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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
staring out the window into darkness as i refresh the daily emilio thread again    11/26/21  (38)
This 16 year old tiktok chick has triple D tits (link)    11/26/21  (10)
The Hill: CDC to redefine “fully vaccinated” as having 3 shots    11/26/21  (3)
you either own a beautiful home w/ beautiful wife and 3 kids and dont have to wo    11/26/21  (7)
Arbery case separates the men from the boys on dissident right    11/26/21  (36)
CDC Official says kill all whites because they're refusing heart attack jab    11/26/21  (3)
Coming home in the 90s and checking the answering machine, tp    11/26/21  (57)
Patriarchy Protects Women Better Than Modern Feminism (Emilio Estevez)    11/26/21  (47)
ITT optimize the legal strategy for walking free after a self-defense incident    11/26/21  (5)
The don’t care about “approval ratings” anymore.    11/26/21  (1)
Do libs really think “Minor Attracted Person” sounds better than “pedophil    11/26/21  (11)
i casually drop anti shitlibs to men i speak to. NONE of them go with it    11/26/21  (6)
Here's the #1 Reason Young Women Shouldn't Get Vaccines    11/26/21  (2)
This thanksgiving I’m thankful for emilio estevez tp    11/26/21  (8)
Taking questions about tools (wrenches, hammers, pliers, sockets etc.)    11/26/21  (81)
Impressive. Very nice. Let's see Paul Allen's variant    11/26/21  (12)
Emilio, what are your thoughts on Havana Syndrome?    11/26/21  (22)
We're all living in Amerika (Rammstein)    11/26/21  (12)
Summer of Riots. Still insane thinking about it.    11/26/21  (15)
How are we expecting my mental health to react to the next round of lockdowns?    11/26/21  (1)
Purchasing this gun 🔫 will it get the job done?(Boom)    11/26/21  (4)
How are we expecting crypto to react to the next round of lockdowns?    11/26/21  (4)
Making ice cream and taking q's (TSINAH)    11/26/21  (53)
Would you be pissed if ur wife did stuff with other guys but not you?    11/26/21  (41)
Crazy altercation between ex-husband and woman's new boyfriend    11/26/21  (412)
Garden of Sinners is actually god wtf    11/26/21  (1)
John Roberts flipping coin to decide whether he’s capitulating today    11/26/21  (40)
mediated for an hour every single day this week    11/26/21  (1)
RATE this Black American stylin on foreigners in NYC    11/26/21  (6)
I did not make partner this year at my biglaw firm    11/26/21  (32)
Heroic judge orders Chicago hospital to give dying covid man ivermectin    11/26/21  (5)
Do libs really think “Chief Justice” sounds better than “pedophil    11/26/21  (3)
Minors Who Go Their Own Way    11/26/21  (3)
meditated for an hour every single day this week    11/26/21  (10)
🧠 Indians have smaller brains, reveals study 🧠    11/26/21  (2)
how do you quit xo?    11/26/21  (4)
“Your source?” “Your Honor, my colleague hot hung homo directed me to the    11/26/21  (17)
ITT I rate you as a chief diversity officer    11/26/21  (61)
Rating poasters as divisive Thanksgiving dinner conversations    11/26/21  (388)
Fat Albert cowboys fan loses it after their loss yesterday    11/26/21  (3)
Poast Your Losses so far Today in Stocks & Coins    11/26/21  (36)
Biden can't just ban content like that, can he?    11/26/21  (3)
Rating poasters as mathematical theorems    11/26/21  (42)
Whether TSINAH Reddit gf real, he posted hottest chick in a long time    11/26/21  (1)
lol yuss    11/26/21  (1)
Welp, looks like Stephen Sondheim won't be writing any more hit musicals:    11/26/21  (2)
Israel has South Africa AIDSCOVID, it's done    11/26/21  (1)
