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We need TRUMP 2024 to fix Afghanistan from him handing it over to the Taliban.    09/28/21  (1)
9/28/2021 Ben Garrison    09/28/21  (1)
Do u take this deal: U get ur dream job but your friend’s favorite parent dies    09/28/21  (1)
We need TRUMP 2024 to lower the higher MURDER RATE that happened under him.    09/28/21  (1)
Started watching more Asian movies & tv shows b/c they're not full of diversity    09/28/21  (1)
We need TRUMP 2024 to fix the stock market that is up 7000 points since he LOST    09/28/21  (1)
Is Alex Jones still always right? The latest shows are kinda grim.    09/28/21  (23)
GameFAQs Poasting Ideas    09/28/21  (116)
This Instagram chick is a literal 10/10. If you disagree you are homo or beta (l    09/28/21  (29)
"Business Insider" deep dive article about Will Smith agreeing to be a CUCK    09/28/21  (16)
52 yo Jennifer Aniston: "Its time to get serious about dating!"    09/28/21  (6)
Wow, these new FBI murder numbers look TERRIBLE    09/28/21  (29)
Update your numbers. 12% of the population responsible for 57% of murders    09/28/21  (24)
Obese C-cupped manchild RSF just claimed to be in “good shape”    09/28/21  (143)
Top generals contradict Biden, say they urged him not to withdraw from Afghanist    09/28/21  (3)
NY firing unvaxxed nurses is one of the most idiotic things I've heard lately    09/28/21  (11)
Sullivan do you still have nightmares about OCI    09/28/21  (2)
"I'm better than mr.jinx!! I'm better than him!" whok screams could be heard ..    09/28/21  (26)
did i hallucinate that Bid Laden's niece is a huge Trumpmo    09/28/21  (4)
Will black worship just go on forever?    09/28/21  (16)
One of the greatest ironies ever is that "learn to code" was cr advice (NSAM 57)    09/28/21  (17)
Hospitals are indeed "maxed out", blaming unvaxxed, but what's really happening?    09/28/21  (117)
Several Bozeman Montana seniors accepted at Ivy League schools (guess race)    09/28/21  (24)
take off ur tinfoil hats & accept that guy who got 4th in Iowa then never campai    09/28/21  (20)
Xo is a joke wake up for your Jew overlords no one's posting    09/28/21  (2)
KGB raids apartment in Minsk, owner is armed and ready (video)    09/28/21  (16)
Allahu Akbar HVAC is a fucking 180 poster.    09/28/21  (28)
one of my favorite scenes ITT    09/28/21  (3)
131 Federal Judges Broke the Law by Hearing Cases Where They Had a Financial Int    09/28/21  (19)
In a week I will be 35, I am completely single, but rest of life is in order    09/28/21  (87)
bro u Jewish or something?    09/28/21  (2)
Phoenix is America's fastest growing city - why?    09/28/21  (27)
Demi Lovato: "I encountered aliens in Joshua Tree."    09/28/21  (4)
gay men: are most of the other gay men you know single still?    09/28/21  (14)
don't shoot the messenger but Maryland is 4-0 first place B1G East 🐢🥇    09/28/21  (3)
fish eat mosquito larvae, so how is there "no purpose" for mosquitoes    09/28/21  (1)
81% of Covid deaths are 65 and up, yet let’s mandate for workers #boomermenace    09/28/21  (4)
joe rogan is not a good interviewer    09/28/21  (4)
What sort of people like water rides at theme parks? Getting wet is annoying    09/28/21  (1)
wtf moniker Frank Lloyd Wong was already taken    09/28/21  (1)
the nurses are tired. please get your shots. it just takes a minute.    09/28/21  (4)
Where are we now w/r/t Jordan Peterson?    09/28/21  (1)
Singapore now has 82% vaccination rate and more hospitalizations than in 2020    09/28/21  (50)
Rate this "fight" I had with college freshman gf    09/28/21  (16)
In Unified XO Theory many poasters can be described as “Jenkins Magnets”    09/28/21  (3)
US Hospitalized va(xx)ed death rate is 31%, seems like a lot    09/28/21  (18)
Singapore today 80% fully vax'd: hits all-time high for DEATHS and CASES!    09/28/21  (21)
CR air fryer that doesnt need to be cleaned between uses?    09/28/21  (5)
