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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
Riding off again luis    10/15/21  (4)
how do i buy AVAX?    10/15/21  (3)
4 yo just asked me why Jews loathe humanity. Not sure how to respond    10/15/21  (9)
See below. Prepare a draft response by Monday. Thanks.    10/15/21  (11)
Scientific study from 1951 showing effects of different RACES on PROPERTY VALUES    10/15/21  (45)
Biden Regime: “On 2nd thought we’re going to reinstate Remain in Mexico”    10/15/21  (25)
***what advice do you have for a NEW DAD***    10/15/21  (25)
awesome thank you    10/15/21  (10)
Four star qb recruit eats 2 cans of tuna per day, goes literally retarded.    10/15/21  (2)
Jai Alai pelotas have been clocked at 190 MPH, have killed several players    10/15/21  (1)
Thanks. This helps a lot. Appreciate your time on this. Have a great weekend.    10/15/21  (1)
Best way to earn yield on FTM?    10/15/21  (2)
Shipping container disaster is entirely due to California communism    10/15/21  (3)
Just did employment background check, what a fucking joke these companies are    10/15/21  (3)
In this thread you estimate percentage of UK births to foreign moms    10/15/21  (7)
I created nuclear fusion in my basement in 2004    10/15/21  (1)
Captured Russian soldiers got triple fucked in WW2    10/15/21  (44)
Honestly John MacArthur is the best biblical expositor of all time    10/15/21  (1)
Just bought 1 million DRGN in honor of Luis. Cost me $7. (Gatormo)    10/15/21  (1)
how much Greg Norman Collection 'performance' menswear do you own?    10/15/21  (1)
Just bought 1,000 pack of eucharists from a Catholic Supply website    10/15/21  (1)
remember libs were more worried about the stabber's mindset than the dead girl    10/15/21  (3)
Plaintiff's 4th amended motion for punitives and request for sanctions    10/15/21  (1)
On xoxohth, we need to be INTENTIONAL about DIVERSITY and INCLUSION    10/15/21  (1)
The Atlantic: Babylon Bee mocks woke liberals and that is NOT OK    10/15/21  (36)
I think TX has a better chance than FL. FL lacks core values.    10/15/21  (12)
VW Tiguan vs Volvo XC40. which would you choose    10/15/21  (24)
i know everything about everything, taking q's    10/15/21  (1)
there are some, even, who do not paost    10/15/21  (1)
Rate this *stunning* Palo Alto home    10/15/21  (68)
It's 2016, ur watching ortho-fascist youtube videos and see "jordan peterson"    10/15/21  (3)
date night #2 update (GJR) "pain"    10/15/21  (78)
Is this GJR stuff flame? I hope so    10/15/21  (15)
rate the pros and cons of these two fruit pickers    10/15/21  (8)
Tessa 'Lee' Majors    10/15/21  (1)
Is eating cocktail garnish prole    10/15/21  (1)
Hypo: ONE county in Montana secedes. Declares itself white ethnostate.    10/15/21  (1)
"Alex Jones"    10/15/21  (1)
Writing off luis again    10/15/21  (1)
wait, hon, this gay asian lawyer had some mild qualified criticisms of 'wokeness    10/15/21  (1)
UBT to $2.12 watch    10/15/21  (4)
"scrolling" on social media    10/15/21  (1)
David Lat done with shitlibs    10/15/21  (59)
Tessa Majors thought those black kids were rushing up to teach new TikTok dance    10/15/21  (2)
weekends are for interrupted legal brief drafting :)    10/15/21  (2)
Which mafia is most vicious: Russian, Italian, Triad, Yakuza, Int'l Jewry?    10/15/21  (5)
Just watched Sopranos for the first time. Tony is an evil piece of shit    10/15/21  (31)
u pass yourselves off as cynical people but u still have faith in the system    10/15/21  (7)
