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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
Piotr Nicolau tp's digit ratio is Ruinous    07/01/22  (8)
US now sending more gas to Europe than Russia - link    07/01/22  (50)
Girl told me "you seem like you would listen to metal". is this a neg?    07/01/22  (9)
Girl told me "you seem like you would listen to ska". is this a neg? (bloodacre)    07/01/22  (1)
San Jose baby held at gunpoint, shaken down for iPhone, wallet, watch    07/01/22  (2)
Just copped Sonos Arc + Sub    07/01/22  (11)
Bill Maher Announces Fox News Appearance with Tucker Carlson!    07/01/22  (1)
If Trump had pulled off the steal mobs would have deposed him by February    07/01/22  (14)
ITT: you share your favorite racist joke    07/01/22  (309)
Check out the awesome ENTRANCE to the KGB HQ ITT    07/01/22  (1)
ITT: poast the funniest racist “jokes” you know    07/01/22  (89)
McDonald's dollar drinks: 2002-2022, RIP    07/01/22  (3)
Cons explain Trump not paying the Jan 6th defendants attorney fees    07/01/22  (2)
How do you manage to be a huge complainer to some people but very nice to others    07/01/22  (1)
Stare at your face in the mirror    07/01/22  (11)
HBO Barry - Goran/Hank = excited, Fuches not so much    07/01/22  (2)
Barry's Braveheart Speech    07/01/22  (4)
Biden advisor RE gas prices: This is about the future of the Liberal World Order    07/01/22  (18)
been on ZoZo since 2008 and still don't know who or what the fuck "jinx" tp is    07/01/22  (1)
Steve Harwell from Smash Mouth filmed ranting about "porch monkeys" @ Starbucks    07/01/22  (10)
doobs dressed as Princess Irulan, narrating the prologue of ZoZo    07/01/22  (3)
just imagine how 180 it felt to be jinx the 1st time ur cock slid into whoks ass    07/01/22  (11)
Megan da Rappinhoe to receive presidential medal of freedom    07/01/22  (3)
How much meth should I do    07/01/22  (2)
which Euro country has the absolute worst dogshit cuisine?    07/01/22  (14)
Sub 85-IQ SSRI addicted slut lecturing you about "human rights"    07/01/22  (2)
Lib tears after recounts hand win back to Trump in December will be delicious    07/01/22  (7)
I'm going to ruin an of counsel's weekend (TSINAH)    07/01/22  (18)
lol at the virgins here thinking squirting isn't real    07/01/22  (3)
To Be Fair, how do you feel about rachmiel being Jewish?    07/01/22  (12)
whok, is this more less how jinx asked you to have buttsex with him? (vid)    07/01/22  (2)
Could've had Merrick Garland lmao    07/01/22  (26)
Noam Chomsky just responded to my email    07/01/22  (26)
vaginal sex is so fucking gay lmao    07/01/22  (4)
tons of east euros on this bort LARPijg as anglos    07/01/22  (1)
severely depressed right now tp    07/01/22  (1)
In Russia you can't own guns, no free speech seems odd board jew dorks love it    07/01/22  (20)
Russia begging EU to allow transit to Kaliningrad via Lithuania    07/01/22  (4)
retarded tranny jew cunt yelled at me for "misgendering" her    07/01/22  (3)
Nephews in a college kangaroo court RN not flame    07/01/22  (6)
Just made my gf squirt from anal    07/01/22  (12)
"So witty," thought Benzo bumping his own thread for 28th time    07/01/22  (11)
This place needs to be constantly erased    07/01/22  (2)
“poutine” is fucking gross, lol at pretending otherwise    07/01/22  (10)
Drudge: SEX WITH WOMEN IS GAY    07/01/22  (1)
I have met libs who literally just make up ridiculous absurd shit about history    07/01/22  (3)
9 SCOTUS judges, and zero of them are black trans polyamorous furries of size    07/01/22  (10)
Why don't we "hunt" TSINAH? Stalk him, and shoot him, skin, and eat him?    07/01/22  (3)
Why do niggers resort to violence for every perceived sleight?    07/01/22  (2)
Netflix Greenlights "Cheers" Reboot of Female-Owned Hookah Bar in Austin    07/01/22  (73)
