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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
In general what do you get most angry about?    01/19/22  (4)
Crenshaw: jesus is fake. Crenshaw to 10yr old girl: don't question my faith slut    01/19/22  (112)
What conspiracy theories do you completely reject?    01/19/22  (122)
Sighted gf: lasik to see your dick. blind gf: reads ur dick like braille    01/19/22  (2)
Have you been in a physical fight as an adult? Be honest    01/19/22  (45)
First person ever justed texted me..dude says he has covid lol    01/19/22  (1)
Natalie Portman's "acting" in Star Wars was atrocious    01/19/22  (1)
Blind gf: Tell me about colors :) Shrew gf: Pussy hat mothers!    01/19/22  (2)
Just stick to disabled women have blind or disabled fun gf?    01/19/22  (1)
Blind girl is now blind gf    01/19/22  (76)
It's amazing how wholesome Sambo is but hasn't even met Emilio yet    01/19/22  (5)
Me and Emilio down by the schoolyard    01/19/22  (53)
Bo Burnham - Bezos I and II (Extended)    01/19/22  (8)
What type of women are the easiest to deal with in bed?    01/19/22  (9)
evan39 ?    01/19/22  (3)
Vodka GF: keying your car. Blind GF: I can hear you from afar.    01/19/22  (1)
blind GF: will u read me lil prince?; shrew gf: I want a meatball 12 inch    01/19/22  (5)
vodka gf: drunk and horny; blind gf: read me a story    01/19/22  (2)
Kamala Harris slams ‘gossip’ about Biden dumping her from 2024 ticket    01/19/22  (33)
Emperor Biden Palpatine asking to abolish senate for your safety    01/19/22  (1)
Stephen Colbert: To follow Constitutional norms we must ABOLISH THE SENATE    01/19/22  (16)
Russia should take Constantinople back while they can & tear down the minarets    01/19/22  (16)
BREAKING!! Taco Bell removes Beef Burrito from values menu    01/19/22  (24)
Wordle    01/19/22  (48)
Sighted girl havers are absolutely DONE HERE    01/19/22  (12)
Third Eye Blind - Never Let You Go    01/19/22  (1)
vodka gf: first date I eat ass; blind gf: let's sit on the grass    01/19/22  (3)
blind GF: let’s share this milkshake; shrew GF; makes toilet quake    01/19/22  (1)
Blind gf: studying her chest with a titrographic microscope    01/19/22  (1)
Nebraska now has Chubba Purdy from FSU at QB    01/19/22  (1)
Hostage-taker’s English hometown doesn’t want to be known as a place that pr    01/19/22  (1)
LOL, been trying to cancel Bloomberg Businessweek for year, they keep charging    01/19/22  (3)
blind gf: read me a bedtime story; vodka gf: I'm drunk and horny    01/19/22  (1)
Blind gf can get a yuge massive monthly check tax free if she wants    01/19/22  (2)
William Faria Elementary School in Cupertino, CA is 97% AZN    01/19/22  (2)
black gf | vodka gf | blind gf    01/19/22  (2)
Rate this officer attacking another officer    01/19/22  (5)
Whys xo so enthralled by Glengarry sales speech? Its incredibly low IQ and prole    01/19/22  (55)
the “accountability Marine” LtCol Scheller was on Jocko podcast    01/19/22  (3)
Rate this IVY LEAGUER's gf    01/19/22  (17)
Best part about Blind GF is her hating ((people)) with hooked noses    01/19/22  (1)
I've noticed liberal women aren't liberal in bed    01/18/22  (8)
hottie on Tucker Carlson right nao    01/18/22  (24)
Your Monsanto GF bitching re: vacation itinerary as you read Blind GF thread    01/18/22  (1)
Have you ever seen uncontrolled diabetes improved ED when under control    01/18/22  (1)
This is the MILFY 40+ YO Type of Asian Chick I like (SAD)    01/18/22  (18)
catboy chad shredding ur gf's couch and curtains while u wageslave    01/18/22  (4)
Black women in Georgia will receive $850/month to combat racial wealth gap    01/18/22  (26)
