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The Dad in American History X was 100% correct    09/29/22  (1)
Remember sitting in "American History" class at age 13? Could u have imagined    09/29/22  (40)
No bridges off Sanibel Island anymore. Rich boomers will have to yacht    09/29/22  (3)
Homeless millennial in NYC fucks 3 or 4 different women per week    09/29/22  (10)
Nigga Rappers now saying US too unsafe, time to move abroad    09/29/22  (7)
dark lex rolling a pack cigs up into his shirtsleeve    09/29/22  (1)
Hurricane Ian has left DOZENS dead after monster storm unleashed 'tsunami-styl    09/29/22  (4)
I don’t have big boobz. :/    09/29/22  (63)
Am I a NPC? How to get my agency back? How disco found his groove?    09/29/22  (1)
can't have a pipeline bc of the environment but can blow them up for "Ukraine" ?    09/29/22  (1)
Simglitch: Cuba's Prime Minister looks like an Obese Redneck    09/29/22  (1)
Finally fixed my sleep schedule. Nightcrew no longer.    09/29/22  (7)
“Taxi Driver” is a haunting tragedy about being 5’9 imo    09/29/22  (10)
Pickleball is ghastly. how is this even a serious sport?    09/29/22  (45)
dark lex sending drunk GJR’s uber to a nunnery after hinge date    09/29/22  (1)
Baseball bros: How did the Yankees first establish dominance    09/29/22  (12)
Libs online are talking about "Third Places": neither home nor work    09/29/22  (2)
Think sometimes about ahead-of-their times proto SHITLIBS from 80s and 90s    09/29/22  (3)
Xo is very angry this morning stealing from clients and attacking    09/29/22  (3)
your feral ex-gf picking up your scent in the wild    09/29/22  (1)
Sweden: actually the 4th Nordstream line is damaged too haha    09/29/22  (4)
how tf is this guy catagorized as an "incel"?    09/29/22  (16)
The media is going to turn Ian into another Katrina and blame Desantis.    09/29/22  (1)
nice homestead but it just isn't sustainable and inclusive my dude    09/29/22  (1)
HO LEE FUK: Korean Air 777 crashes into Icelandair 757 during taxi at LHR    09/29/22  (6)
US denies involvement in Nord Stream attack    09/29/22  (4)
Updated Python Blanking Script    09/29/22  (47)
INDIA gorgeously positioned for rest of DECADE    09/29/22  (3)
JFC. Clearly Israel blew up the pipeline.    09/29/22  (1)
Kirov Airship costs 2K? Slow moving bucket of crap taken down by 1 rocketeer?    09/29/22  (4)
Gender Reveal (with underwater explosives) in the Baltic gone wrong    09/29/22  (2)
lol Desantiscucks. Florida destroyed from a tiny hurricane    09/29/22  (1)
Should I pay $1,610 for a two week "Zero to Hero" sailing course?    09/29/22  (78)
XO MLB crew roll through (2022 edition)    09/29/22  (34)
realizing i'm becoming like an older colleague over time    09/29/22  (16)
Chimps are only 50% stronger than men. Men are 50% stronger than women.    09/29/22  (19)
If US had just surrendered to Bin Laden on 9/12/01 none of this wld have happene    09/29/22  (6)
Survey: What kind of dick do you have? (Chart)    09/29/22  (22)
The wor$t po$$ible $cum being allowed to run all over this place    09/29/22  (6)
No homo but Karlstack is a good looking dude    09/29/22  (4)
XO Djokovic playing Tel Aviv open. Shitlibs are livid #tennis    09/29/22  (26)
Columbia University ranked last for free speech, students confused    09/29/22  (53)
I want to be beaten to death by baseball bat on tv    09/29/22  (364)
Lord High FB live-streaming himself cooking GJR’s head in a big outdoor wok    09/29/22  (6)
Rate this employment situation    09/29/22  (8)
Cr to live in the south in america to stack $? How're the women?    09/29/22  (48)
it's crazy how 'satanism' was still shocking in the 80s/90s    09/29/22  (50)
remember when taylor swift was hot?    09/29/22  (1)
What's going to become of Howard Stern's vaults?    09/29/22  (6)
Poll:Do you constantly blow off calls, texts, voicemails, meetings appts etc?    09/29/22  (10)