Truth or Myth: Eating at Night Causes Weight Gain?    10/15/21  (1)
GJR here, dead inside. AMA    10/15/21  (228)
Pizza, cookies and beer    10/15/21  (3)
Pumo who said we HAD to get into UBT at $3.80, explain yourself    10/15/21  (5)
Friend got picked up for 2nd and 3rd strike in CA. Looking at a life sentence    10/15/21  (41)
In Chicago, the purge begins at midnight    10/15/21  (4)
Seethe at how inferior your state is to BIGFLORIDA    10/15/21  (1)
your future wife watching The Love Boat as you watch The A-Team    10/15/21  (2)
What if it's not that I don't understand people but rather that I dislike them?    10/15/21  (1)
1982: The A-Team 2022: The Gay Teen    10/15/21  (2)
Explainer: Why Thai Hookers dislike Indian Men    10/15/21  (51)
I'm a hard worker. I set high goals, and I've been told that I'm persistent.    10/15/21  (2)
I will never ask you to do anything that I wouldn't do myself.    10/15/21  (1)
Rudolph Steiner thread    10/15/21  (1)
Former boss of Colombo crime family has Alzheimers, believes hes POTUS (link)    10/15/21  (2)
A friend is a gift you give yourself.    10/15/21  (1)
Anyone here a current/former MBB consultant?    10/15/21  (3)
Cheesecake Factory puts crack in its food    10/15/21  (1)
Why you pursue something is as important as what you pursue.    10/15/21  (1)
KIKES = NIGGERS    10/15/21  (1)
The Story of George Washington    10/15/21  (14)
Do you know what fear stands for? False Evidence Appearing Real.    10/15/21  (1)
Dilbert water cooler clip except he's naming Nippon Professional Baseball teams    10/15/21  (1)
There is only one asset that hasn't mooned    10/15/21  (2)
Stories of meeting girl and she much fatter than pics?    10/15/21  (190)
Emilio just imagine a hard boiled Yakuza flick w Hiroshi Abe    10/15/21  (3)
Just watched Breaking Bad for the first time. Walt is a cucked piece of shit    10/15/21  (7)
What We Do In the Shadows is a pretty entertaining show    10/15/21  (5)
those 80s and early 90s Hong Kong action flicks were 180    10/15/21  (3)
beebee I want you to know that I do not look down on you because you are blk    10/15/21  (2)
fuck this kike klown khaos hell world im taking some drugs    10/15/21  (3)
"No babe, that's kike karnival. You're thinking of kike festival"    10/15/21  (48)
i have 5 btc    10/15/21  (9)
Rate this 5'9'' Dutch model    10/15/21  (11)
KIKES ASSEMBLE RFN ITT    10/15/21  (12)
beebee point blank did you vote for Trump 0, 1, or 2 times    10/15/21  (5)
anybody else here play a little college ball?    10/15/21  (3)
Rate this WGWIG doctor couple    10/15/21  (22)
the kike monikers are the most 180 and hilarious ones on xo    10/15/21  (10)
You did it, Chicago! Wicker Park is becoming a violent ghetto again:    10/15/21  (3)
anyone else love their career?    10/15/21  (3)
remember when boomerboat was accusing psychiatrists of implanting chips in him    10/15/21  (8)
Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 11 trailer (premieres Oct 24)    10/15/21  (5)
I think things are predetermined, but not 100%    10/15/21  (4)
*clicks on xo thread about class/income* *experiences huge spike in anxiety*    10/15/21  (10)
frend has observed that e.g. nice lunch spots in bev hills are now full of nigs    10/15/21  (7)
DEMONIC KIKE force$ are very $trong on xo today    10/15/21  (4)
is Copenhagen Long Cut Wintergreen bad for you every so often?    10/15/21  (3)
I am a Moderate Democrat and I get my news from Forbes    10/15/21  (1)
Kike-ify your monikers    10/15/21  (24)
