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Reminder: Zuckerberg did NOT want Facebook to be shitlib skinsuited    10/05/22  (19)
spaceporn, what percent of poasters do u think are smarter than u?    10/05/22  (27)
Is this song about being a pedo? Or just a slight age difference    10/05/22  (1)
Big poker scandal    10/05/22  (85)
people are really delusional about PEDs in sports    10/05/22  (29)
To be clear, I am not going to out people unless and until I am outted    10/05/22  (6)
Gun to one poaster's head: it's spaceporn, right?    10/05/22  (98)
Computer scientist Melinda Gates opens up about divorce with Bill    10/05/22  (23)
jordan peterson is reddit tier    10/05/22  (1)
So Trump will be back on Twitter soon? 180    10/05/22  (5)
Mods these assholes are outting my name again    10/05/22  (29)
Elon: ok here's the cash, whatever, REACTIVATE TRUMP. Libs: we won    10/05/22  (1)
her steroid clit a state fair prize potato, the big toe of a giant, throbbing. I    10/05/22  (1)
Haha who's going to read uncensored ad-free Twitter? (xo poaster)    10/05/22  (1)
Golden retriever dressed like Don Johnson with a golden briefcase full of tennis    10/05/22  (19)
If Twitter can't sell ads I just won't use it    10/05/22  (2)
What made consuela confident enough to start posting his retarded thoughts here    10/05/22  (1)
*Girls slapping their clits in porn*    10/05/22  (18)
What kind of women like ANAL?    10/05/22  (60)
Musk's acquisition of Twitter is going to be disastrous for him    10/05/22  (49)
ITT every five-cent word I learn from XO (FizzKidd)    10/05/22  (7)
Who has bigger clits? White women or Azn "men"    10/05/22  (2)
xo: weird nonwhite geeks lusting after white women,flogging clits to blacked.com    10/05/22  (3)
Looking for a lingerie e-site where they show pics of clits and hairy pussies    10/05/22  (2)
Russian female soldiers with fully erect clits marching (vid)    10/05/22  (2)
“Show me the warrant!” the homeless guy yelled from his tent    10/05/22  (26)
Nasser NEEDED to touch their vaginas to see if clits got to big from roids...    10/05/22  (6)
Ukraine counteroffensive is flame here's how you know    10/05/22  (81)
"Eatin so much pussy that I'm shittin clits, son."    10/05/22  (2)
Back on tinder: large number of the girls appear to have large clits    10/05/22  (2)
Actual Ukrainian counteroffensives never happened    10/05/22  (19)
Steroid clits are amazing.    10/05/22  (10)
so God made clits in his own image?    10/05/22  (3)
Smelly pussies with huge beetle-like clits    10/05/22  (2)
For the last time, I'M NOT AFRAID OF MUSK OWNED TWITTER. I just think it's funny    10/05/22  (7)
Cool video of Ukranians attacking Russian positions in Kherson today    10/05/22  (2)
We'll rubber stamp this as soon as we hear back from Chennai.    10/05/22  (1)
Clits are mostly made of the same tissue as penises    10/05/22  (7)
women who lick their fingers before rubbing their clits    10/05/22  (2)
Are u grossed out by girls with large clits?    10/05/22  (6)
solid Telegram channels tp    10/05/22  (1)
Libs: no big deal we'll just censor private companies. Jone"s on Elon    10/05/22  (1)
Wish I had made a thread to compile all retarded TBF Ukraine predictions    10/05/22  (13)
Does Jordan Peterson’s daughter really have a sex tape?    10/05/22  (1)
Libs are going to get chased off there internet again, like in 2016 lmao    10/05/22  (4)
A Yamnaya Golden Retriever pulling a Chariot through Steppe towards India tp    10/05/22  (19)
Noooo he's going to make Twitter into a TOXIC PLATFORM!!!    10/05/22  (2)
Did anyone here own a dirt bike as a kid? Something 180 i missed out on    10/05/22  (7)
Any other Jewish dissident FBI informants with mixed race kids online rn?    10/05/22  (4)
