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Pretty sure this Roe v Wade shit is a turning point    06/26/22  (50)
6 acre NE lot, formerly a missile silo (silo infrastructure still there), $550K    06/26/22  (1)
This just punishes zoomer doods    06/26/22  (7)
Shitcons must be miserable there wasn't rioting this weekend    06/26/22  (10)
did not actually expect SCOTUS to overturn roe ngl    06/26/22  (2)
author of a pair of self-published memoirs about becoming a writer    06/26/22  (1)
Pendulum swung back with Rittenhouse acquittal    06/26/22  (23)
Watched No Time to Die back to back with Goldfinger    06/26/22  (20)
If SCOTUS has balls to overturn roe imagine what’s coming for affirmative acti    06/26/22  (27)
MASE I binge-watched all of Barry season 1 last night, u right, its 180    06/26/22  (5)
Randomly binge watched "The Bear" on FX/hulu    06/26/22  (4)
PSA: conservatives calling liberals “pedophiles” is a 180 response to “rac    06/26/22  (3)
A Selected History of the Family Rudolph    06/26/22  (575)
hyuuuuge social experiment coming. AZ will fund students, not schools.    06/26/22  (26)
we need to regulate pussy distribution in the United States maybe nationalize it    06/26/22  (2)
Best country for having a care free life lunchtime sex with whores?    06/26/22  (37)
Atlanta is 49.79% Black, will become 70% if you don't let Latesha Abort    06/26/22  (3)
Vice Magazine pwns Quin Woodward Pu    06/26/22  (5)
best war movies ever: Where Eagles Dare vs Siege of Firebase Gloria    06/26/22  (37)
Man JERKS OFF and CUMS on grocery chick at Food Lion!    06/26/22  (10)
Was Joel Mchale canceled when I wasn't paying attention?    06/26/22  (2)
POLITICO article about DATING in DC - full of XO catnip (link)    06/26/22  (41)
Obama making fun of Trump at a dinner resulted in overturning Roe v Wade lol    06/26/22  (30)
Did :D go bust on his poker career?    06/26/22  (4)
NY Times humors shrew, addresses "them" as "Mx."    06/26/22  (18)
RATE my view RIGHT THIS SECOND (RSF)    06/26/22  (9)
"perhaps we should put them in a camp, that concentrates this ethnic enclave"    06/26/22  (1)
did Bbooom upgrade CPU recently? he's seems way more lucid lately    06/26/22  (3)
🌈🌈🌈 HAPPY PRIDE MONTH! 🌈🌈🌈    06/26/22  (158)
Green Day Singer to renounce US citizenship, calls US 'miserable excuse for a co    06/26/22  (15)
MAINLINING I'm trying friend    06/26/22  (14)
A win today and Mississippi wins a national title! Today or Tomorrow    06/26/22  (5)
States should ban the sale of condoms    06/26/22  (2)
Rate John Cleese strictly as a comedian/actor    06/26/22  (23)
ITT list your top 5 hardcore records of all time    06/26/22  (173)
Which is more prestigious for a white man - light skin black or Asian?    06/26/22  (53)
Is Blue Smoke "red one" or "high yellow"?    06/26/22  (8)
air bud the golden retriever, retrieving ur air ball and dunking it    06/26/22  (2)
LIBS SEETHING: Trump smiles as congresswoman announces "victory for white life"    06/26/22  (5)
Where Diapers Dare    06/26/22  (1)
Green Day - 21 Litres of Semen Intake    06/26/22  (1)
Imagine how many criminals there would be without abortion    06/26/22  (1)
scatterplot graph of average semen intake for women in the US (link)    06/26/22  (1)
Semen intake monitors going for 1000% over retail on ebay    06/26/22  (2)
Hey you lib pieces of shit you deserve this for terrorizing us with covid    06/26/22  (8)
Lib tard frauds clearly don't value life and all and cannot be trusted    06/26/22  (3)
Here are some bboooom threads I illustrated    06/26/22  (47)
Libs observe smoldering ruin of America, "Now I have to bring a baby into this."    06/26/22  (8)
evan38 let's get this fraud board and these fraud libs here    06/26/22  (3)
Someone needs to start a program that pairs NOWAGs with WOCs    06/26/22  (2)
