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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
the blues clues thing radicalized me    09/21/23  (155)
making beans and cornbread tonight, libs apoplectic    09/21/23  (3)
Who eats at a Jersey Mike's?    09/21/23  (6)
Pretty funny German prank video - link    09/21/23  (7)
Kevin McCarthy may be the most pathetic DC politician I've ever seen    09/21/23  (3)
Feb 2023: twins leaves. Mid Sept 2023: returns for lazy posting for MPM attempt    09/21/23  (8)
Why do moderate Republicans keep attacking Trump?    09/21/23  (1)
Biden polls lower than Hillary right now    09/21/23  (33)
Obama's America: Nessler & Danielson will call Iowa-Penn State on CBS:    09/21/23  (3)
"Soft Landing" Of Overall 85% COL Increase 2020-2024 & 8% Salary Increase    09/21/23  (1)
what's the point of marriage if it doesnt prevent women from leaving?    09/21/23  (46)
Hypo: $10M if you do heroin 40 of the next 100 days. Accept?    09/21/23  (18)
Dntel-(This Is) The Dream of Elvis and Chan.mp3    09/21/23  (1)
lmao@ xo search for "elvis chan"    09/21/23  (2)
All the dogshit goes the same place whether you pick it up or not    09/21/23  (1)
Saturday Thanksgiving Weekend CFB Games Seem Satanic & Anti-Family    09/21/23  (3)
Remember The Fake Theatre re 20 Votes Against McCarthy. Nothing Different    09/21/23  (1)
At first it was about having sex with men for money. Then it was just about havi    09/21/23  (1)
Noah's ark, but they fucked up & your wife suffocated. Ding, fag!    09/21/23  (1)
Geno's gonna get his asshold blown out tonight    09/21/23  (3)
Hypo: Stay in V10 junior prtr rat race with ambiguous odds or inhouse low 7 figs    09/21/23  (67)
Ever wondered why relatives of whites killed by non-whites sound like pussies?    09/21/23  (16)
Have a meeting with my dad and his doctor. I expect stage 4 cancer.    09/21/23  (33)
Rate my options trading boor to tt    09/21/23  (18)
Very odd this Satoshi Nakamoto fellow has not been IDd by NSA/CIA    09/21/23  (6)
Do you know people who are recalcitrant to seeing their patterns of denial    09/21/23  (5)
Rate this trad catholic woman (pic)    09/21/23  (40)
ITT: Luis does a long rant about public defenders    09/21/23  (5)
McDonald's Japan commercial with two white children enjoying meal    09/21/23  (9)
gibberish got wasted this weekend and hit a parked car, fled the scene    09/21/23  (25)
TT: what do you and most Indians think of Gandhi?    09/21/23  (1)
Japanese pitcher sleeps 13-14 hours a night - link    09/21/23  (4)
Accidentally called female partner “Mom” on a call    09/21/23  (22)
Fuckboi Spirit tp    09/21/23  (1)
ROFL Controlled Opp'n Palis Back Off 2 State Demand For Saudi-Israel Deal    09/21/23  (1)
Logan's Run has been playing on loop in this Oregon Denny's for 30 years (link)    09/21/23  (2)
Portnoy confronts WaPo shrew who attacked him to his pizza fest advertisers    09/21/23  (45)
Never Heard An Adult IRL Discuss "Gaming." Is This A Shut-In Virgin Thing?    09/21/23  (7)
MASE I need you to rate these Zoomers please    09/21/23  (7)
First Starbucks opens in the Darien Gap    09/21/23  (1)
Study shows traffic cameras unfairly target black and brown drivers (link)    09/21/23  (12)
The Wii broke console gaming    09/21/23  (5)
it should be illegal for black women to work in call centers/reception desks    09/21/23  (12)
If you don't have children you aren't a real adult yourself    09/21/23  (31)
My Daughter Ain't Playing with These White Baby Karens (video)    09/21/23  (20)
Project Veritas shitcans remaining staff and ceases operations    09/21/23  (14)
me and ricky stone cold sober and smokeless for almost a day now    09/21/23  (4)
4-years ago they released “Covid-19”    09/21/23  (6)
Rate Traci Bingham, WOC from Baywatch, at age 55    09/21/23  (8)
