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Abandoning Ukraine is politically impossible in practice    10/04/23  (95)
🚨 OYT is bald 🚨    10/04/23  (13)
How did Trevor Bauer meet that ho? Tinder? Hinge? POF?    10/04/23  (16)
daylight saving time ends in one month    10/04/23  (5)
Men who wear makeup- let’s bash these TTTs    10/04/23  (2)
Entry level salaries for non-engineering grads from flagship state U in 2023    10/04/23  (7)
We are ACAB for Cutie and this one is called "postpartum urban abortion"    10/04/23  (1)
TMF and Mandy are “Christians” but they had a demon child via surrogacy    10/04/23  (23)
Does “Managing Associate” mean you’re the top bitch boy at your firm?    10/04/23  (1)
Pensive taking questions    10/04/23  (130)
“No, babe, it’s different… Indians are White now.”    10/04/23  (2)
How incel culture is on the rise in UK schools    10/04/23  (14)
I lost everything. The console gen, my hair. All of it.    10/04/23  (5)
Election Interference on Trump is Already Starting    10/04/23  (1)
"Abortion Forever No Matter What": latest album by the NYC Resistance Choir    10/04/23  (9)
JESUS didn’t die on the cross; instead, he moved to INDIA    10/04/23  (3)
Chapter 1 - Young Farissa's bare feet clopped daintily through the slimy muck    10/04/23  (4)
10-10 will be a fun day    10/04/23  (2)
Rugae enthusiasts or 'gae guys    10/04/23  (1)
Boom is bald as shit and that's the best thing he's got going for him    10/04/23  (1)
Skinnyfat lib adjusting bifocals before patronizing you    10/04/23  (1)
14-year-old Swedish girl hanged her Muslim rapist in the woods    10/04/23  (44)
*retarded prole in a punisher shirt searching pelosi's desk for nuclear codes*    10/04/23  (37)
Just browsed indeed - all the posted jobs are scams or $18-25 per hour    10/04/23  (3)
FizzKidd taking Q’s about my body for the next 15 mins    10/04/23  (35)
Women fucking psychopaths and murderers. Are women as 180 as we think bros?    10/04/23  (1)
Yesterday Was National Boyfriend Day. Let's Poast Photos With Our BF Luis    10/04/23  (8)
What does Talmud say about this Airbnb squabble between 2 Jews?    10/04/23  (2)
Video of stabbing of Brooklyn antifa activist guy (video)    10/04/23  (170)
Tender is the Console    10/04/23  (1)
Senator Kennedy reads gay porn into the congressional record (vid)    10/04/23  (3)
tfw no fit ebony bed stuy gf who apologizes for heinous crimes    10/04/23  (1)
Rudy Giuliani Announces Defamation Lawsuit Against President Biden    10/04/23  (5)
Donald Trump on Letterman, 1986-87    10/04/23  (3)
Waffle House workers demanding $25 per hour    10/04/23  (29)
Math / Scoring Q re The Faggot "Sport" Of Pickleball    10/04/23  (3)
dick tingly when i piss    10/04/23  (16)
I (35f) am disgusted by my husband (37m)    10/04/23  (63)
Is Pickleball a good way to meet chicks?    10/04/23  (10)
Bosses aren’t just tracking when you show up to office but how long you stay (    10/04/23  (1)
Gibberish tp arrested for DUI    10/04/23  (7)
The all new 2024 Honda Estrus    10/04/23  (1)
Wearing A Laos Alphabet Shirt At Gym. Retard Prole Asked Me If I'm From There    10/04/23  (4)
put $50k in VOO today. Cr?    10/04/23  (10)
Horse girl shows how to dismount    10/04/23  (2)
it's 180 to have MPA back on the board    10/04/23  (29)
My piss stinks    10/04/23  (60)
Biden reveals secret website to receive full student loan forgiveness    10/04/23  (2)
what's the best tasting sugar cereal?    10/04/23  (17)
Feeling pretty good about McCarthy's ouster    10/04/23  (91)
Economic downfall. Why gen z doesn’t have jobs, the hard work myth.    10/04/23  (155)
US Cops MURDER to DET Teen Incel for trying to Talk to Teen Girls    10/04/23  (6)
