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Poll: what will happen if there is no 'red wave' in November?    10/04/22  (1)
Shitcons why did Herschel Walker pay to have his kid killed    10/04/22  (2)
I'm objectively more attractive than GJR (CSLG)    10/04/22  (17)
Looking for a FemDom to tell me how shitty and unoriginal my xo threads are    10/04/22  (9)
Colin Powell felt like a huge forcememe even in the 90s, pre-SoS nomination    10/04/22  (16)
Think I got all the threads with outting    10/04/22  (46)
Speaking of outings, you won't believe the glazed ribs at Dupa's Rib Shack    10/04/22  (2)
NYU students got an O-Chem professor fired because his class was too hard.    10/04/22  (110)
legal discussion: metaverse porn, sex, etc.    10/04/22  (4)
2026: Hospitals forcing you to see AA nigger doctors, surgeons    10/04/22  (2)
80s Gen-X girls attending 'nuclear disarmament' rallies in Grim Reaper costumes    10/04/22  (1)
AMA asks DOJ to prosecute journalists exposing child transgender surgeries    10/04/22  (14)
Hans Niemann CONFIRMED cheater    10/04/22  (12)
Gun to one poaster's head: it's spaceporn, right?    10/04/22  (41)
Haberman book on trump is devastating    10/04/22  (26)
if you have not been born again you must repent and be baptized    10/04/22  (1)
Rate this big ass ribeye steak I made today.    10/04/22  (58)
Ukraine busted its ass to take Kherson but it was the first city Russia took?    10/04/22  (1)
Should I buy this Sam Hyde t shirt?    10/04/22  (38)
jordan peterson is my dad    10/04/22  (1)
NY Judge: I’m cutting off your daughters boobs, deal with it (link)    10/04/22  (4)
Tom Brady about to be divorced (link)    10/04/22  (1)
Gen-X girls w/ posters of Eduard Shevardnadze in their dorm rooms    10/04/22  (1)
Rate ZZZ's Yelp profile    10/04/22  (20)
Twitter videos show fighting in Kherson    10/04/22  (120)
Eduard Shevardnadze    10/04/22  (1)
i've taken shits bigger than cowgod    10/04/22  (3)
Just got "feedback" that my emails are too "terse" - pepper angus?    10/04/22  (57)
shitlib colleges still mandating masks, lmao    10/04/22  (2)
George20: "Me too!" "Uh — it means I Am Not A Lawyer"    10/04/22  (4)
Official debate: does outing behavior rescind the protection of the One Rule?    10/04/22  (46)
Are you Team EPAH or Team RK/ZZZ?    10/04/22  (15)
The internet has banned DDLG porn… FUCK LIBS    10/04/22  (6)
googled ZZZ, cslg's firm came up on page 8 not flame    10/04/22  (13)
becoming convinced you cannot do white collar drudgery w/o drugs & alcohol    10/04/22  (2)
Hans Mole Niemann cheated 'over 100 times' including cash prize games    10/04/22  (1)
Aggrieved xo posters loitering around ZZZ's office like on Better Call Saul    10/04/22  (5)
Stone Temple Pilots - Take Time With a Learned Hand.mp3    10/04/22  (2)
ITT I rate you as a chief diversity officer    10/04/22  (92)
everyone these days is just waiting around to die...no life anymore anywhere    10/04/22  (4)
Rate this painting I did recently on canvas (pic)    10/04/22  (6)
Running list of OLD famous musicians (age 80+)    10/04/22  (11)
It's a war crime that I can't use OpenAI to create Haberman/Trump slash fic    10/04/22  (1)
starting to think a lot of this Woke stuff is nonsense and lies    10/04/22  (1)
why does Dartmouth keep track rosters from 10 years ago online?    10/04/22  (1)
EPAH is driving 90% of board content now    10/04/22  (3)
how often does ur wife/gf wear her buttplug?    10/04/22  (1)
CO or CA to live? gun to head, and you cannot choose death    10/04/22  (85)
Constance Wu: "I swallowed abuse for too long"    10/04/22  (15)
Jesus Christ some 35 year old women are so ancient I want to hide in my house    10/04/22  (1)
So Ukrainecucks fantasized about Odessa being taken by force all summer?    10/04/22  (1)
