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Biglawyers: Did you fall for the whole life insurance scam?    09/23/23  (176)
i've been depressed for years, see no way out    09/23/23  (75)
tied-up anal sex on the beach: cr?    09/23/23  (1)
FODIP. Do you wanna mess with this? (wife, raw. some of the best sex)    09/23/23  (5)
The Internet is a Brain With Schizophrenia    09/23/23  (3)
Coach Subprime    09/23/23  (7)
Small town no internet    09/23/23  (1)
Genetic female competes in football game as a NON KICKER    09/23/23  (1)
Gonna iron a CBS Sports emblem to all of my blazers and wear them to court    09/23/23  (5)
Hypo: $20 million but the zetas have you targeted for killing    09/23/23  (33)
Coach Prime DONE HERE    09/23/23  (7)
Oregon might hang 70 on this motherfucker.    09/23/23  (1)
HLS professor Noah Feldman learns how to "Bring the Squish"    09/23/23  (60)
Humble Duck pie    09/23/23  (1)
Taking questions from the Ukrainian festival in Whippany, NJ (the snoot)    09/23/23  (7)
The ongoing border invasion is insane and doesn't even involve Mexicans anymore    09/23/23  (10)
"Retirement" is a fraudulent concept    09/23/23  (51)
Fresh off my 9ers betting win, taking tOSU -3.5 @ Notre Dame. WE CASHIN' BOYZ!    09/23/23  (3)
LOL, Refs just STOLE a down from Alabama.    09/23/23  (1)
Who here had sex in high school?    09/23/23  (35)
i've been despised for years, see no way out    09/23/23  (1)
Can someone provide a scenario in which it makes sense to have home insurance?    09/23/23  (17)
Black man coaches team to win first three games of season! How AMAZING is this!?    09/23/23  (4)
"Knock at the Cabin" is the best of these weird-ass M. Night Shamylan flicks    09/23/23  (24)
Federal court: NWU alums were wantonly raping/assaulting cheerleaders    09/23/23  (10)
Diet recap    09/23/23  (3)
There should be a limited number of bar numbers per state that pass to new JDs    09/23/23  (15)
Rand Paul trolling Fetterman    09/23/23  (10)
fundamentalist protestants might be worse than catholics    09/23/23  (1)
Being a neurotic striver >>>> being a chill breh    09/23/23  (1)
Does mlb player Jake Burger resemble TSINAH?    09/23/23  (2)
has anyone here ever heard of gypsy crusader?    09/23/23  (7)
its bonkers how deeply pathology many people are    09/23/23  (1)
Nice to pick up some BYU girls    09/23/23  (1)
evan39s ducks now playing with Coach Primes severed head    09/23/23  (3)
Cannibal rape gang victim last words: "This makes them the real racists."    09/23/23  (3)
Boston University announces ‘inquiry’ into Ibram Kendi’s Antiracist Center    09/23/23  (23)
They just pass anyone anymore..it's all fraud    09/23/23  (1)
The complete humiliation of Colorado by Oregon    09/23/23  (3)
Dingbat female “cop” accidentally does a good job shooting a perp    09/23/23  (1)
Colorado 🦬 @ Oregon 🦆 *official thread*    09/23/23  (34)
You have to do house of "horror" to get chick to stay?    09/23/23  (178)
teens rape, murder, and eat blind grandmother in home invasion in Detroit suburb    09/23/23  (2)
"but we need to talk about the stolen vehicle of white privilege and bicycle of    09/23/23  (1)
Why is there barely any white NPCs in New Atlantis (Starfield)    09/23/23  (5)
Sure, raping and murdering a 73 yo grandmother is bad, but the scourge of racism    09/23/23  (2)
"Yes, cannibal rape gangs are 'bad,' I guess. But, folks? Systemic racism is so    09/23/23  (3)
estimate my IQ    09/23/23  (2)
the 3 penis problem    09/23/23  (2)
three penises    09/23/23  (1)
Luis are you going to homicide defense seminar in San Diego?    09/23/23  (21)
