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What do all these single women in Atlanta committing suicide have in common? One    09/17/21  (3)
Imagine trying and failing to have sex with men for money (pedude's life)    09/17/21  (3)
"Are you a homosexual man?" "No." *smoke billows out of lie detector machine*    09/17/21  (3)
Q for posters who got the vax    09/17/21  (9)
Laura Loomer, who dismissed COVID as less than 'food poisoning', gets COVID    09/17/21  (2)
Shitlib here but think MIGRATION is mostly unhealthy BULLSHIT    09/17/21  (6)
You dress like a retarded wigger and smell like shit. You're hired.    09/17/21  (3)
Our Southern border is official open (vid)    09/17/21  (56)
FNC Producers: "Time for another week of 'caravan' stories?" "Make it so."    09/17/21  (7)
MMT = massive money printing and taxation, which both crush the middle class    09/17/21  (6)
Norm McDonald gets posthumously METOO’d    09/17/21  (68)
Just bought some elastic waistband Jos. A Bank pants with a SHIRT GRIPPER bar    09/17/21  (9)
I wish I was Gen-X and 22 years old in 1994.    09/17/21  (29)
Milk was responsible for yamnayan expansion    09/17/21  (1)
Even the farmer’s marginal production goes to increase obesity. From there it    09/17/21  (1)
Primative homonid brings rock to gun fight    09/17/21  (1)
Normal 2 be on the verge of tears 24/7?    09/17/21  (35)
lol @ u if u didn't go to Rice for undergrad    09/17/21  (2)
Link to good cock rings..not good to keep using girlfriends hair ties    09/17/21  (7)
FAA bans drone flights over border showing migrants flooding into country    09/17/21  (32)
Would you rather die or have your dick cut off?    09/17/21  (7)
A social welfare state of teeming refugee tent cities, if you can keep it    09/17/21  (4)
GO STONY BROOK๐ŸŒŠ๐Ÿบ GO RICE๐Ÿฆ‰    09/17/21  (2)
Why doesn't the US just close the southern border already?    09/17/21  (18)
Bitch you live like this?    09/17/21  (2)
๐ŸšจPsychotic Karen Has Been Activated ๐Ÿšจ    09/17/21  (7)
Dems worst fear coming to life: BLM and MAGA converging    09/17/21  (29)
Wait so Biden was polling 4th before Super Tuesday and then top 3 dropped out?    09/17/21  (14)
Karen TJ is not permitted to see her own children    09/17/21  (28)
Couple friend set me up on blind double date w/their friend. she left in 25 min    09/17/21  (84)
LOL @ CA-mos. Newsom signs law to allow up to 4 housing units to replace SFHs    09/17/21  (3)
are ppl even talking about how these COVID vaccines destroy the immune system?    09/17/21  (7)
gay actor michael douglas, I just saw your email from Feb    09/17/21  (1)
when I was 9 I thought we would all be driving hover crafts by 2020    09/17/21  (1)
anyone else get really emotional a few times a day?    09/17/21  (4)
Capital Police calling in the US National Guard ahead of FBI false flag riot    09/17/21  (15)
What does it feel like to be on SSRIs?    09/17/21  (11)
evan39 proles/poors are wasteful..don't understand value of things    09/17/21  (1)
Have you ever eaten MOD pizza?    09/17/21  (6)
Doodikoff double date climbing out bathroom window    09/17/21  (1)
๐ŸฆŒ Deer beats the shit out of a hawk to save a bunny ๐Ÿ‡    09/17/21  (46)
We are all clean white collar rich professionals here=why so angry?    09/17/21  (2)
Plaintiff Accused Us of Sending Bad Check Bc Bank Couldn't Cash a $200k Check    09/17/21  (14)
Public schools are low security detention centers for crack heads kids    09/17/21  (12)
evan39 we could have had perfect life all along and still can    09/17/21  (13)
People will pat you on back when riding high& step on you when down    09/17/21  (1)
know multiple unvaxxed people who are fine, somethings up w these media stories    09/17/21  (9)
Did anybody ever play Shining Force for SEGA?    09/17/21  (16)