Neither SERENA nor AARON JUDGE has ever failed a drug test    09/29/22  (2)
Lol @ when bp lied and tried to practice GAME on me right after we broke up    09/29/22  (180)
Aussie Birdshit caught smuggling Heroin into Bali via condom in his anus    09/29/22  (1)
why do people fawn over airpods? earbuds, big deal    09/29/22  (1)
Everything ia a joke now..everyone has gotten soft    09/29/22  (9)
Half of Clint Eastwood’s movies the last 30 years feel like The Shootist    09/29/22  (10)
It'd be great to see Ted McGinley back in a big role    09/29/22  (1)
Chick I've known since college abruptly posted pics with new husband    09/29/22  (4)
REMINDER: Black thug on the corner has 11 kids by 3 women    09/29/22  (3)
XO is nothing except for this format which I'm taking elsewhere    09/29/22  (3)
Love these boring ass crooked haters coming for me    09/29/22  (1)
Xo just a bunch of lying frauds like the rest    09/29/22  (1)
We promised the draft to the client today. It's 7 PM. Where are we on this?    09/29/22  (38)
If you want to ban poasters for anything other than spamming or outing, fuck you    09/29/22  (3)
drunk, big-titted milf screaming "you'll never beat margit!" while getting in ub    09/29/22  (16)
Official List of Retards who should be Banned    09/29/22  (30)
I think I am hitting new lows with my depression. It’s getting really bad.    09/29/22  (4)
Politico: To save USA from Trump in 2024 we must shred the Constitution    09/29/22  (18)
One fact militating against WW3: Everyone is a big, comfortable pussy now    09/29/22  (3)
"yea 6 glasses, becky. no, he never beat margit. he doesn't understand iframes    09/29/22  (5)
Is it possible date in real life anymore? Or is OLD the only way to go    09/29/22  (2)
I'll make the most blank-bumped comment ITT my tinder bio in mexico    09/29/22  (44)
😲. BONER POLICE READ THIS 🌈    09/29/22  (27)
Leaving Canada forever this weekend    09/29/22  (11)
Not flame, this is a photo of Spaceporn and Dog Bacon (link)    09/29/22  (9)
Weight Loss Accountability Thread: TSINAH vs. Disco Fries    09/29/22  (121)
not now im trashing my ex on a homosexual autistic hobo forum    09/29/22  (5)
Sharks are swimming in streets in Florida (vid)    09/29/22  (3)
Ricky flaming about Chick-fil-A breakfast is our black Sox scandal    09/29/22  (21)
We [will / will not] see large-scale serious social unrest in Germany in Winter.    09/29/22  (76)
Let us join the angels in praising the Lord    09/29/22  (1)
Best old cancelled network sitcom.    09/29/22  (56)
jfc woke up on my office floor to the knock on the door from facilities    09/29/22  (22)
Penis pill chasing more prestigious, less profitable than ambulance chasing (NLJ    09/29/22  (2)
Whok, have you let you're wife come back home yet?    09/29/22  (2)
Whok, come stay in Tassie. We can do bro stuff away from you're drunk wife    09/29/22  (2)
Are electric lawn mowers as good as their petrol counterparts?    09/29/22  (2)
Here is a little old poem I wrote back in 1994-95    09/29/22  (79)
evan39 I hope a lot of retired new york libs are drowning in florida    09/29/22  (2)
"Your orders, my ideas" whispers framebound Yuri Prime as Biden authorizes war    09/29/22  (16)
autoadmit was an anonymous long running performance art piece    09/29/22  (11)
Some Social Phenomenon has 60% of the executive positions in finance    09/29/22  (1)
Zher, yes zher    09/29/22  (8)
Started dating a cute chick, but she works a retail job and doesn't give af    09/29/22  (4)
Physician Burnout Has Reached Distressing Levels, New Research Finds    09/29/22  (4)
Larry Summers clutching pearls abt unknown "social phenomenon"    09/29/22  (76)
REMINDER: William Shockley is the GOAT US scientist, but libs canceled him.    09/29/22  (6)
Ex-wife and her new husband just bought a $2MM house in Naples, FL    09/29/22  (30)
Worst things to ever happen: 1. Holocaust 2. January 6 3. 2016 Trump win 4.    09/29/22  (8)