Netflix facing heavy criticism after Farisa's Crossing pilot snafu (Variet    11/26/21  (4)
PSA: The "deep state" is now just the state.    11/26/21  (4)
RATE my gf (TSINAH)    11/26/21  (68)
Would be awesome to be a chad    11/26/21  (3)
Holy shit $LIQ is $1.18    11/26/21  (15)
Paris to turn renovated Notre Dame into a Woke, Politically Correct Disneyland    11/26/21  (34)
Paul Atreides dreaming of Chani in Dune but it’s me daydreaming of luis    11/26/21  (8)
Can the playoff committee still screw Cincinatti out of a spot?    11/26/21  (12)
air force beat unlv 48-14. attempted zero passes    11/26/21  (1)
Is being an economist at a regional Fed prestigious?    11/26/21  (11)
anyone without a nazi face tattoo works for the Deep State    11/26/21  (1)
Idea for a new movie called "Sinecures"    11/26/21  (4)
Unicron strain "may devour entire planet", epidemiologists warn    11/26/21  (1)
why would Libs want this?    11/26/21  (8)
CharlesXII, taking year-end questions about books, women, etc.    11/26/21  (242)
Lukashenko is one of the most based men on the planet currently    11/26/21  (8)
LOL the Russian czars were descended from literal Muslim Mongolians    11/26/21  (27)
So we have a lot of federal agents who poast here ;)??    11/26/21  (7)
The HIV/AIDS and Covid-19 Synergy is undeniable    11/26/21  (12)
what brand of Asian wife should i get?    11/26/21  (5)
Is Michael Bay's "Pain & Gain" an xo approved movie?    11/26/21  (7)
reminder: the sun is down and nig home invasion/rape crews are prowling ur hood    11/26/21  (13)
"Insecure" is a surprisingly XO show    11/26/21  (64)
How much should you make when you're 35?    11/26/21  (7)
feels weird af when a chick is clearly hittgin on you in front of their bf/husba    11/26/21  (18)
Farisa's Crossing appears pirated on Vietnamese web novel site (Link)    11/26/21  (2)
The ponerology theory of civ rise and fall.    11/26/21  (4)
SOL $190 waiting room    11/26/21  (20)
Diaper Tracy vs. Crime, Inc.    11/26/21  (2)
Ur FBI agent reflexively mouthing “wait” as u poast ur 23rd retirement threa    11/26/21  (46)
Christian Bale outraged at Omicron strain: "they skipped over Newsies!"    11/26/21  (1)
careful bros - carjackings & home invasions by murderous nigs spike in December    11/26/21  (33)
List the great 180 subplots and subtleties you enjoy    11/26/21  (15)
taking questions about coding    11/26/21  (19)
if a doctor told a white woman an arm was growing out of her head she'd believe    11/26/21  (1)
Lol dirty 😉 blood fake money 💸    11/26/21  (1)
How do I cook without ending up with leftovers?    11/26/21  (10)
Anyone earning 8% APY with Gemini’s stablecoin?    11/26/21  (7)
Does rubbing 2 sticks together actually make a fire eventually?    11/26/21  (27)
Hegemon = fed    11/26/21  (29)
My SiL just bid me goodnight in my house w/ the following convo    11/26/21  (25)
Good cop/bad cop routine but it’s Emilio/Hegemon    11/26/21  (13)
Minimum Christmas tree height to not be prole?    11/26/21  (4)
the feds aren't surveilling us, we're surveilling them.    11/26/21  (1)
there's no way Biden legitimately won    11/26/21  (57)
twist communicating with you by spelling letters with the shape of the subthread    11/26/21  (1)
Having sex with my wife every day is psychological and physiological torture    11/26/21  (13)
Rating posters as gundams    11/26/21  (49)
Novavax holdouts check in here    11/26/21  (45)
just texted my bros i'm 10 min away even though i haven't changed out of pjs    11/26/21  (3)
Is SAMO going back up? Why does it keep dumping? I've lost so much money    11/26/21  (11)
Peak of civilization was when OMC How Bizarre was released    11/26/21  (6)
