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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
do you sort your inbox so the most recent emails are on the TOP or BOTTOM?    11/28/22  (13)
Harbaugh is a genius    11/28/22  (10)
Scumbags are the only reason cable TV still exists    11/28/22  (11)
Biden’s energy tranny charged with stealing woman’s luggage (link)    11/28/22  (30)
Just realized spaceporn is the author of that stepdad thread    11/28/22  (19)
China is fucked no matter what happens    11/28/22  (119)
Attended the evangelical church run by celeb pastor who married Kanye / Kim K    11/28/22  (82)
theres a lot of niggers in the South    11/28/22  (1)
Is Shakespeare worth teaching in High School    11/28/22  (64)
It$ all your$ you have to take what you want&your happine$$! Jew$ ALWAY$ have    11/28/22  (1)
180^180 headed to XO OHIO on a PRIVATE JET shortly (RSF)    11/28/22  (43)
"...ntence you to 30 years with the possibility of parole." "Sure bud, sure."    11/28/22  (1)
Colleges lose prestige where azns attend    11/28/22  (13)
Lib$ act 🎬 like they like the homele$$ that they created yet di$pi$e them    11/28/22  (1)
The ADL runs an urban dictionary for anti-semitic expressions    11/28/22  (2)
Married Poasters: Have you ever cheated or come close?    11/28/22  (11)
Who has the Fattest Wife on Autoadmit?    11/28/22  (21)
Should I cheat on wife? Chances of getting caught are low    11/28/22  (188)
What are the top 3 GOAT POTUS board games?    11/28/22  (6)
how often do people back out of home purchase bc of inspection?    11/28/22  (38)
I decided to go to Kres tonight (TSINAH)    11/28/22  (31)
not a lot of sister in law threading this holiday season    11/28/22  (56)
Late 40s is when Ruination sets in    11/28/22  (4)
Rate these women's bodies    11/28/22  (31)
Recommend me new running shoes    11/28/22  (24)
wife just got arrested.... misd assault ...that sweet bachelor life awaits    11/28/22  (14)
Zurich tp here, finally tried receptive anal and had an embarrassing experience    11/28/22  (16)
There's no SAILING app that calculates tides, currents, wind, obstructions?    11/28/22  (38)
Rate this laid off Meta employees sob story    11/28/22  (17)
Benzo ODing. RSF crying, administering CPR: "don't die on me you pauper faggot."    11/28/22  (11)
Took son to visit UCLA while visiting Cali. LMAOOOOOOO    11/28/22  (3)
A liberal arts college so elite that it costs $85k and no one has heard of it    11/28/22  (41)
Alcoholic wife has had 2 bottles of wine each day leading to ovulation.    11/28/22  (3)
It$ all your$ friend$! Plea$e accept it plea$e    11/28/22  (1)
I would sincerely enjoy beating obeezy within an inch of his life    11/28/22  (21)
I owe, I owe, it's off to wagecuck for jews I go    11/28/22  (98)
Megachurches are wild    11/28/22  (17)
*searches "Oh Malk!"* *sips coffee, giggles, settles into wagecucking*    11/28/22  (8)
This MAP of current SHIP traffic worldwide is 180    11/28/22  (9)
Best guitar setup to gift a kid who's just starting out?    11/28/22  (69)
“Haha thanks, Supercuts actually,” said doodikoff on 1st date    11/28/22  (5)
Braincum density is the best party affiliation predictor    11/28/22  (2)
My wife? She's fat.    11/28/22  (1)
Summon: LSD    11/28/22  (5)
good morning    11/28/22  (25)
One clove raw garlic to defeat the congealed beef demon within    11/28/22  (1)
Prison niggers rape Spaceporn as he whines about how much people love him    11/28/22  (6)
Should we ban the poster spamming about RSF’s brother?    11/28/22  (36)
‘Gaslighting’ Is Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Year (WSJ)    11/28/22  (2)
MyPillow Guy running for head of GOP    11/28/22  (3)
Home values plummet where azns are afoot    11/28/22  (1)
🤡 AZ Trumpmo fraudit now delayed bc Cyber Ninjas got "fraud virus" 🤡    11/28/22  (83)
