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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
is it normal to suck your bro’s dick while bitching about your wife    10/19/21  (2)
does lamarcus only poast about baseball?    10/19/21  (2)
Just got back from a local Smash tournament    10/19/21  (14)
Woman assaulted on Philly train for 40 minutes while people watched & recorded ;    10/19/21  (1)
so we got out of the way of isis and the taliban destroying each other    10/19/21  (2)
haha GAS haha OVENS    10/19/21  (2)
saw teen girl blasting Dion & the Belmonts in traffic    10/19/21  (1)
WaPo: Don't whine about shortages. Lower your expectations, rubes! (link)    10/19/21  (24)
Isn’t it weird that there are zero vaccine commercials?    10/19/21  (5)
ricky saw my texts to sharklasers and threw out all of my turtlenecks (luis)    10/19/21  (4)
If you're not watching kill la kill right now you're literally gay and retarded    10/19/21  (5)
Phoenix program has fallen on hard times. MSU law faculty to flip burgers.    10/19/21  (2)
200K USD. How to invest if single?    10/19/21  (19)
In 2008, a Gamefaqs poster burned down a church and posted pics on gamefaqs    10/19/21  (4)
Google Maps automatically changed your settings to give you fuel-efficient route    10/19/21  (20)
completed another day of work, feel like complete shit    10/19/21  (23)
Cancel Culture Isn't the Problem. OK Culture Is    10/19/21  (4)
"Nothing but tulipth!" shrieked the nocoiner in bewildered disbelief    10/19/21  (2)
13 Marines died recently in the last days of an ending war    10/19/21  (12)
how often do you just break down & cry?    10/19/21  (7)
Nigga Actor Claims Niggas Taught China Math and Buddha is African    10/19/21  (6)
You look like a fucking bitch in heat, and if you get raped by a pack of niggers    10/19/21  (1)
abbot so pro life he barely even guffaws at botched executions anymore    10/19/21  (4)
more people are starting to realize what's going on    10/19/21  (4)
Why is anti-white venom never “racist”?    10/19/21  (44)
Rate this image of a Chinese and Indian soldier    10/19/21  (20)
2 of Canada's Biggest Cities elect South Asian mayors    10/19/21  (4)
Want to kill myself after scratching underside of car    10/19/21  (1)
what are some good podcasts for smart people    10/19/21  (34)
Should I buy a duplex and live in one of the units (househacking)?    10/19/21  (23)
In-N-Out blasts S.F. over vaccine mandate shutdown: 'We refuse to become the vac    10/19/21  (29)
At this point normies will watch anything as long as its on HBO Sunday at 9 pm    10/19/21  (3)
Tucker luvs using the word "grotesque"    10/19/21  (1)
Subhuman Gorilla NIGGA stabs to death South Asian delivery guy in NYC - guess r    10/19/21  (5)
Check out this Yugoslavian electronic music from 1986, fucking sick bass riff    10/19/21  (16)
free nexplanon everywhere could eradicate abortion, but no it's too practical    10/19/21  (1)
Is rental property/real estate investing flame?    10/19/21  (74)
"Why is my life shitty?? Why is mr.jinx better??" lashed out whok at Priests    10/19/21  (13)
what is it with GOYIMS and ALCOHOL    10/19/21  (126)
Drove a 4Runner    10/19/21  (2)
*liberal visibly uncomfortable around blacks calling you racist*    10/19/21  (9)
“Jersey Shore” could never be made today    10/19/21  (4)
TRUMP defends indicted GOP congressman in latest statement    10/19/21  (1)
1. She was a whore. 2. She was a whore.    10/19/21  (1)
haitian kidnapper demandings one million per person ($17 million)    10/19/21  (6)
Drunkard, what are your preferred pronouns?    10/19/21  (2)
Drunkard, rate me as one of your childhood memories.    10/19/21  (2)
