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Libs are pissed Gabby's death bringing so much white exposure to media    09/21/21  (24)
Insane how the media is needlessly terrifying our country.    09/21/21  (4)
Straight black men are the white people of black people    09/21/21  (3)
SF Mayor on being caught maskless: we don't need a "fun police" (link)    09/21/21  (14)
my masterpiece    09/21/21  (3)
the retro futurism of Disney's 'Contemporary' Resort    09/21/21  (6)
This 24 year old "celeb" on DailyMail has a dump truck ass (pics)    09/21/21  (1)
most boomers spend last days on deathbed watching netflix    09/21/21  (1)
Read the Gospel of Mark tonight. It’s one night and a short read. Do it.    09/21/21  (30)
Richard Gere's narration of unabridged Tibetan Book of the Dead    09/21/21  (6)
ITT: List how much $$$ you lost on SOL in last 24 hours. Who wins?    09/21/21  (8)
Why is OMG the only coin that’s up right now lmao    09/21/21  (4)
imagine the insane 'race play' neurotic black chick candace owens engages in    09/21/21  (1)
$NGM $NGM $NGM    09/21/21  (21)
fake internet money is so 180    09/21/21  (2)
Why do conservatives fall for obvious grifters like Candace Owens?    09/21/21  (25)
o no my coins!    09/21/21  (60)
Some sleuths think Petito was killed by a serial killer    09/21/21  (3)
has an internet post ever shaken you to your core?    09/21/21  (1)
me and petito down by the schoolyard    09/21/21  (1)
Reminder: Rach poasted the STICKY, saw the level of insanity here, and booked it    09/21/21  (25)
niggers slaughtering hundreds of thousands weekly but let's talk about 'petito'    09/21/21  (2)
Doesn't it seem weird Petito is so similar to Pepito and this all happened on    09/21/21  (1)
List of goods unavailable in your area:    09/21/21  (39)
Insane HLS story on twitter    09/21/21  (13)
Cry Petito    09/21/21  (1)
whole foods bar is now 90% hamburger helper and iceberg lettuce    09/21/21  (1)
Seth Rogen claims he has to be held back from KOing Mel Gibson (link)    09/21/21  (15)
This is the longest my life has gone without a major Petito plot twist    09/21/21  (2)
"Why was I born an inferior man than mr.jinx" whok asked Anglican Priest    09/21/21  (11)
*Peppito boyfriend's bald mug shown in Time Square* *crowd starts Guilty chant*    09/21/21  (2)
Chick movie/tv show that you really liked but are embarrassed to have liked it.    09/21/21  (12)
Did Adam and Eve know about Jesus Christ?    09/21/21  (6)
2009: Cash for Clunkers. 2021: Jabs for Jobs.    09/21/21  (2)
Re-watching Chernobyl on HBO, Jesus this was well done    09/21/21  (7)
The logic fail at the heart of the vax hysteria is hilarious    09/21/21  (308)
Laundrie will never be found    09/21/21  (4)
Unvaxxed Bolsonaro eats pizza on NYC sidewalk    09/21/21  (6)
I have some pics to show you guys (pf)    09/21/21  (4)
Camilla Cabello is fat as fuck and has cankles    09/21/21  (4)
Dean of Students to leave HLS    09/21/21  (76)
Is the SEC going to hammer Coinbase?    09/21/21  (2)
Shitlaw boss walking into court like Ray Lewis - LOL’d irl    09/21/21  (1)
Aaron Rodgers looks like a strung out homosexual meth addict    09/21/21  (21)
I wish xoxo would stop shoving gay dick down everyone's throats 24/7    09/21/21  (3)
Yann Perrod tearing down entire gym as they try to put a mask on him    09/21/21  (6)
Yann Perrod died a month ago, but he came back to life a week later    09/21/21  (2)
Marathi Washington, first First Lady of the United States    09/21/21  (2)
Pepito Bismol    09/21/21  (3)
I'm glad MarioMaserati is poasting again    09/21/21  (21)