"Bombardiers to your stations" - Kirov Airship approaching Kiev    09/29/22  (5)
So we blew up Germany's gas pipeline to alleviate their fears of a gas shortage?    09/29/22  (2)
Why do we have to pay for retarded southern fags always getting pwmed by hurrica    09/29/22  (1)
"There will be no more free will, only my will." XO Yuri    09/29/22  (26)
Unforgiven is the best Best Picture Winner of the past 30 years.    09/29/22  (9)
working at a company is embarassing    09/29/22  (12)
Despite Iran’s Efforts to Block Internet, Technology Has Helped Fuel Outrage    09/29/22  (1)
the St. Johns River flows north is because Georgia sucks    09/29/22  (2)
Remember: That fag Coolio got Yosemite Sam fuming mad at Weird Al for Amish Para    09/29/22  (3)
“Twinkhole twinkhole, little star” (trucker whispering peterman’s lullaby)    09/29/22  (22)
Beloved Consoomer    09/29/22  (1)
Never seen the movie Unforgiven. Should i watch?    09/29/22  (14)
anyone wanna meet up at the Nixon SandBar today?    09/29/22  (1)
anyone rented a boat on BoatSetter?    09/29/22  (1)
Amazing how Asian people escape systemic racism somehow    09/29/22  (10)
Unforgiven is quietly the best movie of the 90s    09/29/22  (8)
to the tune of "Hey Jude": Day crewwwww / you're fucking faaaaaags / if you all    09/29/22  (94)
how bad and dangerous is Downtown chicago to visit rn?    09/29/22  (3)
Humor in war: HIMARS spotted with "I still unload" stenciled on launcher    09/29/22  (1)
"Hello? Who just unloaded?"    09/29/22  (9)
Ukrainians protest lack of diversity in porn. "All men in film zey have penis" Z    09/29/22  (1)
Ukraine is Crisis: vaginoplasties plummet as ussian attacks cause penis shortage    09/29/22  (1)
Ukraine has the lowest dicks : men ratio in human history. President is gay    09/29/22  (1)
Baltimore metro area is wealthier and waaaay less gay than Ukraine since 1991    09/29/22  (1)
Ukraine 2022: gay POTUS commands army of eunuchs while legalizing gay marriage    09/29/22  (1)
what do i do with the huge empty void in my life after quitting nicotine/cigs?    09/29/22  (2)
Is there a limit to the length of a sub thread?    09/29/22  (1668)
Why is Ukranian the FAGGIEST country in Eastern Europe? They are GAY    09/29/22  (7)
if you dont have location independent income you are extemenly fucked in future    09/29/22  (7)
boomerboat tp has more in savings and is better at golf than 99% of poasters    09/29/22  (51)
one in four females acknowledge infidelity, one in eight admit having sufficient    09/29/22  (15)
8 Guys Fucking 9 Guys Burgers    09/29/22  (4)
people are eating and fucking a bunch of kids all over the world every day    09/29/22  (6)
Goyim hospital circumcisions are far more torture than what Jews do at Bris    09/29/22  (5)
im skeptical that anyone actually died in those huge sword battles before guns    09/29/22  (23)
how do MEN over 30 tolerate having long hair? it's disgusting    09/29/22  (3)
weekly xo chat board secret kike meeting    09/29/22  (25)
AOC is EVISCERATED by big bank CEO at congressional hearing (link)    09/29/22  (22)
Happy Thursday Niggers!    09/29/22  (111)
busty "nerd" millenial girls who say things like "yay boobies!"    09/29/22  (148)
Guy On Doomed Planet Mostly Concerned With Skin Color Of People In Movies    09/29/22  (5)
describe sex with a late-20s Jewess with a (Jew-adjusted) 8 face and a FAT ASS    09/29/22  (11)
So Hillary accepted Ruskie bribes for sale of uranium.    09/29/22  (3)
Study: Ruskie military would last 9 days against US invasion    09/29/22  (2)
I love comical motherland-worshipping Ruskie faggots    09/29/22  (2)
nostalgia is mental illness    09/29/22  (2)
poasting from a 4.5 star oceanside resort in LaTam while America burns down    09/29/22  (2)
being conservative or rw trad is a form of depression lol    09/29/22  (1)
new “fascist” PM of Italy: Ukraine is on its own, Forza Russia! (link)    09/29/22  (62)

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