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NYT: The Dobbs Decision Isn’t Just About Abortion. It’s About Power.    06/27/22  (1)
libs openly identifying as 'elites', predicting civil war victory (Guardian UK    06/27/22  (2)
Proof that one of ALITO's Clerks reads XO    06/27/22  (11)
HIMARS in action: Russian ammo dump blows up 50km behind the front lines (video)    06/27/22  (2)
RATE my view RIGHT THIS SECOND (RSF)    06/27/22  (37)
Really hope boooooom is a community account    06/27/22  (3)
How do women get abortions under the rape and incest exemptions?    06/27/22  (1)
sam hyde's cum in their brains telling them what to do tp    06/27/22  (9)
your son getting pregnant by another man    06/27/22  (1)
RSF has been demoted from “member” of his firm to “counsel”    06/27/22  (109)
trying to find meaning in something that made a painter think "thatd look cool"    06/27/22  (1)
Bam Margera escaped from rehab and will do cameo for $100    06/27/22  (1)
How the fuck did RSF get demoted from a FAKE JOB?    06/27/22  (16)
*beach rsf scowling at a benzo thread before going swimming with shirt on*    06/27/22  (30)
RSF, drunk in St Tropez, waking up to find out he’s been demoted on Xo    06/27/22  (5)
I've never fucked an Asian chick    06/27/22  (48)
What was your biggest misconception about irl circa age 18    06/27/22  (112)
Just sold ALL my cryptos, including SOLRISE. Bear market CONFIRMED.    06/27/22  (176)
Just had a nightmare where jinx was destroying whok's shitpipe    06/27/22  (7)
evan39 it's easy for smarts to take dumb "pro athletes" money who luck out    06/27/22  (7)
What's the big deal about banning abortions after 14-16 wks? Just propaganda?    06/27/22  (51)
Artillery wars look shitty and terrifying for soldiers:    06/27/22  (7)
I accidentally set the dryer for 500 minutes instead of 50 minutes    06/27/22  (5)
this is Putin's new top general    06/27/22  (7)
Back on the $SAMO train. Get on, boys. It's time.    06/27/22  (60)
Please report your child to the IRS within 2 weeks of birth    06/27/22  (1)
Roe v Wade will be overturned within next 4 years (lsd)    06/27/22  (25)
A political movement built around slaughtering babies and anal sex    06/27/22  (4)
jag, the xoxo poster, was born Jagdeep Rajinder Goldman on June 2, 1984    06/27/22  (1)
ARISE Wagecucks! Time to login to strive for your rat faced masters!    06/27/22  (61)
RSF Benzo has been stalking me under multiple alts just like he does you    06/27/22  (3)
Who here thinks SAMO will moon in 2022?    06/27/22  (19)
Lol @ NoSAMO    06/27/22  (18)
RSF would you rather see grit and toughness in sport?    06/27/22  (1)
RSF get in here and tell me how a short twink makes it in NHL    06/27/22  (7)
It's Monday sheeple! Bill away!    06/27/22  (8)
boom: did u pound that azn pussy yet, like i told u to?    06/27/22  (5)
Millions Billions Trillions to make believe on TV you're doing a "Job"    06/27/22  (1)
evan39 we are cashing in off all of this fraud    06/27/22  (3)
Ex-Wife of Murdered Exec asked Tattooist for murder advice after pussy piercing    06/27/22  (21)
And they call him a biller, and they call him a sinner, and they call him a    06/27/22  (3)
ITT: you give me prompts, questions or ideas and I submit them to advanced AI    06/27/22  (641)
Why do Scandinavia / Baltics get hot female leaders?    06/27/22  (4)
Regular mountain dew is so so so delicious    06/27/22  (4)
New Beavis & Butthead movie is funny as fuck    06/27/22  (5)
90s Bayside high had zero fags or trannies    06/27/22  (3)
Bunch of frauds/crooks living it up globally u:slave for slave master overlord    06/27/22  (1)
Jared Baumeister, Of Counsel    06/27/22  (26)
