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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
Reminder: if your ex-gf dumped you, it's because she thought she could do better    07/17/24  (51)
Trump EC victory fantasy maps: poast em!    07/17/24  (23)
Shooter's parents called police because they were "worried" about him (link)    07/17/24  (3)
Just remember: As soon as widespread white nationalism takes    07/17/24  (31)
I'm getting fat. Started exercising and it only made me eat more.    07/17/24  (18)
FizzKidd you get more Handsomes with honey than rice vinegar!!    07/17/24  (1)
bull is coming tonight. hate hiding in the closet.    07/17/24  (3)
secret service “agent” still couldn’t pull her gun out 20 mins later    07/17/24  (5)
holy fuck these CLEs are expensive    07/17/24  (4)
Thank you, GunneratTTT.    07/17/24  (5)
Getting the itch to go to law school again    07/17/24  (87)
Karen shuts down 7 yo's lemonade stand. Whose side are you on? (Vid)    07/17/24  (22)
Best article on the fraud hoax “Great Inversion” so far (link)    07/17/24  (2)
Meet the Asian white nationalist who gives feds the slip—Dylan 'Sloped' Roof    07/17/24  (1)
Too high get over, too sloped to get under    07/17/24  (2)
Agent Utah! He’s going for the sloped roof, get him on way back. He’s not c    07/17/24  (1)
Playing video games as a married father is the biggest loser tell of them all    07/17/24  (90)
"Haha yeah only LOSERS play video games" he typed on his personal screen device    07/17/24  (1)
The Terry Bollea of transactional attorneys    07/17/24  (2)
Kamala Harris is a pretty S. Asian woman, but she’s no TBF/TT, aesthetically    07/17/24  (6)
A MAJOR poaster inadvertently outted themselves in the past 24 hours    07/17/24  (18)
This is a very good read on the Coincidentia Oppositorum Genitalia    07/17/24  (1)
"No babe, 'faggy kike' as in...No, he's not actually gay. Or Jewish, for that ma    07/17/24  (29)
this is the best site for finding faggy kikes?    07/17/24  (15)
What if we patent grass and collect big $    07/17/24  (3)
Getting the itch to go read Karl Barth again    07/17/24  (2)
Asian MOMMY YLS advisor and wog wife to VP pipeline — white men win?!    07/17/24  (2)
Anyone else see Challengers (Zendaya tennis film)? Can't decide if it's good    07/17/24  (10)
Gastropubs with an item called “The Burger” on their menu    07/17/24  (100)
Trump down 8 in polls in 2020: Trumpmos - He'll win. Trump up 2 now: SAME!    07/17/24  (2)
You cannot be a U.S. political figure if you are under 6'0" straight up    07/17/24  (9)
can anyone make out the brand on vivek's jacket here (pic)    07/17/24  (36)
RSF and TBF are so obviously jewish, why do they pretend otherwise?    07/17/24  (6)
luis do u put cranberries in ur rice?    07/17/24  (20)
Consuela is so retarded I don’t know where to begin: the idea that the deep…    07/17/24  (1)
Gardener charged $900 to install outdoor lights, how much to tip?    07/17/24  (9)
Literally not a single black person at the RNC but Trump will win 30% of them?    07/17/24  (6)
text from Thiel: "U bottoming tonight?"    07/17/24  (1)
Hey askav, do you carry a pocket knife?    07/17/24  (1)
Hypo: Biden says he'll leave race if Matthew Mcconaughey takes his place    07/17/24  (4)
This is a very good read on the Coincidentia Oppositorum in Jewish Mysticism    07/17/24  (6)
Wish I had a Peter Thiel I could call up who could just set me up w a nice job    07/17/24  (1)
To Be Fair, do you wish that Trump had been killed?    07/17/24  (3)
Been around the world twice, climbed a sloped roof once    07/17/24  (1)
University prof backs my Crooks theory, says EPAH is clod    07/17/24  (3)
What would have happened if this happened to Obama instead of Trump?    07/17/24  (2)
Trump should get his own shoe pile memorial    07/17/24  (4)
Vance was the heir apparent since 2018?    07/17/24  (2)