Air balls but they get increasingly more awful    06/26/22  (1)
what are some of the benefits of being in your 40's?    06/26/22  (22)
BRIAN LEITER WAS A BULLFROG    06/26/22  (143)
"Jesus, what is he doing?" "Apparently he's reading for... pleasure."    06/26/22  (1)
don't worry guise, libs will move on to the next outrage cycle in 2 weeks    06/26/22  (1)
What's the best movie with Liam Neeson where he has a particular set of skills?    06/26/22  (38)
Is it crazy to be driving and just feel the need to run your car into others?    06/26/22  (1)
Man named stemen arrested for injecting women with his semen    06/26/22  (2)
What happened with the pride 🌈 stuff? And next weekend 4th of July;)    06/26/22  (1)
Roberts siding with libs in Dobbs reveals him to be a complete fucking cuck    06/26/22  (11)
"I just call balls and strikes," the bureaucrat explained as society collapsed a    06/26/22  (2)
Hey faggit libs you thinking murdering babies is cool? Huh? Huh?    06/26/22  (4)
evan39 4 more days of pride 🌈 month! Not hearing much    06/26/22  (2)
Sysco opening fast casual direct to consumer “Slophouse” in 8 cities    06/26/22  (7)
Shitlib slut moaning for you to "breed her" after complaining about roe v wade    06/26/22  (9)
Hegemon is 5’6, roided w gyno, balding at 28, and triple vaxxed    06/26/22  (14)
i'm gakked out and billing on the weekend, daddy    06/26/22  (6)
restaurants seem so overpriced compared to just getting food from costco ljl    06/26/22  (1)
American food and water is poison..always feel sick weird stomach growl    06/26/22  (9)
Libs shut down world for 4 years to prevent minor sniffles while killing babies    06/26/22  (6)
All Black People Are Bad    06/26/22  (16)
In the FREE STATE OF NEW HAMPSHIRE, taking q's (TSINAH)    06/26/22  (5)
Watched No Time to Diaper back to back with Golddiaper    06/26/22  (1)
"hey guys, did you watch that amazon-netflix sysco slop last nite haha"    06/26/22  (16)
*cue Delfino Plaza theme as live tuna wink$ drives a sysco truck to deliver slop    06/26/22  (9)
Sysco truck pulls up to where you're having your $1000 meal with bumble girl    06/26/22  (14)
America’s future consists of VR headsets, DMT, and Sysco slop    06/26/22  (10)
Still lol whenever I see a Sysco truck    06/26/22  (42)
Odd case that internet tough guy & GYM BRO “hegemon” has never poasted pics    06/26/22  (30)
simping at a pro-abortion protest    06/26/22  (1)
Maddux, Glavine, Smoltz    06/26/22  (1)
Vegetables you grow is just Sysco slop you haven’t sold to them yet    06/26/22  (4)
uncontrollably started smiling soon as i saw a sysco truck pass by outside    06/26/22  (5)
"Ooooh, can I get a double helping of that Sysco slop? Yeah, big scoop. Yeah."    06/26/22  (6)
eating sysco slop from a feeding trough tp    06/26/22  (7)
haha sysco slop hehehe    06/26/22  (6)
"Becky, he knows restaurants are just sysco slop. I need his wisdom to help    06/26/22  (4)
Started using “Sysco slop” irl and it makes people hilariously uncomfortable    06/26/22  (47)
Kagan lied about gay marriage at her hearing. Libs, ur response?    06/26/22  (6)
The Sysco Slop was a friend of mine    06/26/22  (4)
"OMG Becky! He snidely derides all restaurant food as Sysco Slop! so hot"    06/26/22  (3)
What's some good food to order?    06/26/22  (6)
Real libs/leftists don't even "live" in the places with "abortion" bans    06/26/22  (1)
What a good meal to prepare at home?    06/26/22  (7)
Has xoxo always been full of shitty political poasters?    06/26/22  (13)
So American conservatism has 2 accomplishments now    06/26/22  (1)
Reminder: NOTHING has topped Deadwood.    06/26/22  (66)
Started watching Deadwood on HBO, holy fucking shit, what a great show    06/26/22  (4)
Good morning XO πŸ˜‹    06/26/22  (9)
The way whok was originally sexed by jinx is very disturbing actually (vid)    06/26/22  (7)