Wife is drunk as fuck and diving into our pool in the rain.    10/05/22  (24)
"He was talking about Twitter and how it would fail under Musk, and I got wet"    10/05/22  (2)
ahh geez.. silver collapsing sub $20 again    10/05/22  (3)
Biden’s Senior Energy Advisor is a former Israeli soldier    10/05/22  (1)
Yom Kippur poll: Is Melchizedek the Kohen Gadol?    10/05/22  (3)
What is it w/ chicks 'liking' you on Hinge but then not replying when you match?    10/05/22  (2)
Nude black man on NYC subway evades employees...HILARITY ensues    10/05/22  (10)
His Name Was Terrence Yung    10/05/22  (1)
Homeward Bound, but it's golden retriever named Emilio reuniting w cuttingtable:    10/05/22  (30)
Delaware chancellory court confesses it just wants to see Elon destroy libs    10/05/22  (3)
Is spaceporn a total piece of shit?    10/05/22  (36)
Hottentot apron. annamese snout    10/05/22  (1)
"Frankie, tell Bozo here what they do to guys w clown hair downtown"    10/05/22  (10)
The Navy just deployed its $13 billion aircraft carrier    10/05/22  (23)
Consuela is poasting his retarded thoughts at an 8th grade writing level today    10/05/22  (1)
Lol Dems are so fucked    10/05/22  (58)
Lol dems are so fucked    10/05/22  (5)
I was born a poor Golden Retriever child in the hills of Mississippi    10/05/22  (59)
Ashley Tisdale rear ended my client (CSLG)    10/05/22  (31)
I'm objectively more attractive than GJR (CSLG)    10/05/22  (70)
Jew Media loves things that DESTROY Goys: Nigga, Musbros, Feminazis, Themselves    10/05/22  (29)
Former Giants NFL RB responds to XO-Type about “height” (link)    10/05/22  (21)
If u had to choose one country other than U.S. to run the world, who do u choose    10/05/22  (56)
"Nothing in the rules says a Golden Retriever can't do Biglaw!"    10/05/22  (359)
too bad tsinah can't also superglue a roof to his scalp 🤣    10/05/22  (22)
Serious q - why is there no IP ban on spaceporn?    10/05/22  (9)
libs cancelled my new haircut asian edition    10/05/22  (2)
How has twitter not yet cum to cancel the Rolling Stones?    10/05/22  (17)
Spaceporn looked up some random court case and claims that guy is his stalker lm    10/05/22  (231)
Hindus and muslims fighting in streets of london    10/05/22  (39)
Tsinah email me immediately    10/05/22  (2)
Rich Dad, Shitlib Dad    10/05/22  (1)
193 New “Partners” at K&E!    10/05/22  (57)
Alan can you please mod the outting of my name in thread this morning.    10/05/22  (3)
So poasters have just been sucking and fucking each other?    10/05/22  (6)
Ukrainian Golden Retriever Commando strikes Russian propaganda hottie (link)    10/05/22  (7)
Solos, how often do you "shake the tree" on deadbeat clients that owe you $$?    10/05/22  (41)
No really, we're just concerned with Elon's emotional well-being. We're FINE    10/05/22  (1)
Last xo thread that helped you become a more realized person?    10/05/22  (2)
Doodikoff please tell us a new dating failure    10/05/22  (5)
Golden Retriever solemnly shakes your hand as Emilio makes u pancakes    10/05/22  (61)
A certain, chill kind of Golden Retriever Nationalism    10/05/22  (21)
ok which xo poster is referenced in today's Fifth Circuit opinion    10/05/22  (2)
I'm a shitlib pumo because I don't want the government to know I'm a shitlib    10/05/22  (1)
I dreamed of Emilio's Golden Retriever waking me up with big sloppy kisses    10/05/22  (17)
Man makes $21,000 selling 3D-printed guns during NY AG gun buyback program    10/05/22  (9)
The Supreme Court Is Blowing Up Law School, Too    10/05/22  (75)
so basically after 40 you're prostate just 'swells'?    10/05/22  (6)
Blacks ruining Belgium now    10/05/22  (12)
Russian warplanes just breached Polish airspace    10/05/22  (12)