LMAO, new Florida complaint by ZZZ against RK for winning $3.6 against EJ    10/04/22  (49)
in the 80s US left was essentially pro-RUS/pro-USSR    10/04/22  (17)
one of my monger friends booked a "pro cuddler" off Cuddle Comfort (hvac)    10/04/22  (44)
Kherson is only valuable for propaganda. That's ALL Ukraine can use it for    10/04/22  (68)
American Conservative: “Putin’s Disastrous Strategy Blunders” (link)    10/04/22  (63)
Looking for a bratty sub for some light rules based international order play    10/04/22  (3)
At MARTIN'S in Nashville, taking q's (TSINAH)    10/04/22  (36)
feeling demoralized? wanting to off yourself? DIAL 9-8-8! we've got you covered!    10/04/22  (1)
Stock market ripping up, what is everyone's play here?    10/04/22  (30)
What kind of women like ANAL?    10/04/22  (59)
Video of Asian girl giving me a rimjob (hvac)    10/04/22  (145)
Happy Feast of St. Francis of Assisi!    10/04/22  (11)
He made a mockery of our rules based international order.    10/04/22  (2)
Leo Strauss making soy-face doing the "Noble Lie Jig" dance on TikTok (link)    10/04/22  (2)
"I still unfold" This man is an HBS nullo    10/04/22  (9)
He disregarded the advice of long-serving government employees.    10/04/22  (4)
I am suing cowgod for libel (sull56ivan2010)    10/04/22  (4)
Thanks. Will do. Ok, thanks. Thank you. No, thank you. Thanks a lot. Really appr    10/04/22  (3)
your life is really super important and everyone cares deeply about it    10/04/22  (3)
humankind is an endless chain of mostly forgotten lives    10/04/22  (10)
"cowgod, take me away..." *luxuriates in bubble bath*    10/04/22  (1)
Page Six: Tom Brady, Gisele Bundchen to divorce    10/04/22  (32)
Ricky tp where u at    10/04/22  (1)
I'm here from downtown. I'm here from Mitch and Murray.    10/04/22  (38)
O Blood and Water, which gushed forth from the Heart of Jesus as a fount    10/04/22  (18)
Your boss, eulogizing you: "he drafted the fuck out of some 8-K's haha"    10/04/22  (1)
Charles Lindbergh McGill, a towering figure in the Albuquerque legal community w    10/04/22  (4)
Vast swathes of American cities are no-go zones due to homeless and blacks    10/04/22  (25)
Why did board Trumpmos stop posting polls comparing Biden to Trump?    10/04/22  (104)
Kenny/Candy Ride/Whoever - u gonna weigh in on this new one???    10/04/22  (1)
Why don't Seattle security guards do anything?    10/04/22  (33)
"I was doing some due diligence, and, ahem, caught a pretty significant typo"    10/04/22  (4)
Chain Mail Shirt and Coif Armor Set (Full Size) - $89.99    10/04/22  (28)
Eagles will lose in 1st rd of playoffs    10/04/22  (4)
Seattle is in decay (Mainlining)    10/04/22  (94)
Logan Roy confidently issuing: “Sex. With men! For money!”    10/04/22  (131)
Hi. Your client's discovery responses remain deficient. See you in Court.    10/04/22  (25)
Does anyone have capacity to draft a motion to compel this evening? Good client.    10/04/22  (26)
Does Deep State acknowledge Female Obesity Epidemic in it’s planning documents    10/04/22  (4)
The Real Reason America Doesn’t Have Enough Truck Drivers (NYT)    10/04/22  (57)
Gucci flip flops, make em kick rox    10/04/22  (7)
facial aesthetics for men only matter if youre 6'+    10/04/22  (1)
Visited hometown, high school is 33% white, 36% low income, home prices up 100%    10/04/22  (21)
cowgod is a Joke October megathread    10/04/22  (24)
Texas Filipina becomes first Asian American to be crowned Miss America    10/04/22  (7)
Tall Guys have overplayed their hand    10/04/22  (9)
anybody who thinks nietzsche sucked or was wrong is just an idiot    10/04/22  (77)
Where do you think the Dniepropetrovsk Maniacs are right now?    10/04/22  (1)
EARLY GIRL tomatoes are so DELICIOUS you can FUCK MY ASS    10/04/22  (1)
