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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
Let me explain the end game of COVID again to you retards    09/18/21  (106)
ive been propositioned for sex by 5 fags after wearing my levi trucker jacket    09/18/21  (1)
would rather have broken glass shoved in my asshole every day than participate    09/18/21  (2)
Oops I forgot to pull my parrot out last night    09/18/21  (2)
unspoken truth: I fucking hate this country    09/18/21  (38)
I fucking hate this country and am overfilled with joy at its collapse    09/18/21  (5)
Binance.us won't let me withdraw my SOL    09/18/21  (21)
What constitutes low T in a man in his 30s?    09/18/21  (9)
PS there is basically no COVID in Sweden    09/18/21  (4)
so Lion King was really a cautionary tale about the Biden presidency?    09/18/21  (30)
As a mouse in a granary, I’m running out of compassion for cats    09/18/21  (7)
"You see sinister rats, ferrets, stoats. I see future doctors and scientists"    09/18/21  (10)
imagine going on tv & acting all serious 2 years later pretending there's a viru    09/18/21  (1)
Crypto is going to zero    09/18/21  (7)
I Don’t Live Here Anymore (War on Drugs) is a 180 song    09/18/21  (3)
Nicki Minaj is like an irl superhero    09/18/21  (8)
Prince Harry's nosedive to all-time low popularity "adds to his anger"    09/18/21  (52)
I done goofed up my lower spine. Hurts like hell to walk, sit    09/18/21  (4)
do your part and cough on a bunch of stupid fuck vaxxers today    09/18/21  (1)
Biden to Haitian "Refugees": Adios, Niggas!    09/18/21  (18)
Audius down 10% today. wya nyuug? well well well    09/18/21  (3)
Ever lose money on an investment?    09/18/21  (18)
that doesn't sound right. what would Joel Osteen say about this?    09/18/21  (1)
1-minute roast: male comedian vs. female comedian (vid)    09/18/21  (3)
Larry Bird in his prime would be the #1 player in NBA right now    09/18/21  (8)
Jean Raspail Mindset    09/18/21  (2)
the REAL issue with Nicki Minaj (CNN)    09/18/21  (3)
At what point do u really start hating a job    09/18/21  (8)
how do people buy remote land?    09/18/21  (19)
2021: endangered sea turtles choking on discarded face masks    09/18/21  (6)
Rich Dad Poor Dad loves Nicki Minaj (link)    09/18/21  (2)
Nicki Minaj: The Black Face of white Nationalism (LA Times)    09/18/21  (2)
inverse correlation between rise of the gays & contentment of women    09/18/21  (2)
"maybe if we just keep complying, they'll let us keep a shred of our dignity" wa    09/18/21  (2)
The Empire were the good guys in Star Wars    09/18/21  (17)
Nocoiners in 1602: "LOL at stockmos, Dutch East India co a huge scam"    09/18/21  (2)
money magazines best places to live: anywhere non-poor and white    09/18/21  (7)
India has more startup unicorn comps than entire EU. Birdshits, ur response?    09/18/21  (6)
👑 KING SOL 👑    09/18/21  (18)
SOL INVICTUS    09/18/21  (36)
I want to be raped and murdered by a hoard of computer programmer Chapati bros    09/18/21  (5)
Most prestigious type of Latina?    09/18/21  (15)
20 african countries are in nurse henry's orifices    09/18/21  (1)
lol in Whok's mind artificially extending the lives of the infirm is more presti    09/18/21  (8)
*cum pouring out of george20's mouth as he challenges you to identify gay gene*    09/18/21  (1)
Biden ORDERS Government Agencies to Stop Using 'Slur' Illegal Alien (NPR)    09/18/21  (6)
Is this a SOL buying opportunity?    09/18/21  (131)
SOL $160 waiting room    09/18/21  (70)
IDIOT SOLTARDS LAST WEEK: it will go up to $300. Now: it will go to $75.    09/18/21  (13)
