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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
ITT: we list all of the male posters Karen doesn't hate    06/25/22  (4)
Pentagon: HIMARS basically a 70KM+ sniper rifle/rocket, that's why only 4 sent    06/25/22  (27)
My blood lipid numbers after 7 weeks on a low fat vegan diet    06/25/22  (30)
It's Big Friday bros let's lift big    06/25/22  (57)
Capitol Police appear more prepared for abortion protests than Jan. 6    06/25/22  (19)
Going to good ole fairs this fall playing carnival games eating great food    06/25/22  (2)
"Winning! We're making libs cry!" said the CON as black crack babies proliferate    06/25/22  (14)
Lib to Trumpmo, back to Lib now. FUCK anti-abortion religious lunatics    06/25/22  (41)
Cons LOVE forcing women to have unwanted children - end results be damned    06/25/22  (26)
Would you politicucks stfu? Jesus    06/25/22  (1)
XO cons roping black retarded poverty babies into this ponzi scheme of life, why    06/25/22  (3)
New slogan for Jews: “They’re just like us — only better!”    06/25/22  (2)
I'm Karen, Anthony, Obeezy, Prateek, Kevin, and Alan here    06/25/22  (4)
I don't know wtf Kenny is but I'd like to punch him in his goddamn gook face    06/25/22  (8)
MAINLINING celebrating victory! A jacks pep coming out of oven    06/25/22  (4)
whoa who reported Bboooooooooom 2.0 to the fbi?    06/25/22  (4)
I am pro-choice on pragmatic grounds (kill nig babies), but LJL at libs today    06/25/22  (1)
LJL Big Companies lining up to pay travel costs for abortions for red staters    06/25/22  (22)
Pope Francis: "The American decision today to strip away the rights of our most    06/25/22  (5)
877-300-5282    06/25/22  (1)
I don't think you guys get it. Companies subsidizing abortion travel costs will    06/25/22  (25)
Anthony J. Zappin disbarred    06/25/22  (106)
So 60 million Americans were murdered by libs?    06/25/22  (1)
Most scary ghetto/dump/poor place you've been in U.S.?    06/25/22  (72)
Shitcon poaster told you all that "Durham" was going nowhere for 2 years    06/25/22  (11)
Woman is rape raped and impregnated but keeps the kid. Should she tell the kid?    06/25/22  (4)
"Male? Have an opinion on abortion I don't like? Misogynist."    06/25/22  (42)
If anything, today's decision will result in women loading up on abortions.    06/25/22  (4)
my favorite 2 wheel vehicle related songs are high & dry, downtown, and bicycle    06/25/22  (1)
libs trying to break into AZ capitol    06/25/22  (17)
"Frank Luntz -- who is a dunce -- asked me for an airplane ride"    06/25/22  (8)
Not the real mainlining poasting    06/25/22  (1)
NOWAG reflexively defends white power structure in tik tok    06/25/22  (1)
We can now snuff out libs and get or lives back have fun be nornal    06/25/22  (5)
Koyaanisqatsi played on church organ (video)    06/25/22  (3)
Xo cannot be taken seriously at this point    06/25/22  (1)
(((Frank Luntz))), CNN pushing 'DeSantis beating Trump' narratives? hm, odd case    06/25/22  (7)
Anthony Flappin    06/25/22  (7)
Man Escapes Encounter With Black Bear by Using Bear Spray    06/25/22  (29)
RBG getting palliative stent for PDAC: "I've probably got at least 4 more years"    06/25/22  (1)
Libs are the ones committing crimes now losing their shit    06/25/22  (1)
Twitter is an enemy of freedom & ppl should run these soy faggots over in cars    06/25/22  (1)
Baby Deer calls Logger "Mom".    06/25/22  (8)
Rate the track changes between leaked opinion and final opinion    06/25/22  (10)
hillary just threw empire state building-sized vintage moet at javits-sized TV    06/25/22  (1)