Lena Dunham: Married, famous, millions of dollars. You: Single, debt, poast.    09/28/21  (3)
What are we "doing" here every day?    09/28/21  (2)
Examples of Insane shitlib race cultism ITT    09/28/21  (1)
Thoughts on these racist emails to UMass black student orgs?    09/28/21  (17)
The Peyton/Eli broadcast on ESPN is the best thing ESPN has come up with    09/28/21  (49)
SNL changes. Beck Bennett gone. Hilarious new guy's Trump imitation    09/28/21  (23)
"Objection: flame!" Judge:"The witness clearly stated not flame"    09/28/21  (55)
"Zero Whites Among MacArthur 'Genius Grant' Winner, an Historic First." (NPR)    09/28/21  (45)
NBA player Jonathan Isaac calls out media & vax mandate    09/28/21  (2)
Chipwiches & Ducktalians: BANNED. Doobs: A MOD.    09/28/21  (12)
Libs biggest fear: Influential black intelligently explains why he's novaxx    09/28/21  (3)
BLACK KWANS: MacArthur GENIUSES! WHITE DORKS: tiny penises    09/28/21  (4)
60% of my net worth is tied up in beanie babies    09/28/21  (2)
Teen who ran over 6 cyclists outside Houston walks free    09/28/21  (4)
I have 1M NW, here's the break down    09/28/21  (7)
How should homosexual right wing dissidents find a partner in NYC?    09/28/21  (9)
Received "McDonald's Genius Grant" 4 noticing Bacon McDouble cheaper than McDoub    09/28/21  (22)
💰 Elon Musk richer than Jeff Bezos 💰    09/28/21  (6)
How long does it take on average to get bored of fucking your wife?    09/28/21  (18)
US higher ed to stop using word “rigor” (link)    09/28/21  (49)
let's have ANOTHER THREAD on how there are no hot ppl in DC    09/28/21  (2)
"Sounds like a scam. Heh" he smugs while living entire life & culture of grift    09/28/21  (1)
Carmela Soprano, evidently, was an excellent cook.    09/28/21  (1)
gang of white supremacists ransack chicago businesses    09/28/21  (2)
we need to work together toward a better tomorrow    09/28/21  (2)
why do SCUMBAGS dominate the clique conversation    09/28/21  (9)
Hard to overstate how much reputational damage the medical community inflicted    09/28/21  (43)
Thoughts on the new J Cole album?    09/28/21  (4)
"Why was I born an inferior man than mr.jinx" whok asked Anglican Priest    09/28/21  (41)
Better sports atmosphere at European soccer or American college football    09/28/21  (4)
🚨 Pfizer seeks FDA approval to vaccinate kids 5-12 🚨    09/28/21  (12)
Emory campus multicultural center hosted dog fights & prostitution ring (link)    09/28/21  (1)
Do cops have a hard time dating in a lib city?    09/28/21  (47)
NYT follow up story in Dasani the hood girl who went to boarding school    09/28/21  (1)
That's the beauty of science. It's settled until it evolves.    09/28/21  (3)
Laundrie fans are distracting the FBI by hanging nooses all over the place    09/28/21  (2)
Farting so loud in black spaces I won MacArthur Genius Grant    09/28/21  (1)
Poll: Will FBI or Dog the Bounty Hunter catch Brian first?    09/28/21  (3)
Twitter will allow politicians to silence dissenting replies    09/28/21  (2)
A-S-I-A-N P-U-S-S-Y    09/28/21  (3)
How would the Hong Kong/Macau handovers have happened if PRC wasn't recognized?    09/28/21  (1)
I can see it in your eyes.You don't have a single fucking offer.    09/28/21  (22)
Now if people die from COVID after the vaccine, they'll say    09/28/21  (4)
"but the RIGOR" screeches shithead administrator before fucking you up the assho    09/28/21  (1)
2016 Macarthur Genius grants are fucking stupid    09/28/21  (66)
Can a mod put the faggot “we” quotemo in timeout?    09/28/21  (16)
Received McArthur Genius grant for work exposing unequal pay for POC escorts    09/28/21  (1)
Ladies and Gentlemen your 2019 MacArthur "Genius" grant winners!    09/28/21  (55)
Rate the 2018 MacArthur Genius Grant winners    09/28/21  (16)
A friend we all think is gay just claimed he only fucks dimes in group chat    09/28/21  (6)
