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SWIFT sets out blueprint for central bank digital currency network    10/05/22  (5)
White libs think whites are more violent than blacks    10/05/22  (5)
for the record, what were the claims against kavanaugh?    10/05/22  (26)
Tortas tp— who is this idiot?    10/05/22  (4)
is solar a good industry?    10/05/22  (11)
Rate this McKinsey consultants daily routine    10/05/22  (154)
getting a million Yom Kippur OOO auto replies tp    10/05/22  (1)
democracy as the founders envisioned it feels like a mistake now    10/05/22  (1)
There Are Two Americas Now: One With a B.A. and One Without    10/05/22  (8)
OPEC members chanting “FUCK JOE BIDEN!” *clap clap* *clap clap clap*    10/05/22  (3)
Is Thomas Friedman still saying that the world is flat?    10/05/22  (1)
Would you like to take a collect call from.... (robot voice) Project Pat Esquire    10/05/22  (1)
Trump won so they pressed pause, dumped a bunch of "ballots" and Biden "won"    10/05/22  (78)
(((Stock Market))) is BACK baby!! 🐀    10/05/22  (38)
Ukraine to host 2030 World Cup (link)    10/05/22  (1)
Rep. Eric Swalwell sent me Twitter DM calling me "gorgeous", is this sexual hara    10/05/22  (10)
We are in an era of profound misery and sadness    10/05/22  (11)
Remember when you thought spaceporn was shtick?    10/05/22  (37)
100+ senoritas on Bumble have apparently already "liked" me    10/05/22  (4)
coming to the office once per week. it's a total fucking waste of time    10/05/22  (4)
Golden Retriever in suit & tie sitting at pearly gates, welcoming you in    10/05/22  (11)
David French substack piece about right wing trolls is hilarious    10/05/22  (36)
What’s a good first-time enema?    10/05/22  (1)
ok which xo poster is referenced in today's Fifth Circuit opinion    10/05/22  (19)
What is it w/ chicks 'liking' you on Hinge but then not replying when you match?    10/05/22  (19)
Onion files 180 billion SCOTUS Amicus Brief (not flame- link)    10/05/22  (35)
Billboard in Manhattan Union Square counting # of new Kirkland partners    10/05/22  (2)
"I never do this omg" she says as you unhook her bra and slide off her panties    10/05/22  (13)
Mankind is inherently flawed and should perish from the face of the earth    10/05/22  (2)
Rate this Russian slut and her cuckold    10/05/22  (5)
Where would Tom Petty's phenotype lead him if he didnt do music    10/05/22  (10)
I AM GOING TO ___ _____    10/05/22  (10)
41 year old Ricky looks 180 with his new zoomer haircut    10/05/22  (15)
South Korea just fired MISSILES at it self    10/05/22  (1)
Purdue: Gook chick shoots black transgender roommate. A lot to unpack here    10/05/22  (11)
Police Say a Serial Killer Could Be Behind Shootings in Stockton, Calif.    10/05/22  (26)
If we don’t let Putin win in Ukraine he might get upset. Libs?    10/05/22  (3)
11 yo Fauci pouring shampoo in family dog’s eyes    10/05/22  (7)
17 year old you, drinking w/ ur HS gf, listening 2 the Offspring, on her bed    10/05/22  (17)
i hate renting, my apartment is so fucking cold    10/05/22  (17)
need a jewish pedophile to harangue me for not racemixing    10/05/22  (2)
Musk's acquisition of Twitter is going to be disastrous for him    10/05/22  (51)
Rate my daughters trivia skills (CLSG)    10/05/22  (24)
Former Giants NFL RB responds to XO-Type about “height” (link)    10/05/22  (28)
*~-UNSCRIPTED DRAGON Crew-5 launching NAO-/~*    10/05/22  (2)
*lex turns your tarrot cards over* *its 3 pictures of xo's login screen*    10/05/22  (21)
South Africa's "Numbers Gang" sure does have a lot of rules dealing with gay sex    10/05/22  (7)
Putin has to use nukes. Its the only way out for him and Russia.    10/05/22  (45)
What do we think is happening to oil prices?    10/05/22  (2)
In 1 wk, we went from 5% of boart knowing GJR's name to 60% knowing it    10/05/22  (3)
