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Are pro-Russia poasters still pretending Russia/Vlad are winning?    05/24/22  (52)
RSF: what's it like being a self made man?    05/24/22  (6)
FINALLY flew the Cirrus today 948372627 (RSF)    05/24/22  (62)
   05/24/22  (2)
met a guy off Grindr recently...he could have potential    05/24/22  (5)
So RSF do you have a job or you don’t?    05/24/22  (154)
ONE WEEK from today I will be DRUNK in London (RSF)    05/24/22  (37)
anyone else have an INSANELY low attention span?    05/24/22  (7)
These are apparently the top 2 Dem candidates to replace Biden - link    05/24/22  (2)
weird how xo adulates getting married and having some ugly kids as some pinnacl    05/24/22  (25)
Lol wagecucks have "virtual happy hours"    05/24/22  (1)
After Campus Uproar, Princeton Proposes to Fire Tenured Professor    05/24/22  (19)
Rate 26 yo Kendall Jenner's dating history. Would you marry if you had the chanc    05/24/22  (10)
****OFFICIAL BETTER CALL SAUL S607 DISCUSSION****    05/24/22  (112)
SEC planning 8-team conference playoff. lol at GC    05/24/22  (14)
wtf was GamerGate and why are lib journalists still afraid of it    05/24/22  (6)
How much of your friend group is women vs. men (vs. ZHEY)?    05/24/22  (3)
Lesser-known market bubbles that are primed to burst?    05/24/22  (34)
Davos elites boast about new individual tracker that will monitor what you buy,    05/24/22  (3)
How/why do ppl get up in the morning    05/24/22  (14)
Is Biden the most 120 POTUS since Carter?    05/24/22  (63)
"excuse me sir, I--" *falls and rolls down earth's curved surface*    05/24/22  (69)
friend whos a hedge fund big swinging dick just told me smart money    05/24/22  (19)
Garfield: celebrated Heathcliff: largely forgotten    05/24/22  (11)
How much more chill is work/life balance in LA vs NYC    05/24/22  (22)
Lol at ever listening to anything other than Kraftwerk. Just lol.    05/24/22  (24)
Man goes on fad banana & avocado diet and loses 35 lbs. Hit by city bus and dies    05/24/22  (6)
April Home Sales DECLINE SHARPLY. Construction inventory SKYROCKETING    05/24/22  (13)
Maverick's hubris killed Goose. He never fully confronted this.    05/24/22  (204)
What Roe v Wade leaker?    05/24/22  (1)
We're going to run out of nigger threads in 10 years.    05/24/22  (4)
Tom Cruise wears a poaster’s shoes to Top Gun premiere (pic)    05/24/22  (72)
Shamelessly soliciting things to listen to    05/24/22  (18)
Biden is 180. He makes Trumpmos MAF, their rage probably makes them unhealthier    05/24/22  (1)
Kellyanne Conway: Yes, Trump lost you dumb deranged shits (link)    05/24/22  (11)
Rate the new trailer for David Cronenberg's new movie: Crimes of the Future    05/24/22  (1)
All the shit being spewed by people is not the reality    05/24/22  (24)
I can’t afford steak anymore    05/24/22  (37)
Lib Meme: "Since 9/11, right wingers killed more than muslims in the US"    05/24/22  (2)
Video captures "homeless outreach" workers throwing fresh food away (link)    05/24/22  (15)
I have a friend like this:    05/24/22  (1)
Outed (namefags) don't get XO at all    05/24/22  (62)
Ukrainian converts life savings into crypto. Hilarity ensues.    05/24/22  (3)
Whoops! Increasingly rare fertilizer lost in random train derailment (link)    05/24/22  (1)
(((RSF)))    05/24/22  (1)
do you guys play the lottery    05/24/22  (1)
No matter how "rich" CSLG gets, he still gives off a greasy prole car salesman    05/24/22  (1)
APEX. PREDATOR.    05/24/22  (1)
Obeezy got into SOL and other crypto at their peak. Now refuses to poast    05/24/22  (4)
Subway passenger shot & killed by random stranger    05/24/22  (2)
creepy guy in his 50s hit on me this morning    05/24/22  (38)
Bboom shut the fuck up you weird faggot before i rape you    05/24/22  (11)