Hilarious Chinese propaganda photo about recent tech CFO story    09/28/21  (22)
Lowest admin/headache place to live with reasonable quality of life?    09/28/21  (1)
This board needs more tedious Jewish retards    09/28/21  (59)
AYO WE DOIN GENIUS YO    09/28/21  (1)
Reminder, 2,381 Trump voters died of a completely preventable disease yesterday.    09/28/21  (3)
"Wow, people in (x) profession are the worst people," said the lawyer    09/28/21  (5)
Big bombshell coming tomorrow. Debating whether to tell xo first    09/28/21  (38)
Men can only ever "love" one woman in their entire lifetime    09/28/21  (2)
Prep GF acing OCI and breaking up with you    09/28/21  (2)
starting to believe ‘space’ isn’t real    09/28/21  (3)
KGB came the Yankee loving fool. He had a gun. Killed the KGB dude dead.    09/28/21  (1)
Interesting consent form checklist the CDC just sent out    09/28/21  (3)
Girl bought me a gift and she can’t even make rent    09/28/21  (6)
Anti vaxxers, why is Trump vaxxed?    09/28/21  (28)
NYT: Murder rates shot up. Why, we may never know!    09/28/21  (46)
Thoughts on this Biden comic?    09/28/21  (3)
This is how ever XOer apologizes (VIDEO)    09/28/21  (1)
Are the Porsche Macan and Cayenne retarded    09/28/21  (5)
60% of MacArthur Fellowship geniuses are Black #blackGenius    09/28/21  (3)
Basically don’t believe anything anymore except gravity, and Jews are satanic    09/28/21  (2)
Incredible Vox article about Grindr and gay mental illness    09/28/21  (63)
Is test anxiety a real thing?    09/28/21  (4)
Atheists seem totally incurious as to why religion exists    09/28/21  (54)
"Well, I don't think they'd get into Mar-A-Lago, no. No. But I love my supporter    09/28/21  (7)
BUFF as FUCK NATURAL IMMUNITY check in    09/28/21  (12)
George Soros named "most generous giver" by Forbes magazine (link)    09/28/21  (4)
Stephanie Grisham: "Trump was upset Stormy said his penis resembles a mushroom"    09/28/21  (1)
reading Farisa’s Crossing for the fifth time    09/28/21  (4)
This year's MacArthur Genius Grant winners look like the audience of a BET show    09/28/21  (9)
Still lolling that the pro-Trump recount found Biden won by even larger margin    09/28/21  (3)
Reminder: Trump said you guys looked “low class” when you attacked the Capit    09/28/21  (7)
Politico: Democrats in danger of losing VA because they can’t cheat    09/28/21  (3)
Sharon Needles X Alaska Thunderfuck    09/28/21  (3)
"Genius" Ibram X. Kendi scored 1000 on the SAT    09/28/21  (1)
Boredom DURING sex    09/28/21  (9)
Does the U.S. have anything close to a Peter Hitchens?    09/28/21  (1)
What would someone in 1960 think if you asked them, "What are your pronouns?"    09/28/21  (1)
Grimes is starting a ‘lesbian space commune’ after Elon Musk split    09/28/21  (1)
1/3 of coworkers list pronouns & i’m supposed to pretend this is normal    09/28/21  (38)
How did CSLG learn how to litigate straight out of law school?    09/28/21  (22)
paging OLDHLSDude    09/28/21  (173)
Biden: 97-98% of US need to be vaxxed before we go back to normal (link)    09/28/21  (56)
Relax. Close your eyes. Now imagine sucking a throbbing cock.    09/28/21  (1)
in a dead-end job, a midlaw firm. the east end goys and west end earls.    09/28/21  (43)
"Boys Schiller 2022" hot, shirtless lawyers calendar for sale (link)    09/28/21  (1)
Rate this watch    09/28/21  (7)
Real talk pussy feels excellent    09/28/21  (6)
Financial MEDIA 1 month ago: "oye inflation ur a legend"... Today: "no ur not ur    09/28/21  (2)
wtf Michigan just picked off Graham Mertz    09/28/21  (2)
Dropped right out of high school straight into Boies    09/28/21  (1)
have you ever had an obsession with someone so intense it reached unhealthy leve    09/28/21  (12)
What happens if a demon possesses a dog while a girl is sexing it    09/28/21  (3)

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