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Millennial misery: Share of Americans living alone skyrockets    12/01/21  (1)
LeNigga Lebron POZZED by Fraud virus 😂 💉    12/01/21  (2)
Zemmour: Muslims have brought drugs and violence to our cities and suburbs    12/01/21  (4)
*TSINAH throwing his Capital One card back at Denny's waitress* "RUN IT AGAIN"    12/01/21  (26)
Lol @ bizarre lib Covid theatrics    12/01/21  (3)
The Madhya Pradeshi Kevin James    12/01/21  (2)
Is Crypto Coin (CRO) a real fucking thing, or not? Need to know asap, thank    12/01/21  (9)
Biden to announce all travelers to US must test and quarantine regardless of vax    12/01/21  (23)
imagine if Waukesha was covered like January 6th lol    12/01/21  (1)
So a black slaughters 5 whites at Christmas parade bc he hates whites    12/01/21  (5)
Mississippi woman gets life for 2oz of pot during traffic stop    12/01/21  (75)
Edgar Allan Poe was a legit polymath.    12/01/21  (6)
Random cities in China you've never heard of are insanely developed now    12/01/21  (52)
Clarence Thomas is a total boss    12/01/21  (1)
Alpha Omicron Pi variant asking "what does your dad do?"    12/01/21  (3)
Racist land of Incorrigible White Supremacy crowns Black woman Miss USA    12/01/21  (1)
Imagine being such a pauper you sit in jail for 2 weeks bc you don’t have $120    12/01/21  (8)
who’s the most genderfluid poaster?    12/01/21  (1)
any other escortmos feel guilty?    12/01/21  (30)
HBD now pretty much undeniable.    12/01/21  (7)
FDA approves drug that makes COVID more deadly    12/01/21  (7)
cops are the stupidest fucking people alive    12/01/21  (1)
Secular Jews tend to believe flyover whites are Nazis.    12/01/21  (61)
There’s clearly an XO poaster that writes for Succession    12/01/21  (30)
Something about this Parag Agrawal promotion that seems different    12/01/21  (53)
"Wanna go for a run?" TSINAH asked the Tinder 4, looking at the steakhouse bill    12/01/21  (34)
The Power of “I’m gay” (link)    12/01/21  (44)
Can you get a DUI in a self driving Tesla?    12/01/21  (22)
S&P 500 has doubled in 5 years Dec 2016-Dec 2021    12/01/21  (13)
Are parents aware that this sort of thing is being posted on TikTok?    12/01/21  (6)
FBI completely bewildered by WI terror, because they didn’t plan it    12/01/21  (9)
Have you ever dated a girl with BPD? What's it like?    12/01/21  (118)
Asian girls - perfect girlfriend material if you're a white man    12/01/21  (207)
So people know who FLW is now?    12/01/21  (77)
It’s not ‘polarization.’ We suffer from Republican radicalization.    12/01/21  (9)
So did anyone fuck their second cousins or horny sister in laws today?    12/01/21  (9)
Bunch of lying 🤥 fags spreading lies and false information here like the rest    12/01/21  (3)
Alpha Omicron Pi variant will only infect you if you drive a BMW    12/01/21  (3)
Norwood scale committee in open revolt over classification of SP's hairline    12/01/21  (64)
Can some explain to me why we are still fighting over abortion?    12/01/21  (7)
Stop with the bullshit lol at feeling guilty or admitting doing anything wrong    12/01/21  (3)
Chinese woman uses IVF to give birth to blond, blue eyed kids. TT your response?    12/01/21  (8)
u see a life size clown doll sitting alone at comet ping pong    12/01/21  (14)
I have literally my entire life set up to optimally SEAmaxx    12/01/21  (6)
Ben Affleck seems smart    12/01/21  (2)
Omicron has a ‘greatest hits’ set of mutations. Bay Area scientists explain    12/01/21  (2)
“yeah, thats one of my tormentors” (clown driving by CPS)    12/01/21  (1)
Whoa, Clarence Thomas speaking right now.    12/01/21  (2)
