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I don't trust this BTC/SOL pump. I'd wait to use any leverage    10/21/21  (4)
Omg, I loooooove it when guys trust the science haha    10/21/21  (2)
Shatner tries to talk about space, Bezos cuts him off to spray champagne    10/21/21  (10)
Trump: To look at Liz Cheney is to despise her    10/21/21  (99)
wow, UBT!!!!! OYT is a genius. exeunt level. bow down.    10/21/21  (10)
“Mark Zuckerberg, in my opinion a criminal” — Trump    10/21/21  (14)
When sol hits $500, nyuug and I are gonna get a hooker.    10/21/21  (22)
I see no reason why SOL can't go to $10k by eoy.    10/21/21  (40)
Top 10% of men get 60% of "likes" on Hinge    10/21/21  (4)
Summon chilmata: decided today that I'm going to Phish @MSG on 1/1/22.    10/21/21  (7)
Arson investigation is flame (pun not intended)    10/21/21  (5)
“Booster shot 95.6% effective”: Pfizer & Biontech (WSJ)    10/21/21  (17)
Has covid made your life better or worse?    10/21/21  (15)
just ate an entire family sized package of double stuffed oreos, taking Qs    10/21/21  (15)
"When your ancestors stole this land," the woman named Cortes lectured us    10/21/21  (13)
Two Dead After Man Drives Tesla Model S Plaid Into a House At Over 116 MPH    10/21/21  (1)
Do nocoiners understand the gravity of their situation    10/21/21  (40)
Looks like they found Brian Laundrie    10/21/21  (70)
Is 5.5 inches enough?    10/21/21  (6)
When did Clown World begin, and what have been its all-time-highs?    10/21/21  (38)
Axel Springer buys Politico. Demands loyalist to Israel    10/21/21  (3)
$DWAC THE TRUMP STOCK    10/21/21  (7)
The sound of DWAC DWAC DWAC coming from under the sheets    10/21/21  (1)
RATE this jew lawyer as a farter (link)    10/21/21  (4)
DWACCCCCCCC    10/21/21  (1)
A modern day admiral's testes hide. Today's Rich Levine trans trans pride.    10/21/21  (2)
Swedish In-House Mafia    10/21/21  (3)
Chappelle special wasn't that great or that "based"    10/21/21  (10)
Is there anything more dystopian than "Amazon Pharmacy"?    10/21/21  (32)
Joey Chestnut dead after choking on a hot dog    10/21/21  (5)
I understand now, too late, that the vaccine is a death sentence.    10/21/21  (9)
*sees stalin tp poast* *realizes it is time to log off*    10/21/21  (4)
How much sol does rsf have    10/21/21  (8)
Out on bail, fresh out of jail, Indiana dreamin'    10/21/21  (18)
Brian Laundrie proves if you get arrested for murder you’re low IQ    10/21/21  (11)
Today is XO African American History Day    10/21/21  (2)
Why you white boys dick so small 😹😹😹😹😹    10/21/21  (9)
Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man is still my favorite novel    10/21/21  (3)
Rongtime Dave Chaperre fan here, but…    10/21/21  (7)
7 Homes We Think You'll Love    10/21/21  (1)
Has anyone heard the song "Mr. Mom" by Lonestar?    10/21/21  (7)
you really need a few dicks inside of you.    10/21/21  (1)
5 most common boys baby names in TX: Juan, Carlito, Ryan, Pedro, Luis (link)    10/21/21  (1)
Kenny: runs our XO firm with 4 staff and 300 cases You: Post (CSLG)    10/21/21  (47)
how to have sex?    10/21/21  (2)
Gonna give ole Idris a beef curtain sandwich 😻😻😻    10/21/21  (4)
White boys dicks so small 😹😹😹    10/21/21  (17)
"No, I mean Bernard Atreides"    10/21/21  (3)
Come ITT and I will give you a genuine compliment    10/21/21  (173)
2nd Cuz: Halloween as SS officer.. Shrew GF: cheats on you w compliance officer    10/21/21  (12)
you prancing lib    10/21/21  (2)
Arise, lawcucks! A new day dawns & thus our devotion to jurisprudence continues!    10/21/21  (1)
I am the very model of a modern female admiral    10/21/21  (74)
