redwall but it's 'Autoadmit Poaster' anagrammed to Adapt Autoerotism    02/21/24  (7)
Section 212(f) of the 1952 Immigration and Nationality Act    02/21/24  (1)
"Bang my stinky yellow pussy, white math dork"    02/21/24  (101)
ITT poast your Nvidia earnings call prediction    02/21/24  (18)
Has XO ever seen a bigger fall from grace than "TDNW"?    02/21/24  (120)
just moving to NYC, what is reasonable for rent    02/21/24  (22)
is it better to buy starter home and then upgrade, or rent, then buy real home    02/21/24  (14)
how do people still rent apartments?    02/21/24  (9)
What is the appropriate percent of take home pay to use for rent?    02/21/24  (8)
LSAC: Logic games removed beginning August 2024    02/21/24  (93)
CR to always live in cheapest apartment/room for rent?    02/21/24  (5)
do you look down on people who live in small houses or rent small apartments    02/21/24  (26)
Sell my place or rent it out?    02/21/24  (7)
Biglaw - buy or rent?    02/21/24  (13)
Can't be understated how much the Summer of Floyd reawoke legit racism in the US    02/21/24  (40)
RATE Pippa Middleton In A Bikini In St Barts (PICS)    02/21/24  (12)
Google's Gemini AI is hilariously woke    02/21/24  (58)
SBF poses alongside Bloods members who call him ‘weird as shit’    02/21/24  (7)
NYT: "Despite Recent 'Push,' Russia Still Trapped In 'Stalemate' in Ukraine" (LI    02/21/24  (12)
Rating poasters on whether they have the zhuzh    02/21/24  (3)
nyuug do koreans look down on you because you are a draft dodger?    02/21/24  (21)
Rate this girl's "dating diary"    02/21/24  (91)
“Yeah, their biggest export is diamonds, they don’t even have an- hello? Who    02/21/24  (1)
Former MTV VJ Jesse Camp now an associate at amlaw 250 firm (link)    02/21/24  (17)
Some people have millions. Others have nothing. No other differences.    02/21/24  (1)
let's see how quickly karlstack's FAG mod boyfriend mods this    02/21/24  (2)
rod stewart decorates like an arab who moved to russia to become an oligarch    02/21/24  (1)
Alabama Supreme Court Rules That Frozen Burritos Are Children    02/21/24  (2)
why do dems love the cia so much    02/21/24  (2)
The Gangnam WGWAG Playboy Chronicles (II)    02/21/24  (187)
The fear that a Jewish midget is following you    02/21/24  (1)
American food expense as % of income reaches 30 year high    02/21/24  (18)
lol entire stock market gonna moon or bleed based solely on Nividia ER    02/21/24  (16)
“Alright nah” said Travis as he held down bbooom with one hand and spread hi    02/21/24  (14)
146 lbs today friends (Mainlining)    02/21/24  (13)
Please critically think ..it's all yours    02/21/24  (7)
Bro wants to name his baby "Menelaus." wtf?    02/21/24  (2)
Be honest: what are black people supposed to do instead of crime?    02/21/24  (25)
How seriously does your wife take 1 Corinthians 14:33-35?    02/21/24  (17)
James O'Keefe busts TURDSKIN IRS agent who admits scamming people.    02/21/24  (16)
The interest on a 355m judgment is 87.5k PER DAY lol    02/21/24  (3)
Fitzgerald, Hemingway: couldnt hack it, self-deported to Paris. Faulkner: stayed    02/21/24  (12)
My ass is high in the air, wiggling around rn as i poast    02/21/24  (19)
tried to do Shabu Shabu at home last night. nasty shit    02/21/24  (241)
Google apologies for Gemini AI refusing to show white people (link)    02/21/24  (31)
Keith Ellison likely to be Chairman of the DNC. Tired of winning, Trumpmos?    02/21/24  (4)
Business Idea: Streaming Service which remembers which show you watched last    02/21/24  (2)
Wife always insists we keep running red lights like Tiesto    02/21/24  (1)
Gen X’s hatred of the N64 hasn’t been discussed enough imo    02/21/24  (23)
Are Pakistani women cr?    02/21/24  (1)
libs: Trump verdict will send msg to fraudulent realtors. NY: this is a one-off    02/21/24  (1)
Least faggy coffee order? Cappuccino?    02/21/24  (94)
Isidore of Seville basically created the first and only iPad for like 700 years    02/21/24  (1)
PS1 thru PS3 have zero following    02/21/24  (12)
RATE The Silver Medalist In Germany's 400m Dash (PICS)    02/21/24  (5)
Is preferring shaved pussy prole?    02/21/24  (23)
what was the name of the law student dance music videos?    02/21/24  (22)
Biden shits all over MAGA at dem fundraiser    02/21/24  (3)
RAF aptitude tests show 85 IQ mean for nigger applicants    02/21/24  (7)
Going to get drunk and start slicing off skin tags.    02/21/24  (3)
I have saved nothing for my retirement.    02/21/24  (1)
Roku tv's are fucking annoying    02/21/24  (1)
ITT: Name Athletes Who Forced Major Rule Changes In Their Sport    02/21/24  (27)