Help, I think I'm in ♡ ♥💕❤ love with Karen    06/25/22  (3)
Rate me as a poster.    06/25/22  (2)
DeSantis manages to look like a greasy dumb prole and beta melvin at same time    06/25/22  (5)
Poast reddit comments here    06/25/22  (1)
Going back to normalcy getting self right going to church to find good girl    06/25/22  (1)
Ashli Babbitt smiling in heaven today    06/25/22  (2)
ur all fucking lunatics    06/25/22  (5)
DeSantis is hideous, looks like garbage. Also weak irritating voice, pathetic.    06/25/22  (6)
getting into sculpting, cr materials to use?    06/25/22  (3)
DeSantis is a fat ugly anthropomorphic toad from a Miyazaki movie    06/25/22  (2)
How Chandler started working for me (CSLG)    06/25/22  (10)
Robert Reich on Roe: this isn’t about life it’s about control    06/25/22  (12)
Biglaw wasting womens’ 20s should be capital offense    06/25/22  (4)
Anthony Zapbrannigan    06/25/22  (1)
Prateek Bhopale seems MAF tonight    06/25/22  (13)
******* ONE MOTHERFUCKING RULE ASSHOLES *******    06/25/22  (6)
lol, Trump lost, Trumpmos aren't over it, Trumpmos lost every issue ever    06/25/22  (11)
Shut up Zappin    06/25/22  (5)
Pro life groomer logic: "This is most important issue ... also no one will vote    06/25/22  (9)
Trump lost, Trumpmos went mentally ill for a year, tried to steal the election    06/25/22  (7)
Sure hope crazy leftists don't become violent after today, might hurt midterms!    06/25/22  (3)
I hate you bitch bois so much 🖕    06/25/22  (1)
Has anyone heard from anus boi tp, is anus boi okay    06/25/22  (4)
*&** MODS ****    06/25/22  (1)
where's anus boi    06/25/22  (5)
Live Free or DIE    06/25/22  (9)
new poaster, come at me nigger faggots    06/25/22  (2)
Why is Sor Rungvisai such a huge underdog this weekend?    06/25/22  (13)
What sort of DIY abortions are women doing    06/25/22  (2)
Hearing from many that Penn State grad Prateek Bhopale is a pedophile    06/25/22  (4)
Who's zappin all the tbf threads?    06/25/22  (12)
Prateek Bhopale is a literal circlehead    06/25/22  (5)
faggot Kevin Morenski from Columbia    06/25/22  (4)
"Zappin had an affair with TSINAH" (Claire)    06/25/22  (5)
We know Prateek Bhopale is a racist. Is Prateek Bhopale a pedophile too?    06/25/22  (8)
Prateek Bhopale’s vile racist tirades do not represent XO’s values    06/25/22  (3)
can't believe all these brave F500 companies supporting abortion, pedo stuff    06/25/22  (1)
Interesting that Zappin is a Jewish surname of Russian origin. Very odd    06/25/22  (11)
MLK day should be renamed Clarence Thomas day    06/25/22  (1)
artur beterbiev, the xoxo poster, do you listen to Montero On Boxing?    06/25/22  (1)
Is TBF still zappin the TBF threads?    06/25/22  (3)
why are the abortion protestors invariably ugly AF fat shrews?    06/25/22  (8)
Robert Keich    06/25/22  (1)
CSLG is a grotesque creature.    06/25/22  (11)
HOLY FUCK, the Arizona audit threads = wonderland of DrakeMallard mental illness    06/25/22  (23)
Trump losing broke Trumpmos brains, to the extent that had any    06/25/22  (1)
This pep is delicious I feel a lot better mmm    06/25/22  (2)
trump lost q cucks lmao    06/25/22  (3)
REMINDER: Trump lost and Trumpmos threw a temper tantrum for an entire year    06/25/22  (6)
Lol this place is fucking stupid    06/25/22  (2)
even trump's political hack AG says trump lost fairly in 20 and is unfit to lead    06/25/22  (3)
Biden is a retard, yes, and Trump LOST to him. Trumpmos?    06/25/22  (3)
Shittier and more abysmal failure of an attorney: Durham or Sidney Powell?    06/25/22  (12)
Trumpmos: "Libs memoryholed Russia collusion!" Also: "Durham who?"    06/25/22  (9)