Reminder: Bible is true, Jesus is Lord, atheists are human garbage    12/01/21  (83)
Bloomberg channeling xo    12/01/21  (7)
Parag Agrawal faces racist abuse after being appointed new Twitter CEO    12/01/21  (61)
Listen here I don't like Goys and Goys don't like me! Grrrrr    12/01/21  (1)
lol remember finding out half the “whites” at your ls were jewish    12/01/21  (10)
yeah i like to cold approach while jestermaxxing    12/01/21  (8)
“What do I do for hobbies? Oh I uh I create content haha”    12/01/21  (2)
Jewish Harvard prof: 'Jews must wage constant psych warfare against whites'    12/01/21  (36)
Anyone want to rate my $895 OTR suit from Bloomingdale's?    12/01/21  (6)
Most prestigious Indian companies?    12/01/21  (4)
Buffett indicator is getting kooky    12/01/21  (19)
Wipro, Infosys, Tata, Cognizant, HCL    12/01/21  (5)
Ukrainian troops slaughter over a dozen migrants on the border with Belarus    12/01/21  (2)
Gen x dudes in their 50s w oaklies, hoodies, buckwild teen daughters    12/01/21  (39)
with rampant inflation, smart to borrow as much as possible?    12/01/21  (2)
Sell ARKW/ARKK now or wait until it gets a little higher    12/01/21  (9)
this poast was made on stolen indigenous land.    12/01/21  (5)
the crazy thing is there are just as many female Content Creators out there    12/01/21  (2)
Give me a list of disturbing movies.    12/01/21  (36)
Why COVID pills could be a ‘game changer,’ as FDA panel backs Merck drug    12/01/21  (2)
Here's a helpful reminder for you all when you feel deep regret    12/01/21  (149)
lmao $LUNA pumping shit is too easy    12/01/21  (9)
Dems inserting SALT bump in "stimulus" bill is so fucking LJL    12/01/21  (17)
Why do Target stores have such hot women?    12/01/21  (15)
Irish RPG    12/01/21  (7)
Jews are obviously a class of vermin    12/01/21  (1)
Now it makes sense why Obama "gave" Kal Pen a "job" in the whitehouse    12/01/21  (1)
What if you're really smart but don't know how to get into anything    12/01/21  (1)
Would you date a woman that had a 17yo daughter smoked pot drank ?    12/01/21  (3)
Caught my girlfriend sucking another man's cock and it hurt so much - sorry if t    12/01/21  (2)
*** BENZO 11/30 11am ET HEARING TO BE LIVE STREAMED - Link ITT ***    12/01/21  (451)
TSINAH why did you let your account go into default? No $$?    12/01/21  (32)
NSAM you are 180. What is your background, and how can I acquire your wisdom    12/01/21  (6)
RATE the comments on this extremely jewish “Christmas” movie trailer    12/01/21  (24)
Only 3 threads that have 20 or more poasts in last 6 hours    12/01/21  (1)
🎵 Luis Navidad, Luis Navidad. Luis Navidad, Próspero año y felicidad 🎵    12/01/21  (1)
Been getting lots of nasty emails from the company's covid compliance supervisor    12/01/21  (2)
so basically all ed is school of rock (2003) but the jew subs are teaching racis    12/01/21  (1)
Why SOL is fucked long term vs ETH/rollups (link)    12/01/21  (19)
lol they burnt down ur cathedral and built a holocaust museum    12/01/21  (5)
Sotomayor: “How will the Court survive overturning Roe?”    12/01/21  (3)
Negro Bar, a day-use area within Folsom Lake State Recreation Area. State Parks    12/01/21  (1)
10 worst amerikkkan states in order    12/01/21  (4)
“mental illness doesn’t exist” the poaster poasted after a three month sti    12/01/21  (2)
NYT: Investors Snap Up Metaverse Real Estate in a Virtual Land Boom    12/01/21  (13)
Hey lib religion what's next after covid?    12/01/21  (1)
oh you’re genderqueer? i’m agender. my bf is genderfluid    12/01/21  (2)
Is the trans movement the antidote to feminism?    12/01/21  (4)
Just sold ALL my cryptos, including SOLRISE. Bear market CONFIRMED.    12/01/21  (129)
