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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
What is your favorite palindrome?    12/02/22  (18)
Reading American Splendor right now    12/02/22  (1)
The death of the McDonald’s peace theory, a dark day for capitalism    12/02/22  (20)
Lex Fridman DESTROYS Kanye in a single devastating tweet:    12/02/22  (12)
bump that thread about faggy biglawyers saying 'i'll enjoy a reprieve from work'    12/02/22  (2)
Most insufferable people in the workforce    12/02/22  (4)
New girl w/ email job vid just -=>DROPPED<=-: Deloitte marketing manager edition    12/02/22  (96)
Converse Chuck Taylors have too much cushion now    12/02/22  (3)
Cadwalader partner called Trump in the middle of dinner w/ Fuentes w/ warning    12/02/22  (11)
Jordan Peterson in soiled diaper on 4th hour of rant about Brave Little Toaster    12/02/22  (12)
Possible to build strength without having a huge gut/belly fat    12/02/22  (7)
Ad showing Attractive Japanese Woman playing Nintendo Switch    12/02/22  (13)
This year's flu strain is a particularly nasty one    12/02/22  (13)
Can you gain muscle while on Caloric Deficit?    12/02/22  (4)
Anyone playing 40k Darktide?    12/02/22  (4)
The Official 2022 Xoxohth Hookup Chart    12/02/22  (13)
Let's see Paul Graham's po boy    12/02/22  (3)
Wife made meatloaf for dinner.    12/02/22  (20)
Explaining to time traveler that Kanye West's far-right turn may scuttle 2nd Tru    12/02/22  (2)
Putin falls down stairs, shits himself    12/02/22  (11)
Jesus of Nazareth proves it's IMPOSSIBLE to make/keep friends in your 30s    12/02/22  (5)
so Musk Twitter is just the same as before? lol    12/02/22  (26)
"Antone's is more of a rich boy sandwich shop anyway" (colt)    12/02/22  (1)
SCOTUS is going to make you deadbeats pay your loans    12/02/22  (17)
Why are dentists so poor    12/02/22  (7)
so keto = effortless weight loss eating bacon + eggs and cobb salads? wtf lol    12/02/22  (2)
XO catnip: buff tall autistic Chad & squat Filipina make Jollibee spaghett    12/02/22  (36)
IQs by JRPG    12/02/22  (31)
So TBF put all his money with two Jews? (SBF and Elon Musk)?    12/02/22  (1)
Hiring Benzo as a live-in tutor for my kids (CSLG)    12/02/22  (5)
A kike must own “Balenciaga” right?    12/02/22  (3)
Russians now retreating from Zaporizhzhia    12/02/22  (5)
So every nigger in California gets a quarter million dollars for reparations?    12/02/22  (9)
Would you accept genocide as a fact of life if it led to better phenotypes    12/02/22  (2)
Behave, wagecuck, and you get a new Indiana Jones movie every 15-20 years    12/02/22  (1)
Hege I've seen good things about going loud with 300blkout nocan sprsonic grain    12/02/22  (1)
Benzo is the biggest piece of shit in board history    12/02/22  (37)
Florida QB, son of former NFL player, up on child porn charges    12/02/22  (36)
For PAPA HALFORD so loved the world that he gave it his only FILTHY SON    12/02/22  (2)
How do people support a wife and 5 kids on like 48k/year    12/02/22  (99)
AJ: But you're not full 1488 right? You just like the uniforms? Ye: SIEG HEIL!    12/02/22  (3)
wife just got arrested.... misd assault ...that sweet bachelor life awaits    12/02/22  (18)
"TikTok Shitlibs!" screams Henry Aaron with a grandfather clock stuck in his ass    12/02/22  (26)
Traditional SAILING seems hard as FURK    12/02/22  (34)
Neil deGrasse Tyson is really dumb    12/02/22  (10)
good morning    12/02/22  (15)
"Gun to your head: do you--" "Pull the trigger."    12/02/22  (139)
tsinah should just record his cpap sounds & sell it as a faggy white noise sleep    12/02/22  (1)
Who's the psychotic pumo that keeps bumping thrown puppy thread?    12/02/22  (2)
Dug out an old Nintendo Power mag and called the "tip hotline". luis answered.    12/02/22  (13)