HEGEMON: How long until Kiev is done here?    07/01/22  (50)
It's officially July...2022 will be over before you know it    07/01/22  (4)
Libs have a peculiar hatred for Clarence Thomas. Why?    07/01/22  (65)
My coffee and croissant this morning was $8    07/01/22  (7)
RATE my dinner tonight (TSINAH)    07/01/22  (45)
Anyone know what this is?    07/01/22  (2)
"No But Really, This Time It's Different -- Trump KNOWS He's In Trouble." (Link)    07/01/22  (24)
Reminder: Libs are not human and are not entitled to any human rights    07/01/22  (1)
"TBF LMAO YOU FUCKING MORON HOW'S RUSSIA DOING?" threading down -90%, why?    07/01/22  (16)
Bern's is a t5 steakhouse in the country &TSINAH goes there. U? not so much    07/01/22  (2)
Ukrainian politicians wife leaves country with millions of US cash in suitcase    07/01/22  (8)
Reminder: TSINAH is the "CSLG" of Florida, top Plaintiff's guy. Refer him work!    07/01/22  (4)
2 homeless men have knife fight to the death in downtown Portland(NSFW, gruesome    07/01/22  (9)
ur future: diseased nigger dick jammed in ur wife's pink slit.    07/01/22  (16)
Recount WI, sue PA, Recount GA, challenge NV, pray for AZ. U CAN DO IT TRUMPMOS!    07/01/22  (2)
Jesus these experts ... Just paid a guy $11K for trial appearance then    07/01/22  (26)
Trump will win, libs will riot and demand pointless recounts and he'll still win    07/01/22  (4)
I miss his (BP’s) thighs and his whole body 🥰 UNGHH!    07/01/22  (103)
When I sing karaoke I sing every song in Lou Reed voice    07/01/22  (1)
iPhones are awful in the sun. They dim themselves to the point you can't read    07/01/22  (1)
How many years could you live on your savings alone    07/01/22  (48)
Chelsea Handler: “I had three abortions in high school”    07/01/22  (14)
Doodikof listens to "Little Lion Man" after blowing dates with single moms    07/01/22  (3)
Cons don’t really think the election was stolen, they just wish it was    07/01/22  (1)
Trump Did Nothing Wrong - who is this mentally ill spamming freak?    07/01/22  (17)
Any doubt Clarence Thomas is the greatest living American?    07/01/22  (4)
Southeast Alaska is the ideal summer climate / biome for whites    07/01/22  (6)
California “accidentally” releases personal information of all gun owners (l    07/01/22  (3)
i doubt ive ever cleaned my feet while washing, doubt most people do either    07/01/22  (21)
Trumpmos how do you cope with the fact that every audit confirmed your guy lost?    07/01/22  (5)
Have $50k sitting in a “high interest” savings account. What should I do wit    07/01/22  (9)
Libs becoming unhinged    07/01/22  (19)
LIVER KING eats his truck nuts!    07/01/22  (1)
Boom I'm $tacking ca$h like never before (evan39)    07/01/22  (10)
AA Hire Karine Jean-Pierre Criticized for Being Dumb    07/01/22  (1)
Outta control inflation is 180! And you combat by not "consuming"    07/01/22  (2)
Pronoun insanity all over the place now    07/01/22  (15)
Chelsea Handler has that horny MILF whore energy, I'm sorry, she just does.    07/01/22  (1)
Mountain dew is one legit chemical    07/01/22  (3)
CLSG if my son competes for the US internationally, will you sponsor him?    07/01/22  (10)
Biden admin blows oil/gas drilling lease deadline. Det for the year now.    07/01/22  (1)
ITT: Things that area worth it!    07/01/22  (3)
“pussy” is fucking gross, lol at pretending otherwise    07/01/22  (7)
Reminder: Montreal is EASILY the best summer city in north america    07/01/22  (2)
LOL so the PAC 12 B1G ACC “alliance” is a hand shake deal?    07/01/22  (8)
Gamefaqs Posting Ideas    07/01/22  (18)
evan39 what's your top 3 mountain DEW flavors?    07/01/22  (6)
Homelessness is our fault    07/01/22  (1)
NOT FLAME Biden in discussions with Michelle Obama to be his 2024 running mate    07/01/22  (1)
