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diagnosed schizophrenic pumo taking questions    12/06/22  (4)
Henry Aaron. Stop outting people    12/06/22  (2)
that Fuentes rant on BAP was the hardest I've laughed in months not flame    12/06/22  (5)
XO Indonesia bans SEX outside MARRIAGE    12/06/22  (33)
High IQ Jewish women get better gas "mileage" (James Joyce Jr.)    12/06/22  (2)
Best pizza in Atlanta?    12/06/22  (2)
Bros, Lisa Rowe TP overdosed last week    12/06/22  (1)
Rate ChatGPT's attempt at creating an XO thread    12/06/22  (2)
πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ Official 12/6 Georgia Senate Runoff Election Results Thread    12/06/22  (31)
Consuela vs. Henry Aaron    12/06/22  (2)
High IQ people get better gas mileage    12/06/22  (26)
"Write the plot for a Seinfeld episode where Kramer joins the Alt Right"    12/06/22  (33)
reminder: Chads live in a different universe than you (video)    12/06/22  (3)
cowgod whats your latest moniker on gamefaqs    12/06/22  (3)
Why is it pitch black at 4:30 pm lmao    12/06/22  (3)
They have Cubes that play games now    12/06/22  (7)
ITT: I rate poasters as an esoteric intralib argument/controversy    12/06/22  (4)
Day Eight of the Novena Prayer to the Immaculate Conception    12/06/22  (2)
DESCRIBE Trump’s margin of victory if Hunter Laptop story had been allowed    12/06/22  (26)
women having their lives ruined by twitter trend today. be careful out there    12/06/22  (10)
Nick Fuentes (spookygoblin8) ripping apart BAP BronzeAgePervert    12/06/22  (1)
lex rate this twitter moniker and post    12/06/22  (6)
the winter solstice is two weeks away    12/06/22  (1)
Waiting for that 3am vote dump    12/06/22  (1)
ITT select what sushi to eat off of GJR's naked body    12/06/22  (24)
What's the best place to learn about Qanon? Where can I get Q's insights?    12/06/22  (11)
The old BAP account is back on twitter    12/06/22  (50)
Last 747 rolls off the assembly line    12/06/22  (29)
Why is crypto mooning today? Any positive news?    12/06/22  (5)
TBF, Trumpmos are totally retarded. Trump is a retard.    12/06/22  (5)
ITT: I poast sensual ai-written stories about Luis    12/06/22  (11)
Why does Kenny drive like a maniac?    12/06/22  (5)
Thinking of moving to Melbourne or Perth    12/06/22  (6)
If you are brain damaged irl are you likely to be a trumpmo. How about schizoid    12/06/22  (125)
Is Stephen the most based name?    12/06/22  (8)
Libs own higher education. Cons need to indoctrinate earlier, pre-K-HS.    12/06/22  (6)
I see the world through screens every day, information overload tp    12/06/22  (1)
Twitter files scrubbed by FBI contacts. Multiple people fired.    12/06/22  (5)
GIRL POWER in Space has cost us 100s of millions of dollars    12/06/22  (32)
Gavin McGinnis interview w ye    12/06/22  (32)
Does anyone else besides Orientals go to restaurants to cook own food?    12/06/22  (1)
Skeelo - Screens.mp3    12/06/22  (1)
holy shit, AOC nip slip at the Justice For All conference.    12/06/22  (123)
How long do you think a cheese stick lasts outside of fridge?    12/06/22  (4)
Elon banned me from Twitter for telling ADL Kike to gas yourself    12/06/22  (31)
bros, how significant is a 10% structural house lean?    12/06/22  (4)
Ever get hazed at a new firm like u can only touch the paper files w/ oven mitts    12/06/22  (4)
Sinae delenda est    12/06/22  (2)
Kanye West is a jew confirmed    12/06/22  (1)
are you lonely    12/06/22  (1)
Adoration and glory belong by right to the Lamb that was slain.    12/06/22  (3)
