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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
How bad really is nicotine?    03/03/24  (34)
What's keeping you going?    03/03/24  (5)
Dazed & Confused is set closer to Third Reich than to 2024    03/03/24  (1)
ITT: Give your best piece of lyfe advice    03/03/24  (1)
New FX show "Shogun" is 180    03/03/24  (14)
You will soon be "divorced" and looking so the age when u met 1st "wife"=flame    03/03/24  (10)
I once dated this girl who I really liked, but she was dating other guys    03/03/24  (14)
Life begins at conception&that's a biological fact! Sorry lib murderers    03/03/24  (10)
American roadways are truly terrifying    03/03/24  (18)
If you can't do something perfectly, don't do it at all (xo poa    03/03/24  (4)
What percent of the population is objectively SUBHUMAN?    03/03/24  (16)
Lol at all of this retarded flame that's all this world 🌎 is    03/03/24  (2)
Got a colonoscopy last week. Dr said there’s an 80% chance I have cancer lol    03/03/24  (40)
Russians walk right into a Bradley ambush (video)    03/03/24  (4)
Paralegal Mohamed has admitted to being a terrible husband and father    03/03/24  (45)
evil YouTubers developmentally crippling kids with ChatGPT slop for CASH    03/03/24  (1)
CDC: Yeah, COVID is really just the flu, no need for special precautions lmao    03/03/24  (1)
Everywhere Swift and Kelce go people are harmed&it's sad and evil 🙈🤥    03/03/24  (2)
Get to work and slave some more to pay for more useless Jew bullshit    03/03/24  (2)
Boom let us know if ur "going Hinckley" over Swift/Kelce so we can alert RBI    03/03/24  (5)
Theory: "archiver" is actually rach    03/03/24  (1)
Gamergate 2 currently underway as gamers boycott “Sweet Baby Inc.”    03/03/24  (9)
Mt Rushmore of standups. Richard Lewis, Frank Caliendo, Bret Kreischer, Dane Coo    03/03/24  (12)
so libs are calling it the “Flour Massacre?”    03/03/24  (21)
All lies&fraud you can create her own fake fake he billions like Swift    03/03/24  (1)
How old was your wife when you met her?    03/03/24  (77)
https://www.necn.com/?p=3096757    03/03/24  (1)
Why is Dune sequel not streaming on MAX (HBO)    03/03/24  (7)
Theres unlimited opportunity but for what? And it's too late hmm    03/03/24  (1)
Does anyone have a link to the 45 min Hamas attack video?    03/03/24  (1)
Kherson bridge still working    03/03/24  (3)
Remember that dam burst in Ukraine and TDNW said Russia would lose and die?    03/03/24  (4)
TSINAH let's plan to human smuggle me from Windsor to Michigan    03/03/24  (1)
Tried booking a hotel in Cleveland for the eclipse (TSINAH)    03/03/24  (40)
Another bad day for TDNW, hey man why doesn't your friend RSF ever vouch for you    03/03/24  (26)
📉 Boy Scouts membership down 61.3% in two years. 📉    03/03/24  (164)
Putin withdraws from Ukraine after losing Kherson. "We can't win"    03/03/24  (1)
boor we should go on trip to India with our whore ex gfs    03/03/24  (1)
Ukraine his the Kherson bridge again lol (video)    03/03/24  (5)
Ukraine hit the Kherson bridge again lol (video)    03/03/24  (8)
the Kherson bridge is finally destroyed (pic)    03/03/24  (9)
Russian blogger says Kherson bridge finally collapsed - link    03/03/24  (2)
Impotent Hahols fire HIMARS at Kherson bridge for the 400th time    03/03/24  (15)
P Diddy telling Paralegal Mohammad he's great at everything except being a husba    03/03/24  (1)
everything can be resolved through hot sweaty man-on-man sex    03/03/24  (6)
I'm in Kansas City! What's so great about this place?    03/03/24  (1)
TBF rounded up in Vivek's labor camp: "but I'm Yamnaya..."    03/03/24  (8)
TDNW naked on all fours, swears oath of fealty to his wife. "I'm a good husband"    03/03/24  (3)
be careful TDNW tp, you're about to become the new Doobs of the Borthold    03/03/24  (4)
Old Iron Pants seems like an angry catty gay    03/03/24  (3)