Bradley Hill arrested for kicking woman down a Brooklyn escalator    09/18/21  (2)
dla piper has offices in 20 african countries    09/18/21  (21)
Halal Guys, Chapati Bros, Wanton Woos, Birdshit Bastards    09/18/21  (1)
What is the best Val Kilmer movie?    09/18/21  (5)
dupa telling his wife's family and friends he's rooting for a bbc over usyk    09/18/21  (1)
Judge Joe Brown makes a lot of sense in the Buck Breaking documentary    09/18/21  (4)
NYT: huge voter registration effort underway in bordertown refugee camps    09/18/21  (1)
The chilmata thing is like xo equivalent of homestuck    09/18/21  (24)
You're surfing on the Internet    09/18/21  (5)
Obscure 16bit beat em up had Regis Philbin & Gorilla Monsoon terrorizing a mall    09/18/21  (5)
NSA Inspector General opens investigation as to why Tucker was unmasked    09/18/21  (22)
Wife is very giddy about tonight’s blowbang (CSLG)    09/18/21  (24)
Doodikoff, straight up, how much do you weigh?    09/18/21  (64)
What are some things that only really smart and really dumb people think?    09/18/21  (53)
cum alone moves the wheels of history (dupa)    09/18/21  (1)
Skinny Euro teen sucks Gen Xer’s big meaty cock out in open on a Ryanair Fligh    09/18/21  (37)
BLM tells Lightfoot we finna keep lootin an shit    09/18/21  (8)
Found a Max Hardcore vid that's still online    09/18/21  (8)
Raet this venture capital firm run by ex-CIA Director James Woolsey    09/18/21  (4)
WGWIG at NYC bar (pics)    09/18/21  (16)
TT to BIRDSHIT Danish backpacker girl gasping on her knees in his Goa villa    09/18/21  (4)
They hate benzo now but never forget that he puts in the hours to keep churn up    09/18/21  (1)
Got bit by a horsefly a couple days ago. Ivermectin 2x/day just to be safe?    09/18/21  (4)
Hip kidz guide to the Internet (vid)    09/18/21  (4)
If you ain't no punk holla we want Crest Strips yeah    09/18/21  (4)
I have a severe ether addiction and a license to perform root canals    09/18/21  (2)
Teeth are the public enemies of cavityism    09/18/21  (5)
Friday night dupa thread. Let's chat ITT.    09/18/21  (31)
Joe Biden kills children and then lies about it.    09/18/21  (3)
HELP: N64 cartridge slot smells like musty poppy seeds and broken condoms(GameF    09/18/21  (4)
let the fools have their "tar tar sauce"    09/18/21  (4)
Seinfeld episode where George discovers Aniston/Perry Windows 95 promo    09/18/21  (3)
New doctor here best practice location Must have beach Miami Point Barrow Chicag    09/18/21  (7)
Router came with an FDA black box warning label    09/18/21  (3)
I for one was unprepared for this perpetual state of emergency    09/18/21  (2)
You have to have generational wealth to afford a single bouillon cube in 2021    09/18/21  (4)
Sold the family jewels to pay for a single feed bag of store brand oats    09/18/21  (3)
In two years I went from two N64 controllers to a half gram of fentanyl a day    09/18/21  (8)
*roasts cowgod's pale candy apple ass with flaming hot "No Games" ranch brand*    09/18/21  (1)
i can't sleep in past 7am anymore    09/18/21  (23)
100 billion humans have existed and you're luckier than virtually all of them    09/18/21  (5)
Bill Maher: We've become a nation of snitches    09/18/21  (1)
Muslim teen writes #Blacklivesmatter 100x on Stanford app essay. Result predicta    09/18/21  (179)
Seems like very 75 years we have a great leader in this country    09/18/21  (1)
I use "tooth paste" despite not being a tooth. Horse paste is no different    09/18/21  (1)
Here's how you know the bf killed Gabby Pepito    09/18/21  (1)