A Golden Retriever & Marathi man walking down street to 7-11 tp    09/21/21  (5)
*rings town bell* BUYING ETH FOR PENNIES ON THE DOLLAR *sellcucks pop out window    09/21/21  (13)
The Marathi Michael Jordan    09/21/21  (4)
NCAA Marathi Madness 2021    09/21/21  (3)
So glad I didn't buy fake internet money. You losers deserve what you get    09/21/21  (6)
I’m never gonna stim again, concealed meat cannot shoot jism...    09/21/21  (9)
The Marathi Michael Jackson performing the "Marathi in the Mirror"    09/21/21  (2)
White Men Can’t Jump but it’s Yann Perrod, beckersted, & a golden retriever    09/21/21  (1)
GTB    09/21/21  (1)
FAUCI is such a lying sack of FECES about NATURAL IMMUNITY    09/21/21  (10)
“A tall, athletic guy with eyes like tedbeckersted - gorgeous guy”    09/21/21  (12)
TT6 how long and girth is your cock in inches?    09/21/21  (7)
Gabby Petito looks like Cameron Diaz, her fiancé looked like a serial killer    09/21/21  (4)
Rate these bulletproof hoodies    09/21/21  (7)
Chinese do not take Biden’s call, demand to speak with “whoever is in charg    09/21/21  (24)
sat next to Richard Gere on flight, he discreetly told me pedo Jews run Hollywoo    09/21/21  (1)
"Just relax and let the anal sex happen"    09/21/21  (8)
More prestigious: 6'2, 220 athletic build or 5'11, 220 and jacked?    09/21/21  (2)
TX Doctor says he's gonna perform abortion on internet livestream (link)    09/21/21  (2)
I've started making my own FRESH JUICE    09/21/21  (1)
Gov Gavin Newsome abolishes single family zoning in California    09/21/21  (78)
daily reminder: Jews are flooding states w/ Haitians because they want you dead    09/21/21  (1)
Reason #1 Vaccine/Job mandates will happen: Further constrict skill labor supply    09/21/21  (5)
Refunkulus Futurism    09/21/21  (1)
Beckersted vs. Yann Perrod - Clash of the Titans PPV circa 1999    09/21/21  (10)
the penultimate solution    09/21/21  (1)
Vaccinating the Naturally Immune is an ideal way to skew statistics    09/21/21  (21)
getting a smoked turkey leg and fresh apple cider this gorgeous fall saturday    09/21/21  (9)
Extremely 1990s things that don’t exist    09/21/21  (195)
rate my intended course of self-education as a hobby    09/21/21  (25)
Ioannidis' new article on science in age of COVID    09/21/21  (7)
A Ford Expedition is basically like if you made an F-150 into an SUV    09/21/21  (3)
School makes kids play trumpet through hole in mask    09/21/21  (22)
Life in the USSR was infinitely better than what we have to look forward to    09/21/21  (23)
what is the best documentary of all time?    09/21/21  (76)
Rate this Japanese indie duo whose lyrics are all in French    09/21/21  (2)
Meet Desmond the 10 year-old drag queen    09/21/21  (91)
I still occasionally smirk about the literal hypogonadism of the NPR guys.    09/21/21  (2)
end of ocean's 11 but it's just exeunt leaving with all ur money    09/21/21  (6)
anyone play spades here?    09/21/21  (7)
Duke, fully vaxed, locks down until May 2022    09/21/21  (41)
Impressive how the boys in "Red Dawn" kept their hair looking so good    09/21/21  (4)
cards    09/21/21  (1)
Zapad-81 v. Zapad-21    09/21/21  (1)
Solana was mooning… then NYUUG had to poast    09/21/21  (3)
ITT we draft a federal statute 1 word at a time    09/21/21  (15)
remember when lib hero BOB MUELLER covered up Saudi/FBI involvement in 9/11?    09/21/21  (21)
you guys need to watch the Project Veritas expose NOW!    09/21/21  (25)
p.s. - exeunt sold at $200, will buy back in $90s    09/21/21  (10)
Paid my dentist in Solana after getting two root canals    09/21/21  (1)
SOL should retrace to the 90's, I'll bump this when confirmed.    09/21/21  (1)
