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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
Rate this video of teacher who came out as gay to 6th grade class (link)    09/21/21  (5)
Rob Gronkowski says he doesn't watch any film (link)    09/21/21  (2)
Good W for Packers last night but that defense is real SUS    09/21/21  (8)
Mexico doesn't get enough credit for being a 180 country    09/21/21  (41)
Rate this post about 18 wheeler semi trucks soon being unfixable    09/21/21  (3)
Domers FUCKED next week against BBC (big badger cock)    09/21/21  (14)
spin ratfucks    09/21/21  (2)
made 115K as a solo last 12 months    09/21/21  (17)
sex with men for money isn’t that lucrative    09/21/21  (6)
Where to move if you don't want to live near blacks or jews?    09/21/21  (3)
Urban Moving Systems is 180    09/21/21  (4)
Haitian migrants on DHS bus overwhelm staff, escape from bus in Texas    09/21/21  (2)
Chemerinsky Op-Ed: the conservative SCOTUS justices are partisan hacks (link)    09/21/21  (14)
Insane HLS story on twitter    09/21/21  (29)
Can someone who understands things explain Evergrande thing?    09/21/21  (21)
BLM holds 'Cancel Carmine's' protest outside famed NYC Italian after three black    09/21/21  (8)
Does Biden get a SCOTUS vacancy? 39 months and counting    09/21/21  (11)
cowshit did you make this thread on city-data    09/21/21  (5)
LOL at Ben Simmons and his agent Rich Paul. Sixers should let him ROT for 4 yrs.    09/21/21  (8)
Lower middle class Russian Jewish barbers in Queens, NY    09/21/21  (1)
Is it "based" to have 24/7 tantrums about perceived slights and indignities    09/21/21  (2)
$NGM $NGM $NGM    09/21/21  (26)
prince looking at multiplication tables w crazy unblinking elizabeth holmes eyes    09/21/21  (12)
Federal Reserve Chairman, Governors owned assets bought by Fed. Sold at top    09/21/21  (31)
Ernest Shackleton never gave up and neither should you    09/21/21  (1)
Serious Q: Why are people still allowed to own pitbulls?    09/21/21  (5)
Camilla Cabello is fat as fuck and has cankles    09/21/21  (9)
Rate this white girl from Christian Mingle    09/21/21  (11)
Recent TRUMP statement trashing Milley, Biden, and Dem DAs    09/21/21  (11)
Can someone who understands things explain Xoxohth thing?    09/21/21  (1)
Anakin on xo: "now THIS is the correct response!"    09/21/21  (1)
So Reddit front page is now a giant circlejerk whenever someone not vaxxed dies?    09/21/21  (1)
what is the best documentary of all time?    09/21/21  (85)
Joy Reid: Gabby Petito Case is 'Missing White Woman Syndrome'    09/21/21  (1)
xo has been garbage ever since pensive left    09/21/21  (4)
Is the SEC going to hammer Coinbase?    09/21/21  (3)
Is “Persia” more advanced culturally than E Europe, Ireland, Australia?    09/21/21  (37)
LOL just got this message on Facebook Messenger    09/21/21  (1)
Ever take a shit so perfect I grab it with ur bare hand?    09/21/21  (207)
WSJ: Xi Jinping Aims to Rein In Chinese Capitalism, Hew to Mao’s Socialist Vis    09/21/21  (16)
Coming clean: One of my favorite guitar solos ever is Pantera "Cemetery Gates"    09/21/21  (2)
But China is 180 how could this be happening    09/21/21  (3)
xo’s response to my gay sex thread spam has been neutral-to-positive    09/21/21  (1)
Dystopia: Men arrested for smuggling food into New Zealand lockdown zone    09/21/21  (16)
Cons are you ever going to rise up and do anything?    09/21/21  (1)
Vatican to require vaccine passport to enter city (link)    09/21/21  (16)
The Digital Security Investor Protection Act of 2021    09/21/21  (1)
Put 50k in VGK (euro etf) on dip    09/21/21  (10)
