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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
Gained like 15 lbs since having a kid, no time for anything and stress eat. Shou    06/04/23  (7)
Chinese storeowner in South Carolina faces murder charges    06/04/23  (2)
me & faggy retard snorting ozempic off each others boners    06/04/23  (5)
Tommy what race are the Andamanese?    06/04/23  (17)
17y/o attacked in bed by home invader, defended self, now going to prison    06/04/23  (2)
Fucked a new 25 year old Japanese 9 from Tokyo after clubbing tonight.    06/04/23  (29)
Anyone here victim of violent crime b4?    06/04/23  (2)
Animation of how the India train crash occurred:    06/04/23  (2)
*askav's mom vacantly staring out the window for 40 mins after googling 'herm'*    06/04/23  (91)
the most revolting character the US ever produced was the Christian businessman    06/04/23  (3)
"adult, adult, adult, adult, adult..." (sp swiping left for 5 consecutive hours)    06/04/23  (67)
Spaceporn somersaulting like Willy Wonka before opening up playroom    06/04/23  (41)
we were so obviously created by an ET race of aliens    06/04/23  (1)
*spaceporn coming out of toddlers clifford book like guy in take on me vid*    06/04/23  (100)
'men' who take 'ssris'    06/04/23  (2)
"Yeah so that's what a circuit split is" evan39 explained to juggalo coworker    06/04/23  (170)
*class of 8 year olds saying o captain my captain as halford's led out in cuffs*    06/04/23  (94)
sexologist John Money invented "gender" in 1955    06/04/23  (1)
Just took my ARMY COMBAT FITNESS TEST, taking ?'s    06/04/23  (34)
Rate this video of my alpha Jewish son leading Catholic mass (CSLG)    06/04/23  (81)
if gender is a social construct, how can u be mis-assigned a gender?    06/04/23  (13)
LOL that Lauren Boebert still doesn't know who her Dad is    06/04/23  (2)
Rate how my gf broke up with me    06/04/23  (98)
I have a secret to $hare not flame (Mainlining)...anyone care    06/04/23  (2)
Just started an SSRI. What should I expect?    06/04/23  (17)
Told my ex-wife I’m gay    06/04/23  (3)
It's amazing that psychotic bitch boi TBF hasn't been featured on Dateline yet    06/04/23  (1)
Peterman blushing: "I, I don't do that stuff anymore."    06/04/23  (1)
ever fuck or date a ballerina?    06/04/23  (14)
That drunk kid literally got eaten by a shark. Why do people think ocean is safe    06/04/23  (127)
the Rothshchilds have financed *both sides* in every major war of last 400 years    06/04/23  (7)
Wait, shitcons are boycotting ChikFilA now too? 😂😂    06/04/23  (1)
how many FBI agents monitor xo?    06/04/23  (4)
a lot of multiply vaccinated posters betraying clear signs of cognitive decline    06/04/23  (4)
Purple-haired Obama-appointee judge invalidates Tennessee anti-drag law    06/04/23  (10)
Trump-Appointed Judge Strikes Down GOP's 'Unconstitutional' Drag Show Ban    06/04/23  (1)
white women clodhopping around in wooden shoes    06/04/23  (3)
trump judges overturning drag show bans, calling his election lawsuits bullshit    06/04/23  (1)
KTJ’s insanity is becoming a real problem    06/04/23  (2)
“Senator” Fetterman looks like some kind of Austin Powers villain (pic)    06/04/23  (9)
"Libs?!" henry aaron squeeled, as Darnell's cock thrusted farther up his ass    06/04/23  (1)
Morals and Dogma pg. 321 tp    06/04/23  (2)
so xo is just Luke 8:26-39 on repeat forever?    06/04/23  (5)
Three-train collision in India leaves at least 50 dead, hundreds injured    06/04/23  (17)
remember when Chick Fil A guy 'Truet Cathy' washed black people's feet    06/04/23  (2)
Google/waymo crushed Tesla in the "autonomous" driving racket    06/04/23  (1)
Sucked cock in a rave last night    06/04/23  (32)
Denise Richards is 50 :(    06/04/23  (9)
STUPID BITCH and family values freak NOT the daughter of wrestling legend    06/04/23  (1)
