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"Women" have it ea$y and nothing to do    11/28/22  (12)
Rate these women's bodies    11/28/22  (7)
Jewish Bond trying to return used gadgets to Q Branch for full refund    11/28/22  (8)
how the fuck do you pick an iphone? there are like 30 of them    11/28/22  (13)
Mission: Impossible (1996) is filled with thin attractive white people    11/28/22  (4)
ITT: I provide guns, gear, prepping recs (Hegemon)    11/28/22  (113)
"Fight Club" producer was an Israeli intelligence asset (CNN)    11/28/22  (1)
the outcome of this should have been Fuentes joining TRUMP campaign, not Kanye's    11/28/22  (7)
No bullshit, who's the BEST fucking chess player on this board?    11/28/22  (19)
True Juche has never been tried    11/28/22  (5)
Anyone criticizing a Film’s “pacing” is an idiot    11/28/22  (68)
could musk use twitter to frontrun trades?    11/28/22  (7)
22 year old Stanford Soccer Kyootie drops dead due to fraudvax    11/28/22  (64)
so like 5 people post here?    11/28/22  (2)
City of Atlanta proves racists wrong    11/28/22  (2)
Urban knows Harbaugh is building something big. Got scared    11/28/22  (25)
Normal, attractive couples with a dead bedroom    11/28/22  (54)
Oh look, TBF showing us all what a man he is by spazzing out about Russia again    11/28/22  (11)
Why isn't there a Jewish backstab legend for the Vietnam War?    11/28/22  (3)
Saw "Strange World" today with kids. Do not recommend.    11/28/22  (34)
it was the best of times, it was the worst of times (when TBF started posting)    11/28/22  (2)
Declare your support for YE24, update your moniker    11/28/22  (33)
Keto has been the greatest thing for my life    11/28/22  (32)
Jewish Bond, on getting the love interest alone, pulls down pants & masturbates    11/28/22  (3)
Israel First with Noam J. Fuenstein    11/28/22  (1)
*Reads a TBF post* *IQ drops 1 point*    11/28/22  (4)
Prole co-workers angry about weak economy (evan39)    11/28/22  (40)
By 40, ur either on OMAD/keto/carnivore or obese    11/28/22  (28)
Jewish Bond joining Spectre to undermine it from within    11/28/22  (4)
Wtf why is SOL back down to $13 again?    11/28/22  (15)
When do student loan payments resume?    11/28/22  (11)
Jewish Bond, ensnaring the bad guy with high interest loans    11/28/22  (2)
Jewish Bond won't hang up with his mom to answer M's phonecall    11/28/22  (2)
return to work anxiety already starts for me on saturday nights now    11/28/22  (4)
Libs are really pushing pedo acceptance (WaPo)    11/28/22  (7)
What toppings go on your ideal pizza?    11/28/22  (5)
if i just eat some raw bacon and a block of cheese a day thats “keto” right?    11/28/22  (8)
peak globohomo: retailers advertise 'eat, pray, love' assisted suicide to shrews    11/28/22  (4)
/* /* NEWSWEEK: RUSSIA IS ALMOST OUT OF AMMO /* /*    11/28/22  (14)
Dejected RSF discreetly removing the buckeye pin from his yarmulke    11/28/22  (5)
Whether DeSantis goes keto/carnivore will reveal much about his ‘24 plans    11/28/22  (3)
Putin's hand turns purple as he's seen shaking and clutching chair    11/28/22  (15)
evan39 let$ $top the hater$    11/28/22  (3)
The right doesn't have any viable potus candidates and they're all cucked    11/28/22  (21)
Vladimir Putin Jumps the Shark, Compares Russian War Dead to Traffic Accidents    11/28/22  (3)
we should have more football people in politics    11/27/22  (4)
evan39 let$ talk..everything i$ crazy a$$ $hit now    11/27/22  (4)
graham hancock show is hilarious    11/27/22  (6)
