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Shabbos: Everyone look under ur seats for ur own Israeli flag    07/18/24  (1)
How do we convince Karlstack to fuck off and leave xo forever?    07/18/24  (6)
Rate this reasoned and coherent video of Crooks criticizing Republicans    07/18/24  (81)
"i paid for a jewish plastic surgeon's second house" (ALL rnc speakers)    07/18/24  (1)
RNC Night 3 Sponsored by Kars 4 Kids    07/18/24  (1)
*Jew walks on stage* "I am Jewish" *RNC crowd goes wild, brains explode*    07/18/24  (19)
some dude in a cowboy hat cheering loudly for zionism. jfc republicans    07/18/24  (8)
RNC convention is a collection of white trash and jews    07/18/24  (1)
Tires of the bullshit! I'm on your side my friends! Please fight    07/18/24  (12)
juan pierre has more lifetime hits than joe dimaggio    07/18/24  (1)
"first my family left me then the gop did" *patients in tbfs psych ward go nuts*    07/18/24  (1)
Real Talk: if Trump lost only boomers would be apoplectic    07/18/24  (2)
"I'm a proud Jew suing Harvard for antisemitism" *RNC crowd goes wild*    07/18/24  (22)
This RNC is blackpilling me harder than anything libs have done in years (TBF)    07/18/24  (22)
Taking MOUNTAINSIDE Qs from XO ALBUQUERQUE (FizzKidd)    07/18/24  (64)
And now for tonite's RNC halftime show, Shabbos will spin 50 dreidels simultaneo    07/18/24  (2)
*Jewish strippers giving over the hill RNC women lap dances*    07/18/24  (1)
ITT: Discuss Matt Gaetz's plastic surgery    07/18/24  (7)
Modern GOP: Nick Fuentes, Shabbos, Karlstack    07/18/24  (2)
If you still believe the attempted assassination of DJT was a real attempt after    07/18/24  (2)
Matt Gaetz's face already looks clownishly overdone with plastic surgery    07/18/24  (10)
Things that never happened: trump building a wall. Trump taking a bullet.    07/18/24  (5)
Hegemon scores 150 on IQ tests, still goes to die for Israel like 80 IQ    07/18/24  (2)
Fuck this muslim shit im getting a double royale with cheese    07/18/24  (1)
can xo doobsian comedy like this be made in 2024?    07/18/24  (1)
karlstack: r u back in Canada?    07/18/24  (1)
Christina el moussa getting divorced from 3rd husband wow    07/18/24  (6)
"I'm going home" music swells loudly as Ricky's fatal overdose takes effect    07/18/24  (3)
How do you think Orange's Near Death Experience (NDE) will change him if at all?    07/18/24  (15)
JD shit all over the Iraq invasion and NAFTA, this is a sea change in 8 years    07/18/24  (1)
To Be Fair, do you wish that Trump had been killed?    07/18/24  (4)
You cannot be a U.S. political figure if you are under 6'0" straight up    07/18/24  (10)
This is a very good read on the Coincidentia Oppositorum in Jewish Mysticism    07/18/24  (12)
Fatally OD's Reddit Ricky buried next to his ex's Ricky Jr. abortion    07/18/24  (4)
More fake, Lunar Lander landing and returning safely 5 times or Trump shooting?    07/18/24  (1)
Benefits Britain - 100 Stone and On The Dole    07/18/24  (1)
jews downfall is always their arrogance    07/18/24  (7)
The Jews made Christmas so you'd buy things from their Jewish Shop Owners    07/18/24  (1)
Fuck this kike shit im getting a double qrtr pdr    07/18/24  (3)
Ricky what happened to the McD app? These deals suck    07/18/24  (1)
Disco..Teewinot will kill you..we're doing Table Mountain (west side Teton's)    07/18/24  (10)
The RNC is just the Bow on top of the Shooting    07/18/24  (1)
Sorry for calling this fraud during the “shooting” should’ve waited till t    07/18/24  (2)
I seem to be the only non-white person at every single social event I attend.    07/18/24  (2)
City Island vs. Broad Channel - which is the most prestigious NYC neighborhood?    07/18/24  (1)
lol @ them A/B testing Iran being behind this like Bin Laden after 9/11    07/18/24  (3)
5,000 straight kids adopted in the United States during July 2024    07/18/24  (1)