Trumpmos now attacking Fox News for reporting results of AZ audit    06/25/22  (6)
Three Ugliest Posters on xoxo: CSLG, Kenny, and TSINAH    06/25/22  (54)
Not flame people from rural areas seem to have A LOT more hair    06/25/22  (14)
Why are Trumpmos evil and Satanic?    06/25/22  (1)
Finish libs off! Take rights fag rights all of it    06/25/22  (9)
Abortion protestors gawking at whok's "forced to carry assbaby" sign    06/25/22  (4)
If the audits fail will Karen get her kids back?    06/25/22  (2)
There are non-Costco-mos ljl    06/25/22  (10)
Libs still have 6 more days of pride 🌈;) ;) 666    06/25/22  (2)
Thats what this country needs; more unwanted kids    06/25/22  (36)
Prateek Bhopale is a racist    06/25/22  (44)
ITT photos of Prsteek Bhopale aka Paulie Porsche    06/25/22  (12)
Pretty sure Trump lost this    06/25/22  (53)
the private for-profit prison lobby popping champagne tonight    06/25/22  (1)
AZ Audit Result: 34,700 duplicate ballots. How does it confirm Biden won?    06/25/22  (40)
Trump lost re-election by a wide margin of 4am suitcases and vote truks    06/25/22  (6)
did Russia take Donbass yet?    06/25/22  (37)
Trump lost by 65k votes    06/25/22  (5)
so Trump lost?    06/25/22  (5)
Biden voter here. Still loling that Trump lost by 7,000,000    06/25/22  (37)
Biden is too high T, that's why Trump lost and ppl here fear him.    06/25/22  (3)
Trump will win -> recount -> audit -> DURHAM -> NOPE -> abortion    06/25/22  (5)
Crazy that Trump lost by 7,000,000 and Trumpers still think America wants him    06/25/22  (6)
TRUMP lost the election and WSB cannot squeeze the market.    06/25/22  (3)
Now that trump lost biden will reinstate roe v wade right? Checkmate trumpmos.    06/25/22  (1)
LOL LOL Trump lost, WWW.LOSER.COM    06/25/22  (2)
US needs to split in two    06/25/22  (45)
Being able to tell I'm a little slower is surprisingly brutal (lex)    06/25/22  (15)
Trump lost -> went mentally ill -> desperately tried to overturn results -> fail    06/25/22  (5)
Too bad for TTTexas that Trump lost, otherwise Feds might care :-(    06/25/22  (2)
Asian women are gross. Stop poasting about them.    06/25/22  (8)
So Trump's own lawyer admitted that Trump lost election? not stolen?    06/25/22  (6)
Is it true that known racist Prateek Bhopale is a pedophile too?    06/25/22  (6)
why don't trumpmos just stop acting like garbage now that trump lost badly?    06/25/22  (2)
GOP Senator trying to convince Trumpmos Trump lost (vid)    06/25/22  (3)
Cons why are you allowing Biden to be an illegitimate POTUS?    06/25/22  (11)
now that trump lost we have vaccines up our ass and long-term immunity    06/25/22  (12)
Hey Trumpmos, Trump lost fair and square by a wide margin, get over it    06/25/22  (4)
Racist Prateek Bhopale of Maryland sickens me    06/25/22  (6)
Remember when Trump lost popular vote, EC, and tried to overthrow the govt?    06/25/22  (30)
Now that the dust has settled, when was it 100% clear Trump lost?    06/25/22  (5)
Reminder: Erin Trump crying on tarmac after Trump lost    06/25/22  (2)
The right wing long game is to trigger lib secession    06/25/22  (8)
Remember when Trump lost in a landslide and Tumpmos went mentally ill?    06/25/22  (6)
Trump lost the election by 4.3%. Romney lost by 3.9%. LOFUCKINGL. LOL!!!    06/25/22  (25)
So we r spposed to believe Trumpmos (most violent members of society) r pro life    06/25/22  (7)
Reminder: Trump lost by 3 million votes then GOP got gaped in next 3 elections    06/25/22  (32)
Roe died on Feast of the Sacred Heart. Not coincidental.    06/25/22  (2)

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