'Latetia Jones' is trying to bankrupt VDARE    06/04/23  (1)
Actial shitlib theory on why the universe is expanding at an accelerated rate    06/04/23  (4)
Which one of you rich XO Jews wanna by this ancient Kippah I smuggled out of N.    06/04/23  (10)
Rate the proleness of my day.    06/04/23  (3)
USA has North Korea level worship of Trannie, Fags, and Niggas    06/04/23  (3)
remember prosecutor in Rittenhouse trial: 'Everyone takes a beating, NBD'    06/04/23  (2)
grrr libs haha i made a gay sex joke grrrr black people ungh teens haha gay sex    06/04/23  (19)
NYC DA charges senior citizen who killed armed robber in self defense    06/04/23  (63)
Rate 19 year old Sgt. Leah Ben Nun of the IDF who was KILLED to det by AlphaARAB    06/04/23  (4)
Biden applauds race-mixing in ZOG agitprop tv commercials, how is this real    06/04/23  (3)
🚨 n-acetylcysteine is the best supplement ever. Wow    06/04/23  (29)
How to deal with friend that keeps talking about suicide    06/04/23  (28)
Are cars considered a "luxury" in NYC?    06/04/23  (9)
watching Glenn Loury get slowly redpilled on race and IQ has been 180    06/04/23  (7)
"what's with all the 180s?" "they're passionate about triangles and semicircles"    06/04/23  (1)
Ptomlemaic model of the cosmos lasted 1500 years. Libs: blown out in 60 years    06/04/23  (3)
grrrrrr! haha    06/04/23  (1)
Took my kids to the local bookstore for the last time today    06/04/23  (12)
TRUE OR FALSE: there is an 11 acre farm in New York City    06/04/23  (1)
Zuckerberg is increasingly looking chadly (pic)    06/04/23  (44)
people no longer have any conception of life not spent thinking abt blacks 24/7    06/04/23  (8)
watch the coin    06/04/23  (1)
Trumpmos Glorify Fat Losers like TSINAH and Psychotic weirdos like NSAM    06/04/23  (2)
Chic Fil A says it will respect all its customers and Trumpmos lose their minds    06/04/23  (2)
Is it cra to wear a bespoke purple suit in biglaw?    06/04/23  (2)
Your years of drinking, nicotine & stress catching up to you in your 40s tp    06/04/23  (9)
'If This is Brazil, I Kill You': How Diversity is Working for You and Your Famil    06/04/23  (1)
can i get a rating on my new firm photo (edited to hide my irl identity)    06/04/23  (8)
honestly i can't work anymore, this is fucking insane    06/04/23  (19)
Guy gets cucked by physician, loses mind at medical conference    06/04/23  (23)
What show should i watch? Or movie? Any good new stuff out?    06/04/23  (4)
some chick drained every drop of cum out of me last night jfc    06/04/23  (39)
making lamb, veal grassfed beef meatballs in a ricotta zucchini rn    06/04/23  (1)
I don’t give a fuck about trannies anymore.    06/04/23  (1)
Karen is oddly defensive of benzo    06/04/23  (3)
Is Obama done here from those wiretaps yet?    06/04/23  (114)
Spaceporn - your stalker is allan kassenoff of greenberg traurig    06/04/23  (3)
Why can’t shitcons write an anti-drag law that isn’t overly broad gibberish?    06/04/23  (7)
Have started wearing a yarmulke in public lol    06/04/23  (7)
I think physicists live under my house and are trying to kill me (NSAM)    06/04/23  (8)
Bitch co-worker went two years without changing her oil (evan39)    06/03/23  (12)
*takes the time to do a little research*    06/03/23  (4)
NSAM where did the physicist touch you?    06/03/23  (1)
JWST: 350 million year old universe looked just like it does now    06/03/23  (42)
Some men fuck other men and we need a month to celebrate this at primary schools    06/03/23  (5)
I can buy a liveable apt in europe under $100k    06/03/23  (2)
Twitter has doubled in value since Elon bought it. Sorry libs.    06/03/23  (38)
Don't Cry for Me Argentina (evan39)    06/03/23  (5)
Saw a new meme “MUST HEIGHT”    06/03/23  (4)