What's the plan for SOL? HODL?    01/18/22  (19)
Blind girl date went well    01/18/22  (332)
SOL question    01/18/22  (3)
Reading the blind girl thread it’s clear the mobile internet has ruined women    01/18/22  (25)
why cardano pass solana?    01/18/22  (5)
The only game system you really need is a GAMECUBE    01/18/22  (24)
People are blowing you off and it's sad    01/18/22  (5)
Sex seems like such a chore    01/18/22  (1)
Name a young person that will be remembered in 30 years    01/18/22  (16)
Just did a tour of the local Catholic school for my son (CSLG)    01/18/22  (48)
RUSSIA MUST BE STOPPED    01/18/22  (30)
Won my Local Yugioh Tournament since top players had to drop out due to    01/18/22  (8)
what's this Web3 stuff i keep hearing about?    01/18/22  (22)
Cortes’s men wandering Mexico was closest to alien contact humans will get    01/18/22  (50)
Applebee's ruined a lot of their street cred with this covid hysteria    01/18/22  (15)
anyone else notice CSLG trying to emulate RSF?    01/18/22  (1)
Only full-blown consuela-esque conspiracy-tard I know IRL is addicted to shrooms    01/18/22  (7)
War Room with Steve Bannon is a quality listen/watch    01/18/22  (2)
Black women in real Georgia have bananas thrown at them and are called monkey    01/18/22  (1)
Why we need voting rights bill if 2020 was fairest election in history?    01/18/22  (4)
Video shows violent pit bull attack inside San Francisco's Main Library    01/18/22  (21)
Horse racing is the best sport to follow.    01/18/22  (8)
Want true equity? California should force parents to give away their children    01/18/22  (7)
Video showing Ukrainian trench defenses    01/18/22  (9)
Anyone see Archive 81?    01/18/22  (1)
the NIGHTMARES FROM PLANET STUPID mixtape    01/18/22  (1)
How this millennial paid off over $100,000 of debt in 6 years    01/18/22  (8)
Sony shares fell 7% following Microsoft/Blizzard Activision news    01/18/22  (1)
Luis, I started lifting and don't want to hurt my back    01/18/22  (1)
CSLG do you have a California exit plan if things get dicey?    01/18/22  (8)
Trucking crisis solved! Biden to put teens behind the wheels of big rigs    01/18/22  (10)
Bald and Bankrupt needs to marry his Belarussian girlfriend    01/18/22  (1)
gun to your head - thoughts on Mario Sunshine?    01/18/22  (15)
Hey neoliberal fag cum ITT and debunk this    01/18/22  (9)
army green Tacoma TRD-Off Road w/lift kit + skid plate tp    01/18/22  (19)
Stone-faced luis to organic tinder 9: "Tengo sexo con hombres por dinero."    01/18/22  (4)
how meticulous are you when it comes to personal finance?    01/18/22  (16)
FTM about to surpass ETH in daily transaction lmfao    01/18/22  (7)
WMD, Gulf of Tonkin, Pearl Harbor, Lusitania, USS Maine    01/18/22  (20)
Ricky im maf and hate everyone today for some reason lol    01/18/22  (6)
Years ago there was a true MILF who poasted here. I think "Lion" was in her moni    01/18/22  (4)
My elderly aunt idiotically fell for a text scam from her bank to 'verify' detai    01/18/22  (21)
NIGGAS are literally destroying the DEMS    01/18/22  (16)
I was forced to wear an N95 in ED tonight. I literally could not breathe.    01/18/22  (5)
Even 'nice' parts of the LA area are getting hit by violent crime:    01/18/22  (6)
chandler really stepping up his game on the boxing threads    01/18/22  (3)
REMINDERS: People like TommyT and Indians are considered "Caucasians"    01/18/22  (1)
Doodikoff I'm not sure why but I've kept my pm2 in the box since getting it.    01/18/22  (4)
ur not gay    01/18/22  (5)
LMAO One Time Thurman has cumpletely fallen off the face of the planet    01/18/22  (2)
Hate my wife and am starting to hate my kids too    01/18/22  (19)