so basically i'm effortlessly better than rsf at everything he attempts?    10/21/21  (37)
going to see psychiatrist in an hour for more stimulants    10/21/21  (3)
tedbeckersted seems so intelligent but is also a religious catholic?    10/21/21  (78)
It's 8:40. Where are you? I need you to come to my office ASAP    10/21/21  (35)
Sean O’Pry is now a 2L at Emory Law WTF    10/21/21  (2)
Oskar Schindler watching the SOL chart: “I could have bought more”    10/21/21  (7)
would it be feasible for me to go to cali and start stealing shit?    10/21/21  (7)
If you’re not buying DWAC for a quick moon you’re crazy    10/21/21  (2)
The fact an abject retard like whokebe is anti-crypto should be all u need to in    10/21/21  (9)
PSA: Chainlink is still a piece of shit that will never break $35 again    10/21/21  (2)
NYUUG, your rebuttal?    10/21/21  (40)
Hardly any women find faggotry disgusting    10/21/21  (7)
Canadian female cops prove they can do any job a man can (link)    10/21/21  (28)
Tide turning on mRNA vaccines in Singapore    10/21/21  (3)
Ocasio-Cortez, pregnant with swollen tits, coming at you with kitchen knife    10/21/21  (150)
Are y’all supporting TRUMP by buying DWAC?    10/21/21  (1)
There's almost nothing sadder than watching a rockstar age. I can't stand it.    10/21/21  (82)
How many poasters own >30k SOL?    10/21/21  (51)
ESPN security escorts employee off premises for wearing "UTSA 7-0" shirt    10/21/21  (1)
bought a nordictrack treadmill, already had to call on warranty 3 times    10/21/21  (2)
Death rates for 25-44 year old men surging wo explanation    10/21/21  (56)
REPENT MOTHERFUCKER *rattles noisemaker*    10/21/21  (1)
Emilio how many of these movies have you seen?    10/21/21  (16)
Rate this female golfer    10/21/21  (19)
PSA: nyuug is now a hedge fund manager    10/21/21  (1)
Wife and I had a play date with Criss Angel last night (CSLG)    10/21/21  (20)
~90% of CNN.com stories feature Trump on 10/21/21    10/21/21  (7)
Hiring ex special forces soldiers for my Laser Tag team (CSLG)    10/21/21  (9)
ComputerJob is absolutely destroying me. Not sure I can make it for 30 years    10/21/21  (4)
Ayyo, shout out to my nigga faggy kike and my home evan39. Brooklyn stand up!!!!    10/21/21  (2)
The Democratic Party. For stupids, By stupids    10/21/21  (1)
Visibly pregnant chicks on dating apps == one of the most depressing things ever    10/21/21  (74)
when can we tie evan39 behind a truck and fag drag him to hell    10/21/21  (2)
Who’s more fucked: NOHOUSEMOS or NOCOINERS??    10/21/21  (19)
"remember to hit up this slut later": new tinder feature draws controversy (link    10/21/21  (6)
*sees azn guy on tinder* *smashes the X like it stops a nuke from launching*    10/21/21  (10)
Lmao last chance at this TRUMP SPAC before the take off    10/21/21  (1)
Gonna get rich in 45 minutes not flame    10/21/21  (1)
nohousemos fucked    10/21/21  (30)
2k a month to leave ur kid with indigent groids & wiggers 8 hours a day    10/21/21  (6)
google is trying to cancel me    10/21/21  (4)
have you been having sex? in particular with men? and for money?    10/21/21  (2)
Someone ban the spammer shithead bumping CSLG threads pls    10/21/21  (1)
Started a "side biz" hoarding grocery staples & toiletries (CSLG)    10/21/21  (11)
Biggest indictment of the CSLG method: it didn't work for luis    10/21/21  (38)
APY 58,976.7%    10/21/21  (7)
Should have got WeBull so you can trade premarket on the TRUMP SPAC BOIIII    10/21/21  (1)
TRUMP SPAC DWAC MOONING    10/21/21  (1)
Most of my staff call me "daddy" (CSLG)    10/21/21  (16)
Cslg should hire beebee as next paralegal at his lawfirm    10/21/21  (55)
