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⚖ terrorism enhancement against molotov cocktail lawyers ⚖    10/19/21  (6)
Why didn’t Charles just deny, deny, deny?    10/19/21  (29)
Mary Kay Letourneau was actually kind of hot    10/19/21  (14)
my law firm wants me to plan something special for our associates    10/19/21  (4)
Federal Judge: “Fuck you chinks and your numbers and analysis”    10/19/21  (89)
the is the most geographically scenic area of the United States?    10/19/21  (3)
I am currently out of the office SEAmaxxing until further notice.    10/19/21  (3)
completed another day of work, feel like complete shit    10/19/21  (11)
I honestly don't understand the opposition to the vaccine    10/19/21  (100)
Why didn’t GTO just deny, deny, deny?    10/19/21  (1)
On the Wives and their Complaints    10/19/21  (4)
This perfectly explains why fraudvirus and lockdowns are permanent    10/19/21  (70)
What is your opener on dating apps?    10/19/21  (62)
Even if they were effective, TY notes after interviews = humiliating garbage    10/19/21  (4)
Bitcoin ATH incoming    10/19/21  (4)
Life is pointless and I have no capabilities if I came in the last eight days.    10/19/21  (26)
In-N-Out blasts S.F. over vaccine mandate shutdown: 'We refuse to become the vac    10/19/21  (18)
First time I saw lib feminism insanity in real life was at UT Austin campus bar    10/19/21  (1)
In-N-Out blasts S.F. over vaccine mandate shutdown: 'We refuse to become the vac    10/19/21  (1)
Can anyone explain why Pete Buttigeig is in a hospital bed with his Husband for    10/19/21  (8)
Video: Hikers run from a grizzly bear in Glacier National Park    10/19/21  (1)
Why was Facebook giving away jobs to foreigners    10/19/21  (2)
Confession itt    10/19/21  (1)
I need the midhusband birthing anus in here now! The gaybie is in BREECH!    10/19/21  (1)
What are some things that you painfully "tried to like"    10/19/21  (134)
Trump’s Pentagon Chief Quashed Idea to Send 250,000 Troops to the Border    10/19/21  (10)
Beckersted and Dha Tux toe to toe in a tilly over the fattest chick in the bar    10/19/21  (3)
Design for 1,500-foot-tall NAACP headquarters in MFH REVEALED    10/19/21  (21)
The Atlantic: Should minorities renting from racists be forced to pay rent?    10/19/21  (4)
Serious Q: why doesn’t MS spend more resources on games rather mini-fridges?    10/19/21  (1)
Overheard runner ask another runner who Madonna was    10/19/21  (1)
Can you do downward dog with your heels completely flat?    10/19/21  (3)
Outside of baseball Trout has zero name recognition. Why?    10/19/21  (6)
Ethereum CLASSICs time is near    10/19/21  (1)
At this point normies will watch anything as long as its on HBO Sunday at 9 pm    10/19/21  (2)
Is it weird to meet your ex GF for drinks or dinner from time to time?    10/19/21  (20)
is it normal to suck your bro’s dick while bitching about your wife    10/19/21  (1)
brb yall gotta go snag some gnoshes lol    10/19/21  (1)
*OFFICIAL SUCCESSION S03 01 THREAD*    10/19/21  (23)
Is it normal to bitch about your wife to buddies    10/19/21  (1)
you’re a f*cking cisgendered white male    10/19/21  (1)
I remember talking to high school girlfriends for hours on the phone    10/19/21  (25)
Paid for Peacock Plus to watch new Halloween movie. Not worth it.    10/19/21  (2)
Listening to The Great Escape with HS gf while walking on the beach, hodling han    10/19/21  (1)
Good Will Hunting remake where Robin Williams convinces Will to put Israel first    10/19/21  (10)
In 2008, a Gamefaqs poster burned down a church and posted pics on gamefaqs    10/19/21  (2)
Floridians explain what’s going on in your state    10/19/21  (13)
Elite Manhattan abortion clinic has 2-year waiting list (NY Post    10/19/21  (156)
Hate speech | Finasteride | Seeking Arrangement    10/19/21  (7)