been working for a BIGFED contractor since February. much better than corporate    10/04/23  (1)
"Carson are you ok? Are you ok? Are you ok Carson?"    10/04/23  (1)
*cue the Deathcoaster theme as MPA furiously researches new FORCEMEMES*    10/04/23  (5)
Unredacted Antifa Stabbing Video    10/04/23  (51)
🚨🦍 NIGGER ALERT 🦍🚨    10/04/23  (7)
Xo's views on tetanus shots?    10/04/23  (1)
Rudy Giuliani will rise like a phoenix    10/04/23  (2)
"There sure are a lot of pickleball courts here", smirked the realtor    10/04/23  (3)
alright goal for this weekend, finally fuck a pickleball slut    10/04/23  (5)
Anyone get a notice from student loan servicer of a $0 payment?    10/04/23  (2)
Anyone here enjoy Pickleball?    10/04/23  (3)
Pickleball is a PSY OP    10/04/23  (2)
Just bought myself some Allbirds, am I LGBTQ+ now? Can my kids claim on college    10/04/23  (2)
just jerked off to that one NYT pickleball chick again    10/04/23  (19)
I find NYT’s Pickleball Dress Girl to be very attractive.    10/04/23  (46)
XO Novax Djoker Drives Par 4 Green At Ryder Cup Celeb Event (VID) #tennis #golf    10/04/23  (12)
What ever happened to hung bottom the poaster?    10/04/23  (2)
Jesus to Sanhedrin: "Sorry, but my Father's WORD Won the Gen—Champ."    10/04/23  (5)
RATE These 4 Korean Girls In Jerusalem (PIC)    10/04/23  (7)
Why are white families so obsessed with Subarus?    10/04/23  (32)
is pensive still doing dick ratings? i want u to rate my hard cock bro    10/04/23  (3)
the Irish cannot govern    10/04/23  (15)
Just made a typo in an e-mail response to an interview request    10/04/23  (29)
Prole At Gym Had jesUSAves Shirt On    10/04/23  (3)
Need to shit....hope the toilet is hungry for a snack    10/04/23  (1)
a 10:1 casualty ratio are the rents America is extracting from Ukrainian people    10/04/23  (1)
TDNW tp w/ near empty handle at hand burning his rainbow Slava Ukraine sweater    10/04/23  (1)
"Are you okay?" she asked as you died bleeding out to death    10/04/23  (11)
Respect me like one of your French female professionals    10/04/23  (1)
Jim Jordan: Americans priority is border security and HR 2, not Ukraine    10/04/23  (1)
be honest. did you ever jerk-off to a friend's Dotter?    10/04/23  (4)
Rate Israeli Tourism Minister Chaim Katz In Saudi Arabia (PIC)    10/04/23  (3)
RATE This Torah Scroll Dedicated To MBS (PIC)    10/04/23  (1)
"Biden will be 4 years of boredom!" *gets into multi-hundred billion dollar war*    10/04/23  (2)
be honest. did you ever jerk-off to a friend's Mom?    10/04/23  (40)
Subaru is probably the most credited car brand    10/04/23  (83)
TDNW will reappear tomorrow as if nothing happened    10/04/23  (9)
It's also rape if you respect a woman in the wrong way    10/04/23  (4)
What do Rudy Giuliani and TBF tp have in common? (a summary)    10/04/23  (6)
I took will be retiring forever by months end    10/04/23  (4)
Peppa Pig snarfing Fizzkidd's butthold and crack    10/04/23  (17)
Israeli Diplomats Hold Sukkot Torah Reading & Shake Citron In RIYADH (PICS)    10/04/23  (1)
Most of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet has abandoned Crimea (link)    10/04/23  (25)
rate this cute ukrainian jewish kiwi on a first date    10/04/23  (46)
Bboom. BBOOM! Getcho retarded ass in heya, boy    10/04/23  (1)
Chicago mayor issues ominous violent threat about illegals    10/04/23  (5)
Opening high-end tattoo removal spa. Taking Q’s    10/04/23  (1)
Serious question: Was whok tp on the spectrum?    10/04/23  (9)
JPost Asks: McCarthy's Ouster -- Good Or Bad For Israel?    10/04/23  (1)
Remember how DNC official platform position is not flame to be MS13 sympathizers    10/04/23  (1)