Facebook in “death spiral” after Apple turns off tracking. Yanks internships    10/05/22  (1)
Cheerio! Nigel Fezziwig from UK here.Read about some racist bloke named “Prate    10/05/22  (24)
EXPLAIN this 3.74/172 with ZERO admits    10/05/22  (13)
We used to have fridge jokes here.    10/05/22  (4)
California banning natural gas furnaces and hot-water heaters by 2030. The fuck?    10/05/22  (1)
Emperor X - Allahu Akbar    10/05/22  (2)
i hate renting, my apartment is so fucking cold    10/05/22  (16)
Elon Musk banned from Fidelity    10/05/22  (1)
2nd day without caffeine    10/05/22  (13)
is it just me or are indian women the uberprogressives?    10/05/22  (40)
South Africa's "Numbers Gang" sure does have a lot of rules dealing with gay sex    10/05/22  (3)
Hi, boys and girls, I'm Jimmy Carl Black and I'm the nigger of the group    10/05/22  (1)
Can someone link some GJR pics? She is quite hot, IIRC    10/05/22  (1)
Police Say a Serial Killer Could Be Behind Shootings in Stockton, Calif.    10/05/22  (21)
legendary hall of famer david "boomer" wells    10/05/22  (5)
Anyone else doubt the existence of nuclear weapons    10/05/22  (8)
David French substack piece about right wing trolls is hilarious    10/05/22  (17)
Russiacucks: “But if you stand up to a bully, he could hurt you!”    10/05/22  (2)
"Yeah he's dreamy. He talks about Ukraine all the time, then he gets mad"    10/05/22  (1)
Lol the only thing my parents can “teach” me about people is that if they ar    10/05/22  (2)
Caring about Musk Twitter stock price = 100% SHITLOB COPE    10/05/22  (1)
Guy worth -250k telling you Musk is fucked    10/05/22  (5)
holy shit are we really going to have a nuclear war, bros?    10/05/22  (29)
is it just me or are goy men furking retarded?    10/05/22  (1)
Is the Ukraine war really happening? We've seen ZERO confirmed footage of fighti    10/05/22  (5)
Just LOL @ the PROPOGANDA in this NYT article re Russian "Men"    10/05/22  (4)
Spaceporn, can we get your take on the GJR/boner police controversy?    10/05/22  (1)
Bethlehem, PA housing market    10/05/22  (1)
LMAO, new Florida complaint by ZZZ against RK for winning $3.6 against EJ    10/05/22  (77)
Rate my daughters trivia skills (CLSG)    10/05/22  (22)
Zionism is a Nietzschean reimagining of Judaism    10/05/22  (1)
Ben Shapiro Nationalism    10/05/22  (2)
Did GJR follow through on her threat to out 20 poasters last night?    10/05/22  (2)
How much of a book do you retain 3 months after reading it?    10/05/22  (10)
Tony Bobulinski seems shady    10/05/22  (1)
Russiacucks: “Why won’t Ukraine give peace a chance?”    10/05/22  (1)
St. Peter in Charles Tyrwhitt shirt giving u ggtp smilefrown as u approach pearl    10/05/22  (7)
no googling: most/least densely populated countries? (both start with letter 'm'    10/05/22  (13)
Do Loser Women just marry guys they hate on purpose    10/05/22  (4)
Stratfor: Vermont National Guard could take Moscow    10/05/22  (5)
"you expect me to believe a pelican wrote that brief?"    10/05/22  (13)
Hans Niemann CONFIRMED cheater    10/05/22  (28)
Ggtp wearing untucked Charles Tyrwhitt dress shirts on the weekend    10/05/22  (9)
We should get this racist turtle a moniker    10/05/22  (13)
hey guys, its 4am and i have something to tell you before morning crew comes on    10/05/22  (7)
Writing a Substack article about Seth Rich    10/05/22  (8)
*ggtp spinning like Sailor Moon as Charles Tyrwhitt accessories latch onto him*    10/05/22  (31)
Chuck Tyrwhitt that I wish u saw / non-iron twill in extra small    10/05/22  (24)
LMAO 30 yr Fixed rates are lower than 10/6 ARM rates    10/05/22  (1)
it's the same old theme sixth of january in your head in your head they're still    10/05/22  (1)

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