Hope all these frauds get fucked    12/01/21  (1)
Cumblasts from hoses and whiskers on kittens. Soaking a zone with my cocks emiss    12/01/21  (17)
what's the worst government lawjob? Board of Veterans Appeals?    12/01/21  (4)
MFHmos are you wearing your mask in your hovels?    12/01/21  (7)
It's not too late to ape into Crypto.com (CRO)    12/01/21  (23)
10 best amerikkkan states in order    12/01/21  (1)
Yeah I enjoy piloting (TSINAH eyeing his 2006 Honda)    12/01/21  (4)
HYPO: Axis + Allies all agree to attack USSR Summer 1941. What result?    12/01/21  (8)
Ideal height for woman?    12/01/21  (42)
Making ice cream and taking q's (TSINAH)    12/01/21  (65)
Benzo is worth $300,000 more than TSINAH    12/01/21  (3)
TSINAH has more creditor lawsuits than Twitter followers    12/01/21  (2)
Hey babe, the criminal, yeah the gay one, sounded exactly like I thought    12/01/21  (2)
TSINAH poasting "hot organic girlfriend just left" as social worker leaves apart    12/01/21  (9)
"STOP THE STEAL" (TSINAH being cut off at all you can eat buffet)    12/01/21  (41)
TSINAH logging into library computer to call Benzo poor    12/01/21  (21)
Need shoeshine kit suggestions    12/01/21  (1)
TSINAH why did you lie about being a pilot?    12/01/21  (8)
How do bail bondsmen make money? Don’t more than 10% skip out?    12/01/21  (8)
RATE my gf's handwriting (TSINAH)    12/01/21  (26)
Charlie Weis: "I've still got some coaching left in me."    12/01/21  (3)
law schools can use GRE for admissions    12/01/21  (2)
Reminder: archangels were terror inspiring non-human beings    12/01/21  (4)
Rate her! Would you wife?    12/01/21  (2)
* signs into metaverse * * client signs in, sends u msg "status of agreement?" *    12/01/21  (1)
Knowing when to post “im gay” is an amazing posting skill. Takes years to ma    12/01/21  (34)
🤡🌎 : OFFICIAL JUSSIE SMOLLETT jury selection and trial thread 🤡🌎    12/01/21  (30)
cant get over how depraved and jewish school of rock (2003) was    12/01/21  (1)
My wife's appetite for NIGGERS seems insatiable    12/01/21  (4)
Describe: The type of person that wouldn't quit their job with $10 Million    12/01/21  (24)
dcpoast (41 yr old shirtless guitar player) tp— who the fuck is this idiot?    12/01/21  (66)
insane that TSINAH turned out to be darksidephil    12/01/21  (1)
Fun fact: German men always pee sitting down.    12/01/21  (17)
Jimmy Clausen’s tearful farewell speech to ISIS as he accepts Notre Dame Job    12/01/21  (2)
Ich bin ein Sitzpinkler    12/01/21  (3)
QB Jimmy Clausen "likely has joined ISIS" says family    12/01/21  (71)
The Jewish tranny on Jeopardy who’s won $250k so far, anyone see this?    12/01/21  (22)
Why are some of you so gleeful over Benzo's legal problems?    12/01/21  (85)
Rittenhouse no longer enrolled as a student at ASU    12/01/21  (19)
are you ready for several weeks of gay christmas monikers?    12/01/21  (7)
XO posters remind me of Ross Gellar on NYPD Blue    12/01/21  (1)
hands off my ovaries!    12/01/21  (1)
profoundly mentally ill aspie freak weirdo 24/7 online retard lecturing you    12/01/21  (31)
Fine, I’ll say it. Because It must be said. NIGGER (Emilio)    12/01/21  (20)
soulja boy squanch em    12/01/21  (2)
Agrawal dominance just proves how cr WORLD ON FIRE was.    12/01/21  (1)
Which poster has the funniest son?    12/01/21  (18)
Caste breeding seems credited. Exhibit A: Agrawals    12/01/21  (4)
Framed photos in your law office of you practicing law    12/01/21  (1)
TT why do you think Americans have muah for brains lack critical thinking ?    12/01/21  (5)
Kyle: "I call on you, too, to forgo college. It gives you nothing, costs you ev    12/01/21  (1)

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