is it time to graduate “clique theory” to “clique law”?    10/05/22  (2)
St. Peter in Charles Tyrwhitt shirt giving u ggtp smilefrown as u approach pearl    10/05/22  (11)
Holy shit I accidentally had 5G turned off on my phone this whole time    10/05/22  (1)
people are really delusional about PEDs in sports    10/05/22  (41)
Congress approves $5.4 TRILLION in new weapons for Taiwan    10/05/22  (1)
national debt comes due, Dow down 25k    10/05/22  (1)
Stocks soar, T. Turdskin decocks handgun    10/05/22  (7)
minneapolis, milwaukee, detroit, or buffalo?    10/05/22  (44)
"Spaceporn seun saeng neem..." lol why does he call me that?    10/05/22  (1)
JMU undefeated well into october& never lost a game in D1 program history    10/05/22  (3)
dupa’s christmas tree tp    10/05/22  (5)
is eating balls gay?    10/05/22  (3)
AMA asks DOJ to prosecute journalists exposing child transgender surgeries    10/05/22  (66)
U.S. Aims to Turn Taiwan Into Giant Weapons Depot    10/05/22  (7)
When I married you, it was because I truly love you. But the kid is great too    10/05/22  (2)
IT'S FRENCH! IT'S FRENCH EVERYBODY!!!    10/05/22  (68)
Russian reinforcements arrive in Kherson, are pushing Ukr army back    10/05/22  (1)
Walker on XO: They said "hope this helps" but I don't see how it's helpful    10/05/22  (2)
Walker on monkeypox: I don't know what they was doing with that monkey but it's    10/05/22  (1)
48 yo Hilary Swank pregnant with twins    10/05/22  (3)
Herschel Walker says "gay men's assholes smell" lol *1bn retweets*    10/05/22  (1)
Reminder: Zuckerberg did NOT want Facebook to be shitlib skinsuited    10/05/22  (35)
Patriots are in control. Musk taking twitter is just part of the plan. Storm is    10/05/22  (6)
Need a Good Anime to Savor    10/05/22  (2)
urgently need more racemixing    10/05/22  (1)
Libs on ivermectin: lol drugs that work on one mammal kill every other mammal    10/05/22  (3)
Watch Hershel Walker stutter and stammer trying to describe transsexuals    10/05/22  (5)
Herschel Walker is so dumb. "Shit in your dick?" Who talks like that?    10/05/22  (1)
Heroic CA middle school teacher: "Adolf Hitler did absolutely nothing wrong"    10/05/22  (6)
South Korea retaliates against North w/ own missile test, hits own military base    10/05/22  (1)
Herschel Walker on gay adoption: you know uhh, it's disgusting, but uhh, you kno    10/05/22  (1)
Gun to one poaster's head: it's spaceporn, right?    10/05/22  (104)
Libs storm veterinarian office: why are you giving human antibiotics to a dog?    10/05/22  (2)
"throwing it over to Darquisha on appellate strategy" *swish motion*    10/05/22  (3)
Spaceporn: he's not my son but it doesn't matter. We have the same bond    10/05/22  (1)
If u had to choose one country other than U.S. to run the world, who do u choose    10/05/22  (57)
Insane how just 10km of biking for 2 or 3 days makes me HARD as furk    10/05/22  (2)
Remember when Spaceporn claimed to love his wife son like his own?    10/05/22  (1)
Musk adding disclaimers, emojis to tweets from CDC, FDA    10/05/22  (3)
ZZZ representing James Damiano in lawsuit v Bob Dylan    10/05/22  (2)
FDA is being sued for misinformation about Ivermectin    10/05/22  (5)
Hey libs, at least you control Kherson    10/05/22  (1)
American Lob Association asks DOJ to prosecute people who post pics of libs    10/05/22  (1)
It’s 180 that your kids can make videos and cancel you (Herschel Walker vid)    10/05/22  (1)
There goes my Nullo, watch'm still unload/There goes my Nullo, he's Bill McHenry    10/05/22  (5)
States That Weaken Concealed Carry Laws See Spikes in Violent Crime: Study    10/05/22  (1)
It was real. Tree man. The subway cookie display. Deer training. All of it    10/05/22  (32)
How do I know when I’m full of cum or can still take more loads    10/05/22  (1)
Ashley Tisdale rear ended my client (CSLG)    10/05/22  (34)
