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anyone else think Joe Rogan looks like shit physically?    12/06/22  (19)
So libs just steal every election now?    12/06/22  (21)
weird to expect daughters to live at home until marriage?    12/06/22  (4)
20 cents worth of Ramen or simple $5 pep better than any michelin meal 2 me    12/06/22  (16)
girl on date last night ordered mac and cheese side    12/06/22  (1)
Ted Cruz looks like Retarded Pinocchio    12/06/22  (2)
poopoo    12/06/22  (1)
kirkland brand almond milk sucks imo    12/06/22  (10)
tutu    12/06/22  (1)
So Joe Rogan is kind of dumb huh?    12/06/22  (166)
Ted Cruz's daughter just killed herself    12/06/22  (9)
MAINLINING or anyone on xo! Any experience with Pizza Ranch? Pep is great    12/06/22  (5)
What is the most prole menu entrée    12/06/22  (144)
Slightly lit up rn, now's ur chance to proposition me (FizzKidd)    12/06/22  (2)
Fine dining critic admits his love for pepperoni sticks itt    12/06/22  (41)
I'm hungry for some pep my friend mainlining(Boom)    12/06/22  (4)
Maxwell Frost, First Gen Z Congressman, Gets His Bearings on Capitol Hill    12/06/22  (3)
The Right needs to stop bickering and unify under one banner    12/06/22  (1)
Who Will Care for ‘Kinless’ Seniors?    12/06/22  (5)
Recommend interesting wikipedia articles.    12/06/22  (14)
Most 180 mountain climb of your life? not necessarily most prestigious but most    12/06/22  (1)
Last 747 rolls off the assembly line    12/06/22  (34)
MODS time to start banning people who can't follow ONE SIMPLE RULE    12/06/22  (21)
Buy equity index (VTI) now or Hold Cash?    12/06/22  (36)
Walker should have resolved the vampire-werewolf issue in his concession speech    12/06/22  (1)
Trump backing Walker was payback that goes back to the USFL.    12/06/22  (3)
Advice on supporting my dad    12/06/22  (31)
smash that shalom button    12/06/22  (13)
lol at the Jewess behind Warnock right now    12/06/22  (2)
what's the point of the GOPe honestly    12/06/22  (8)
women having their lives ruined by twitter trend today. be careful out there    12/06/22  (12)
Anything worth checking out in Chattanooga? Decent downtown area?    12/06/22  (15)
So the GOP was like "let's run a wife-beating nigger and shun mail-in voting"    12/06/22  (11)
Russia not any better in knocking water out than power and heat - link    12/06/22  (1)
Luka and Jokic putting on clinics rn    12/06/22  (10)
** Nobody gives a fuck bitch bois **    12/06/22  (6)
HATP taking qs    12/06/22  (19)
Trumpmos - I guess ur getting used to political disappointment by now    12/06/22  (5)
basically the US "managerial state" or whatever u call it hates its own citizens    12/06/22  (7)
Gorsuch mops floor with CO lawyer arguing Christians need to make gay websites    12/06/22  (113)
They should've cast Leslie Jones as Black Adam    12/06/22  (2)
Florida stud Chad Mason fucks beautiful female with long hair    12/06/22  (2)
i feel a lot better about bashing benzo now that we know he = "psycho karen"    12/06/22  (4)
An endless wave of McCain and Romney campaigns until the sun explodes    12/06/22  (3)
Libs: why are you reading xo? What's the attraction? What do you get from it?    12/06/22  (136)
Chad is going buckwild behind Warnock right now    12/06/22  (1)
Sotomayor mops floor with Pine Sol    12/06/22  (1)
2024: Dems run Mr. Clean for Texas Senate and win    12/06/22  (1)
WORST night you ever had in college?    12/06/22  (18)
Jesus I sense a shitty lawyer pedophile Jew faggot is back on the bort. Somethin    12/06/22  (1)
