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Consoles and associated accounting firms    10/07/22  (1)
Most of the fecal lib journos trying to destroy America are from insanely rich f    10/07/22  (29)
Cunt boss includes warm smile emoji at the end of every cunty email    10/07/22  (38)
replace one word from a famous Shakespeare line with “unload”    10/07/22  (51)
Kanye on IG: I’m going to war with the Jews (link)    10/07/22  (10)
How a Dog’s Killing Turned Brooklyn Progressives Against One Another    10/07/22  (71)
i swear to fucking i will beat the fuck out of any poaster under 220lbs irl and    10/07/22  (8)
criticism of Augustine on the problem of evil    10/07/22  (6)
Bros my coworker (female) is trying to fuck me    10/07/22  (31)
You sure about that? You sure about that?    10/07/22  (2)
NYC Mayor: "We have not asked for these illegals or agreed to take them"    10/07/22  (3)
I can't stop thinking about hairy pussies.    10/07/22  (3)
If you were given everything you needed to deep fry a turkey could u do it?    10/07/22  (60)
AMA asks DOJ to prosecute journalists exposing child transgender surgeries    10/07/22  (79)
Top of the line little league bats come it at around $400    10/07/22  (7)
wow i really want a lot of people to die    10/07/22  (3)
Post ITT to be rated as a shitlib interviewed in a NYT article    10/07/22  (24)
it's only black males doing the murdering, so really it's "6% does 60%"    10/07/22  (5)
Lmao at the fraud stock market    10/07/22  (6)
I thought “Friends from College” was pretty good    10/07/22  (10)
Armata tanks are now in Ukraine    10/07/22  (20)
trad Cath tedbeckersted tp taking steroids?    10/07/22  (88)
I never comprehended that to do porn, you actually have to have sex with people,    10/07/22  (21)
Incredible that spaceporn still posts here even though everyone mocks him    10/07/22  (16)
xo chael sonnen    10/07/22  (3)
kanye on tucker, based af, calls lib shit 'demonic'    10/07/22  (7)
Leaving for AFRICA in few days, taking AFRICAN Qs (RSF)    10/07/22  (45)
Cslg will be running Jewish scams for the rest of his live. He loves seedy shit    10/07/22  (3)
I can’t stop thinking about nuclear war    10/07/22  (16)
I'm objectively more attractive than GJR (CSLG)    10/07/22  (90)
your honor, he’s running flame    10/07/22  (2)
WTF is this?!?! They've WHITEWASHED Super Mario in new movie with Chris Pratt!!    10/07/22  (6)
NBC: "It's actually perfectly legal for Hunter Biden to embezzle foreign money"    10/07/22  (55)
cr, your honor.    10/07/22  (2)
was feeling liek shit so just blasted 3x a standard Tren dose lmao    10/07/22  (1)
we live in deeply satanic times    10/07/22  (18)
Starlink no longer working over Europe    10/07/22  (6)
Trumpmos think Ukraine should let Russia win when Ukraine’s army is stronger?    10/07/22  (5)
General Patton was murdered by the Jews for being anti-communist    10/07/22  (7)
nebraska @ rutgers (friday)-- 1 team is scarlet losing record, other is rutgers    10/07/22  (3)
KPMG JRPG    10/07/22  (2)
What's your retirement number to retire at 45?    10/07/22  (31)
Just drank 15 BEERS dont feel a thing tp    10/07/22  (5)
Bros winning “best anal scene” at Nickelodeon kids’ choice awards    10/07/22  (21)
TBF vindicated, Russia experiences wartime economic boom    10/07/22  (68)
jafar tp has a kombucha bar in ojai, ca, and has a 180 ponytail now    10/07/22  (19)
Anyone here play Pickleball?    10/07/22  (53)
is it just me or are indian women the uberprogressives?    10/07/22  (74)
Ukraine will grow too powerful and take over Europe in 20 years    10/07/22  (8)
Is Aella fucking retarded?    10/07/22  (66)