so Trump disavowed Fuentes/Kanye 3 more times today just for good measure    11/27/22  (24)
I have Complicated but mostly Good thoughts about Christianity    11/27/22  (15)
Why do they advertise HIV meds on NFL?    11/27/22  (11)
Cool male teachers with pony tails tp    11/27/22  (2)
America: A country based on tipping    11/27/22  (1)
Did Nebra$ka ju$t double again on their poor deci$ion$?    11/27/22  (2)
got kicked out of the trader joe's queue today for calling it "soccer"    11/27/22  (6)
It wa$ all mine and your$ all along! All we had to do wa$ grab it    11/27/22  (1)
Henry Ford was a great American.    11/27/22  (1)
Graham Hancock is the last implicit stand of white identity    11/27/22  (1)
luis is doing DUI trials at age 43    11/27/22  (43)
Starbucks payment system now asks for a "tip"    11/27/22  (13)
Video of a 7 eleven at 2 AM in 1987.    11/27/22  (193)
Ann Coulter on why soccer is shit.    11/27/22  (120)
Xo meet up in Visalia we all get DUIs Christmas Eve    11/27/22  (4)
am I the only decent go player on the board?    11/27/22  (3)
All you had to do i$ not act weird..you would have been on ea$y $treet    11/27/22  (2)
its mind blowing that there are 150 ppl that would pay MONEY to cuckstack    11/27/22  (7)
*Consuela (8th yr of shilling physical silver): "BTC is going to zero any day no    11/27/22  (1)
Wow every commmercial really is mixed race couples Jfc lol    11/27/22  (7)
Odell Beckham Jr. taken off a plane to NYC    11/27/22  (4)
Oswald wasn't even on the 6th floor.    11/27/22  (5)
hundun diaper    11/27/22  (3)
"World Cup" they doesn't include 4 of 5 biggest countries    11/27/22  (32)
ESPN: Jordan Love's INCREDIBLE attempt at a comeback (link)    11/27/22  (1)
If USA beats Iran are there world soccer champions?    11/27/22  (1)
Do you know of anyone with a perfect life? Describe it    11/27/22  (15)
Canelo Alvarez says he's going to kill Messi's entire family with a hammer.    11/27/22  (2)
I$ Rhule worth 72 million in Limcoln? Would you have done thi$ deal?    11/27/22  (1)
Nebra$ka fini$hed? Now have one of highe$t paid coache$    11/27/22  (1)
Watched a movie with Scarlet Johanson on a plane    11/27/22  (21)
Hegemon fights for Israel.    11/27/22  (8)
Velcro Shoes are back in style    11/27/22  (2)
West coast is like a one party state now    11/27/22  (8)
"karlstack-"(crowd laughs)"i havnt told the joke yet" "yes u did"    11/27/22  (13)
I’m in an abusive digital love relationship with Luis    11/27/22  (9)
Ye is a false prophet. DeSantis-ism is the future    11/27/22  (4)
TSINAH trying out "keto" diet with heavy cream latte order @ Starbucks    11/27/22  (1)
Hope that insufferable “Emilio” faggot is dead and rotting in a ditch somewh    11/27/22  (7)
Women are Losers.    11/27/22  (4)
ironic that reptiles will ultimately be pwned by “wait two weeks”    11/27/22  (7)
Uh oh dumb fuck soyim might wanna read this BAP fedpoast like rn    11/27/22  (13)
grrr the great replacement (gunneraut flying tsinahs rug thru agrabah)    11/27/22  (1)
need Emilio here to rank the following movies    11/27/22  (5)
reminder: BLM protests dont spread covid    11/27/22  (5)
Why do we tip baristas, hair dressers, and sandwich makers?    11/27/22  (3)
i cant talk to normie muh taxes republicans any more than i can talk to shitlibs    11/27/22  (2)
Bboooom pointing his rifle at you from the clocktower, asking    11/27/22  (206)
laughing every day at bricked the fuck out soyim irl    11/27/22  (12)
Musk's love of shitposting is gonna cost him 100 billion dollars    11/27/22  (12)