Nobody gives a FUCK, TBF, nobody even reads half ur shit. Just SHUT THE FUCK UP    06/03/23  (4)
Avocado is the Nahuatl word for "testicle"    06/03/23  (1)
Ruminate for days about mundane social interactions tp    06/03/23  (4)
how much house can i afford    06/03/23  (2)
Your wife is (ostensibly) the only person who fully committed to putting up    06/03/23  (2)
How many men have you sucked?    06/03/23  (3)
Advice for dads. Wake up early on the weekend and have time to yourself.    06/03/23  (24)
i have ZERO respect for poasters who have slept with a lot of women    06/03/23  (4)
Hang on babe, reading a post by Cocksucker69699. Yes there’s an extra nine.    06/03/23  (10)
TBF is a "monster" who has to be kept away from his son    06/03/23  (17)
Ever just sit around watching birds on Saturday    06/03/23  (21)
New York newspaper: “N*gger worship and its consequences”    06/03/23  (12)
Spud Webb telescope providing 2x magnification    06/03/23  (1)
Is TBF still zappin the TBF threads?    06/03/23  (12)
TBF has written thousands of pages of shit to me here that I haven't read    06/03/23  (2)
Odd case, benzo's moniker wasn't named in court documents LIKE TBF'S WAS    06/03/23  (2)
Ron DeSheveled needs to get a tailor, he looks fucking awful    06/03/23  (3)
i think i have eczema on my balls (pic)    06/03/23  (13)
If cheating is a mortal sin how did Catholic France develop mistress culture?    06/03/23  (4)
Why doesn't TBF stop being an insane pathetic freak?    06/03/23  (1)
The 19th amendment and its consequences have been    06/03/23  (1)
*NSFW vid clip* man tries anal with wife for 1st time. instantly regrets it    06/03/23  (4)
The internet is full of libs who sincerely think we "don't understand" redshift    06/03/23  (44)
pence is running cuz he knows his cooperation will get trump thrown in prison    06/03/23  (2)
equity partner showing you how to work the hellraiser "lament configuration"    06/03/23  (7)
Hung out with some of the best Ukrainians in NJ tonight. Taking questions.    06/03/23  (16)
I think the James Webb telescope is reading my mail (NSAM)    06/03/23  (8)
RSF, TSINAH, and Zappin look eerily similar: the "pudgy entitled sociopath" look    06/03/23  (42)
STOP: DO THIS NOW    06/03/23  (1)
Start marihuana farm in Minnesota and make it big?    06/03/23  (7)
Small window when intelligent life can develop before star bakes planet    06/03/23  (9)
#30Days30Dicks    06/03/23  (2)
Low T - for real medical question/advice    06/03/23  (30)
Ashwaghanda and testosterone    06/03/23  (119)
Imagine how "teethey" Freddy Mercury's blow jobs must have been.    06/03/23  (3)
Black homeschoolers outperform black public schoolers by 40 percentage points    06/03/23  (11)
EMPLOYMENT LAW Question ITT    06/03/23  (31)
June 3-10 is “Shout Your Height Month”. We will make a thread (6-3, 6-4 etc)    06/03/23  (4)
People rip on TBF for being jewish and crazy but importantly he's also fat    06/03/23  (1)
Been watching Midsomer Murders (180) and came across this bit about the producer    06/03/23  (5)
Why can’t Zelda just have spoken dialogue all the time    06/03/23  (12)
Ask a reptile what created God; they have NO IDEAS, NO THEORIES    06/03/23  (21)
I booked a dubai trip with my ex    06/03/23  (11)
Thomas J. Henry    06/03/23  (2)
Neighbor just got a 2017 Viper GTS coupe    06/03/23  (5)
Someone stole my friends bassoon wtf    06/03/23  (3)
Retiring when I hit $3M net worth    06/03/23  (5)
Let's bucket up our bootstrap, oil a couple of asses ,and do a little plowing    06/03/23  (1)
why are cons so obsessed with "Dylan Mulvaney"?    06/03/23  (63)
"Yeah babe, all that gay shit on the front page is because of, uh... Pride Month    06/03/23  (20)
Turns out there were 9 pics of Casey DeSantis from news days leaked in Fappening    06/03/23  (1)

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