Medieval treatise on braincum as a necessary prerequisite to demonic possession    11/28/22  (1)
"Young Bogandoffs" TV series to premiere on HBO next week (link)    11/28/22  (3)
No one want$ to admit a black qb own$ the NFL    11/28/22  (1)
FTX US declares bankrupcy. TBF is a mendacious, obfuscating KIKE    11/28/22  (40)
Elon fired or forced out 80% of twitter employees and it still runs great?    11/28/22  (39)
Graham Hancock is onto something.    11/28/22  (22)
Elon going after Apple    11/28/22  (8)
We need a war movie where everyone dies like Sonny Corleone    11/28/22  (3)
Dreamed a dream where I was in a horrific car accident in North Carolina    11/28/22  (10)
From "e pluribus unum" to "wherever braincum leads us" in 100 years    11/28/22  (11)
Family was confused when I was thankful for "Judge Conrad for keeping USA safe"    11/28/22  (2)
Oh Malk! Rayoff bad for company pubric reputation and a standing in community    11/28/22  (1)
blind gf asking to "feel" your "SOL coins you keep talking about"    11/28/22  (10)
NYTimes still hasn’t done an article on Balenciaga child porn scandal    11/28/22  (1)
Vindman is holy shit bad at Twitter (link)    11/28/22  (44)
Hans Niemann raging compilation video - link    11/28/22  (2)
"Oh Malk! You so crever. You invent sociar network. You invent 'rike' button."    11/28/22  (55)
Watched two episodes of the new Dragon Show    11/28/22  (14)
coding is retarded    11/28/22  (2)
Everything i$ a literal JOKE and ha$ been for a long time    11/28/22  (1)
the covid vax side effects provide perfect cover for CIA heart attack gun    11/28/22  (3)
Zuck’s phone rings at 4am: “oh MALK, why you sreep ona cuhrouch”    11/28/22  (3)
Andrew Tate explains the satanism behind Balenciaga    11/28/22  (24)
ShitlawBoss just started mtg acknowledging our office stands on former Cordell &    11/28/22  (2)
FBI Asks Court For 66.6 Years To Release Seth Rich Laptop Information (link)    11/28/22  (5)
How am I just now reading Karlstack's epic Screed?    11/28/22  (21)
Lost ~$3k from FTX bullshit.    11/28/22  (13)
Robert Halford, Ph.D., Faggotology    11/28/22  (4)
Oh Malk! I hate a Azn mens, we have son we kirr him? Arexa carr Hirrary    11/28/22  (26)
Queen Rhaenyra's first gangbang and bukkake    11/28/22  (8)
Preftigious Duke University pioneers new field: FAGGOTOLOGY    11/28/22  (6)
Why do hospitals feed their patients with only processed and junk food?    11/28/22  (3)
It’s Go Time is the most powerful three word phrase in human history    11/28/22  (3)
What are you masturbating to right now?    11/28/22  (20)
Add ", faggot" to end of awkward Romney lines, he sounds alpha    11/28/22  (340)
"Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories" is a 180 Netflix show    11/28/22  (3)
Going to have my hot organic GF root around for a rare truffle (TSINAH)    11/28/22  (9)
East LA gangbanger disavows gang life after reading The Canterbury Tales    11/28/22  (6)
Steers & queers come from Texas, anything else?    11/28/22  (3)
"my triplets are Quavo, Takeoff, and Offset Hollingsworth"    11/28/22  (1)
I have Complicated but mostly Good thoughts about Christianity    11/28/22  (29)
DJ Gay-Z    11/28/22  (1)
"They'll run out of silver in 2 weeks," the redditard explained for the 17th wee    11/28/22  (34)
Unbelievable that 90% of tech employees worthless & CEO not even banging them    11/28/22  (13)
I lift up my heart to you, O Lord.    11/28/22  (1)
Oh Malk! Eron's srut Glimes say you too stupid for Mretaverse Numbah One!    11/28/22  (6)
driveby where shots ring out in triplet time    11/28/22  (1)
They call them incels because that's where they belong. In cells.    11/28/22  (2)
DPW associate preparing "triplet flow" closing memo    11/28/22  (1)