I finally learned what the fox says - video    02/21/24  (1)
Peter Zeihan on Sam Harris podcast    02/21/24  (1)
Retarded MAGA donated $600k to pay Trump’s NYC civil fine    02/21/24  (2)
Zelensky appears on YouTube ad: if you've ever tasted bread, you've tasted wheat    02/21/24  (1)
Ukraine government back to focusing on what matters to Ukraine: wheat    02/21/24  (1)
The State of Gaming    02/21/24  (1)
Buyers trying to terminate contract and demanding $25K due diligence $ back    02/21/24  (44)
55" TV for the bedroom? Too big? I am having trouble reading text on 34"    02/21/24  (7)
police now using 23&Me to find criminals from 20 years ago (link)    02/21/24  (61)
Cheering For My Countryman Nuno Borges #tennis    02/21/24  (15)
Is inflation making businesses generally more scammy?    02/21/24  (2)
Biden's dog put down after biting 24 secret service agents    02/21/24  (2)
Trumpmos - should frozen embryos count as people for the US census too?    02/21/24  (4)
I've cone this far without knowing who Sam Hyde is but this is lol    02/21/24  (4)
Who would be the Dems most electable POTUS candidate?    02/21/24  (40)
weekend 2c-b chemsex report    02/21/24  (86)
Private Tennis Lesson With Lance "Rafa" Nadal For $150K #tennis    02/21/24  (5)
Game Over man    02/21/24  (10)
TT come back to Cali see what happens I’m here bitch    02/21/24  (4)
faggy coffee tp    02/21/24  (1)
A day in the life of Joe Biden's America.    02/21/24  (222)
Xbox fans are Inconsolable    02/21/24  (4)
Thai Trans guy films CrossFit men taking shits in Madison, WI bathroom    02/21/24  (17)
taking my dog hunting this year (TSINAH)    02/21/24  (3)
Amazing These Small Contractor Business w Employees Who Just Do Estimates    02/21/24  (24)
Rate these bodybuilders    02/21/24  (2)
Reminder: lawman8 stopped posting in spring 2020, likely died of Covid    02/21/24  (6)
Armpit Pornography    02/21/24  (1)
TT rapes little kids irl    02/21/24  (4)
Need Emilio tp to rate this earnest Christian girl talking about the Bible    02/21/24  (12)
Neville rapes little boys wow that’s horrible    02/21/24  (1)
No, babe, they’re all white they just ACCUSE each other of being azns and jews    02/21/24  (8)
what "libs" are pushing is flat out evil    02/21/24  (1)
Just became a millionaire before turning 40. Thanks, Biden!    02/21/24  (4)
Great day of posting everyone. Take a cool down bump and hit the showers    02/21/24  (2)
Nex Benedict    02/21/24  (4)
Google AI head is a shitlib Jew. Of course    02/21/24  (1)
RATE Emily Ratajkowski In A VERY Loose Fitting White Strapped Dress (PIC)    02/21/24  (2)
China will invade Taiwan in the next 6 months after this Taliban shit    02/21/24  (18)
Sydney Sweeney and Taylor Swift do nothing for me at all    02/21/24  (27)
what was squaresoft's high water mark? ffix, ffx, kingdom hearts?    02/21/24  (12)
You know what the problem is? FAGGOTS. Ok, it's fuckin FAGGOTS and their butth    02/21/24  (7)
People are going WILD for Bobby Althoff nude leaks on twitter    02/21/24  (1)
ITT: How could an invasion of 'Murica take place?    02/21/24  (41)
why are libs so obsessed w "Russia"    02/21/24  (3)
I'm getting HARD looking @ AZN looking Northeast Indians    02/21/24  (5)
Cold Hard Nigga Truth: AZNgirls are the GLUE holding this fragile World together    02/21/24  (6)
In college i hung with an AzN pothead clique who called themselves "Falun Bong"    02/21/24  (23)
Remember when libs said Tulsi was a Russian agent and cons said she wasn’t?    02/21/24  (6)
rate this sentence explaining human-neanderthal interbreeding    02/21/24  (12)
Azn girl rapper "Wu Tang Clam"    02/21/24  (2)
TDNW’s DNA discovered on bottle of Green Mark Vodka (video proof)    02/21/24  (1)
LSAT is removing Logic Games?!?!    02/21/24  (9)
"I would urge you to see the truth of the situation you're in, Counselor."    02/21/24  (4)
so weird how Gazans want war to end but won't give up the hostages    02/21/24  (26)
El Salvador’s Nayib Bukele Committed Blatant Election Fraud (Jacobin)    02/21/24  (3)
Every Arab under 50 trying to learn nuclear physics why?    02/21/24  (2)
Why were there white gay pedophiles with guns at a BLM protest in Kenosha?    02/21/24  (3)
Me: buy beer at Amazon Go store. Amazon: immediately sends email to wife abt it    02/21/24  (8)
TDNW has to be the worst paid propagandist I've ever seen    02/21/24  (1)
When TT ran for MPM, we voted for him. We're proud of it. And if the rest of    02/21/24  (2)
Obeezy why aren't you bumping crypto threads? You poor faggot    02/21/24  (124)
Mark it: Libs are about to go full throttle with normalizing pedophilia    02/21/24  (166)

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