Jews spiking the ball in the end zone, dancing doing the Trump head turn    07/18/24  (1)
Consuela is my favorite jewish fed demoralization account here    07/18/24  (1)
***** BIDEN DROPS OUT ***** (LINK!!!)    07/18/24  (9)
The of in of counsel means it's counsel who likes Of Montreal hth    07/18/24  (5)
Still lol’ing at “Usha”    07/18/24  (3)
I am astounded by how well the Jews are pulling this all off    07/18/24  (18)
The kike casino is rigged as fuck in amerikkka    07/18/24  (4)
Is DUMBO the best area in NYC?    07/18/24  (13)
how is anybody supposed to compete with Autoadmit?    07/18/24  (2)
Say Trump gets impeached, wins 2020, can he run in 2024 and have a three terms?    07/18/24  (5)
soon...the south will rise again...dont say you werent warned,    07/18/24  (49)
Trust the plan Goy, Trump is gonna take out the Deep State this time    07/18/24  (6)
HuffPo: Sorry Liberals, A Violent Response To Trump Is As Logical As Any (link)    07/18/24  (23)
not now babe, im watching jewish billionaires assfuck goyim on the one eyed jew    07/18/24  (8)
Trumps first vp won’t endorse him and his next one called him a rapist    07/18/24  (31)
One thing is for certain now, Consuela is 100% a fed account    07/18/24  (1)
Ricky called this on Saturday. The shooting was just a kickoff to this Jewish    07/18/24  (2)
Grindr servers report outage in Milwaukee area during RNC convention (link)    07/18/24  (1)
Why the fuck is the secret service director a woman    07/18/24  (78)
Vance/Shabbos 2028!    07/18/24  (1)
VANCE: No more generosity for nations that betray US taxpayer* *Israel excluded    07/18/24  (5)
Thanks Karlstack, your Harvard bullshit brought us an awesome RNC lineup    07/18/24  (1)
investigation concludes Shabbos Kestenbaum has never plagiarized (Karlstack)    07/18/24  (5)
JD Vance: Nobody --> Anti-Trumper --> Senator --> VP pick in 3 years    07/18/24  (34)
Monsoon Season appreciation thread. MAKE IT RAIN!    07/18/24  (2)
Nick Fuentes live reaction to Shabbos at RNC lol    07/18/24  (5)
I'm back and blacker than ever (beebee)    07/18/24  (2)
If no political party represents you should you leave?    07/18/24  (2)
protip: you can retake the bar in your state to be “double bar” accredited    07/18/24  (9)
ITT: posters living under ALPHA PATRIARCHY and NOT FEMINAZI MATIARCHY congregate    07/18/24  (10)
Shabbos Kestenbaum (born Ramadan Kestenbaum) was an imam turned rabbi who attend    07/18/24  (2)
Trump RCP avgs. MI: 43.8, WI: 46.7, PA: 47.7    07/18/24  (1)
Shabbos Kesterbaum Meets Shabbat Baumkester    07/18/24  (1)
I'm having another Guinness, fuck this existence. I've seen enough Zionism for t    07/18/24  (2)
"Trump, you're gonna look at this screen and we're gonna shoot a supporter of yo    07/18/24  (1)
Come on down to Marco Rubio Toyota and you'll test positive for credit approval!    07/18/24  (12)
Shabbos Kestenbaum Is From The Bronx. Flame?    07/18/24  (10)
More Successful 40yo JD Who Rejected Biglaw: CSLG Or JD Vance?    07/18/24  (2)
"D"NC 100% will cheat again& "win" again bump after the "election    07/18/24  (2)
Why did Mossadcucks all start licking Trump's dick on command 2 hours ago?    07/18/24  (8)
Trump is a cunning Jew    07/18/24  (1)
Shabbos Kestenbaum Was Masters In Divinity. Dropping The H Bomb    07/18/24  (1)
Mossad is a very weak organization; no aid for Israel since the WCK bombings    07/18/24  (1)
lol holy shit turn on RNC they're doing an Aaronic Benediction on Trump rn looll    07/18/24  (14)
"jd vance" is 10yrs out of LS firm boomers wouldnt even make him partner yet    07/18/24  (1)
"Ship To Ukraine" labels fading off bombs from future,"Ship to Israel" fading on    07/18/24  (2)
JD Vance: We aren't giving 50 billion to Ukraine. And that's 50B MORE for Israel    07/18/24  (3)
So the RNC was just this but larger scale    07/18/24  (6)