Thinking about streaming Everquest on Twitch full time (CSLG)    10/21/21  (6)
"Piss Moloch" art instillation draws controversey, protest (link)    10/21/21  (1)
Caught kenny smoking weed behind office, made him wear dunce cap to court (CSLG)    10/21/21  (35)
What was the CSLG alt post that Kenny nuked? Henry Aaron keeps mentioning it    10/21/21  (112)
Would you still work if you had a 16 million post tax NW? (CSLG)    10/21/21  (64)
Last Chance U, except it’s TSINAH and Kenny fighting for a paycheck from CSLG    10/21/21  (28)
Best perk of being an injury lawyer... free parking (CSLG)    10/21/21  (43)
More 100 post threads than any other poster in history (CSLG)    10/21/21  (12)
CSLG needs to explain to the boart why he cucked on the vax    10/21/21  (12)
Going on a Royal Caribbean Cruise next month - taking questions (CSLG)    10/21/21  (37)
Free CSLG Law Firm Shirts (CSLG)    10/21/21  (78)
CSLG, did you get "accommodations" on law school exams?    10/21/21  (26)
Rate my 2 Star Michelin Dinner at Guy Savoy tonight (CSLG)    10/21/21  (69)
“Love ya brother!” (CSLG to SS soldier pushing him into shower)    10/21/21  (38)
Suing State Farm for bad faith (CSLG)    10/21/21  (116)
What OTM calls to buy in oil    10/21/21  (2)
imagine worshiping "Christ" in 2021    10/21/21  (2)
That Cadwalader ad one of you posted to Youtube has been viewed 9,700 times...    10/21/21  (4)
So CSLG and his wife are fucking two other poasters named GJR and Mike Fart?    10/21/21  (50)
Will be dead and forgotten in 55 years (CSLG)    10/21/21  (4)
Calabasas High 1994 v. 2021 (CSLG)    10/21/21  (53)
CSLG: how much would u pay me to cum in your wife's ass?    10/21/21  (4)
Auto accident referral in Arkansas (CSLG)    10/21/21  (2)
Going to do a standup comedy routine at open mic night, critique my jokes (CSLG)    10/21/21  (59)
Any hung guys licensed to fuck my wife? (CSLG)    10/21/21  (5)
Any PI guys licensed in AZ? Got a case for you (CSLG)    10/21/21  (6)
Other people are stupid as hell    10/21/21  (1)
Opening a China office (CSLG)    10/21/21  (4)
Signed 55 cases so far this month... (CSLG)    10/21/21  (39)
CSLG please tell these fools you can have whatever you want    10/21/21  (2)
remember when TSINAH was supposed to move to CA and work w/CSLG and chandler?    10/21/21  (4)
CSLG could never hack it at the SECRET ghost donkey bar in vegas    10/21/21  (2)
Chandler: 100k/month income You: Post (CSLG)    10/21/21  (28)
Taliban aggressively saving drug addicts, getting them clean and healthy    10/21/21  (89)
I would try the CSLG route if I already had independent wealth to fall back on    10/21/21  (12)
Head of Geico claims banned my firm from mediation days (CSLG)    10/21/21  (55)
cslg have you thought about doing vicp cases? comp is $500 an hour paid by HHS    10/21/21  (6)
Best perk of being an injury lawyer... free adjustments (CSLG)    10/21/21  (56)
Reminder: CSLG got Mexican URM status during law school admissions    10/21/21  (7)
Just pretended to be wheelchair bound to get vaccinated (CSLG)    10/21/21  (40)
Dipping my toes into the world of Venture Capital & app development (CSLG)    10/21/21  (23)
Other forums are stupid as hell    10/21/21  (21)
So being 6’0 is in the 90th percentile? Lol    10/21/21  (1)
Vaccines, masks? Japan puzzling over sudden virus success    10/21/21  (9)
new tranny general proposes personnel strategy, privates to face cuts    10/21/21  (1)
Would you fuck Zendaya?    10/21/21  (43)
I just want a nice bald man with small wrists to protect and take care of me.    10/21/21  (11)

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