"Sure I'm a moron who sends money to Ukrainian scammers, but I fly business clas    03/03/24  (1)
Everything is a hot mess still    03/03/24  (2)
America horrifying anymore isn't it?    03/03/24  (1)
My flight to India is full of NIGGAS, literally Nigga & Turd flight    03/03/24  (22)
good morning    03/03/24  (10)
I spoke to a shitlib immigration lawyer about claiming asylum in ES or USA    03/03/24  (12)
IDF soldiers see Arab kids pouring purified oil impure lamp, call in airstrike    03/03/24  (1)
nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger    03/03/24  (1)
Rate the preftige of this black couple    03/03/24  (6)
Jews: I'm actually an atheist; also Jews: we're doing genocide. That's the deal    03/03/24  (3)
"Look, if there's one thing we Jews know it's that people tend to forget genocid    03/03/24  (1)
All a joke evan39    03/03/24  (1)
Bible: God intrrvenes in battle to ensure Jewish victory; Gaza 2024: no ammo    03/03/24  (1)
Jews throw anything up and the masses gobble it up    03/03/24  (9)
Visibly sweaty Netanhayu blows shofar 9 times when asked about ammo situation    03/03/24  (1)
"Let's retake Israel and not build the temple, blame Romans, hope God buys it    03/03/24  (1)
Proles loves filling up their truck $10, $20 at a time and getting gas 4x/week    03/03/24  (25)
The USA hasn't lifted a finger to help Israel in several weeks, but it's tempora    03/03/24  (4)
Scientific model finds risk idiocy corresponds to living in the desert    03/03/24  (1)
Americans constantly murder their parents animals, relatives&babies sick stuff    03/03/24  (1)
Not a Trump fan, but he runs rings around Biden in this interview - link    03/03/24  (2)
Proof:Taylor Swift is a nut job.."women" believe in astrology flame    03/03/24  (3)
Sam Bankman Friend releases tearfelt plea for USA to send more ammo to Israel    03/03/24  (1)
I'm like John von Neuman but with 5 booster shots and zero accomplishmentd (jew)    03/03/24  (1)
Israel: most vaxxed nation on earth. Because jews are smart    03/03/24  (1)
Australian aborigines plugging the gaps in Israel's knowledge economy    03/03/24  (1)
USA and Jordan just casually violating Israeli airspace and protecting Gaza    03/03/24  (4)
Netanyahu to grandkids: well at least you'll still control the diamond trade    03/03/24  (2)
AIPAC: we'll use our money to make Americans support genocide, no problem    03/03/24  (2)
The masses such high iqs..2024 xo such high iqs lol    03/03/24  (1)
Holographic Shani Louk doing strip shows for IDF troops to raise morale    03/03/24  (1)
Max IQ to think Joe Biden actually likes Jews?    03/03/24  (2)
Putting the star of David I received on a necklace&wearing it cr?    03/03/24  (1)
Trump examining latest poll numbers for signs of Jewish influence, none    03/03/24  (1)
Fans of "Taylor Swift" end up beaten, robbed, unhappy & injured/dead    03/03/24  (1)
Israel's plan to genocide palestinians: whoops it's gone    03/03/24  (1)
Scientists say jews born after 1980 are worthless    03/03/24  (2)
Zero evidence of Jewish have any influence in America rn    03/03/24  (3)
A "life" of suffering for nothing    03/03/24  (1)
Roastie gets botched labiaplasty, forced to settle for NOWIG    03/03/24  (21)
Ever fall in love with an app girl?    03/03/24  (32)
An epic falling out with my parents circa 1999 (or: there and back again)    03/03/24  (14)
They really tried to ruin Dune with the Zendaya shit lol wow    03/03/24  (50)
Taylor Swift&Jew handlers stole it all but she's failed at her only purpose    03/03/24  (1)
Azn girl spends $40k to take dog on vacation    03/03/24  (1)
Old Iron Pants: Israel is now a GOG (Goy Occupied government)    03/03/24  (1)
All my hotels and food are complimentary hmm    03/03/24  (2)
Niger failed to make debt payment    03/03/24  (6)
Should be able to flog the masses easily&have it all..they buy it all up easily    03/03/24  (1)