2022: Year of the Democratic baldmos. Warnock, Fetterman, Kelly.    12/06/22  (3)
best T boosters that arent roids    12/06/22  (14)
So "red wave" = Dems net gaining 1 senate seat?    12/06/22  (1)
ITT: We document stupid fucking faggots who ruin pure lines of blank bumps    12/06/22  (24)
turns out tiny rural areas can't outvote massive cities and suburbs.    12/06/22  (1)
name an electable POTUS candidate running on a similar platform to Trump 2016    12/06/22  (5)
Name a piece of music you've heard more often than this. You can't.    12/06/22  (25)
How you like them apples reptiles ?!    12/06/22  (1)
spaceporn might actually be the most morally repugnant poaster here    12/06/22  (29)
Didn't feel like a real man, until I upgraded to Xbox Elite controller    12/06/22  (1)
gorgeous administrative terror state. look at that propaganda spigot unghhh    12/06/22  (1)
Interesting that Walker was decisively ahead for a while then just enough late v    12/06/22  (4)
Sweden is 40% non-Swedish    12/06/22  (16)
GOP voters, what was the thought process behind nominating Walker anyways?    12/06/22  (7)
Love my tires. They aren’t Goodyear    12/06/22  (2)
pouring out a 4loko for ginsburg    12/06/22  (3)
Kanye wants to bring back 4Loko (link)    12/06/22  (4)
What happened to Robin Williams?    12/06/22  (7)
is anyone else irrationally terrified of ground-based bird animals?    12/06/22  (3)
And now, here’s CDC Executive Director LaQuisha Jefferson with an important an    12/06/22  (21)
Lol @ USPS "Operation Santa"    12/06/22  (1)
Rate this GOP tweet about Mainstream Media corruption    12/06/22  (3)
Reminder: Lord Mountbatten was a gay pedophile    12/06/22  (6)
Does anyone disagree that the FBI seems completely out of control?    12/06/22  (7)
How much pussy could Robert Wadlow (tallest man ever at 8'11") slay on apps?    12/06/22  (8)
Quitting biglaw to become a lathe operator    12/06/22  (2)
ITT: we brainstorm a new casino table game    12/06/22  (4)
trump org guilty of all charges, special prosecutor investigating his treason    12/06/22  (3)
Trump corp found CRIMINALLY liable. You know what that means    12/06/22  (2)
Went on a date with an only fans chick i met on an app    12/06/22  (2)
All the jewish flame fraud makes me/us not want to exist    12/06/22  (10)
What's the point of voting if they just pause the needle and add mail-ins?    12/06/22  (2)
FoxNews right now: GRRRRR, Hissssss, GRR, UGHH, HISS, GRRRRR!    12/06/22  (1)
Don't worry Trumpmos, if u just find more angry rednecks you'll win next time    12/06/22  (1)
Hold the phone. Is liver king on steroids? Where did this come from?    12/06/22  (4)
you look sad    12/06/22  (18)
TOO BAD!    12/06/22  (1)
Voted in Georgia today and they pulled some "machines don't work" shit    12/06/22  (4)
outlawed tunes on outlawed pipes    12/06/22  (10)
remembering what it was like to be the fastest kid on the playground    12/06/22  (6)
GameCock Medical School twins not guilty of exam cheating    12/06/22  (2)
External Stakeholders including the FBI. June 2020    12/06/22  (2)
This is my fight song take back my life song blah blah *blows brains out at desk    12/06/22  (141)
Where's NSAM?    12/06/22  (6)
goblin mode    12/06/22  (6)
A bunch of frauds pretending to be someone else    12/06/22  (1)
Is Stephen the most based name?    12/06/22  (16)
does anyone have an update on HATP & the box's eternal true love?    12/06/22  (5)
"hey jag whats your opinion?" *jag retreats back into his oriental turtle shell*    12/06/22  (4)
"Addicts" need to kill themselves or be killed    12/06/22  (24)