when is the lex vs mig philosophy contest? I hope I didn't miss it.    10/04/22  (67)
ZZZ's latest filing is literally just an ASCII middle finger    10/04/22  (4)
Donald Rumsfeld Writes Like a Biglaw Partner    10/04/22  (190)
Russian nukes that were moved earlier today are now in position    10/04/22  (86)
The only time I ever voted GOP was living in CA    10/04/22  (1)
Great poasts are felt. They echo in the human soul like the brass of Wagner.    10/04/22  (4)
Tall guy doesn’t work. Is stay at home dad but there is a nanny. Married a d    10/04/22  (5)
Internet law forum users hold "coolie auction" to role-play Chinese railroad wor    10/04/22  (3)
The Verdict but instead of handsome drunk it's RT and he gets his shit pushed in    10/04/22  (1)
So libs want to ban armed neighborhood watch security guards?    10/04/22  (2)
California school forfeits football season following 'slave auction' prank    10/04/22  (27)
Philadelphia but it's RT and EJ getting humiliated for 30 years    10/04/22  (1)
Really filled in a lot of my spreadsheet today. Thanks guys!    10/04/22  (4)
Libs literally want to ban memes before 2020 elections. It's unreal    10/04/22  (21)
scholarship of CRPS    10/04/22  (2)
Libs convinced THEMSELVES that nukes are worse than conventional weapons    10/04/22  (1)
Should Elon ban tranny shit from Twitter?    10/04/22  (5)
Biden to screen “Bros” at the White House (link)    10/04/22  (1)
It’s annoying to think about housing and the couldashouldawouldas    10/04/22  (11)
first date bathroom rimjob    10/04/22  (2)
Computer scientist Melinda Gates opens up about divorce with Bill    10/04/22  (12)
should trannys have oafishly large cocks or cute boi clittys?    10/04/22  (11)
🎉🥂🚨 IT'S NIGGER TIME 🚨🥂🎉    10/04/22  (10)
A mongol feint, but with nukes instead of arrows. Also bigger.    10/04/22  (1)
jews who created the 'crisis among boys' now want to 'solve' the crisis of boys    10/04/22  (6)
Putin tells troops to get the fuck out of Ukraine right now. No reason given    10/04/22  (1)
my mullet my culture    10/04/22  (1)
i'd love to hit that mole with my load    10/04/22  (9)
How many kindergarteners to take a fully enraged Shaq to the floor, pin him?    10/04/22  (49)
Russia COLLAPSES after Biden reacts to nuclear strike on London    10/04/22  (1)
Update: Mini trial on the merits CONTINUED    10/04/22  (47)
It costs like $50 for a regular lunch now in the city    10/04/22  (1)
Cowgod, people have expressed doubts to me that you are in B School.    10/04/22  (5)
Libs win: Putin overthrow after trapped Russian troops call for nukes    10/04/22  (1)
Can sub 115 iq people become billionaires?    10/04/22  (2)
Trump files $675 million lolsuit against CNN for defamation    10/04/22  (62)
Fresh juice 🍊    10/04/22  (2)
Offered to sit for a depo by ZZZ; now I need an xo-admitted lawyer to defend    10/04/22  (17)
Musk buying twitter, any inside info on how employees are peppering    10/04/22  (1)
how do if i know if i've been outed? (srs)    10/04/22  (7)
Proposal for a height tax    10/04/22  (2)
Very interesting sexual encounter from college that makes me #BelieveAllWomen    10/04/22  (33)
How many 14 year old girls could you take in a fight at one time    10/04/22  (11)
Why do female long distance runners have this weird body style?    10/04/22  (4)
jews are shutting up and going away for another day    10/04/22  (1)
Hypo: 20k for every year you dont break from feigned Jamaican accent    10/04/22  (2)
DOD developing AI algorithm to identify anonymous writers    10/04/22  (40)
Poor? No skills? Can't do shit? Predict something with 95% confidence interval    10/04/22  (1)
Funny how “tikkun olam” never includes improving goy lives    10/04/22  (1)

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