Bort cons: When was the last time an R won the popular vote for President?    11/27/22  (76)
xo 50 year retrospective documentary "of course, they were all Jewish"    11/27/22  (1)
Thank you Joe Biden, Oil down to $74 a barrel all because of your efforts    11/27/22  (1)
Not $ure how I am keeping on going    11/27/22  (3)
Karlstack is a pretty interesting character    11/27/22  (7)
Mark Sanchez Thanksgiving butt fumble    11/27/22  (1)
Will be praying the rosary for poasters every Sunday. Leave intentions here.    11/27/22  (13)
Wow    11/27/22  (2)
Why libs decided ugly morbidly obese black women twerking to be symbol of leftis    11/27/22  (2)
Any solos get into real estate investing?    11/27/22  (2)
For $ I'll go on the internet and amplify whatever opinion you want    11/27/22  (1)
What$ keeping you going? Fal$e hope?    11/27/22  (1)
Libs still go berserk if you refer to illegals as 'illegals'    11/27/22  (8)
I've been robbed&cheated out of everyone&everything in thi$ fraud "life"    11/27/22  (1)
Karlstack on Spaceworld 2000    11/27/22  (1)
Suggestions for BOOSTING my wifi signal to guest house?    11/27/22  (21)
Aaron Rodgers is a washed up old queer now.    11/27/22  (2)
i'm never paying a student loan dime again, this shit is addictive    11/27/22  (8)
a chill Monday morning stimulant psychosis    11/27/22  (18)
White Lotus Italian girls really steal the show    11/27/22  (1)
Gamestop cultist explains new GENIUS plan to 1000x: tie stock ownership to NFTs    11/27/22  (4)
Do flowers have brains. Turns out they used to.    11/27/22  (4)
will China mow down noble pro-freedom protestors with tanks again?    11/27/22  (3)
Pro-Israel group that honored Trump blasts his meeting with Ye and Fuentes    11/27/22  (2)
ecstasy    11/27/22  (1)
went to Hooters, it's mostly genetic males and 300lb fat women now    11/27/22  (1)
Pablo Eisenberg, Fierce Critic of Aloof Philanthropies, Dies at 90    11/27/22  (1)
The Bill Nye "sex junk" video is getting roasted on youtube. 500 likes 37k disli    11/27/22  (181)
Karl Trek    11/27/22  (2)
sneed    11/27/22  (4)
Keep laughing..I'm your friend! Your life ha$ been $tolen from you    11/27/22  (8)
No one and nothing i$ the $ame! Not even a $Ingle breath! $top comparing    11/27/22  (2)
Redditor: lol! 69, the sex number!    11/27/22  (2)
Wake up fag$    11/27/22  (6)
South Africa has its own shitpit problem    11/27/22  (2)
1/3 Marine hurls puppy off cliff    11/27/22  (13)
If you got a step-son, I feel bad for you Yung. I got a .99 inch dick and    11/27/22  (10)
george floyds golden casket procession winding through streets of Minas Tirith    11/27/22  (12)
Is Shakespeare worth teaching in High School    11/27/22  (24)
Main thing I learned in life    11/27/22  (7)
MAINLINING fuck all of the bullshit friend! We're going to do as we please    11/27/22  (24)
I believe human consciousness is a tragic misstep in evolution.    11/27/22  (34)
Niggas    11/27/22  (1)
Andrew Tate explains the satanism behind Balenciaga    11/27/22  (4)
IQs by JRPG    11/27/22  (30)
Look at the sponsors on this drag show for kids    11/27/22  (3)
Artemis 1, 2022: "telemetry driven animation"... Apollo 11, 1969: live broadcast    11/27/22  (1)
sometimes I think about "borders" tp's election predictions and burst out laughi    11/27/22  (1)
Been using David Koresh pics on Bumble, showing up to date as his disciple    11/27/22  (1)
Boomer Doctor Crashes plane, forgets to jump (Twitter)    11/27/22  (5)

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