Had a dream that Ohtani hit 2 HR's against Houston tonight    09/21/21  (1)
Libs will surely realize they went too far this time.    09/21/21  (4)
the deeper he goes the harder i cum    09/21/21  (1)
"YOU'LL NEVER BUY SOL THIS LOW AGAIN," the pumo screamed for the 15th day    09/21/21  (1)
Everyone subject to mask mandates should wear a clown mask    09/21/21  (2)
Trump is NOALCOHOL. Is he also NODRUGS?    09/21/21  (23)
emoji thread    09/21/21  (2)
evan39 greedily eating personal pan pizza, watching Hitler documentary on PBS    09/21/21  (63)
Cops Arrest Men Entering Locked-Down City With ‘Large Amounts’ of Illicit KF    09/21/21  (2)
whats your job on the leftist commune? (a long read compilation)    09/21/21  (3)
Petito's Family Plans to Inter Daughter in Van in National Park Approved (NYP)    09/21/21  (2)
Duke, fully vaxed, locks down until May 2022    09/21/21  (55)
Farting so loud Sarah Huckabee Sanders bellows "BROOO", gives you high 5    09/21/21  (6)
Another Trudeau blackface pic found LJL    09/21/21  (49)
Was the Honorable Elijah Mohammed wrong about anything?    09/21/21  (3)
nig niggery nig niggery nig nig neroooo    09/21/21  (4)
xo Thomas Sowell: Federal Reserve is a Cancer    09/21/21  (1)
Most desperate ways you've made money    09/21/21  (62)
Acceptable to do scratch offs @ desk in BIGLAW?    09/21/21  (12)
Credited to take shirt off when I get hot @ desk in Biglaw?    09/21/21  (2)
Dean of Students to leave HLS    09/21/21  (88)
Nicole is a prole name. Is Nicholas?    09/21/21  (9)
CR to replace male friends with raucous high-T lezbo crew    09/21/21  (1)
Eric Wynalda’s brother dies of COVID days after tweeting about natural immunit    09/21/21  (1)
Bros, I need a new desk. $3k budget. HELP!    09/21/21  (11)
HATE HAS NO HOME HERE (hates all white ppl on planet Earth)    09/21/21  (6)
If the engravers were honest, all our graves will read "he's a stupid shithead"    09/21/21  (1)
pic of biles playing turok on n64 alone in locker room (link)    09/21/21  (4)
Did anybody join nyoog’s discord    09/21/21  (1)
If Natural Immunity was FLAME we'd hear of second infection DEATHS    09/21/21  (16)
2nd cousin: "Want a fine ass to ride? :)" Shrew gf: "You need finasteride."    09/21/21  (40)
let me see you shake that ass    09/21/21  (1)
Turns out you can say 'nigger' in the reason.com comments section    09/21/21  (1)
Fully plugged into the deal docs    09/21/21  (1)
Surely libs will realize they've gone too far.    09/21/21  (3)
Trudeau Calls Snap Election, Nothing Changes, $600 million down the drain    09/21/21  (7)
Wachtell had the greatest post-9/11 litigation victory    09/21/21  (7)
Do libs consult Navajo shamans before fucking things up?    09/21/21  (2)
COVID is really wiping out Navajo people    09/21/21  (30)
Alpha Chad Israeli Takes Selfie Getting Pfizer Booster    09/21/21  (10)
holy shit @ the climax of Farisa’s Crossing    09/21/21  (24)
Voodoo Child crew: FLW, Emilio E, Richard, TSINAH, RSF, Henry, LSD, Muscadine    09/21/21  (175)
“men” that don’t enjoy sticking huge cucumbers into their assholes    09/21/21  (3)
depressing thread    09/21/21  (6)
does GJR still eat human shit?    09/21/21  (12)
Pumped for Kena Bridge of Spirits    09/21/21  (10)
“Pope” Francis SNEERS at critics, calls them SATANIC    09/21/21  (9)
Check out Hitler, A Career on Netflix. Good doc.    09/21/21  (23)
It's 180 having a cat and a massive aquarium    09/21/21  (1)
Gov Gavin Newsome abolishes single family zoning in California    09/21/21  (88)
Why can "baristas" only ever prepare one drink at a time    09/21/21  (7)
ITT: List how much $$$ you lost on SOL in last 24 hours. Who wins?    09/21/21  (31)