Common word I didn’t know the true meaning of: recrimination    10/05/22  (1)
rate this fight with a guy in a wheelchair    10/05/22  (1)
Serial killer FOILED as Stockton cops take his gun    10/05/22  (1)
Hey libs, will it be safe to talk about your response to COVID on the new Twitte    10/05/22  (1)
Trending: Faces of Liberalism, Stacey Abrams Diabetes, Buttigieg trial    10/05/22  (1)
BEHOLD THE ATTACHMENT    10/05/22  (25)
none of this insanity would be allowed if halford was still with us    10/05/22  (10)
Is it irresponsible for Ukraine to be taking back territory?    10/05/22  (1)
“Show me the warrant!” the homeless guy yelled from his tent    10/05/22  (27)
'Bros' director calls people who REFUSED to see it 'homophobic weirods'    10/05/22  (224)
What to run FBI propaganda bots but Musk owns Twitter? Meet Fibber    10/05/22  (2)
CEO of US Election Software Firm Arrested for storing data in China    10/05/22  (7)
is there some kind of Bat Signal equivalent we can put up to summon the gorgon    10/05/22  (12)
who tf does Giselle want to bang now that she's dumping God Overlord Tom?    10/05/22  (7)
*stupid person posts stupid shit for years* xo: "haha what a brilliant schtick"    10/05/22  (94)
Only 30 sec post nut clarity is truth: women are disgusting parasites & whores    10/05/22  (6)
Hindus and muslims fighting in streets of london    10/05/22  (41)
BEHOLD my new *checks notes* iPhone 14 pro max you godless prole heathen sons of    10/05/22  (4)
Happy Feast of Faustina Kowalska    10/05/22  (4)
To be clear, I am not going to out people unless and until I am outted    10/05/22  (17)
Big poker scandal    10/05/22  (88)
Don't understand why Judge hitting 62 homers is a big deal    10/05/22  (56)
I'm objectively more attractive than GJR (CSLG)    10/05/22  (71)
spaceporn, what percent of poasters do u think are smarter than u?    10/05/22  (30)
Is it time to lean 100% in to the tranny/sjw/shitlib thing? Seems inevitable    10/05/22  (2)
Libs name new Atlantic storm “Tropical Storm Donald.” Trump is pissed    10/05/22  (2)
Is UC College of the Law, San Francisco (UC Law SF for short) a good school?    10/05/22  (1)
AWS 'hacker' spared prison for being transgender    10/05/22  (1)
you laugh but avg NYT reader will believe these "conlaw" profs are wise experts    10/05/22  (7)
Qatar rules for FIFA world cup    10/05/22  (1)
He disregarded the advice of long-serving government employees.    10/05/22  (5)
Trump files $675 million lolsuit against CNN for defamation    10/05/22  (74)
Is this song about being a pedo? Or just a slight age difference    10/05/22  (1)
Computer scientist Melinda Gates opens up about divorce with Bill    10/05/22  (23)
jordan peterson is reddit tier    10/05/22  (1)
So Trump will be back on Twitter soon? 180    10/05/22  (5)
Mods these assholes are outting my name again    10/05/22  (29)
Elon: ok here's the cash, whatever, REACTIVATE TRUMP. Libs: we won    10/05/22  (1)
her steroid clit a state fair prize potato, the big toe of a giant, throbbing. I    10/05/22  (1)
Haha who's going to read uncensored ad-free Twitter? (xo poaster)    10/05/22  (1)
Golden retriever dressed like Don Johnson with a golden briefcase full of tennis    10/05/22  (19)
If Twitter can't sell ads I just won't use it    10/05/22  (2)
What made consuela confident enough to start posting his retarded thoughts here    10/05/22  (1)
*Girls slapping their clits in porn*    10/05/22  (18)
What kind of women like ANAL?    10/05/22  (60)
ITT every five-cent word I learn from XO (FizzKidd)    10/05/22  (7)
Who has bigger clits? White women or Azn "men"    10/05/22  (2)
xo: weird nonwhite geeks lusting after white women,flogging clits to blacked.com    10/05/22  (3)
Looking for a lingerie e-site where they show pics of clits and hairy pussies    10/05/22  (2)

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