Gisele Bundchen met with witch before deciding to divorce Tom Brady (link)    10/07/22  (26)
Ukraine's gonna be such a badass NATO ally    10/07/22  (1)
exeunt, did you buy your SAMO bag later or was it during pre-sale?    10/07/22  (3)
is TSINAH any good at video games?    10/07/22  (3)
hi all    10/07/22  (1)
Do you love of hate Tom Brady?    10/07/22  (56)
i want my parents and siblings to die    10/07/22  (4)
California aggressively attacks inflation by giving everyone money    10/07/22  (5)
If Lincoln had been 6’1” he would have made peace with the south    10/07/22  (6)
12 Does 60 merch    10/07/22  (1)
Il padre Il filio Et lo spiritus malum Omnis caelestis Delenda est Anti Cristus    10/07/22  (1)
Don Draper cues slide: “Black people. In the suburbs. Every one of them black.    10/07/22  (23)
Ukraine just blew up two Russian bombers at an airbase IN RUSSIA    10/07/22  (4)
List times when Zack Morris should have used his "Timeout" ability & didn't    10/07/22  (14)
Nobody is willing to Hire me. I must Suck    10/07/22  (1)
LJL how is my credit score above 750??? (TSINAH)    10/07/22  (7)
The Logitech MX Anywhere 3 is an incredible mouse (TSINAH)    10/07/22  (4)
rate this Gen Z cuck's wedding speech (TikTok)    10/07/22  (61)
XO Shah of Iran in 1976 telling 60 Minutes "Jewish Lobby" running train on USA    10/07/22  (44)
LIVE STREAM of Waukesha parade defendant trial    10/07/22  (3)
a gentle loaf    10/07/22  (1)
guy takes up the 'how many 14yo girls could you fend off?' hypo IRL (video)    10/07/22  (1)
I felt at home in Finland    10/07/22  (14)
Idea, body armor with backwards magnets that repels bullets & shrapnel    10/07/22  (2)
Picture of TT hungover on his computer in Bangkok hostel (link)    10/07/22  (4)
Thinking about buying this house (TSINAH)    10/07/22  (34)
RSF, the house I'm looking at is right near PTK (TSINAH)    10/07/22  (4)
xo posters are deeply stupid    10/07/22  (2)
"Tall Loser" is an oxymoron    10/07/22  (22)
Anne Hathaway drops panties, expels huge fart on ur face & says "don't tell ne1"    10/07/22  (10)
Many firms doing layoffs now    10/07/22  (6)
The FBI is looking into Hunter Biden's activities from 2017-2021, tick tock libs    10/07/22  (2)
FBI whistleblower comes forward, says Las Vegas shooting was ISIS attack    10/07/22  (159)
Pic of Bolton walking around in super dark shades, carrying sunscreen, grinning    10/07/22  (1)
Depressed 23 year old euthanized in Belgium    10/07/22  (3)
MULTICURALISM is Wrong    10/07/22  (1)
Burn The Books And Bury The Scholars    10/07/22  (1)
Hypergamous women think men have it easy because loser men are invisible to them    10/07/22  (18)
Bethesda's marketing for Fallout 5 is getting out of hand    10/07/22  (1)
FBI whistleblower comes forward, says Peter Strozk drives a 2011 Prius C    10/07/22  (1)
FBI whistleblower comes forward, asks how anyone can live in DC on FBI salaries    10/07/22  (1)
I am the son of one below The progeny of beast of woe    10/07/22  (1)
TSINAH what will you do with the $1500 windfall you get from the dentist?    10/07/22  (6)
Imagine how fucking AWFUL college must be now    10/07/22  (51)
Darrell Brooks trial: "Ajection yo honuh, I is a sovereign KANG"    10/07/22  (1)
Harvesting crops of fields others have plowed    10/07/22  (1)
Suck Dicks (CSLG)    10/07/22  (1)
Take risks (CSLG)    10/07/22  (166)
We Focus On Your Death We Focus On Your Death    10/07/22  (1)
Emilio Estevez tp flashing u the "ok" sign as u aim alien energy weapon at DC    10/07/22  (58)
Don Draper cues slide: “Our idea is simple. Instead of 2 genders, let's do 20.    10/07/22  (4)