Just overheard opposing counsel refer to me on Zoom as "truly weird"    10/19/21  (5)
Fuck Colin Powell    10/19/21  (3)
This is what money will do to you if you can't handle it    10/19/21  (1)
So tell me, what kind of "arrangement" are you seeking, lol?    10/19/21  (42)
i’m cisphobic    10/19/21  (3)
rate this pic of Franzen in nyc in '81    10/19/21  (6)
Guise, you really have to buy Unibright (UBT) in the next two days    10/19/21  (2)
As a young man in Vienna, I began trading crypto with rootless cosmopolitans    10/19/21  (1)
Holy Shit: Trump statement on Colin Powell's death.    10/19/21  (160)
Gunneratttt - update?    10/19/21  (11)
I'm an island boiii    10/19/21  (3)
Shitlaw boss used word "nutted" in his opening argument    10/19/21  (183)
Jacking off in office bathroom and returning like nothing happened    10/19/21  (7)
History is made: first ever female 4-star admiral pinned today!    10/19/21  (71)
didn't realize how energy sapping paxil was till i quit taking it    10/19/21  (1)
Model sells virginity for £2MILLION - and footballer was third highest bidder    10/19/21  (23)
libraries in florida only used when they're converted into covid hospitals lmao    10/19/21  (22)
oh wow covid already put greg abbott in a wheelchair    10/19/21  (23)
I know libs that think if we'd have followed Fauci's orders this would be over    10/19/21  (4)
ricky saw my texts to sharklasers and threw out all of my turtlenecks (luis)    10/19/21  (1)
Theres probably thousands of guys named Alex Jones walking around    10/19/21  (1)
OldHLSDude Please Come ITT    10/19/21  (10)
If btc crashed 90% it would still be just as useful for internet commerce    10/19/21  (6)
Show about Biglaw lawyer turned "Greenhorn" Gold Miner in Alaska    10/19/21  (1)
Ive got a BIG FLOPPY DICK and Im gonna walk around girls high school locker room    10/19/21  (1)
Now I see why Rudolph is spamming in Colin Powell’s defense    10/19/21  (22)
Walking back bf/gf with a girl. Should I take away our nightly FaceTimes?    10/19/21  (18)
anglophile Gf called my fall turtleneck a 'roll-neck'    10/19/21  (3)
Come itt    10/19/21  (1)
Steven Pinker's 'Rationality': being antivax is irrational; race-mixing rational    10/19/21  (5)
called guy in work group a 'weak sister'    10/19/21  (1)
Energy switched up when asked girl to be my monogamous gf. Go back to dating?    10/19/21  (47)
Analyzing the white sexpat in East Asia.    10/19/21  (10)
Bay Area VRBO renters wake up to tires slashed + threatening messaging spraypain    10/19/21  (1)
How to get a Bartending job without experience    10/19/21  (33)
an alien world consisting solely of Asian valley girls & golden retrievers    10/19/21  (16)
Favorite film Song of the South favorite show Hogan's Heroes    10/19/21  (7)
Walt Disney’s Song of the South: terrifying for libs, no foothold for power    10/19/21  (2)
You're always in my prayers, Ricky, no joke.    10/19/21  (5)
ur wife squinting as "race realism golden retriever" autofills in internet brows    10/19/21  (8)
Reminder: ACP will NEVER get over his ug and ls dings at SIXIGAN    10/19/21  (6)
I am tall white and unsuccessful and have many great dating options in USA    10/19/21  (4)
Why is homelessness so much worse in the US compared to “peer” countries?    10/19/21  (85)
I'm a terrible interviewer and a terrible fucking employee, anyone else    10/19/21  (2)
I'm a great interviewer but a terrible fucking employee, anyone else like this    10/19/21  (35)
weird how SOL doesn't seem to follow "the market"    10/19/21  (4)
HYPO: $5M to be dropped in Sahara with 2 camels and (almost) any gear. Accept?    10/19/21  (60)
Wow!    10/19/21  (1)
Breaking the Waves (1996) is a triumph (cowgod)    10/19/21  (6)
   10/19/21  (1)
"my tooth whitening journey" oh wow sounds perilous faggot    10/19/21  (8)