๐Ÿšจ Steel Doors open, gray mist as Psychotic Kevin Awakens from Chamber ๐Ÿšจ    09/17/21  (7)
Favorite Shining Force character? Can be from 1 or 2    09/17/21  (22)
I ran a little spreadsheet 2020 election night. Some weird shit happened.    09/17/21  (8)
Can’t believe I have to work for two more decades    09/17/21  (1)
keep coming back to the weird statistical anomalies and I don't think Biden won    09/17/21  (32)
15 yr. (180 month) mortgage at 1.80% APR for $1801.80 a month    09/17/21  (1)
SOLmos how confident are you that you're gonna be rich?    09/17/21  (4)
SF Mayor breaks own mask mandates by partying with BLM founder at nightclub    09/17/21  (8)
Anyone watch 100 Foot Wave    09/17/21  (3)
Wait a minute, didn't SCOTUS order Biden to close the border?    09/17/21  (1)
what crypto moves could i make to generate STUPID $$$$?    09/17/21  (1)
doodikoff needs to start telling people he's a widower    09/17/21  (5)
Trump: “Kushner more loyal to Israel than the US”    09/17/21  (27)
Bump when Trumpmos pivot from “lol Biden has no shot” to “VOTER FRAUD!”    09/17/21  (52)
how hard to run a ETH2 Validator if you have 32+ ETH?    09/17/21  (2)
$DATS HERE WE GOOOOOOOOO    09/17/21  (1)
Is this a SOL buying opportunity?    09/17/21  (121)
My XO, My Ovaries, My Psychosis (Karen)    09/17/21  (1)
De Blasio: "is the city sealed off?" "a few dirtbikes got out, sir"    09/17/21  (16)
straight porn makes absolutely no sense    09/17/21  (3)
The Psychotic Karen of Civil Society Institute    09/17/21  (3)
*small airplane flying overhead with banner reading: "COINTARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!&
   09/17/21  (17)
if the circumstances of 2020 election played out elsewhere, XO would call fraud    09/17/21  (31)
which poaster gives the sloppiest blowjobs?    09/17/21  (1)
bump this thread when Larry Wheels tears his Lat    09/17/21  (3)
imagine kissing 'doobs' lmfao    09/17/21  (5)
Reminder: 90% of the people talking about "10x'ing" mean from $500 to $5000    09/17/21  (1)
Rach, can we get an XO feature to block all poasts from this "Gene Rosen" dork?    09/17/21  (4)
Anyone have that CARD instructions thread>    09/17/21  (2)
Mike Lindell | Rudy G | Sidney Powell | Nikki Minaj    09/17/21  (3)
would you rather fuck Jen Psaki or AOC?    09/17/21  (37)
COVID Booster mandates are now incoming despite lack of science    09/17/21  (1)
I hope Psycho Karen stops posting lmao    09/17/21  (1)
29% of Gamefaqs poasters are Chads (link)    09/17/21  (5)
this is your average 20 something male today (important video)    09/17/21  (32)
are the unvaccinated even legally "human" at this point?    09/17/21  (4)
my wife's vagina is loose    09/17/21  (1)
Jews will eventually have to memoryhole / destroy Back to the Future    09/17/21  (3)
Seven Brides for Seven Sisters remake in the works (link)    09/17/21  (2)
Reddit SOL goons    09/17/21  (1)
๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰ Big party when Trump is declared winner later this year! ๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰    09/17/21  (40)
So many people out there are just waiting for you to have sex with them.    09/17/21  (5)
Watching “Back to the Future” and weeping at what this country has become    09/17/21  (37)
I hate the Giants. Fire Gettleman and Judge. Clown show    09/17/21  (2)
Minneapolis school goes virtual due to homeless encampment (link)    09/17/21  (25)
Couple friend set me up on blind double date w/their friend. Ended up being dude    09/17/21  (3)
When is Hollywood going to give us an Awkwafina nude scene.    09/17/21  (4)
Jewish superintendent pushes CRT, is forced to resign by parents    09/17/21  (7)
Tommy how hard would it be for you to restart your practice    09/17/21  (30)
Being married but sleeping in separate beds/rooms, CR?    09/17/21  (7)