Summon chilmata: decided today that I'm going to Phish @MSG on 1/1/22.    10/19/21  (3)
tbf's delusional self confidence tp    10/19/21  (2)
Shit pits banging hot blonde 23 year olds. You: OkCupid dates with aged shrews    10/19/21  (10)
XO retards think Colin Powell is Dick Cheney or Karl Rove these days    10/19/21  (57)
is nightline as good as 60 minutes?    10/19/21  (1)
the entire bro clique doing Island Boi in Luis' above ground pool in Fresno    10/19/21  (3)
China is preparing to pass a law that would punish parents if children misbehave    10/19/21  (3)
On the Wives and their Complaints    10/19/21  (5)
Has there ever been a President who set the country on fire like this? Carter?    10/19/21  (16)
This is what Morning in America looks like: 1988 Crystal Light Aerobics Champion    10/19/21  (1)
I'm an Island Boi    10/19/21  (1)
Can a mod put Rudolph and his alts in time out or something    10/19/21  (7)
For 6 years straight CBS aired comedy about the Holocaust most Americans loved    10/19/21  (34)
Rudolph spent all day spamming about Colin Powell w alts    10/19/21  (17)
Is 100K enough to set up a Crypto mining side gig?    10/19/21  (4)
$2mil NW in mid 30s CR?    10/19/21  (1)
BTC sits as if on the edge of a knife. Its fate now falls . . . to the asians    10/19/21  (1)
FUCK YEAH - the XO Dodgers are back in it!    10/19/21  (4)
these DWEEBS cant help but take bait and impotently rage every single time lol    10/19/21  (1)
my law firm wants me to plan something special for our associates    10/19/21  (21)
Seems like I can't get 2nd Dose Moderna cause this country RETARDED    10/19/21  (1)
Luis, a LIQ whale    10/19/21  (8)
Chinese HQ in WW3: "Bad news...America's most diverse units are en route."    10/19/21  (184)
Halford launches new fast casual dining concept in midtown MFH (link)    10/19/21  (7)
I went to T8 law school. Likely have higher IQ than 85% of xo. Especially the 4c    10/19/21  (1)
Biz idea: app with 1000s of piss tones. use at urinals to mimic loud alpha pisse    10/19/21  (2)
Can you do downward dog with your heels completely flat?    10/19/21  (6)
Why didn’t Charles just deny, deny, deny?    10/19/21  (37)
How much of an “American” car is actually made in the US    10/19/21  (6)
If btc crashed 90% it would still be just as useful for internet commerce    10/19/21  (7)
History is made: first ever female 4-star admiral pinned today!    10/19/21  (72)
Scott Rees, why do you want to be an island boi?    10/19/21  (1)
Practically a No-Coiner but need to get rich ASAP    10/19/21  (6)
I'm an M&A lawyer    10/19/21  (11)
Jews spent 40 years lost wandering around an area the size of Connecticut    10/19/21  (59)
They accuse me of being upset jew but really they should see me as a wayward (R)    10/19/21  (9)
Will stocks likely crash upwards or downwards?    10/19/21  (1)
Had never heard of cbum before today    10/19/21  (4)
Love the irony of a recidivist felon bitching about botched executions    10/19/21  (1)
I'm a gay M&A lawyer    10/19/21  (1)
does MLB seem more prestigious than NFL/NBA?    10/19/21  (3)
Shitlib state AG sues Greyhound for cooperating with US immigration officers    10/19/21  (2)
rate me (mainlining)    10/19/21  (17)
lol i used to ahve so much fucking money in crypto    10/19/21  (1)
is uber-autist zack greinke gonna get rocked tonight at Fenway?    10/19/21  (6)
men: what is your preferred time of day to masterbate (and why?)    10/19/21  (1)
Travis Tritt is 180 on Tucker rn    10/19/21  (1)
Federal Judge: “Fuck you chinks and your numbers and analysis”    10/19/21  (92)
yeah Renfroe    10/19/21  (1)
Gatormo: Get your scaly ass in here for BTC all time high! *sets out raw chicken    10/19/21  (2)