Meet your future doctors - intern class in NYC    05/24/22  (105)
PSA: Russia will be made to surrender Crimea at the end of this    05/24/22  (15)
Hey TT, your boy Biden is gonna attack China if they invade Taiwan    05/24/22  (1)
Cheating fag Tom Brady pens TIME article praising cheating fag "Rafa" Nadal    05/24/22  (1)
Triple vaxed birdbrain blames heart issues on long covid from breakthrough case    05/24/22  (13)
Paul Tsongas planning to retire after 2028 elections    05/24/22  (1)
I acknowledge that this thread was made on stolen internet bandwidth    05/24/22  (8)
Decades-old video games that were really never surpassed    05/24/22  (209)
SAMO is starting its next moon again. NFT launch January 31. DAO coming    05/24/22  (100)
Rate this photo of my wife and bull in the shower. (Cslg)    05/24/22  (5)
Yeah I marinated the wings in turmeric infused ghee. Roll Tide.    05/24/22  (8)
LOL@ USA: Even Saudi furking Arabia has built HIGH SPEED RAIL    05/24/22  (109)
Millennial 'male' listening to Kraftwerk: "LOL they sampled Coldplay"    05/24/22  (17)
Jack Nicklaus played n64    05/24/22  (1)
Rate this spinner's bikini body: classy or gay?    05/24/22  (37)
just so sick of dealing with blacks    05/24/22  (15)
No video game has cooler box art than King of Fighters 98    05/24/22  (7)
Smoking cigarettes and watching Captain Kangaroo, now don’t tell me I’ve not    05/24/22  (4)
i'm shocked the same ppl who stole an election would crash America into a ditch    05/24/22  (12)
Jo Willie Tsonga to retire at RG #tennis    05/24/22  (12)
Selling ebt for 50% ca$h money to pay for meth is Bidens amerikkka    05/24/22  (2)
Kraftwerk | The Model | Restored Promo Video | 1978    05/24/22  (10)
Sarah Huckabee Sanders to host "All You Can Eat Breakfast Sausage" Fundraiser (l    05/24/22  (15)
Rate my Michelin Star Dinner at Pasta Bar + Wine Pairing (CSLG)    05/24/22  (42)
U gotta drastically reduce ur exposure positions my guy no 🧢    05/24/22  (4)
it’s honestly insane how pleasant and feminine young Asian girls are to be aro    05/24/22  (6)
THREE WEEKS from now, I will be HARVESTING my crops.    05/24/22  (3)
"I've never met a real life litigator! Would you sign business card for me?"    05/24/22  (9)
This would really be a great time for China to invade Taiwan    05/24/22  (8)
are all GameStops REQUIRED to smell like a fart?    05/24/22  (80)
I hope it is obvious to you that Monkeypoox is as fake as Coovid    05/24/22  (4)
"Splash Bois -How a rogue band of twinks changed the IFNB forever" Michael Lewis    05/24/22  (13)
Farting so loud Sarah Huckabee Sanders bellows "BROOO", gives you high 5    05/24/22  (10)
so we can fuck without a condom now    05/24/22  (2)
Sarah Huckabee Sanders All You Can Eat Victory Buffett    05/24/22  (2)
Biden Veers Off Script on Taiwan. It’s Not the First Time.    05/24/22  (11)
“Demographics are Destiny!” shrieked the incel as he banned immigration    05/24/22  (6)
Explain tedious, unfunny, low IQ posters like longwangpoontang    05/24/22  (6)
divorcehack: become trans before you hit the family court    05/24/22  (5)
should i stop fucking vaccinated guys?    05/24/22  (15)
Activision is getting so lazy they're just remastering Call of Duty games    05/24/22  (2)
TikTok is a Chinese joke on sad, balding, middle-aged men    05/24/22  (8)
XO diet consists of pep, tilapia, taco, and ramen...what else?    05/24/22  (26)
AMC announces BCS spin off based on early Howard Hamlin    05/24/22  (2)
Tech darling Klarna fires 700 employees with prerecorded Tik Tok video    05/24/22  (8)
STOP IT ALL shut the fuck up with the LIES    05/24/22  (4)
how hard to become showrunner for prestige amc/hbo show?    05/24/22  (2)
literally all i wanna do is be with you    05/24/22  (1)
Great catch! Thanks!    05/24/22  (19)