"Evan39? It's me, yourself, Boom." *applies lipstick* "And now I'm mainlining."    09/23/23  (54)
Possible for someone to speak on a panel and then not post about it on linkedin?    09/23/23  (3)
What if xo just stopped being racist?    09/23/23  (9)
California ban on standard-capacity magazines struck down    09/23/23  (10)
i wanna get on steroids but no idea where/how to cop. some help?    09/23/23  (8)
libs will normalize cannibalism within 73 years    09/23/23  (3)
I never believed!!!!!!    09/23/23  (1)
Women realizing that men think about the Roman Empire daily    09/23/23  (70)
Demented boomer getting raped by Haitian: "A new Morning in America coming    09/23/23  (1)
“Do you believe now?” Coach prime lisped as Bo Nix shoved the 9th inch in    09/23/23  (2)
tickets to Portnoy's pizzafest are $250 each (link)    09/23/23  (71)
So hope Oregon obliterates Colorado to shut up MSM    09/23/23  (12)
Pro immigration LGBT libs “betrayed” when Muslim immigrants took over    09/23/23  (9)
Shotacon hentai is 180    09/23/23  (1)
Idris Elba tp selling fruit roll ups and candy bars to puzzled jurors    09/23/23  (4)
update: i made an account on hinge and my first date is tonight    09/23/23  (4)
Has there EVER been an IRL gun shootout between people on two jet skis?    09/23/23  (5)
Coach Prime gonna mushroom stamp and teabag BOOM's bald head this weekend    09/23/23  (3)
Hypo: live long, happy, anonymous life, or die young but win glory eternal?    09/23/23  (4)
*witness rolls eyes as idris elba finally buttons 8th button of suit jacket*    09/23/23  (14)
How hard would you fuck her?    09/23/23  (17)
what is the most tryhard vacation destination in the us in 2023?    09/23/23  (12)
Chapo Trap House bro got got    09/23/23  (13)
Boom feeding Coach Prime to starving giant hogs    09/23/23  (4)
idris elba retired after charles was outted?    09/23/23  (9)
Idris Elba: "good morning ya honuh" *removes floor length white fur coat*    09/23/23  (79)
Idris Elba taking 1 suit and 15 Crown Royal bags to the dry cleaners    09/23/23  (29)
Idris Elba as Zelensky    09/23/23  (5)
Idris Elba: *swipes hand along opposing counsel's neck* "NECKBONE, NIGGA"    09/23/23  (3)
*Idris Elba entering court with Pitbull, ties him to wooden post on gate*    09/23/23  (4)
Judge: "approach the bench* Idris Elba: *walks forward, sneakers squeaking*    09/23/23  (8)
*Idris Elba entering court talking on two iPhones up to each ear*    09/23/23  (4)
Judge: "Approach the bench" Idris Elba: "Mah nigga"    09/23/23  (5)
Idris Elba on cross: "So you admit you's jus a weak-ass nigga."    09/23/23  (46)
Idris Elba negotiating retainer agreement: "Let me hold a dolla"    09/23/23  (7)
Idris Elba at close: "Pimps and hos of da jury, we came correct    09/23/23  (49)
*Idris Elba, throwing dice in ally behind the courthouse*    09/23/23  (59)
Idris Elba shouting at the TV screen when video evidence is played for jury    09/23/23  (109)
Idris Elba: "lemme get dat motion in lemonade"    09/23/23  (154)
Idris Elba:"Permission to treat the witness as a punk ass nigga"    09/23/23  (39)
In line to get into the Portnoy pizza festival now    09/23/23  (12)
iPhonemos how tf do you quickly navigate around this piece of shit    09/23/23  (22)
would you ever donate your seed to a lesbian couple?    09/23/23  (3)
Been doing drugs all night with chicks that know Portnoys spic gf    09/23/23  (3)
Driver in Vegas hit and run told police “I’ll be out in 30 days, I’ll bet    09/23/23  (11)
you know what's really good? genoa salami    09/23/23  (4)
Jimmy Carter kicked out of hospice: “He’s not dying”    09/23/23  (29)
outside    09/23/23  (1)
hot dogs    09/23/23  (4)