mitt romney will vote for biden over trump    03/03/24  (14)
Lol at everything having to be "won" in America    03/03/24  (1)
The "super bowl" is complete fraud..why would anyone watch?    03/03/24  (6)
It's embarrassing what is considered the best in America..    03/03/24  (1)
How do the masses keep such low level shit on top?    03/03/24  (1)
In Kansas City and most are wearing masks..they're making big comeback    03/03/24  (1)
You have to recover everything that was stolen from you&then some    03/03/24  (1)
thanks. thanks.    03/03/24  (4)
Pretty insane the retarded masses make people out to be bigger than life    03/03/24  (2)
A rich prole told me.."I think educated people are dumb" boy was he right    03/03/24  (1)
Swift skipped school&took the easy path you too the hard path for misery why?    03/03/24  (1)
Could've had it all&taken the easy path from the bringing    03/03/24  (1)
There's no escape from the hell    03/03/24  (1)
Mr. Jinx in a Bill Nye suit filming shows while Nye languishes in a storage unit    03/03/24  (17)
Israel is no longer a sovereign nation. USA owns their gay little asses    03/03/24  (13)
Ukrainecucks really want you to care what happens to slavs in Odessa    03/03/24  (1)
Shitlaw boss moving the court to allow "Heart of Courage" to play during closing    03/03/24  (1)
BREAKING: Ukraine kills nearly 20 Russian soldiers in February    03/03/24  (1)
Israeli government and media spent weeks mourning a pole dancing slut lmao    03/03/24  (3)
fell in love with an app girl recently tp    03/03/24  (1)
I watched a great movie last night about Albert Pierrepoint    03/03/24  (2)
Albert Pierrepoint had a pretty chill job    03/03/24  (2)
just saw Dune 2, literally collapsed to my knees wailing it was so overpowering    03/03/24  (11)
Spielberg says he wants to make film about Gaza    03/03/24  (9)
rate this proposal for foreign troops in Ukraine (link)    03/03/24  (2)
I have achieved Enlightenment, brothers (TSINAH)    03/03/24  (2)
RSF lied about going to Columbia, now uses TDNW moniker to claim he was a Marine    03/03/24  (2)
The UN literally has their own airline    03/03/24  (3)
Oh wow "Havana syndrome"    03/03/24  (1)
Jesus, did any poasters predict Ukraine would collapse politically?    03/03/24  (2)
This is low level shit putting people on top..wow    03/03/24  (1)
Could've done your own thing and been on top but took the bait    03/03/24  (1)
All fraud shit    03/03/24  (1)
A bunch of lying 🤥 piece of shit fraud make believe lying 🤥 cheating fucki    03/03/24  (3)
In Kansas City..whats so great about this place? Eveything is literal hype/flame    03/03/24  (2)
I think the masses are being misled by the media..&internet+all communication    03/03/24  (1)
This chronological age shit is flame    03/03/24  (3)
Ukraine harvesting belly fat from dead troops to burn for warmth    03/03/24  (1)
After 1.5 years in MI, xo deserves a picture of me (TSINAH)    03/03/24  (6)
Extremely rare footage of Russian troops dying in Ukraine    03/03/24  (1)
XO IS DEAD    03/03/24  (4)
Fag    03/03/24  (8)
TDNW putting his arm around 15 year old boy, offering to let him drive his car    03/03/24  (1)
TDNW and P Diddy agree: that woman's no good for you    03/03/24  (1)
Sydney Sweeney and emilio estevez tp on SNL    03/03/24  (4)
There's a billion girls that look as good or better than these "celebrities"    03/03/24  (1)
Israel last week: we're genocidal. Watch us commit genocide! Today; call aberlam    03/03/24  (1)
Ban all music, sports fraud and cell phones 📱    03/03/24  (3)
Got stoned and drunk. Are heinous amount of Taco Bell. I'm 44.    03/03/24  (15)
Been doing coke and drinking last 2 months, I feel and look 180    03/03/24  (5)
went to a ghetto california HS. it was basically a level 3 yard    03/03/24  (12)

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