I followed 303 on tour around CO, AZ and NoCal back in 2009    10/19/21  (1)
abbot so pro life he barely even guffaws at botched executions anymore    10/19/21  (2)
i killed some azn guy & then married his widow like Tom Cruise in The Last Samur    10/19/21  (3)
My cock and balls look exactly like Sloan Lake in Denver    10/19/21  (2)
Racism, like everything else, is actually a Height issue    10/19/21  (2)
Eddie Winslow dating a BEAUTIFUL TRANS WOMAN    10/19/21  (3)
I'm gay. Fucking faggot. Gay. What don't you get? I want hot cock in my asshole.    10/19/21  (1)
Only politican you can trust right now is Rand Paul    10/19/21  (1)
MIL had wuflu month ago. Tested poz& cant have minor procedure. Tests are a joke    10/19/21  (2)
I can't stay silent any longer. I feel like I need to promote awareness.    10/19/21  (8)
Ethereum difficulty bomb is December. Non-mineable. Go all in ETC    10/19/21  (1)
lib friend put "It's An Abortion!" sign out in front yard.    10/19/21  (118)
anyone want to go to cubbyhole bar for a cocktail?    10/19/21  (1)
going to laugh heartily when tether implodes soon    10/19/21  (8)
Septic queer is a highly specialized demoralization glownigger    10/19/21  (17)
Smoke detector goes off every time we cook, even if just boiling water    10/19/21  (2)
About to play a par 3, 180 evening activity    10/19/21  (7)
i’m severely mentally ill    10/19/21  (17)
Let's see what Vincent Gallo is up to.    10/19/21  (10)
anyone wanna grab a drink a new margaritaville resort in times square?    10/19/21  (6)
Lib friend canceled abortion so she can get her baby the jab    10/19/21  (18)
I’m a hardcore conservative, but I’m Pro-Abortion. Not pro-choice, Pro-Abort    10/19/21  (3)
why is it so hard to get your "real" credit score    10/19/21  (17)
what are some good podcasts for smart people    10/19/21  (27)
board ADDERAL experts please help    10/19/21  (37)
Just sold my 1263 solana to go all in on shibainu    10/19/21  (30)
"Imagine thinking you could beat these people," sighed Consuela as he stared at    10/19/21  (2)
surging prices and dating market - have you tried lowering expectations?    10/19/21  (2)
GirlsDoPorn was the greatest MEDIA creation of ALL TIME    10/19/21  (43)
the whole tight suit/tight pants thing has gone too far    10/19/21  (11)
Am i INSANE for wanting a 4runner    10/19/21  (28)
dump fake tether for bitcoin, retard algos buy up tether, rinse and repeat    10/19/21  (3)
It's a Dominos kind of night    10/19/21  (6)
Beer pong, but it's benzo's crater face and Uncle Dave's balls    10/19/21  (1)
Poasters with adderall prescriptions should be barred from competing in MPM    10/19/21  (2)
gunneratttt has become a top poaster (by volume) during the covid era    10/19/21  (22)
mercedes electric car starts at $100,000    10/19/21  (1)
Drake ft. OldHLS, "Money in the Grave"    10/19/21  (1)
oops did UTSA 🐦Roadrunners crash NCAA's precious T25 beepbeep    10/19/21  (5)
check out the premium for immediate copper delivery    10/19/21  (3)
China should arm Hawaii and see how we like it!    10/19/21  (1)
going to see an escort tonight for $300 (pics)    10/19/21  (29)
Seattle police and fire turn in boots in defiance of vaccine mandates    10/19/21  (3)
if/when China has a massive crisis, they will start a war. hth    10/19/21  (19)
Would be funny to take a large all white group to an African art exhibit    10/19/21  (1)
Chicago museum fires all of its rich White female docents for lack of diversity    10/19/21  (13)
Finally Fauci gets it right: covid cases rise from packed college fb stadiums (l    10/19/21  (5)
It's all out there for you you fuckers ! You can have it all    10/19/21  (1)
askav is basically instain in terms of standard how babby form his genetic stoc    10/19/21  (6)

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