the fate of all Great Personalities is to see lessers cannibalize your schtick    12/02/22  (4)
OMG Becky, he's a finance wizard, just consolidated his student loans at 3.5%    12/02/22  (10)
"He who smelt it dealt it!" laughs Sarah Huckabee Sanders, punching your arm    12/02/22  (9)
Dennis Hopper cackling hysterically as he reads jafar post    12/02/22  (13)
"glad we understand each other" is how putin responded when biden said    12/02/22  (1)
*thugs jump, bind &gag colt in motel* *lawman8 emerges from closet w/po boy*    12/02/22  (25)
Whatever you may say, CSLG is a hero for saving Benzo- 100% content devotion    12/02/22  (1)
stores will all soon require memberships or ID on entry as anti-theft measure    12/02/22  (7)
Ron DeSantis bends the knee to Disney; gives Iger a BJ for good measure    12/02/22  (1)
thought this guy was steve martin    12/02/22  (2)
Took Kanye West to prove conclusively that Elon is a Jewish KIKE    12/02/22  (25)
rate this hateful white supremacist image from 1985    12/02/22  (1)
first red wave target: hunter biden    12/02/22  (8)
Yeah my dad knows someone on the Princeto *coat full of Gex games spills open*    12/02/22  (5)
What amount of complaining from a wife is normal?    12/02/22  (65)
1/3 Marine hurls puppy off cliff    12/02/22  (22)
XO’s Jews including DBG and TBF, can you comment on this plz?    12/02/22  (12)
pee & poo    12/02/22  (2)
Declare your support for YE24, update your moniker    12/02/22  (41)
Moderators - need two posts deleted for violating LOTL / doxxing    12/02/22  (24)
Can we get an update from HATP on his “relationship” with “the box tp”?    12/02/22  (33)
benzo is a battered woman    12/02/22  (1)
How to get into law school with low GPA and low standardized test scores    12/02/22  (9)
benzo has been in more physical fights than everyone else on xo combined?    12/02/22  (2)
where my SMASHMOUTH socially lib/fiscal conservatives at?    12/02/22  (1)
love waking up in pitch black darkness at 5:30 AM    12/02/22  (11)
"my job is trading" *poasts 0 correct predictions and no proof of trading* (rsf)    12/02/22  (38)
i'm a day trader. uve prolly heard of my creation, the bollinger lap band (rsf    12/02/22  (1)
Tommy you are going to die on that sailboat    12/02/22  (11)
post-Trump SMASHMOUTH GOP: Cut SS! Pay your Jew loans! UKR perma-war!    12/02/22  (1)
the yarmulkes are spinning like centrifuges tonight    12/02/22  (10)
Dear Paymos: Friendly reminder we are NEVER paying these loans    12/02/22  (125)
Philly city council imposes 10 pm curfew for “teens”    12/02/22  (1)
all the email boys with the pumped up kicks    12/02/22  (8)
We are never ever ever ever... paying back the lenders    12/02/22  (40)
GO ON THE RECORD: Will student loans be extended again in January?    12/02/22  (33)
Opening to One Headlight building up as you drive damaged accord to midlaw offic    12/02/22  (6)
*lawyer n-threads for three hours**logs off XO, does to required diversity semin    12/02/22  (4)
Did the muppet babies all live together? Are they orphans?    12/02/22  (30)
Ty Cobb is Trump's only competent lawyer so of course he wants to fire him    12/02/22  (8)
Let's talk about Gex baby/Let's talk about wormy world tree/Let's talk about all    12/02/22  (1)
/-/%%Gex%%%====~<>€    12/02/22  (1)
VR Gex game abt climbing up loub red Calder sculptures in derealizing poind fact    12/02/22  (2)
This is now a crypto and trading bort. Ban all lawyers    12/02/22  (5)
Zelenskyy holding up intact Gex: Enter the Gecko copy in Kherson rubble    12/02/22  (2)
Square looking to explore Eidos IPs---XenoGex rumored (ign)    12/02/22  (5)
nothing more PRESTIGIOUS than a country full of middling gook lawyers    12/02/22  (2)
disheveled lawyer crooning porno for pyros - "kimberly austin" w/ box's IRL name    12/02/22  (7)
GEX10: Return to roots w/ platformer abt finessing parents credit cards in Meta    12/02/22  (10)