disco fries i just paid a $700 "special assessment" homeowners tax    07/17/24  (5)
So you’re a Ranger, huh? What was the angle of the boathouse’s roof?    07/17/24  (1)
"No, log them out after nine seconds" (rach)    07/17/24  (217)
Christina el moussa getting divorced from 3rd husband wow    07/17/24  (5)
Anyone else spend all day today thinking about the summit of Teewinot?    07/17/24  (1)
one thing about Vivek: he's not FAT    07/17/24  (6)
RIP Sherpa    07/17/24  (1)
Libs still think the shooting will fall out of the news cycle eventually    07/17/24  (8)
We come on the Sloped Roof B    07/17/24  (21)
Target has a vibrator section now    07/17/24  (4)
Will be interesting to see how much footsie Trump/Vance can play with Putin    07/17/24  (1)
How Yale Propelled J.D. Vance’s Career (NYT)    07/17/24  (13)
Bitch boi Vance DECLINES to hold VP debate in pathetic tweet    07/17/24  (4)
What is going on right now behind the scenes? Did xopoa save bort from destructi    07/17/24  (2)
Slopedog Millionaire, helmed by the UK Commonwealth’s finest, Danny Bharat    07/17/24  (2)
Rise-over-runWRLD    07/17/24  (2)
Sloping Towards Jerusalem    07/17/24  (3)
ramaswamy damacy    07/17/24  (2)
Charles Tyrwhitt launching zoomer vertical "Chuck T's"    07/17/24  (4)
Cowgod police, what Clique this man    07/17/24  (13)
Biden says he'll drop out if "medical condition" diagnosed - link    07/17/24  (14)
Deep state is going to assassinate Trump and blame it on Iran.    07/17/24  (13)
HOLY SHIT. "Leans into Mic" literally saved his life    07/17/24  (14)
Deep State: no, we did not try to assassinate Trump (link)    07/17/24  (8)
Mobile ordered $2 of chick fil a and received the wrong bag    07/17/24  (2)
MAGA= Moishe's Army of Goyim Attackbots    07/17/24  (2)
lol this RNC is the lamest shit    07/17/24  (37)
They did the Vance! They did the JD Vance! The JD Vance!    07/17/24  (47)
Which way America? Demented kleptocrat or fist-raised assassination survivor?    07/17/24  (3)
So JD Vance is anti-war everywhere in the world except for Israel/Gaza?    07/17/24  (11)
HYPO: Biden resigns after the election to RUIN the TRUMP 47 merch    07/17/24  (3)
Google “jd vance”….he’s wearing eyeliner now lol    07/17/24  (11)
Biden: but, if, i were diagnosed with a medical issue then i'd step down. (lol)    07/17/24  (1)
“Hebrew Nationalism? Every day!” barked TSINAH, as Kushner fed him footlong    07/17/24  (5)
Kamala & Usha pinching off fragrant curry loaves in poop-off to settle VP debate    07/17/24  (2)
"less intelligence, more community" (blue haired CIA HR karate chops)    07/17/24  (3)
protip: you can retake the bar in your state to be “double bar” accredited    07/17/24  (1)
RATE Natalie Portman, 43, In A Skimpy Black Dress & Heels (PICS)    07/17/24  (31)
Tevye Can't Fiddle Because The Roof Is Too Sloped    07/17/24  (5)
“Harry Potter” was so fucking retarded, can’t believe it was so popular    07/17/24  (3)
You're WHAT?? "Sloped roof! Unsafe!"    07/17/24  (10)
The Mossad agent cries out as he undermines your country    07/17/24  (3)
Kamala will threaten to use 25th Amendment unless Biden willingly steps down    07/17/24  (7)
JD Vance is slicker than Possum shit, hustled his way right to the top    07/17/24  (2)
I doubt Trump has even a small cut under that maxi pad on his ear    07/17/24  (5)
Wife of guy who left his kid in car is a hot doctor with big tits and tattoos    07/17/24  (84)
Assassination Theory: Deep State is like a Dog Chasing a Car    07/17/24  (8)
Crooks listening to "lose yourself" to psych himself up    07/17/24  (1)
how much to tip the amigo cutting ur grass? what about the guy fucking ur wife?    07/17/24  (1)
how much do you tip your Amazon delivery drivers?    07/17/24  (1)
ruinous phenotype is a top poaster imo    07/17/24  (14)
to the idiot driving around USSS HQ blaring Shaggy’s “Wasn’t Me”    07/17/24  (2)
yung lean, juicewrld, and foolio (via zoom) to speak on RNC day 3    07/17/24  (6)