New poster. First day. Allow me to explain the origins of every xo meme    12/06/22  (39)
RATE day in the life of a 26 yo BIGL shrew    12/06/22  (20)
Who is going to hodl all those treasuryes sold during QE paying 0%???    12/06/22  (1)
zoomer associate "livestreams" doc review on twitch. wtf?    12/06/22  (1)
There still hasn't been a mass-bankruptcy/closure of universities    12/06/22  (16)
*** 12/5: BENZO IS NO LONGER ON PROBATION ***    12/06/22  (18)
Senior associate who tormented me in biglaw STILL hasn’t made partner lmao    12/06/22  (12)
Buy equity index (VTI) now or Hold Cash?    12/06/22  (28)
Beaners are natural Marxists, that's why libs want to import them    12/06/22  (1)
Hey guy$ let$ li$ten to what the Frauderal Re$erve has to say! That's the ticket    12/06/22  (2)
chocolate    12/06/22  (1)
Juniors gasping as I put the sigblock in the footer    12/06/22  (1)
HANKOOK - Driving emotion    12/06/22  (3)
Should I bet on Luka/Jokic for triple double today?    12/06/22  (10)
handled    12/06/22  (4)
🚨 Twitter smoking gun just dropped    12/06/22  (1)
litigation legend: the story of the BLACK DECK    12/06/22  (20)
"i wish xo had more posters" <monkey paw closes, 5 new tranny posters arrive>    12/06/22  (5)
WaPo: our coverup of the Hunter Biden story did not cost Trump the 2020 election    12/06/22  (13)
Easiest segue into tech for corporate lawyer? Product manager?    12/06/22  (2)
I have a shitload of actual Nazi regalia taken off dead Nazis by my grandpa    12/06/22  (24)
Rate this strategy for defeating Russia in the Ukraine    12/06/22  (1)
Adolf "Hitler" Anderssen    12/06/22  (6)
World capitals quiz - how many can u get?    12/06/22  (2)
good evening    12/06/22  (2)
And so we bump on, poasts in the subthread, borne back ceaselessly into XO    12/06/22  (1)
DESCRIBE the gayest sex you've ever had.    12/06/22  (1)
DESCRIBE the Worst sex you’ve ever had    12/06/22  (2)
Voted in Georgia today and they pulled some "machines don't work" shit    12/06/22  (3)
Still have an untold shitload of cash in Lukoil stock    12/06/22  (1)
Obeezy said he was unvaxxed. Did obeezy lie?    12/06/22  (4)
Libs triggered AF by this pic (PIC):    12/06/22  (1)
James Baker is Twitter's deputy GC lol    12/06/22  (26)
Just dumped entire paycheck into $SOXL    12/06/22  (13)
Irish Bond ordering six martinis and passing out in first 10 min of movie    12/06/22  (86)
lulz we nerfed HIMARS sent to Ukraine. Can't fire long range missiles    12/06/22  (8)
wtf "Greg Gutfeld" is not Jewish?    12/06/22  (10)
my wife is asleep by 8pm every day. this isn't close to normal, right?    12/06/22  (53)
Jews and Asians are privileged minorities    12/06/22  (1)
The fact that benzo doesn’t go pumo is telling    12/06/22  (5)
Why are people even interviewing Kanye?    12/06/22  (9)
WORST night you ever had in college?    12/06/22  (13)
Japanese developers struggled with transition to HD gaming due to squinty eylids    12/06/22  (5)
People are dying inbounds from avalanches at ski resorts now    12/06/22  (1)
i am a lifetime liberal, voted 4 obama and biden, but kanye has some good points    12/06/22  (1)
Bizarre fact: Kurt Cobain was 5’9    12/06/22  (2)
3% of all deaths in Canada last year via euthanasia    12/06/22  (8)
This chick is DRIPPING with mental illness    12/06/22  (1)
Yes to love! No to hate! Niggerstomper58!    12/06/22  (1)
Libs: why are you reading xo? What's the attraction? What do you get from it?    12/06/22  (130)
if you hit the power button 5x in a row on an iPhone it summons a swat team    12/06/22  (1)