Good morning twink fraud hockey players fucking off:u report 2 slave 4 overlord    06/27/22  (1)
I can't believe I use to support ABORTION and AFFIRMATIVE ACTION    06/27/22  (8)
“Privacy rights” Trumpkins now want to track womens periods…    06/27/22  (2)
evan39 NHL hockey players look& act like such prole/poor trash losers    06/27/22  (2)
Americans are weird fucking trash calling everyone "strangers"    06/27/22  (3)
Pretty sure this Roe v Wade shit is a turning point    06/27/22  (132)
Trumpmos now: no right to privacy and TRUST THE SCIENCE    06/27/22  (1)
LMAO - Russia is close to running out of ammo, made few advances in Ukraine    06/27/22  (1)
Is Alito the least memorable SCOTUS justice?    06/27/22  (44)
evan39 start following sport fraud and ca$h in off the sport book bookie    06/27/22  (1)
Jordan and Rodman were cool guys like that fuck these pussies now    06/27/22  (2)
Gay neurodivergent conservative christians    06/27/22  (1)
Sport fraud "interviews" ard boring as fuck never anything interesting to say    06/27/22  (2)
🌈🌈🌈 HAPPY PRIDE MONTH! 🌈🌈🌈    06/27/22  (163)
Hey libs college football returns in ~60 days    06/27/22  (18)
I’m not letting my sons play baseball    06/27/22  (41)
Sport fraud is boring and no one has anything interesting to say    06/27/22  (1)
Sport fraud sux    06/27/22  (1)
HYPO: ur white daughter is raped by black guy, pregnant, wants abortion    06/27/22  (6)
My family goes to bed crazy early on Saturday nights    06/27/22  (13)
Kansas was actually formed in liberalism and has a leftist female governor    06/27/22  (1)
3 faggit "pride" 🌈 days left    06/27/22  (2)
Mike Pence goes to Albania to denounce Iran    06/27/22  (7)
Fucking freak Prole/Prole losers just slaughtering people on the roads    06/27/22  (9)
Have a GREAT FUCKING WEEK my fellow Poasters, Incels, Autists, NOWAGS & Ragers    06/27/22  (16)
A Golden Retriever named Aslan coming to save us all from the Rule of Tash    06/27/22  (1)
MAINLING let's chill and live it up and enjoy our lives    06/27/22  (8)
Most insidious form of AA: putting National Parks east of the Mississippi    06/27/22  (35)
Rudy Giuliani slapped by worker angry over abortion ruling at Staten Island supe    06/27/22  (2)
Henry Aaron reassuring the Eggplants that Overturning Roe doesn't affect them    06/27/22  (2)
Rate this 58 year-old woman's final words before beating eaten by alligator    06/27/22  (8)
new superhero joining Marvel universe, 'The Moderate'    06/27/22  (3)
If you were ever a lib or ever laughed about "slippery slopes" you need to die    06/27/22  (3)
man gets lost in the culture wars, wakes up at 42 no kids, family, just tweets    06/27/22  (29)
ITT: Things my puppy has done that benzo will never do (RSF)    06/27/22  (85)
*davinci showing mona lisa rsf's etrade acct* "FREEZE, I HAVE TO PAINT YOU"    06/27/22  (1)
Ik just not attracted to white women is that ok?    06/27/22  (4)
i fucking hate god    06/27/22  (13)
Globohomo brings WW3 one step closer with today’s Kaliningrad action    06/27/22  (109)
so Russia defaulted on $100mm in foreign debt?    06/27/22  (18)
AA/preferential hiring is single biggest nuke Scotus could land on libs    06/27/22  (27)
Who's xo's #1 dad?    06/27/22  (5)
Costco: $2.25 Hotdog + Soda, $3 slice/$15 whole pizza    06/27/22  (14)
XO is turning really dark    06/27/22  (14)
rate this chick who regrets finding out about DMT world (vid)    06/27/22  (2)
SRS Q: Does Dirte still poast?    06/27/22  (5)
Friendship with libs is hard    06/27/22  (1)
Searches for how to move to Canada from the US spike by over 850% lol    06/27/22  (4)
Looks like the Cumtown podcast is about to end    06/27/22  (20)
The way whok was originally sexed by jinx is very disturbing actually (vid)    06/27/22  (8)