*fires up LinkedIn* *sees 117 people poasting "well deserved!"*    10/07/22  (3)
Oh Satan Devour us all    10/07/22  (1)
Tanning in lucifer's beams    10/07/22  (1)
ultra rich crypto fag i know tried to get me to jump back in, lol    10/07/22  (8)
Stop replying to “lol shitcons”. He is non responsive and does not deserve    10/07/22  (6)
would u ever go into a spooky boarded up mansion    10/07/22  (5)
jewish numbers rising ahead of tomorrow's crash    10/07/22  (5)
U and ur future wife raising your half black granddaughter    10/07/22  (38)
Movie idea: Mel Gibson's PAYBACK, but it's Doodikoff after $300    10/07/22  (13)
Russians now targeting Ukraine's shrew population.    10/07/22  (35)
“Covid lateral” is the new “2009 grad”    10/07/22  (2)
"Blacks:13% of the population but commit 50% of murders" proven FALSE by science    10/07/22  (52)
Ana de Armas is the hottest actress alive right? Who comes close?    10/07/22  (15)
Papa Emeritus & the Nameless Ghouls    10/07/22  (1)
life is short and hard like a bodybuilding elf    10/07/22  (2)
I’m fairly certain that 90% of Zoomers are on weed or delta 8    10/07/22  (5)
Hear our Satan prayer, our anti-Nicene creed.    10/07/22  (1)
twins, are you a fan of the rock band "Pavement"?    10/07/22  (2)
Tobias Forge wrote and played every part for Ghost's first album expect drums    10/07/22  (1)
post itt if you've ever jerked it to aella    10/07/22  (2)
Alt war of 1812 where Napoleon heads to America instead of 100 Days    10/07/22  (17)
ask all you want but god will never reveal himself to you    10/07/22  (6)
halfway through Gore Vidal's Creation novel, not as good as Julian    10/07/22  (7)
blacks: 13% of the population but featured in 60% of commercials    10/07/22  (12)
White libs think whites are more violent than blacks    10/07/22  (96)
So many guys I knew growing up on Disability and Playing PS5    10/07/22  (1)
WTF did pierce brosnan do to his forehead in this pic?    10/07/22  (11)
Ghost has some pretty cr occult lyrics irt how satanism and witchcraft works    10/07/22  (1)
Gary Marcus reply to SSC on scaling hypothesis    10/07/22  (122)
*LinkedIn congratulating your dead former coworker on 10 year work anniversary*    10/07/22  (2)
You have 8 LinkedIn Notifications! *clicks* 200 lbs of horse shit falls on head    10/07/22  (14)
12 monkeys but it's jurisprudence tp sent back in time 2 kill semiconductor inve    10/07/22  (14)
luis to be named new Shah of Iran after Ayatollah falls    10/07/22  (2)
Financial advice: Shove all your free cash into AGNC    10/07/22  (15)
it's just not usual the president says nuclear Armageddon is coming    10/07/22  (1)
Specialty: Jurisprudence    10/07/22  (2)
Up to 10 teenagers attack homeless woman in Berkeley    10/07/22  (5)
only want to buy product if I see an empowered black man using or wearing it    10/07/22  (8)
Does Zelensky care if his captive goyim get nuked?    10/07/22  (3)
i miss jurisprudence tp    10/07/22  (28)
NYT: NYC Mayor Adams declares a State of Emergency due to migrant influx    10/07/22  (15)
Toto - Africa plays as smiling jurisprudence tp leans back in chair and hits F5    10/07/22  (6)
jurisprudence tp how long until "we" can take the "masks" off    10/07/22  (3)
Jurisprudence tp can we get an update on the state of “rule of law”    10/07/22  (7)
Should Murderers Be Sent to Prison? "It’s Complicated," Says Social Ethicist    10/07/22  (1)
I dearly miss poaster A Jurisprudence is Performed    10/07/22  (2)
A Jurisprudence is Performed once more    10/07/22  (4)
minneapolis, milwaukee, detroit, or buffalo?    10/07/22  (48)
Where to go for NYE?    10/07/22  (11)

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