When people "thank you for your service" for being a lawyer    12/02/22  (5)
Gex 9: Gould dead, Fallon takes over. Handles like Insurance Fraud mode in SR2    12/02/22  (5)
Gex 8: QTE oriented rhythm game about synchronizing talking heads on GEXTV    12/02/22  (4)
Gex 7: Gex (gecko) chirps quips while tailjumping around EEuro atomic ruins    12/02/22  (3)
Know any Lawyers that run an office out of their living quarters/residence?    12/02/22  (2)
"What do yoh do?" "I'm a lawyer." "Oh wow"    12/02/22  (6)
Gex 6: America's favorite hero is sent to clear up a processing jam in Tartarus    12/02/22  (3)
Gex 5 has our hero tail jumping on 1/6 heads to reach remote on Pelosi's desk    12/02/22  (3)
Would kill a biglawyer wagecuck for some McDonalds right nao    12/02/22  (2)
Gex 4: Gecko sullenly cruises LA post-modern artist retrospectives    12/02/22  (4)
Pandora: "Hope? B-but this is just a Gex cartridge..."    12/02/22  (2)
G'MORNING u lil' billercucks! Arise! Your clients do not "serve" themselves    12/02/22  (9)
Bootleg Gex title with gecko voiced by Emo Phillips    12/02/22  (2)
JShocrates slapping around Glaucolt in scholarly debate about po boy essentia    12/02/22  (2)
Gun to your head: Fuck, Marry, Kill---Gex, Bubsy, Sly Cooper    12/02/22  (3)
And the girls say, "Save a horse, ride a lawyer! Save a horse ride a lawyer!"    12/02/22  (2)
"rock climbing gym" dates are the most forcefed urban loser shit imaginable    12/02/22  (61)
Jew lawyer embezzles millions from school for troubled kids    12/02/22  (2)
A kid can be a lawyer everything easy    12/02/22  (3)
RATE this white couple, neither one a lawyer    12/02/22  (2)
JCM watching "Ghost Chad" for 6th time this month    12/02/22  (1)
We are looking for an experienced Capital Markets lawyer to join our in-house t    12/02/22  (4)
"I'm a Big Deal" typed the prestigious WFH Lawyer    12/02/22  (2)
Shrimp cocktail and 6 shots of Wild Turkey 101: Lawyer travelling on business    12/02/22  (5)
Rating Poasters as (mostly horror) stories but one world is replaced with Luis    12/02/22  (9)
DUI/DWI lawyers are GOAT    12/02/22  (8)
just had a breakfast diaper with pour over coffee    12/02/22  (10)
strippers think lawyers are cute?    12/02/22  (6)
Asian lawyer caught on camera yelling at Jewish man in grocery line (video)    12/02/22  (2)
Mr Jinx Just endorsed me for “faggot” on LinkedIn    12/02/22  (2)
jews especially hungarian people seem like utterly vile creatures    12/02/22  (3)
Who is the least prestigious muppet?    12/02/22  (26)
Imma Bout To Go Defcon5 on Women (lex)    12/02/22  (6)
guys, need quick circle-up on our strategy for getting asian pussy this weekend    12/02/22  (36)
what's the best sandwich    12/02/22  (62)
i'm just saying it's quite the coincidence that every big ponzi scam is run by j    12/02/22  (4)
If Kanye's speech is so vile and unlikeable why do Joos have to ban it    12/02/22  (1)
PSA: Hebroes to Negrows is an Amazon HONEYPOT (details inside)    12/02/22  (4)
OMG Kanye going all in on Hitler    12/02/22  (25)
*carefully wraps and prepares breakfast diapers for XO daycrew*    12/02/22  (25)
everyone forgets hitler did a lot of positive things like the Autobahns    12/02/22  (4)
Still don't understand what Kanye said wrong    12/02/22  (3)
*2022 WORLD CUP PREDICTIONS THREAD*    12/02/22  (14)
Gex, Lexx, Shrek, it's all the same shit    12/02/22  (5)
Shrek Racist vs Donkey (The N-Word Saga) (vid)    12/02/22  (26)
OldHLSDude/NYCFan, have you ever lived in the South?    12/02/22  (43)
Opinion of CSLG has changed markedly since benzo thing    12/02/22  (58)
one painting from each year of the 1600s (link)    12/02/22  (5)
I recruit CEOs and CFOs for venture and growth PE-backed businesses. Takin Qs    12/02/22  (30)
Tudor Black Bay Ceramic    12/02/22  (48)

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