An HHM lawyer doesn't die without some red flags being raised    05/24/22  (2)
literally all i wanna do is drink    05/24/22  (1)
Josh Hawley: No to Neoconservatism    05/24/22  (12)
Jack Nicklaus played 164 majors - probably will never be broken #golf    05/24/22  (50)
that pic of chandler, cslg, and cslg's brother on the website is lol    05/24/22  (1)
Ironside Sending Surveys To PGA & ATP Top 100 re Major Combo Preferences #tennis    05/24/22  (12)
When I look at the lives of Box, Nutella, CSLG, TSINAH, I realize I am a failure    05/24/22  (16)
JFC, 180 day of hockey and FLYING (RSF)    05/24/22  (7)
Would you fuck Trump for $130k?    05/24/22  (8)
“No babe, that’s jewish darkness. You’re thinking of jewish kike”    05/24/22  (7)
howard hamlin maed it    05/24/22  (2)
Rate this ABSOLUTE TIK TOK HOTTIE feeding puberty blockers to HER SON    05/24/22  (1)
China is atheist    05/24/22  (9)
CR way to AMOG "male" coworkers who are gun shy at the urinal?    05/24/22  (1)
I love how Boomers get angry when you don't check their VMs before calling back    05/24/22  (8)
friday night lights: paul walker became a star; Van der Beek became a nobody    05/24/22  (1)
CNN beginning to pre-explain to vax retards why their immune system has AIDS now    05/24/22  (31)
life after you hit 30 is like the end of time in chrono trigger    05/24/22  (47)
"Tree inches of hawd china critdick baby"    05/24/22  (19)
OMG. Box just posted on reddit/truerateme to have her pics rated. below average!    05/24/22  (171)
just so sick of being jacked af    05/24/22  (1)
Schtick proposal: “ARE Reptire” - Xi/China nuthugger    05/24/22  (1)
ANDROID USERS: Press and hold the home button and say, "I'm gay"    05/24/22  (1)
"Can you tell me how to get to SeeCockAss?" (NJ tourist Peterman)    05/24/22  (10)
IFNB African Gym- The Factory- tribal connection (link)    05/24/22  (9)
Saudis side with Russia and wont raise production in F-U to Biden    05/24/22  (3)
xo = where female led marriages and ugly progeny are measures of success lol    05/24/22  (1)
It is expensive just to stay alive    05/24/22  (3)
How can Biden’s economy be failing when Obama made green new jobs the future    05/24/22  (1)
If "welfare" stopped completely tomorrow. What would next 6 months hold?    05/24/22  (5)
should i stop doing completely degenerate and evil shit?    05/24/22  (3)
200 zillion bamboo ballots for China found in 7th Cyber Ninjas recount (link)    05/24/22  (2)
The US used nukes in WW2 DEFENSIVELY. Russia’s proposing to use them OFFENSIVE    05/24/22  (10)
"It's just shingles dude, put it in" - pedude    05/24/22  (5)
(namefagging) down 300% since that thread    05/24/22  (1)
Everything about "Los Angeles" seems like deranged bad acid trip nightmare life    05/24/22  (1)
where is chinky chinky ching chong CHUNG? i want sum tojo ass    05/24/22  (8)
Russian foreign minister has a brutal takedown of Israel    05/24/22  (1)
Autoadmit is an unmoderated web 1.0 discussion board for web 3.0 speculators    05/24/22  (1)
That's not a chancre, my dude. That's monkey pox.    05/24/22  (4)
remember when "putin hacked the election through facebook"?    05/24/22  (13)
pantless asian girl aggressively hitting on you    05/24/22  (20)
"A new deal breaker for singles? COVID-19 vaccination status"    05/24/22  (10)
At a certain level of intoxication, it doesnt matter if youre on exotic vacation    05/24/22  (2)
Remember when CNN chased down that random Grandma who shared Facebook memes?    05/24/22  (20)
You shouldn't be eating meat or using gas! Biden says so!    05/24/22  (5)
still don't believe Biden won legitimately    05/24/22  (72)
Person born in 1940 witnessed insane amount of change in US by time they were 40    05/24/22  (42)
So biglaw is more chill in nice weather places?    05/24/22  (2)

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