*whispers in your ear* Tell me what you want    09/18/21  (1)
Kind of tired of all these foreigners brothers    09/18/21  (2)
I know many cretins but never once heard of someone using “date rape drug”    09/18/21  (5)
Dead Van Life girl’s fiancé is missing. He’s on the run    09/18/21  (20)
Dupa rate your tacoma    09/18/21  (2)
that's what she said...grapes, seductive    09/18/21  (1)
'Cry Taco' starring Molly Tibbets' father    09/18/21  (4)
Without looking, list top 6 men's tennis players by # grand slam semifinals app    09/18/21  (3)
Thoughts on Hollow Knight?    09/18/21  (18)
🎯 ITT: Headshots with Darts 🎯    09/18/21  (11)
there's no reason not to get a 401k loan, right?    09/18/21  (1)
The thing about Milo is he used to be so good at decimating media libs (clip)    09/18/21  (3)
so california is where people go and pay $$$$$$$ to get abused by minorities?    09/18/21  (3)
SOL mooning again - up 158%    09/18/21  (2)
SOL mooning past $17    09/18/21  (9)
Sol mooning $ 11.1    09/18/21  (44)
Wow Djokovic just 1 win short of calendar slam AND total grand slams winner    09/18/21  (1)
Boston Retard Accent    09/18/21  (2)
Most risky bets & risky investments will end up losing    09/18/21  (2)
Lynndie England ruined orgasms    09/18/21  (1)
Over 85% of Mumbai has Covid antibodies now    09/18/21  (2)
ricky: how is the farming n fucking going, friend?    09/18/21  (5)
I have a 149 IQ and I’m starting to think flat earth is viable    09/18/21  (3)
Really Interesting Cool Kooky Youngin (R.I.C.K.Y.)    09/18/21  (1)
I’m a flat mooner    09/18/21  (2)
Rapping molecular scientist "offers" Nicki Minaj a lesson about covid vaccines (    09/18/21  (3)
Household Net Worth of 3DO owners    09/18/21  (36)
Rationing medical care becomes a reality in hospitals overwhelmed with covid pat    09/18/21  (1)
The Origins of AIDS    09/18/21  (2)
made 115K as a solo last 12 months    09/18/21  (13)
BAM! You must cook dinner for 2 using only products from Trader Joe's    09/18/21  (27)
Boner police is alive and well btw    09/18/21  (1)
the "media" is just treasonous and evil    09/18/21  (18)
Why can't we get multiple vaccines?    09/18/21  (6)
Ricky do you ride with me    09/18/21  (7)
Man tries to purchase 13 year old girl to rape and murder on darknet    09/18/21  (11)
Online AI: Tell it who you want to draw and it does a portrait    09/18/21  (162)
What % of BIGLAWyers were tattle-tellers in elementary school?    09/18/21  (12)
Conservative in year 2000 logs onto WorldNetDaily.com, chuckles at libs    09/18/21  (1)
Gavin Newsom signals more COVID-19 mandates could come after California recall    09/18/21  (15)
reddit talks about why the holocaust happened (link)    09/18/21  (14)
Rose McGowan is profoundly mentally ill and ugly but somehow made millions    09/18/21  (4)
suicide    09/18/21  (2)
DC xoxo posters used to hang out at Millie & Al's in AdMo    09/18/21  (1)
Army Lt. Col denied top secret clearance for Trayvon fb comments in 2014    09/18/21  (5)
old "beasts" flash video    09/18/21  (4)
What’s most prestigious latitude?    09/18/21  (3)
My HBO Max Subscription was cancelled by amazon for some reason    09/18/21  (13)
Can’t read about Gabby Petito without thinking of Pepito to    09/18/21  (8)
almost caught covid today    09/18/21  (4)
I think I'm a confirmed bachelor bros    09/18/21  (9)
Where are we with the Gabby Petito plot? Looks like the bf fled    09/18/21  (2)
ACLU: travel bans and quarantines are WRONG    09/18/21  (50)
This is how Brits talk about Joe Biden    09/18/21  (12)
#ShutDownSTEM is trending    09/18/21  (14)

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