The penussy envelopes the poopis within its folds    09/23/23  (10)
I enjoy fucking white women    09/23/23  (4)
"lol yeah the holocaust totally happened" (dbg seducing wide eyed 11 yo)    09/23/23  (78)
What are your favorite black names?    09/23/23  (31)
hey social anxiety fags: just tell people you're from "medicine hat"    09/23/23  (6)
Week 4 CFB picks    09/23/23  (5)
try that clemson ot playcalling in a small town    09/23/23  (1)
Zelensky asks satanist Marina Abramovic to be ambassador for Ukraine (link    09/23/23  (17)
They found the two nigger apes who ran over the guy in LV    09/23/23  (31)
Thought I was muted on zoom interview with hot recruiter slut    09/23/23  (37)
white woman wins miss zimbabwe. people outraged lmfao    09/23/23  (4)
Ah, college football. Love watching guys almost as athletic as me throwing scree    09/23/23  (1)
Starting an aggressive Ozempic course this week. Wish me luck    09/23/23  (2)
Aware me of the "30 men in 30 days" challenge tyia    09/23/23  (1)
Dopey hornets this time of year are so annoying    09/23/23  (1)
RSF need an emergent Indiana update pls    09/23/23  (2)
whatever the opposite of ozempic is, i'm on that (bloodacre)    09/23/23  (3)
Minneapolis Dem legislator who got carjacked at home is now selling her house    09/23/23  (4)
Diversity has totally fucked this county, maybe irreparably    09/23/23  (2)
Official JLAW jerkoff thread    09/23/23  (18)
Stunning Realization: Writers Guild of America West (WGAW) is one G from WGWAG    09/23/23  (2)
Jimmy Clausen put into hospice: "His family prefers it this way."    09/23/23  (3)
Rate my home office/living room    09/23/23  (20)
Urgent Update: Shota the waiter's 5* sushi review REMOVED from google    09/23/23  (84)
#LaMeekaStrong    09/23/23  (1)
"Canadians" scrambling after India suspends visa applications    09/23/23  (8)
Katie Couric: Trump is a sexist conundrum who lies and bulldozes women journos    09/23/23  (6)
Wakonda, SD Forever    09/23/23  (1)
mainlining I'm writiing here and tell me what you think...    09/23/23  (212)
homeless dude by your car and Panda Express next door tp    09/23/23  (2)
Dr. Mainlining and Mr. Bboooom (starring evan39)    09/23/23  (3)
Charlie Kirk XII    09/23/23  (3)
Lmao that there are "musical notation" for drums. Come the fuck on    09/23/23  (40)
why do you guys give a fuck about portnoy    09/23/23  (34)
ITT: What’s the XO take on Coach Prime?    09/23/23  (2)
Rams place QB on non-football injury list for being a drunk    09/23/23  (5)
New iPhone 15 Pro is even weaker, easier to crack than 14    09/23/23  (55)
Anybody here shoot trap?    09/23/23  (6)
As Hollywood Strikes Near Finish, White Male Actors Prep for Burglar Alarm Roles    09/23/23  (9)
My grandfather had a heart attack two months after retiring    09/23/23  (1)
decided today that i am going to start playing golf    09/23/23  (78)
LOL remember Mets practicing their World Series celebration in spring training?    09/23/23  (1)
Going to grab my sister-in-laws tits this afternoon at family event    09/23/23  (7)
I want a public hj from a Boebert lookalike so bad    09/23/23  (8)
Braun shaving ad features trans man with double mastectomy scars (link)    09/23/23  (13)
Farting so loud your grandma asks "Was you was raised by niggers?"    09/23/23  (100)
Boom is right. Oregon gonna engage in some buck breaking tonight.    09/23/23  (3)
trains work in high trust societies    09/23/23  (17)
remember when BigPharma and Fauci killed Hank Aaron?    09/23/23  (5)
Help me fill in this ChatGPT list of the 25 most offensive words    09/23/23  (1)

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