*hands Tyrwhitt button down to Frank Lloyd Wright* "Design my home around this"    07/17/24  (1)
Ironing perfect crease mark onto Charles Tyrwhitt shirt on peak of sloped roof    07/17/24  (3)
Trump should've come out on stage like the Mummy imo    07/17/24  (7)
Kanye’s “Jesus Walks” plays as Trump walks into hospital after shooting (v    07/17/24  (1)
Bumping "Charles Trywhitt" to the tune of that "Barbara Streisand" EDM song    07/17/24  (1)
Topless Selena Gomez leans in close to u and whispers, "Charles Tyrwhitt"    07/17/24  (3)
Heritage Foundation is very right-deep state coded    07/17/24  (1)
CONSUELA VINDICATED: David Sacks, Elon Musk, and Tucker Carlson chose JD Vance    07/17/24  (60)
Crooks' cope slope    07/17/24  (2)
not flame, bronny would make more as a twitch streamer than min wage rookie    07/17/24  (1)
White House phone rings at 3AM. JD answers from call center.    07/17/24  (11)
More Propecia ASAP    07/17/24  (1)
ironically RNC nig outreach won't attract blacks but may bring more white women    07/17/24  (2)
If I took a dump on the White House Lawn it wld look like Usha Vance    07/17/24  (7)
"Fuck, so I didn't have to be gay?" (Buttigieg watching Vance accept VP nominati    07/17/24  (18)
YLS offering 3Ls new course "How to Skinsuit as Working Class White"    07/17/24  (4)
Trump walking out with 50 and G Unit all in Kevlar at next Smackdown    07/17/24  (5)
Kevlar MAGA hats now available on DonaldJTrump.com    07/17/24  (1)
Shooter was registered Republican but now that he's dead he'll be voting Dem    07/17/24  (6)
Remember when Schumer told MSNBC that the intelligence community would get him    07/17/24  (5)
Long v. Dick, 38 F. Supp. 214 (S.D. Cal. 1941)    07/17/24  (2)
JD Vance, Of Counsel to the President    07/17/24  (15)
Ok, I admit it...I've sucked 1,254 cocks (whok)    07/17/24  (5)
Trump died that day. But in "reality" that was a long time ago.    07/17/24  (1)
Natural blonde "Timberlyn" smiling as you pass her at Ole Miss freshman orientat    07/17/24  (1)
What kind of idiot stays in "america" at this point?    07/17/24  (1)
*montage of peterman waking up, putting on daisy dukes set to FYC's Good Thing*    07/17/24  (14)
You don't know who you're truly talking to;)    07/17/24  (8)
Peterman claiming the fringe on his daisy dukes makes him a "sovereign slutizan"    07/17/24  (39)
All dishonest fraud shit! Stop participating    07/17/24  (1)
RFK surprise entrance at RNC to 'Now I Wanna Be Your Dog' by Stooges    07/17/24  (2)
New footage shows just how perfectly Trump moved head to avoid death    07/17/24  (9)
TRUMP unveils "Gucci Plan" to room of bemused niggers (RNC '24)    07/17/24  (1)
JD Vance fans. Explain this quote of his    07/17/24  (84)
niggers 'relate' to Trump now because he got shot! this is great news somehow!    07/17/24  (1)
Does this guy look suspicious?    07/17/24  (4)
is this whole convention just going to be more Trump 'nigger outreach'    07/17/24  (5)
Rate these US Teachers in INDIA under a Fullbright Program    07/17/24  (5)
"im gayyyyyyy" to ja rule "im real"    07/17/24  (53)
Crooks is a "person experiencing unreality"    07/17/24  (1)
Wife looks like a SEAsian Amber Rose IMO.    07/17/24  (7)
Incredible video of Biden in a supermarket    07/17/24  (14)
70% of US: Biden too retarded to be POTUS DNC: let's fast track his nomination    07/17/24  (2)
Silicon teeth? Any market for this?    07/17/24  (1)
Remember 3-4 yrs ago askav was huge shitlib?    07/17/24  (40)
2042, your son marries a girl from a good family with a conservative face tattoo    07/17/24  (5)
Uspos mba program is in the same building as wilburs cookie delivery company    07/17/24  (40)
Guy who copyrights the word "Lawyer" is going to make a killing    07/17/24  (8)
wrinkled 34 year old on date w MPA: "so what do u do?" "internet puns, mostly"    07/17/24  (21)

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