I like those things on the rollers at 711    10/19/21  (2)
AMBIEN its MAINLINING come in and LETS discuss AMBIEN routine :)    10/19/21  (25)
Mainlining lets just talk:)    10/19/21  (15)
Donny. Mainlining.    10/19/21  (8)
quitting biglaw, moving 2 alaska. mainlining donny &spack my car is a 4seater    10/19/21  (8)
mainlining get in here    10/19/21  (12)
Mainlining I am a bit sad right now brother    10/19/21  (47)
____N__I__G__G__E__R hoots and hollers at bort spam    10/19/21  (1)
mainlining i hate biglaw law & lawyers    10/19/21  (5)
Mainlining is it too late for us    10/19/21  (18)
X MAN    10/19/21  (1)
But anyway, may he rest in peace    10/19/21  (1)
mainlining I'm worried for you! love you friend    10/19/21  (17)
mainlining come here (boom)    10/19/21  (8)
I remember talking to high school girlfriends for hours on the phone    10/19/21  (32)
mainlining i know quitting biglaw is scary but we have to    10/19/21  (13)
there is an intricacy and intellectual rigor, which is appealing    10/19/21  (2)
mainlining I'm writiing here and tell me what you think...    10/19/21  (66)
Mainlining on a tinder first date in 2035: "wow 'the Hound' was a great characte    10/19/21  (4)
Are me and mainlining the artsiest poasters here?    10/19/21  (4)
I am out of the office mainlining the secret truth of the univer    10/19/21  (9)
Before And After Pepperoni: My Journey to Self-Actualization (Mainlining)    10/19/21  (2)
I love some double stacked pepperoni pizza (Mainlining)    10/19/21  (2)
the is the most geographically scenic area of the United States?    10/19/21  (13)
mainlining here - kinda starting to like biglaw after nearly a decade of it    10/19/21  (7)
Hindenburg Research Announces $1,000,000 Bounty For Details On Tether’s Backin    10/19/21  (3)
So Magic Johnson is gay, right?    10/19/21  (19)
CLAUSE 9.2 AND THE WAY IT WORKS WITH 7.6    10/19/21  (308)
S.F.'s new plan to curb car break-ins: Offering tipsters $100,000    10/19/21  (1)
you’re a f*cking cisgendered white male    10/19/21  (2)
Trump's butt is so big    10/19/21  (4)
TV Show idea: 3rd year law shrews work undercover at local hooters    10/19/21  (1)
Can anyone explain why Pete Buttigeig is in a hospital bed with his Husband for    10/19/21  (10)
Taliban aggressively saving drug addicts, getting them clean and healthy    10/19/21  (63)
I am tall white and unsuccessful and have many great dating options in USA    10/19/21  (8)
Hooters Servers Are Complaining About the Chain's Inappropriate New Uniforms    10/19/21  (2)
Bitcoin ATH incoming    10/19/21  (8)
oh no i am surrounded by psychospiritual filth    10/19/21  (2)
Bitcoins about to fly. $79-$85K coming soon.    10/19/21  (1)
*OFFICIAL SUCCESSION S03 01 THREAD*    10/19/21  (24)
Show about Biglaw lawyer turned "Greenhorn" Gold Miner in Alaska    10/19/21  (2)
Good Will Hunting remake where Robin Williams convinces Will to put Israel first    10/19/21  (11)
Favorite film Song of the South favorite show Hogan's Heroes    10/19/21  (9)
⚖ terrorism enhancement against molotov cocktail lawyers ⚖    10/19/21  (9)
Devils thread: hosting the Kraken    10/19/21  (1)
Mary Kay Letourneau was actually kind of hot    10/19/21  (16)
This perfectly explains why fraudvirus and lockdowns are permanent    10/19/21  (71)
I am currently out of the office SEAmaxxing until further notice.    10/19/21  (3)
I honestly don't understand the opposition to the vaccine    10/19/21  (100)
Why didn’t GTO just deny, deny, deny?    10/19/21  (1)
What is your opener on dating apps?    10/19/21  (62)
Even if they were effective, TY notes after interviews = humiliating garbage    10/19/21  (4)

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