Hegemon is a pretty 180 dude    11/26/21  (16)
Anyone tried the Salt and Vinegar Doritos? Surprisingly good    11/26/21  (1)
All this "new variant" shit is so predictable. You know they wouldn't let it fad    11/26/21  (1)
new poaster here, taking questions on the US army as an enlisted man    11/26/21  (98)
180, Novavax is getting approved finally and will be dsitributed in days    11/26/21  (65)
Covid cases up 150% in Eurasia, Oceania, and Eastasia. We must stay vigilant    11/26/21  (12)
Anyone else's dog absolutely lose their shit over certain commercials?    11/26/21  (6)
Spoiler alert: there’s always going to be another variant    11/26/21  (1)
As a lawyer do you feel a little burned out?    11/26/21  (26)
Rating poasters as poasters.    11/26/21  (120)
PSA: they're going to release a real virus soon.    11/26/21  (36)
Arbery killing was obvious self-defense. Here's why:    11/26/21  (131)
Buy AVAX now or wait?    11/26/21  (4)
richard clock, rate this comment in the Figueroa-Fulton weigh in vid    11/26/21  (2)
whok wtf is dazn doing having the teofimo lopez press conf on thanksgiving    11/26/21  (8)
Man eating Thanksgiving dinner with family, gets shot by nigger (link)    11/26/21  (1)
India's fertility rate has fallen below replacement level    11/26/21  (1)
the Swiss obviously control the world    11/26/21  (5)
Covid-19 Public Manipulation Model (pic)    11/26/21  (1)
where's that tulsa poster. can I still move into your basement    11/26/21  (3)
What % of XO believes in the COVID = elites depopulating earth conspiracy?    11/26/21  (128)
Reminder: Texas gun laws in tune with 2A original intent    11/26/21  (23)
EU proposes 9-month limit on validity of COVID-19 vaccines    11/26/21  (4)
If you can't aknowledge how complete bullshit everything is just fuck you    11/26/21  (7)
New poaster here. First day.    11/26/21  (20)
Stephen Sondheim buttfucking Barbaro in Hell    11/26/21  (1)
The Sting (1973)    11/26/21  (5)
Do we have a compilation of JJC poasts anywhere?    11/26/21  (1)
STEAK is so good for you, lol at no red meatmos    11/26/21  (3)
LIQ is still a small cap coin. Can easily 1000x from here    11/26/21  (36)
Should I dump $SPELL and $ICE?    11/26/21  (6)
Last night my mother called me “cheap” and a “Scrooge”    11/26/21  (17)
What walkable urban centers with opera are not run by insane communists    11/26/21  (3)
Biden: "That is why I am calling for a complete and total shutdown..."    11/26/21  (1)
SOL ecosystem is growing on me    11/26/21  (3)
Do they even know why they do it or is it inscrutable gene programming    11/26/21  (1)
Grey “aliens” aren’t aliens, interdimensional beings, or humans from the f    11/26/21  (39)
“Okay but what does this have to do with black women” the white women & gays    11/26/21  (1)
Seth Rogen: having ur car broken into 15 times is totally fine    11/26/21  (30)
New emergency approvals are coming for new vaccines due to new potentially more    11/26/21  (5)
Been watching a Walker Texas Ranger marathon. 180 fuck libs    11/26/21  (1)
Rating poasters as firearms    11/26/21  (134)
protip: reheat your turkey on a pan with a little olive oil    11/26/21  (8)
omicron, ever heard of it?    11/26/21  (2)
rate this pic of me and Hegemon (pic)    11/26/21  (4)
cliff son hegemon tp? he's cr    11/26/21  (5)
So tired of crypto. Latest issue: avax has their own faggy version of USDC    11/26/21  (10)
hegemon is my straight AF bf    11/26/21  (4)
what can be done to reclaim America?    11/26/21  (1)
last time i'll tell you guys - Buy MARINADE on SOL, theyre gonna handle a tonof    11/26/21  (1)

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