180 that Wilbur makes $36k. Rooting for his success    06/26/22  (28)
All this means is that online abortion pills will replace mom and pop clinics    06/26/22  (1)
TSINAH is currently posting under 5 or 6 alts    06/26/22  (5)
Is Deodorant/antiperspirant just GC flame?    06/26/22  (17)
The Christian take on abortion is proof their brains are utterly scrambled    06/26/22  (167)
"You must make a friend of horror" *stacks little aborted arms on OR table*    06/26/22  (2)
Why are there poor hot women?    06/26/22  (13)
*leans into Mike* (your wife)    06/26/22  (36)
Pope Francis tells tranny “always be yourself”    06/26/22  (2)
This is the country that invented Superman.    06/26/22  (1)
Most insidious form of AA: putting National Parks east of the Mississippi    06/26/22  (29)
A certain kind of chill gay hiking trip with Luis, Hege, BP, and jag. No homo.    06/26/22  (2)
Cons should now head to the casino and win bigly    06/26/22  (1)
Will the impact of Roe repeal be felt most in Atlanta?    06/26/22  (3)
I wish I could go back in time and make things different    06/26/22  (8)
:D are you at the casino friend? The game is later    06/26/22  (2)
So what happens when Lake Mead hits dead pool status?    06/26/22  (6)
Large iced latte + everything bagel with tuna, lettuce, tomato, and onions    06/26/22  (1)
SCOTUS violated the Establishment Clause in Dobbs Ruling    06/26/22  (3)
None of my Facebook friends have posted any pro-Dobbs stuff.    06/26/22  (1)
🚨🚨🚨 BOOM is crying and complaining again 🚨🚨🚨    06/26/22  (7)
Jim Tressel single handedly ENDED two power programs    06/26/22  (6)
On S0103 HBO Barry: Fuches is definitely XO approved    06/26/22  (10)
Tindersloot: “women who have abortions should be sterilized”    06/26/22  (2)
Lol # lib whores still hung over from anti baby killing decision dropped all iss    06/26/22  (3)
"Trump is an opportunist who got out in front of the parade."    06/26/22  (4)
2nd cousin: speaks with ACB voice; Shrew GF: "ACB will take away my choice!"    06/26/22  (12)
MAGA Missouri Gov. Greitens is actually a progressive in disguise (article)    06/26/22  (5)
Lol @ NoSAMO    06/26/22  (17)
All board libs should be outed and doxxed    06/26/22  (21)
SAMO Summer 2022 will make at least 4 poasters millionaires    06/26/22  (13)
Murder rate for US Whites is lower than murder rate in Finland.    06/26/22  (54)
A year and a half since the election and still no evidence of fraud. Cons?    06/26/22  (10)
Paul walker’s daughter: “I’m a demonic whore who got an abortion, praise m    06/26/22  (19)
LJL at autists like Cow goes moo who equates abortion with baby murder    06/26/22  (9)
Monkeypox Cases Expected to Dramatically Increase Next Week as Pride Month Ends    06/26/22  (1)
Gary Marcus reply to SSC on scaling hypothesis    06/26/22  (41)
*spits in nocoiner's face*    06/26/22  (41)
Latest SCOTUS antics is proof that America is now a 🍌Republic    06/26/22  (11)
Why are There No Photographs of the Flat Earth    06/26/22  (7)
Libs win no matter what because evangelical retards "think" abortion is murder    06/26/22  (2)
Kazakhstan, greatest country in the world    06/26/22  (5)
Libs states protecting Roe by allowing abortion on demand up til birth.    06/26/22  (2)
Ole miss wins nat title today or its boomer sooner&ole miss for it all tomorrow    06/26/22  (1)
Dmitri Medvedev has grown a beard and taken command of a field army    06/26/22  (2)
Weird argument I’ve been seeing from libs re: comparing vax mandates to aborti    06/26/22  (1)
Stock market higher than when Biden took office, unemployment much lower    06/26/22  (7)
Ole Miss rebels up 1-0 best of 3 for National Champ in Omaha won 10-3    06/26/22  (1)
NYT: Nation pauses after a weekend of mostly peaceful church burnings    06/26/22  (9)

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