Hi PSYCHO KAREN you ready to shitpost all weekend you dumb ugly bitch    09/17/21  (5)
i can't sleep in past 7am anymore    09/17/21  (21)
where can I get a NURU massage (from a woman)?    09/17/21  (9)
Hard to fathom that ruling party hates you, your kids and this country and    09/17/21  (17)
In the middle ages, nasty women were punished with a "shrew's fiddle" device    09/17/21  (5)
I am being accused of being OYT on Gamefaqs    09/17/21  (9)
"FUCK HER LIKE A REAL MAN, FAGGOT!" bellowed the powercuck.    09/17/21  (155)
Can't stop laughing uncontrollably at PSYCHO BITCH KAREN    09/17/21  (2)
Visiting the St. Louis suburbs    09/17/21  (1)
What are odds Chinese real estate crisis causes big recession in US?    09/17/21  (10)
Actress Jane Powell dead at 92. She was one of my favorites.    09/17/21  (2)
The worst lies are the ones we tell ourselves    09/17/21  (1)
Spring spring spring - seven brides for seven brothers    09/17/21  (2)
Seven Brides for Seven Brothers just shows how far we've fallen    09/17/21  (9)
Pro tip: Start using "reach out and grab the shaft with both hands" at work    09/17/21  (4)
Gabby Petito was way better looking than her BF    09/17/21  (5)
"nice to meet you! this is my 1st tinder..." bboom: "are u blown out    09/17/21  (81)
Biden is doing a 180 job on CHYNA    09/17/21  (2)
IDIOT SOLTARDS LAST WEEK: it will go up to $300. Now: it will go to $75.    09/17/21  (12)
DOOBS whimpering as damn daddy gives him an unwanted nuru massage    09/17/21  (2)
damn daddy undressing me and laying me on a mat as he gives me a nuru massage    09/17/21  (8)
*gives MPA a nuru massage*    09/17/21  (4)
I had earthworm Jim on SNES and it just felt wrong    09/17/21  (30)
Republicans should be going all out re the border insanity    09/17/21  (11)
Scumbag player launching scumbag console at wall after losing scumbag game    09/17/21  (2)
"hi nice to meet you! so you're an Alabama fan..." "i'm gay.    09/17/21  (1)
what whokebe does in the privacy of Jinx's sex dungeon is his own business    09/17/21  (6)
doodikoff, has your hymen regrown at this point?    09/17/21  (1)
Why is Karen Tatum Jones so fucking fat jfc    09/17/21  (1)
See, cause you got a smile, that could light up this whole town    09/17/21  (1)
*** SOLTARD SUICIDE WATCH THREAD ***    09/17/21  (13)
*Spaceporn shits on his son's chest* "Santa left a lump of coal"    09/17/21  (7)
what do you get out of pretending to be gay online?    09/17/21  (1)
Female dating advice: "If you're fat, try acting more entitled and rude."    09/17/21  (13)
*Mississippi* now #1 in covid deaths per capita and rising rapidly    09/17/21  (8)
None of you idiots have your own song, and I do. Of course I have haters    09/17/21  (3)
a certain sort of "chill" welfare state that waves in millions of illegal immigr    09/17/21  (3)
SOLtards, how does it feel losing your life savings this week?    09/17/21  (16)
Drinking Vodka with fresh Watermelon juice ---> 1800000    09/17/21  (33)
antivax freaks beat up restaurant hostess for asking if they are vaccinated    09/17/21  (5)
Milley pwns Drumpf: "It was a perfect phone call."    09/17/21  (9)
Everything is so, so gay    09/17/21  (1)
Running list of posters to kill if $UBT doesn't 100x    09/17/21  (6)
cowshit why are so many scumbag games Hard?    09/17/21  (20)
Game/Console Clique mismatches    09/17/21  (4)
Sussmann’s indictment    09/17/21  (24)
CCP: "George Soros is the Son of Satan"    09/17/21  (32)
Did mig die    09/17/21  (10)
I own 30,000 SOL (CSLG)    09/17/21  (37)
The multi-layered misogyny behind questioning "unattractive" women's metoo clai    09/17/21  (1)
Cointards: NO SOUL and NO SOL    09/17/21  (1)
a "society" of fat, ugly, brainwashed mid 20s girls "tweeting" for talking heads    09/17/21  (1)

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