What makes someone want to be career doc reviewer?    12/06/22  (23)
Birdshits brushing off Canada's forced "suicide" epidemic proves their racism    12/06/22  (2)
Walker actually winning?    12/06/22  (2)
Can women cum solely from eye contact    12/06/22  (4)
Rikesh “Ricky “ aagarwal-Goldstein , Fremont Hyundai finance manager    12/06/22  (41)
Newsweek: FBI becoming anti-Trump bulwark, 70% of active cases against Trumpmos    12/06/22  (171)
this is the current #1 video watched by zoomers (must watch)    12/06/22  (1)
Average iq of atheists?    12/06/22  (38)
Almost NO mail in ballots in GA for runoff. Trumpmos what will ur excuse be?    12/06/22  (1)
"Henry Aaron" is a mentally ill little homo    12/06/22  (1)
write a short story about a superhero named "Screenman" whose super power is wat    12/06/22  (10)
Herschel Walker filibustering bill by doing thousands of pushups on Senate floor    12/06/22  (16)
Herschel Walker doing 50Y sprints to prepare for run-off    12/06/22  (9)
ok, now Kanye's tweeting that zebras and pandas are fake (link)    12/06/22  (1)
I'm on xo because I'm mentally ill. Why are libs here?    12/06/22  (4)
doodikoff did you get your vote in for herschel    12/06/22  (4)
Black guy dropkicks white baby off Carnival cruise ship into water (insane video    12/06/22  (2)
Look at my lawyer dawggg they/them got a 144 on the lsat    12/06/22  (57)
RATE ChatGPT's skill at practising law (link)    12/06/22  (2)
Lmao the Walker thing is tonight?    12/06/22  (1)
Senior biglaw associate here. Weird fag who got The Talk stalking my firm bio    12/06/22  (1)
Wait what's going on with Blackstone? They suspended redemptions? Are we fucked?    12/06/22  (22)
spaceporn might actually be the most morally repugnant poaster here    12/06/22  (23)
Q: What's black & white & Jewish all over? A: A newspaper!    12/06/22  (1)
Loathe drivers who wait for car to leave parking space vs. driving 20 ft more    12/06/22  (9)
Reminder: If Walker loses its fraud *wink wink *    12/06/22  (1)
Xo new recruit dead after playing "drink when Nutella mentions salary&qol" game    12/06/22  (2)
John Wayne Gacy was Executed on the same day Jeffrey Dahmer was Baptized    12/06/22  (1)
My black identity and Jewish identity    12/06/22  (1)
dwight Howard--further proof of the Ewing theory?    12/06/22  (16)
Rate this 3 Star Kaiseki meal in Kyoto (pics)    12/06/22  (18)
Tweet thread on journalists globohomo has assassinated recently    12/06/22  (8)
Taiwan spending $40 billion to move chip production to Arizona - link    12/06/22  (26)
If Jews forgive Hitler, will Goyim forgive Jews for killing Jesus?    12/06/22  (13)
solzy standing in the ruins of the House of XO 2022 covering "Hurt"    12/06/22  (9)
Aaron Judge to San Francisco    12/06/22  (5)
TLS post about lifestyle creeep for biglaw couple    12/06/22  (134)
Twitter is laughably corrupt now, it's just spamming right wing shit    12/06/22  (24)
LaMarcus, your thoughts on Trea Turner?    12/06/22  (7)
Ever invite people over and they have sex in your house    12/06/22  (17)
Tesla now making you pay a subscription fee to use your steering wheel (link)    12/06/22  (3)
i dont enjoy seeing white women with niggers irl    12/06/22  (16)
Farting so loud an NAACP card flutters out of turd sandwich's wallet.    12/06/22  (14)
I love money so much. I think about it constantly    12/06/22  (3)
Shitlaw boss advertising his "vexatiousness" on billboards    12/06/22  (1)
Prospective client demanding a discount    12/06/22  (1)
TURD JEWISH    12/06/22  (1)

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