what whokebe does in the privacy of Jinx's sex dungeon is his own business    09/21/21  (10)
I’m a hardcore conservative, but I’m Pro-Abortion. Not pro-choice, Pro-Abort    09/21/21  (1)
prince, just put down the math textbooks and stop smoking meth    09/21/21  (15)
Federal Reserve governors load up on call options before Wed's Fed Board mtg    09/21/21  (2)
Petito's insta pics are great jerk material    09/21/21  (3)
Federal Reserve Chairman, Governors owned assets bought by Fed. Sold at top    09/21/21  (20)
cowgod vs animeboi steel cage match    09/21/21  (8)
Redditors in Baltimore and other shitholes live in fear of "squeegee boys"    09/21/21  (19)
This is it boyos, buckle up    09/21/21  (11)
Rate this Indian doc who did 67 abortions day before TX law took effect    09/21/21  (9)
Stock-Coin Apocalypse Incoming 9.20.21 😲    09/21/21  (28)
54% of Ppl who die of Covid in last 2 months have made anti vax FB posts    09/21/21  (1)
Aoi Teshima - The Rose    09/21/21  (1)
The coming housing crash is going to make 2008 look like a German FKK sex club    09/21/21  (19)
Putin send 4,000 troops to Mali. Hilarities with the frogs ensue.    09/21/21  (2)
Most desperate ways you've made money    09/21/21  (52)
Anyone else buying VOO today?    09/21/21  (16)
beckersted ur a bitch and i'd rock ur shit    09/21/21  (2)
beckersted is a pussy and I'd smash him in a RUSSIAN CHAIN match    09/21/21  (27)
so US government-trained agents killed haiti's president & nobody cares    09/21/21  (6)
Peterman screaming w/ ecstasy as 300 lb. trucker makes deposit in his 'Coinbase'    09/21/21  (62)
cowgod really is a Triumph    09/21/21  (12)
judge to holmes juror: "work the night shift so you can do jury duty all day"    09/21/21  (24)
REQUEST: Someone pill me on "Luna". TYIA. (TBF)    09/21/21  (40)
TX mom at school board meeting: “I’ve never had anal sex. I don’t ever wan    09/21/21  (51)
Teddy Beckersted, do Puerto Ricans have quincinneras or just Mexicans?    09/21/21  (7)
Great interview w the humble and introspective Park Ranger who met Gabby Petito:    09/21/21  (6)
beckersted sometimes i openly weep at the mass’s beauty not flame    09/21/21  (2)
The vaccine isn’t meant to cure COVID, it is a course correct    09/21/21  (9)
Buy as much SOL as you can right now. NFA.    09/21/21  (46)
Off to watch Forest Gump    09/21/21  (10)
Another Trudeau blackface pic found LJL    09/21/21  (44)
Chandler starts a jury trial tomorrow in Stanley Mosk (CSLG)    09/21/21  (35)
“Petito’s boyfriend, who was bald, is suspected in the disapp”    09/21/21  (1)
See this? It means not welcome 👉卍    09/21/21  (10)
There's two things I won't pay for: Sex and... (CSLG)    09/21/21  (1)
Car brands listed from Scummiest to Preppiest?    09/21/21  (12)
lol just bought more sol    09/21/21  (7)
does anyone else feel like our society is on the brink of collapse?    09/20/21  (82)
The RE market has 100% peaked    09/20/21  (2)
Where does Heart fit in the classic rock pantheon?    09/20/21  (9)
Larry Bird in his prime would be the #1 player in NBA right now    09/20/21  (22)
Love Tom Brady and his veneers, botoxed face, fake dyed hair    09/20/21  (27)
Gabby's medicine cabinet filled with SSRIs (link)    09/20/21  (1)
Benzo aka “The Big Pauper” to meth pipe: HELLLLLOOOOOO BAYYYYBEE!    09/20/21  (4)
shadowy sleep paralysis demon on the edge of my peripheral vision    09/20/21  (2)
Dan Crenshaw will be president    09/20/21  (1)
cowshit did you make this thread on city-data    09/20/21  (3)
Here's how you know the bf killed Gabby Pepito    09/20/21  (17)

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