Filed your tax return online? A copy of it was sent to Facebook/Zuckerkike    11/28/22  (4)
"the bride and groom exchanged vows in triplet flow"    11/28/22  (1)
WSJ: Corporations figuring out that female employees just send emails & shop    11/28/22  (6)
Lying to coworkers about your Thanksgiving weekend to seem normal    11/28/22  (6)
You can bring bag full of mini bottles thru airport security but can’t bring b    11/28/22  (1)
Samara Weaving vs Margot Robbie (pick one)    11/28/22  (4)
dog ownership is an idiotic waste of time and energy    11/28/22  (64)
Nintendo Power Nationalism    11/28/22  (2)
Three “Happy Thanksgiving” texts so far from girls I banged 1-4 times    11/28/22  (18)
Good deal$ on u$enet right now :)    11/28/22  (10)
Dug out an old Nintendo Power mag and called the "tip hotline". luis answered.    11/28/22  (9)
$19 for kids hamburger and fries at local pub    11/28/22  (1)
Anyone joining the FTX class action lolsuit?    11/28/22  (1)
XO's energy tranny charged with stealing woman’s panties (link)    11/28/22  (1)
"I'm in the Catalytic Converter stealin biz, and business is good!" lisped Benzo    11/28/22  (2)
Orcs will no longer be able to hide deep in orc-occupied territory (link)    11/28/22  (1)
Valiant tp    11/28/22  (1)
Big Brain Darren Beattie made correct predictions about Twitter takeover    11/28/22  (2)
"fuck liiiiiiibs" shouted tsinah as he ran from an outback steakhouse manager    11/28/22  (59)
Meet the man who owns 745 sealed copies of Panzer Dragoon Saga (link)    11/28/22  (1)
*TSINAH’s HOG oinking ferociously at repo men*    11/28/22  (7)
TSINAH: Michigan BBW rancher & truffle hunter / You: Poast    11/28/22  (1)
Cause we are living in a digital world, and I am an email job girl    11/28/22  (3)
now TSINAH just makes his gf & parents pay for everything like spoiled teenager?    11/28/22  (3)
Has a Russian government ever fallen after a prolonged stalemated yearslong war?    11/28/22  (1)
Should I be selling my crypto and buying Magic 30th Anniversary Edition?    11/28/22  (7)
So literal homeless bums on street less of a drain on society as TSINAH?    11/28/22  (1)
St. Joseph Superior Court - (Magistrate Matthew Raper)    11/28/22  (1)
implementing Inbox Zero    11/28/22  (1)
If OSU backs into the playoff after that home blowout I’m done with CFB    11/28/22  (32)
The rich get richer: Abreu to Astros    11/28/22  (1)
Quinn Emanuel closing his argument with flawless triplet flow    11/28/22  (1)
WSJ: Big Investors Are Starting to Call Bullshit On 'Self-Driving' Cars (link)    11/28/22  (1)
Russia will be launching its winter offensive over next 2-3 days    11/28/22  (16)
kikes are calling me back to my GC office like pigs to a feeding troth    11/28/22  (3)
your bloated alcoholic face dripping with sweat as you hunt for misplaced commas    11/28/22  (46)
USC Gamecocks have had bigger wins than tOSU, they deserve the playoff    11/28/22  (4)
10 years spent trashing Gentiles on law forum only to have one as child    11/28/22  (4)
Luis' nude ice-skating video surfaces, shocking figure skating world    11/28/22  (5)
"Libs are DONE" shrieks Henry Aaron as the crane hoists him on the Whale's Dick    11/28/22  (65)
You can have it all easy as a lawyer    11/28/22  (4)
A Holocaust museum filled with other, smaller Holocaust museums    11/28/22  (17)
"Use the pipe, Mario" - Obi Wan Marathi    11/28/22  (136)
Should we force ghetto ape blacks & beaners to read Beowulf? (900 replies)    11/28/22  (2)
Would you date this 30 y/o Bisexual Asian chick? (pics)    11/28/22  (5)
Load Bearing Slash is pulling all its advertising from xo    11/28/22  (1)
What the fuck, Roy Halladay died in a plane crash? wtf    11/28/22  (6)
whok, can you rate your obsessions 1-10?    11/28/22  (9)

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