what would happen if one of these victims said black crime is out of control    09/21/23  (1)
hypo for DBG itt    09/21/23  (5)
autoadmit is mostly asians calling white guys jewish online    09/21/23  (3)
Another 180000 day of flying Soo CR (RSF)    09/21/23  (25)
RSF Do You Fly KLM J? Didn't Know About These Glass House Souvenirs    09/21/23  (12)
traditional religions are literally archaic forms of consciousness    09/21/23  (1)
Goyim Can You Give Me A Definition Of A "Trad" Catholic?    09/21/23  (8)
Great, and I mean Great, day of poasting    09/21/23  (1)
Just ate 1/4 of a Marijuana Cookie, waiting for it to work    09/21/23  (47)
Billions Must Fly    09/21/23  (1)
Largest Generation By County In USA (Interesting Map)    09/21/23  (18)
Its fucking INSANE how Jewish I am irl    09/21/23  (1)
Ahsoka is the dumbest Star Wars yet, totally unwatchable    09/21/23  (27)
Been alive nearly 40 years and have yet to see as big a scam as Dentistry    09/21/23  (76)
McDonalds Free WiFi tp    09/21/23  (1)
Does anyone take caffeine pills?    09/21/23  (17)
"How'd you get here" "Realtor fucked me"    09/21/23  (1)
In some sense is it CR for your parents to pass away early in your adult life    09/21/23  (40)
Latin Mass but it's internet users poasting online in exclusively Latin    09/21/23  (1)
Does anyone take Kosher caffeine pills on Yom Kippur?    09/21/23  (1)
Gen X is laughable    09/21/23  (22)
In some sense is it CR to pass away early in your adult life    09/21/23  (5)
gibberish tp, have you thought about going to rehab?    09/21/23  (1)
Cream butter milk all different of the amount of fat solids?    09/21/23  (1)
decided today that i am going to start playing golf    09/21/23  (64)
RIP Jon Lovitz, beloved for his SNL catchphrase "Yeah that's the boarding pass!"    09/21/23  (3)
PF is gorgeous. Whokebe was an idiot not to marry her.    09/21/23  (3)
John Shooter tp confronting MPA with parody threads posted two years earlier    09/21/23  (2)
super mario sunshine but it's luis spraying cum all over ur wife's face    09/21/23  (3)
Kesha Ke$ha (36yo) almost died freezing her eggs last year:    09/21/23  (2)
Where can I live for $600/mo in the US    09/21/23  (15)
I wish all games were like Mario Sunshine    09/21/23  (1)
Both A Prole Tell & An Elite Tell: Not Having A LinkedIn    09/21/23  (20)
the Console gen was decided before you were born    09/21/23  (2)
Top 200 Tennis Player Is Broke (Tweets) #tennis    09/21/23  (42)
full body pictures on the internet tp    09/21/23  (1)
FLW there needs to be some kind of Trust that buys up all free land in PNW    09/21/23  (2)
Hypo: Biden dies in the next year    09/21/23  (18)
alternate timeline where the Sega CD 32X took off    09/21/23  (6)
GOP claims Biden is a traitor to America and they have proof - when impeachment?    09/21/23  (20)
biglaw remember when Biden had his own Coronavirus briefings?    09/21/23  (13)
Prole Tell: Referring To Boarding Pass / Confirmation Email As A "Ticket"    09/21/23  (37)
Baseball    09/21/23  (1)
Ricky, why did you give up booze and cigs?    09/21/23  (5)
Scholars liberating your grandmother from this earthly prison    09/21/23  (2)
The Market is desperately fucking us in the ass    09/21/23  (6)
potluck tp is the best blank bumper after ALZABO    09/21/23  (105)
WTF Indian American college bros are the new Chads?    09/21/23  (1)
Was there organized crime in the US before they let kikes, irish, and italians i    09/21/23  (1)
plain old vanilla mentally ill and gay    09/21/23  (4)
Bort libs, will you feel sad when Biden’s police state shuts down this site?    09/21/23  (8)
God's reply to Job is effectively "I'm very old"    09/21/23  (15)
*cue: Kenny Loggins' "Danger Zone"* *woman flies plane straight into ocean*    09/21/23  (46)
MDE World Peace Season Two (direct download)    09/21/23  (8)