White and Asian males are essentially banned from white collar jobs.    10/04/23  (7)
Lifehack: Sue fob Chinks for ramming you with their shopping carts.    10/04/23  (1)
Farting like a motorboat    10/04/23  (1)
wow my Morgellons is really flaring up tonight    10/04/23  (6)
Jesus was just a schizophrenic Jew    10/04/23  (10)
if your reaction to a death is to start a gofundme, you are a trash person    10/04/23  (2)
Pensive is 180    10/04/23  (3)
So Trumpmos are gonna nominate an actual PEDO to house speaker?    10/04/23  (9)
Was first lazy Susan just a fat house slave who spun around on her ass    10/04/23  (2)
SIL asking you to closely examine her nood breasts for symmetry    10/04/23  (7)
explosive gaseous outbursts from your aging shrew wife    10/04/23  (2)
6 months later, municipal court, divorce time baby, child support. SUBURBAN LIFE    10/04/23  (1)
TSINAH taking quiznos    10/04/23  (1)
"hermetically sealed hyperonline identity disorder" proposed for DSM 6    10/04/23  (1)
Hope that emergency alert killed a bunch of you with some EMF pulse    10/04/23  (2)
Question about spaceporn's hacked phone    10/04/23  (5)
I'll take Ape Tit for $400    10/04/23  (4)
You have to be crazy for copping iphone over pixel now    10/04/23  (4)
Selena Kyle: "This is baked. It was somebody's city." "Now it's everybody's city    10/04/23  (4)
XO has made me more feminist    10/04/23  (22)
Brooklyn stabbing: "random" or "stochastic terrorism"?    10/04/23  (2)
a "lazy Susan" works pretty hard. I'd call her an "industrious Susan".    10/04/23  (2)
Tech job fair for women overrun by Pajeet and Chink men    10/04/23  (2)
Do NOT betamaxx    10/04/23  (4)
Fuck Trayvon Martin Fuck Amadou Diallo Fuck Mumia Fuck George Floyd    10/04/23  (1)
story of Lott and his daughters ----> PornHub today.    10/04/23  (2)
Politico: Ukraine "freaking out" with ouster of McCarthy, lack of mo money    10/04/23  (31)
You: worried about misplaced comma from years ago. SBF: "forgot" $10bn not his    10/04/23  (34)
Shitlaw boss asking jury in summation "who HASN'T googled 'how to poison wife'"    10/04/23  (5)
I now have a nice lil collection of insane gooks following me around    10/04/23  (3)
*spins Bellevue commitment form to clerk on lazy Susan*: "Now with attachment."    10/04/23  (2)
12-hr addybation cum drops marching single file to "ants go marching in"    10/04/23  (8)
Wrigley Co. fires executive over "insensitive" Trayvon commemorative Skittles    10/04/23  (2)
Let's say a guy sees a woman being gang raped and, after her rapists have left    10/04/23  (73)
Pelosi: Republican bickering about illegal immigration only emboldens Putin    10/04/23  (4)
Mike Jew: "You better not cross me, Ped Xing. You saw what I did to Joe Gentile"    10/04/23  (10)
Dear Abby responds to Johnsmeyer aka Lonely in Long Island    10/04/23  (1)
"Farissa. It rhymes with mantissa." "Just kill me already."    10/04/23  (1)
"it's just different...we always climax in unison." "No way" "Get out girl    10/04/23  (1)
which one of you made a WikiFeet entry for Farissa?    10/04/23  (1)
Fuck all of y’all I’m retiring forever 🖕    10/04/23  (6)
Look at Julia Ormond today - pic    10/04/23  (5)
Dear AutoAdmit.com, I never believed the poasts were real. That is until my SIL    10/04/23  (2)
On dive bar spaghetti, all covered with cheese / I pulled playroom hotdog    10/04/23  (45)
FEMA announces new 'wife simulator' (phone screeches whenever u sit down & relax    10/04/23  (3)
direct Mayflower descendant black communist professor    10/04/23  (1)
Crunchy duns Scotus only eats "univocal" foods    10/04/23  (3)
ITT: we name people who are worse parents than EPAH    10/04/23  (11)

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