"Welcome to Korea" shrieks nyuug while flailing double dildo around in the air    10/15/21  (1)
What's a good moonshot CRYPTO trade right now with $25k? Am a NOCOINER    10/15/21  (22)
Next Steps: National CRT Education Curriculum, Homeschool Ban    10/15/21  (8)
You must resist the Kike within (Emilio)    10/15/21  (9)
GJR here, last post, scrambling PW    10/15/21  (10)
FCS can be "intimidating" for football newbies but i'll walk u thru it    10/15/21  (1)
Curbstomp Your Enthusiasm    10/15/21  (2)
Absolutely retarded not to move to BIGTAMPA these days    10/15/21  (17)
ITT: I define "rich" for the edification of all of you.    10/15/21  (23)
AVAX system is a WONDERLAND    10/15/21  (1)
buy AVAX and LINK asap    10/15/21  (7)
Modernity is insane    10/15/21  (2)
Aaron Rodgers is living with a guy again    10/15/21  (24)
gogol's "dead souls"    10/15/21  (11)
Energy switched up when asked girl to be my monogamous gf. Go back to dating?    10/15/21  (44)
Biglaw partners arguing on call abt changing straight " to curly in quoted text    10/15/21  (40)
ProShares Bitcoin Strategy ETF SEC listing    10/15/21  (2)
Girls with bunny teeth are so attractive    10/15/21  (4)
you caressing ur computer in the shower, HDMI port rubbing up against ur erect p    10/15/21  (16)
Things xo has forever altered your thoughts on.    10/15/21  (51)
fun bit of trolling at Slate. (my son keeps a spreadsheet of unwoke behavior)    10/15/21  (12)
GJR, I need to come clean about something (boner police)    10/15/21  (2)
GJR, boner police here, I was wrong & I'm ready to take you back.    10/15/21  (3)
Went *ALL IN* on bitcoin at 6500    10/15/21  (72)
Fuck my ass, should have bought Bitcoin instead of listening to that fraud Exeun    10/15/21  (1)
Got pwned by organic 9/10 ex-GF... feel like crying    10/15/21  (73)
what are chicks like in tmapa st pete area? seeesm trashy af    10/15/21  (6)
women. am i right fellas?    10/15/21  (13)
currently in Austin, does InfoWars do tours or anything? can't find anything onl    10/15/21  (4)
Can't believe the entire World isn't enraged at China. Nothing. Crickets    10/15/21  (22)
first $16K renewal month for saas    10/15/21  (5)
*nyuug vomits a little bulgogi onto the bed as Darnell pushes the 9th inch in*    10/15/21  (211)
Normalcy bias- thinking vaxxx shit is petering out    10/15/21  (14)
Love you princess. Hope it works out for you in the end (and it will)    10/15/21  (1)
So why is graphene oxide in vax is completely ignored?    10/15/21  (6)
Disco Elysium: a bald alcoholic detective game set in communist country    10/15/21  (22)
libs are going insane over the NC state fair    10/15/21  (1)
What was the Friday news dump? Did I miss it?    10/15/21  (2)
Wtf does it means when recruiters say "to $xxxk?"    10/15/21  (3)
Hoyl shit Bitcoin    10/15/21  (3)
Sports trivia: what's the only team named used in 3 different pro sports leagues    10/15/21  (29)
Xo is right about women    10/15/21  (3)
BTC BTC BTC    10/15/21  (14)
Job interviews are impossible    10/15/21  (114)
Dear Abby: I dumped my gf & she publicly complained about me on the internet (li    10/15/21  (1)
This girl epitomizes "wife material" for me - video    10/15/21  (3)
Got first covid vax yesterday. I died.    10/15/21  (12)
i love fraud brother    10/15/21  (1)
oolong tp    10/15/21  (2)
If living room TV = prole, where exactly should TV go    10/15/21  (50)
Two Catch-22 references in the same day    10/15/21  (8)

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