2024 US NEWS: PMHSY. Columbia #12, UCLA #15    09/21/23  (67)
Large language models (LLMs) with in-context learning have demonstrated remarkab    09/21/23  (7)
gibberish, are you going to get drunk and drive ur kids around this weekend?    09/21/23  (3)
San Francisco criminalizes leaving valuables in cars to minimize break-ins    09/21/23  (8)
LOL @ Joe Biden šŸ¤” (pics)    09/21/23  (1)
Guy at dog park didnt pick up his dogs poop, just smashed it into the ground wit    09/21/23  (2)
Tommy Lee Jones really hated working with Jim Carey in Batman Forever    09/21/23  (15)
My stocks are getting fucked premarket. Can fed do something??    09/21/23  (9)
Turkish POTUS asking Elon "Where's Ur Wife" was damning Indictment of Birdshits    09/21/23  (6)
XO Doug Burgum supporters ITT - link    09/21/23  (3)
*Johnsmeyer takes off lifts* "I dont need these anymore" *levitates across room*    09/21/23  (26)
It's BEAT ND WEEK! Any other posters headed to South Bendover?    09/21/23  (50)
Blue collar workers mesmerized by Nikki Haley’s defense of Ukraine spending    09/21/23  (3)
These fucking Thai cock suckers put MSG in every fucking dish    09/21/23  (1)
Luis Bhangra Dancing at wedding of Khalistani Terrorist in Canada    09/21/23  (4)
My wife and I fall asleep holding hands most nights    09/21/23  (48)
Jersey Mike's sues AAA and serial plaintiff for frivolous claims    09/21/23  (5)
What's it like working for a female partner?    09/21/23  (21)
In hot water at work for making what I thought was a funny remark. Need legal ad    09/21/23  (4)
Tenderly caressing your wife's penis on her deathbed    09/21/23  (1)
were reptiles more irate when obama killed bin laden or when biden killed covid?    09/21/23  (5)
Something has to be done about stupid shit girls wear to the gym    09/21/23  (26)
Racism ends November 4 if Biden wins.    09/21/23  (5)
If Biden wins, he has weakest POTUS mandate ever; if Trump wins he's God Emperor    09/21/23  (4)
It's 180 how LOTR never files copyright claims over youtube videos - link    09/21/23  (5)
SP jr will get torn apart at the Comet Pizza after party if Biden wins    09/21/23  (2)
If Biden wins Hunter gets to fuck Ivanka ass while Jared watches and cries    09/21/23  (11)
if Biden wins, you're going to have mass federal COVID regulations    09/21/23  (5)
If Biden wins we need special prosecutor immediately    09/21/23  (4)
Can you imagine all the pedo shit libs will start pushing if Biden wins?    09/21/23  (12)
great so if Biden wins, 2024 election begins in 2021 basically    09/21/23  (5)
4chan Trumpmos are planning to immigrate to Scandinavia if Biden wins    09/21/23  (35)
Google is raising prices again. Thanks Biden    09/21/23  (6)
Council Bluffs is really trash compared to rest of Iowa&Seems like misfit    09/21/23  (3)
If Biden wins again as expected will cons still try to impeach Hunter?    09/21/23  (11)
zoom/"teams" meetings make me straight up homicidal    09/21/23  (5)
did i miss the televised criminal tribunals for those responsible for "covid"    09/21/23  (3)
I've got my wire up, my yamukle flies away, yaaa-ya-ya-ya, jewish in the usa    09/21/23  (4)
Jafar, are you nšŸ‘‚ Miami rn?    09/21/23  (7)
Tchaikovsky started law school at 12 years old    09/21/23  (2)
What is it like to relax?    09/21/23  (18)
Russian skater girls warming up before performance - video    09/21/23  (1)
Are Russians out of bullets yet?    09/21/23  (2)
Bump when Biden is proven right about Russia invading Ukraine    09/21/23  (39)
rate my goals for this year and the progress i've made    09/21/23  (6)
DBG, what's the solution for jew males marrying Asian females?    09/21/23  (1)
Rach explaining blank bumps v blanked posts to jury at lawman's terrorism trial    09/21/23  (35)

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