LMAO - FDA granted approval of vaccine based on 6 MONTHS of data    09/21/21  (47)
Isn't it hilarious & disgusting when u think about it that a penis "cums" lmfao    09/21/21  (10)
We need to separate into different countries ASAP    09/21/21  (1)
Just bought $10K worth of GRAPE    09/21/21  (15)
holy shit @ this divorced atheist ex-Christian mother on tiktok    09/21/21  (12)
Being human is fucking vile    09/21/21  (7)
Sarah Huckabee Sanders calling you a fag for losing a beer chugging contest    09/21/21  (19)
stocks to dive into today?    09/21/21  (9)
Watch this slut eat fish 🐟    09/21/21  (23)
Sol currently bouncing up and down on a big fat juicy cock    09/21/21  (1)
Tell sol to stop going up and down so much    09/21/21  (2)
Tearing 18yos from family, girlfriends, hometowns, to send to “college”    09/21/21  (11)
Canada fortifies election, releases results before the polls close    09/21/21  (4)
error: bossy bottom 1488 is already taken. please try another username. (xo    09/21/21  (4)
'Daddy, what's a BBC?' 'Well son, ask your mom, she knows a lot about those'    09/21/21  (1)
Francis: vaccine passport required to pass through gates of heaven    09/21/21  (12)
Longwangpoontang has to be the worst poster in board history, cr?    09/21/21  (2)
Rate this Yale distance runner who loves taking vids in thong bikinis    09/21/21  (113)
GameFAQs Poasting Ideas    09/21/21  (43)
whats this new faggy .webp image bullshit that isn't compatible with anything?    09/21/21  (3)
Chandler starts a jury trial tomorrow in Stanley Mosk (CSLG)    09/21/21  (36)
Bali trying to require vax to enter any store but not giving vax to foreigners    09/21/21  (2)
Genesis Rosen    09/21/21  (6)
Pics of Texas Rangers whipping blacks    09/21/21  (15)
Cinemassacre megathread    09/21/21  (2)
Does Doug Funny think he’s better than Al/Moo (Nerds?)    09/21/21  (3)
"they sexualized me," said DrakeMallard in monotone being wheeled into Bellevue    09/21/21  (54)
started the day with explosive rancid diarrhea    09/21/21  (2)
extremely online van life    09/21/21  (4)
Anyone here opposed to the flu shot?    09/21/21  (15)
Did Adam and Eve know about Jesus Christ?    09/21/21  (12)
anyone noticing signs of cognitive decline among the vaccinated?    09/21/21  (14)
Life is good friends!    09/21/21  (1)
Nurse who refused vaccination dies of COVID. But at least she died doing what    09/21/21  (25)
Emilio I am for you always    09/21/21  (1)
BOOM all "jobs" are flame and a sad joke    09/21/21  (1)
So many gorgeous people here. We are all going to make it. Be positive!    09/21/21  (3)
Vaccinating the Naturally Immune is an ideal way to skew statistics    09/21/21  (29)
Will VACCINATION be required to go to work?    09/21/21  (54)
Russian professor refused to end lecture in middle of school shooting    09/21/21  (2)
Idiocracy 2 Idea: FDA officials investigate drug on Wikipedia, conclude it’s h    09/21/21  (2)
Pfizer wants approval for its booster shots based on study of 300 ppl...LOLZZZZ    09/21/21  (12)
Pope Francis: “Some of the cardinals wanted me dead”    09/21/21  (7)
this endless "crisis" is just ginned up hysteria @ this point    09/21/21  (3)
It’s settled that there were dragons and “dinosaurs” are 1890s myth    09/21/21  (1)
every single kind of raw material or goods is months out delayed or unobtainable    09/21/21  (40)
Obnoxious Secretaries    09/21/21  (5)
ran into a healthy, early 30s person in nyc who was getting a booster shot    09/21/21  (7)
how quickly can you make another guy cum?    09/21/21  (5)

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