Im just gonna have to be a poorfag    07/01/22  (4)
Borders here with some big news on Arizona audit    07/01/22  (3)
Trans woman I work with was talking about how she grew tits    07/01/22  (1)
Why did libs start saying "full stop"    07/01/22  (3)
I want to worship the altar of giant ugly NIGGER DICK    07/01/22  (1)
the "ugly" black cocks are the sexiest and most masculine    07/01/22  (1)
"Cheers" effortlessly landed some jokes that still make me laugh decades later    07/01/22  (11)
Why is Obeezy spamming again    07/01/22  (27)
Tolkien was asked why they didn't fly Eagles to Mordor    07/01/22  (2)
LMAO girl takes juice & pours it into PUSSY as viral promo for new "juice stand"    07/01/22  (3)
know an of counsel who is (apparently) unironically a DRAGONFORCE fan    07/01/22  (1)
“Hallstatt plateau” invented to hide that lost tribes are Celts.    07/01/22  (36)
Sorry cons deliberate lies don’t count as “speech”    07/01/22  (4)
Reminder: Ashleigh Babbit getting blasted in the neck then slowly bleeding out    07/01/22  (2)
I miss BP’s MESH SHORTS and his BOI BASKET.    07/01/22  (27)
Conspiracymos explain Ghislaine getting 20 years in prison    07/01/22  (13)
Where they lied to you! Everything is stupid simple    07/01/22  (1)
Russia may cut off Germany from natural gas within 2 weeks - link    07/01/22  (3)
Merrick Garland is definitely charging Trump after these hearings hth    07/01/22  (1)
"Bro, I'm chill, ask anyone, I just like to fuck people's lives over and ruin th    07/01/22  (2)
Everything is stupid simple if you'd snap out of your shell    07/01/22  (2)
🚀BREAKING: Biden to send 600 tanks and 500 artillery systems to Ukraine    07/01/22  (85)
Rate the new price is right model!    07/01/22  (1)
No. You don't understand. I didn't get "a" Masters. I got MY Masters from GW    07/01/22  (5)
Trumpmos could've had Merrick Garland. Now they'll get Ketanji Brown Jackson    07/01/22  (67)
evan they don't want to admitt anything can be! And its all yours!    07/01/22  (2)
There's nothing in the rule book that says we need to stop at 50 states in union    07/01/22  (5)
which NY poaster is this    07/01/22  (2)
Why does NIGGER DICK feel so good in my tight white ass?    07/01/22  (17)
kind of amazing that rhea perlman & danny devitos kids turned ok looking    07/01/22  (1)
You would not want to be friends with Tom cruise irl , fanboys    07/01/22  (14)
itt:help me style my soyboi Halloween costume    07/01/22  (7)
putin won't see july    07/01/22  (44)
Your child getting a MY Masters in Meme Development    07/01/22  (6)
I could kill it in juice! TT hire a flirty hottie to sell juice;) watch ur $ gro    07/01/22  (1)
For Juneteenth employer sent out 3,000+ word email    07/01/22  (2)
Juice juice baby    07/01/22  (2)
pronouns at work seem like the end of it    07/01/22  (3)
Gary Marcus reply to SSC on scaling hypothesis    07/01/22  (48)
I love everyone! Even crazy libs!    07/01/22  (1)
Ordering pizza at 10am cr?    07/01/22  (11)
I love the way NIGGER DICK loosens up my faggy little SHITPIPE    07/01/22  (3)
how many people here are still in their 20s    07/01/22  (79)
PSA: not wearing shoes in the house is a middle class habit    07/01/22  (3)
"college football" died many years ago, you guys are just in denial    07/01/22  (1)
I want a thick slick NIGGER DICK up my tight white ass!    07/01/22  (3)
Say hello to the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition    07/01/22  (2)
What’s better about NIGGER DICK-the TASTE or the SMELL?    07/01/22  (8)
Rate this fratty bodega bro who just got shitcanned at his job    07/01/22  (77)
Luis the John Muir Disciple returning as Luis the Alpenglow Retriever    07/01/22  (42)
To me so is just a punching bag..and then you go back to normal business    07/01/22  (1)

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