Gary Russell Jr vs Mark Magsayo will be 180, son!    01/18/22  (2)
Top 10 RICE producers in WORLD, Birdshits=<<<<NORICE
   01/18/22  (22)
i'm gay.    01/18/22  (1)
41yo Of Counsel typing *I want to die* in tiny white font in pleading    01/18/22  (38)
NEW leaked audio shows Melania Trump asking Jan. 6 rioters to "be best" (link)    01/18/22  (1)
im gay    01/18/22  (1)
ITT: share the stories surrounding your worst injuries    01/18/22  (2)
Do you still get morning wood?    01/18/22  (36)
letthenowagshitthefloor letthenowagshitthefloor letthenowagshitthefloor    01/18/22  (4)
Biden to hand out 400 million expired N95 masks    01/18/22  (4)
DeSantis was hot af when he was commissioned. Now LOL    01/18/22  (1)
The Partners of XO, or the Talent and the Token (a G&S parody)    01/18/22  (1)
Taught myself Frisian in 3 weeks. Basically just English.    01/18/22  (2)
Breakfast with the dirte cult    01/18/22  (1)
What’s your most Jewish sincerely held opinion?    01/18/22  (6)
Ricky peaking on phenibut nude in hanford Costco bathroom w/ Latina cashier    01/18/22  (12)
Anyone still remember the early pandemic/summer riots/Wendy's on fire?    01/18/22  (1)
Sounds like libraries are like movie theaters now. No sane person wants to go    01/18/22  (2)
why doesn't Biden just announce we've done what we can and end restrictions    01/18/22  (7)
Rate this house in Livingston, NJ. Should I just buy it?    01/18/22  (43)
My sources have confirmed that Ukraine invasion is happening    01/18/22  (17)
Black ppl ruin literally everything it’s absolutely insane    01/18/22  (64)
Raising kids is way easier than parents make you believe    01/18/22  (91)
Went to San Francisco Public Library for the first time yesterday. lmao    01/18/22  (69)
Biden didn't actually run as a "moderate centrist"    01/18/22  (19)
Joe Biden at 8000 is really president ?    01/18/22  (7)
Jewish heart attack jabbers, are you an evil ghoul or a retard NPC?    01/18/22  (6)
Weird how self-proclaimed “red pillers” actually swallowed the blue pill.    01/18/22  (8)
"Enjoy Halo, Call of Duty, Skyrim, Fallout, WOW, Forza, FS, and Doom!"    01/18/22  (8)
CNN + Deep State: let's start war with Russia to pwn Trumpmos    01/18/22  (3)
Experts: people are just imagining their so-called vaccine "side effects" (link)    01/18/22  (3)
Death metal lawyer took jab, now deaf metal lawyer (link)    01/18/22  (6)
Fuck/Marry/Kill: pensive, paul graham, useatoothbrush    01/18/22  (1)
Can you just get a job on the assembly line of a tesla plant    01/18/22  (2)
He can’t be bought, he’s articulate as hell, and he’s a pro at reverse eng    01/18/22  (3)
any posters stalked relentlessly by paul graham around    01/18/22  (18)
JFC my puppy is 8473638473636 (RSF)    01/18/22  (15)
Redfin: Prices surged last week 16% over '21, kicking off highest prices ever    01/18/22  (40)
Is Jacob Elordi (6'5" Aussie) the most Giga-Chad Gen-Z male alive?    01/18/22  (7)
So everyone gets a free COVID test that will arrive in 7-10 weeks.    01/18/22  (27)
Fed has everything under control, folks    01/18/22  (1)
Reminder: Farisa’s Crossing is “bucket complete”    01/18/22  (15)
the sickness unto billing    01/18/22  (4)
Anybody catch tonight’s Jeopardy? Amy nipping hard.    01/18/22  (4)
NOT FLAME: Arrest Warrants can be used as ID for migrants at TSA    01/18/22  (2)
Rate this tweet comparing GenX to Shitlennials    01/18/22  (6)
I got into twitter about a month ago. Totally addicted now.    01/18/22  (1)
Who buys Golf R's or Honda Civic Type R's????    01/18/22  (12)
19 year old mistress destroys 42 yr old doods car    01/18/22  (23)

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