Shuo Chen & Yiming Cao: The Men Who Made History (Karlstack)    06/27/22  (4)
saw CJ Roberts at Panera, stood, doffed cap, shouted 'NOW THERE GOES A MODERATE'    06/27/22  (3)
hyuuuuge social experiment coming. AZ will fund students, not schools.    06/27/22  (42)
Rate this Kamala impression    06/27/22  (1)
im an alpha male 2.0    06/27/22  (3)
spaceporn    06/27/22  (1)
Think the minions will be pretty good?    06/27/22  (1)
would u bang this 22 year old azn chick? (pic)    06/27/22  (3)
Treat everyone the best and how you want to be treated! But don't trust them    06/27/22  (3)
what's the plan for this week, friends?    06/27/22  (1)
DNA catches yet another boomer who killed a young girl (twist)    06/27/22  (3)
no woman under 30 believes in chemistry, only old deluded shrews    06/27/22  (1)
And in the end it came to pass that Donald Trump truly made America great again    06/27/22  (1)
Rate this (former) lib’s take on Roe v Wade overturn    06/27/22  (1)
absolutely can not wait to die and never come back to this planet    06/27/22  (7)
all women over 33 have ZERO value    06/27/22  (1)
rate how cucked this guy is (pic)    06/27/22  (9)
Thoughts on Cosmo joining Mlife? Good or bad deal or doesn't matter?    06/27/22  (1)
Avoid caesars..Mlife is where it's at now Aria and soon cosmo    06/27/22  (4)
(((Krugman))): 'whites are losing power, numbers, this is good. the future is    06/27/22  (19)
New horror movie "Smile" has potential (trailer)    06/27/22  (7)
By the end of this your brain will have eaten itself    06/27/22  (1)
RSF is butthurt and on a rampage    06/27/22  (1)
Tucker: risking his family's life going head to head w/ ADL. DeSantis?    06/27/22  (26)
governor, DeSantis pledged to be "the most pro-Israel governor in America".[    06/27/22  (11)
American food and water is poison..always feel sick weird stomach growl    06/27/22  (16)
DeSantis Blacklists Ben and Jerry's For Not Loving Israel Enough    06/27/22  (9)
The world is yours to chart out. Nothing stopping you    06/27/22  (4)
Is Deodorant/antiperspirant just GC flame?    06/27/22  (36)
Krugman (Nov. 2020): Making the Most of the Coming Biden Boom    06/27/22  (17)
A yo, Alito!    06/27/22  (1)
there are 48 regular polyhedra    06/27/22  (1)
boooom, did u kiss + make up with your boyfriend Mainlining?    06/27/22  (1)
i see so many couples like this where the woman doesn't maintain but guy does    06/27/22  (5)
Guys in running tights........anyone with me on this? UNGHHHH    06/27/22  (1)
LOL    06/27/22  (4)
Rudy Giuliani attacked by worker at Staten Island supermarket    06/27/22  (1)
lib father asks kid abt football "I learned it from watching Drew dad!    06/27/22  (1)
Amazingly Gorgeous PGA Golfer Sahith Theegala (video)    06/27/22  (43)
johnsmeyer: try this flame on reddit    06/27/22  (2)
Are you a "regular" at a bar?    06/27/22  (19)
is it practical to do one meal a day if you work out ?    06/27/22  (4)
Anyone do a comparison of Alito's draft vs. final decision?    06/27/22  (9)
This Japanese porn slut is a Michigan fan - nsfw    06/27/22  (9)
Teen girl (18) on my block literally walks around the block in vagina shorts    06/27/22  (78)
"It's like they say -- 'Thoughtful Moderation is a virtue in the face of Satanis    06/27/22  (1)
A Measured Moderate in King Arthur's Court    06/27/22  (1)
Boom we are both alphas i understand    06/27/22  (6)
Alito | Thomas | Roberts | Gorsuch | Kavanaugh/Barrett/Kethledge - libs, any Qs?    06/27/22  (6)
Are you enjoying it here?    06/27/22  (3)
Some Jewish groups blast the end of Roe as a violation of their beliefs (NPR)    06/27/22  (3)

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