About to get banned from Twitter    12/06/22  (10)
$1,000,000 but you make weird "hnnng?" sound at the end of every sentence    12/06/22  (4)
What type of lawyer would be best to draft this simple agreement?    12/06/22  (34)
You are invited to the wedding of Nate Higgers and Kate Hikes    12/06/22  (16)
The NYT needle is paused    12/06/22  (9)
Do jewish doods crush law school OCI?    12/06/22  (3)
Twitter files scrubbed by FBI contacts. Multiple people fired.    12/06/22  (19)
Would you end the shit right now if you knew it were a peaceful slee    12/06/22  (6)
RATE day in the life of a 26 yo BIGL shrew    12/06/22  (71)
what phenotype is this?    12/06/22  (13)
Seems like what doomed Walker was drop-off in Republicans in metro Atlanta    12/06/22  (1)
Why did Weird Al transcend previous parodists to become so famous?    12/06/22  (13)
Tom Brady proving the gas fags haters wrong    12/06/22  (13)
making the biglaw yarmulkes spin tp    12/06/22  (2)
Remember when Hillary staffers destroyed their Blackberries with hammers?    12/06/22  (1)
modern women are creepy    12/06/22  (5)
“climate activists” r completely ignorant of EMFs    12/06/22  (1)
Why is Drudge calling it for Warnock? No one else is and Walker is leading. Psy    12/06/22  (6)
LIVE: Herschel Walker graciously conceding + wishing Warnock best for ppl of GA    12/06/22  (4)
i make scholarship my "dairy queen" when i penetrate his fat gomad rump    12/06/22  (32)
LOL Trumpmos, you had ANOTHER election stolen from you    12/06/22  (2)
Rate this pic of TMFs hot tub setup (pic)    12/06/22  (6)
ITT: Manifest your cabinet position in Ye's presidency    12/06/22  (10)
sugar, gluten, caffeine, seed oils, dairy, starches    12/06/22  (7)
TBF vindicated, Russia experiences wartime economic boom    12/06/22  (133)
ITT select what sushi to eat off of GJR's naked body    12/06/22  (26)
Trumptards, what has Trump done since he announced 2024 candidacy?    12/06/22  (7)
🚨 WARNOCK WINS SENATE RUNOFF 🚨    12/06/22  (8)
poasters corralling around Emilio the Grey's fireworks wagon    12/06/22  (16)
So are we gonna pick winners now or keep picking retards who suck Trump's dick?    12/06/22  (1)
found research boners instagram    12/06/22  (2)
The 3-3 single aisle airplane is one of the worst consequences of globohomo    12/06/22  (15)
Whatever happened to that “Red Wave” thing?    12/06/22  (40)
"we've so got this" (all female EU defense ministry conference call)    12/06/22  (20)
Rate this oriental travel shrew (pics)    12/06/22  (4)
“Repent Bald Lawyer!” Said the TikTok Teens    12/06/22  (2)
*TSINAH’s HOG oinking ferociously at repo men*    12/06/22  (21)
Realized today that airline status is a SCAM    12/06/22  (35)
Hey Trumpmos, try not nominating retarded little fuckbois next time    12/06/22  (1)
BC, microplastics, PFAS, PAHs, PCBs, PCFs, PBDEs, BPA, HFCS, dioxins, NaNO3,    12/06/22  (11)
NYT needle returns and says Very Likely Warnock, by 3.2 pts    12/06/22  (3)
Sequel to Repo Man, but about Emilio Estevez comforting repurchase agreements    12/06/22  (1)
FRONTLINE is new tonight    12/06/22  (1)
have you ever considered not hating everything and enjoying life?    12/06/22  (1)
the winter solstice is two weeks away    12/06/22  (8)
TMF & MND hosting weekly salon of intellectuals & artists in their Yonkers home    12/06/22  (231)
41yo Of Counsel googling *2 yo isn't speaking yet*    12/06/22  (153)
Is Brian Kemp just really fucking popular in Georgia or something?    12/06/22  (19)

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