This is who Israel was betting on 96 hours ago    07/18/24  (1)
is there a single fucking country that isn't run by a rothschild?    07/18/24  (3)
Trump is Truly Unhinged in tricking everyone, I'm voting for Biden    07/18/24  (2)
Mr Loverman (Shabbos!)    07/18/24  (1)
Got to keep on rollin' on the Road to Zion, man (Trump)    07/18/24  (1)
lol @ the fgt who fucked up the best possible video of the shooting for a selfie    07/18/24  (8)
The Jews always go one step too far, the photo of Trump with the fist up, wtc7..    07/18/24  (1)
Jews literally used to mark goy slaves by piercing right ear    07/18/24  (4)
How Usha's Hindu faith helped Atheist JD Vance Rediscover Christianity (link)    07/18/24  (4)
Its Jewish Infighting All the Way Down the Line    07/18/24  (1)
Shitlib Kike Bashes Shabbos Kestenbaum In Harvard Crimson    07/18/24  (2)
stfu ricky    07/18/24  (3)
Shabbos Kestenbaum Obviously Didn't Grow Up Religious    07/18/24  (4)
only boomers bought the RNC kikery    07/18/24  (4)
fucking daughter is a fucking whore    07/17/24  (4)
Did you not think the GOP would be fully devoted to Israel when its money comes    07/17/24  (1)
Getting the itch to go to law school again    07/17/24  (119)
I'm almost ready to vote for Biden now, lmao    07/17/24  (6)
lol damn theyre really gonna build the Third Temple in our lifetime jfc    07/17/24  (3)
Moon Landing | Iraq War | Trump assassination | NBA    07/17/24  (1)
538 has Likudniks winning the toss up states    07/17/24  (4)
Jews win again, they love the NBA "because it's a cunning game"    07/17/24  (1)
Imagine what we could be, whok cried to Jinx, anus bleeding, unburdened by what    07/17/24  (1)
so shooter made explosives despite having no training or search history for it?    07/17/24  (36)
The most heavily vaxxed man on earth got COVID in July?    07/17/24  (3)
Shabbos Kestenbaum and Jim Goy to team up for 2-man off-broadway show    07/17/24  (1)
the ketchup packet squib heard around the globe    07/17/24  (4)
Jew sues 50% Jew university for not being Jewish enough    07/17/24  (1)
Shabbos worked for Bernie Sanders in 2020    07/17/24  (1)
highly demoralized and feeling like a head of cattle    07/17/24  (4)
20 yr old shooters body buried at sea    07/17/24  (6)
Men with Italian surnames pursuading you to support Israel is a real thing    07/17/24  (10)
Conseula you can still bend the knee and ill be merciful when hoax is revealed    07/17/24  (2)
Israel truly does control the USA. This is our generations Moon Landing    07/17/24  (4)
They will look on me, the one they have pierced    07/17/24  (2)
"Sir, your Jewish handler is on line 2. Should I hang up your line 1 call?"    07/17/24  (3)
Fandango founder jumps from 20th floor NYC hotel room and dies to death    07/17/24  (4)
Sarah Huckabee Sanders is fit and ready to fight fight fight    07/17/24  (4)
Trump EVISCERATES Secret Service Director on Twitter! (Link)    07/17/24  (1)
RNC Speakers Tomorrow: Rosh Hashana Katz, Yom Kippur Rosenbaum, Pesach Feldman    07/17/24  (7)
Rate Rizhao, a 4th tier city in China    07/17/24  (15)
Lol at amerikkka    07/17/24  (1)
Vegas for a full week in august and have $3.7 trillion to spend, is this enough?    07/17/24  (1)
Fiddler on the Roof    07/17/24  (1)
Why the fuck would anyone want to vote Republican after tonite?    07/17/24  (1)
If you aren't married to a TLM-ONLY spouse, kindly delete your account..    07/17/24  (1)
Tomorrow's Surprise XO Poaster: beebee    07/17/24  (2)
Tomorrow's Surprise RNC Speaker: BIBI    07/17/24  (4)
Assassin confirmed bipartisan crazy weirdo gun nut with bad aim    07/17/24  (4)
ricky is a jewish handler and has his own jewish handler    07/17/24  (3)
🚨🚨🚨JD Vance, JD Speech Starting🚨🚨🚨    07/17/24  (112)
How is porn still free    07/17/24  (22)
RNC = Performative Powerbottoming for Jewish Billionaires    07/17/24  (10)

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